July 14th, 2013 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “raven”

  1. Okay, I was just having a little night flight and wanted to rest for a moment and he left his window open and there was a nice spot just over the door but now he’s just looking at me with those crazy eyes of his and then he scribbles on a page and then he writes some more and then he stares some more. Dude is making me seriously nervous.

    By mrsmig URL on 07.15.2013

  2. Dash across the sky, like a black cat. Equally feared and maligned, but you’re beautiful, and you can fly.

    By Soft URL on 07.15.2013

  3. He finished the dishes, the laundry and the sweeping, then stood propped in the open back door for a smoke. The afternoon light turned the green of the hill into a sort of rose gold. A raven flew in front of the mountain that wasn’t usually there. A puff of smoke wafted toward the heavens. And he thought of her.

    By Anthony StClair URL on 07.15.2013

  4. the raven-haired beauty lounged on the warm, pink sand next to the smooth, crystal clear, dark blue waters…. she had a cupcake for breakfast that morning, that she was currently regretting. she was starting to feel cranky, the sugar buzz fading into a dull ache and shallow feeling of regret and loneliness. i need some protein, fast! cabana boy, where are you?

    By Theresa on 07.15.2013

  5. The raven chuckled at the young man as he held the women’s hand and danced in the trees. He wanted to see what would happen but than he had to sneeze. Winter made everything thing freeze. Ice all over the roofs beam’s. Now the old man saw, there wasn’t a raven after all. He was stuck in his dream.

    By Niesje URL on 07.15.2013

  6. the raven stood proud, sharp, pensive, tense as it stared in no particular direction but took in the entire scene all the same. it began to strut forward while gazing left—sure of each step ahead while caution of a sideswipe

    By Safon URL on 07.15.2013

  7. The bird haunted my nightmares. And even my dreams if I still had any. It followed me through the light and the darkness of my soul. And my life. I guess it was more than a bird. It represented How absolutely lost I was in the darkness.

    By shelby URL on 07.15.2013

  8. He chuckled at the ravens inane conversation a constant commentary on everything that was human. Jack than turned to the Raven asked him to say ‘Nevermore’. The raven turned and replied, “Fuck you.”

    By River Ranter URL on 07.15.2013

  9. I once was a raven. Secretly. I hid behind a pair of wings and called out to the world. I was fourteen and stupid. I talked to boys. I thought I was in love with one who could morph into any animal he chose. A beast. I saw him dwindle into nothingness at seventeen.

    By aria autumn URL on 07.15.2013

  10. The raven perched on the fence preening its blacker than black feathers. The sun dappled its back through the oak tree leaves and the raven gleamed irridescent. Jenny said it was so black it was blue, like the purple ink of manuscripts..

    By Bunty URL on 07.15.2013

  11. The wings cover the night sky in a dark haze
    Her feathers cover every inch of the moon
    blinding the pure ones into a daze
    The innocent will transform to sinners soon
    because a raven sure knows how to swoon

    By Lexx URL on 07.15.2013

  12. dark, brooding, thoughtful, deliberate, beautiful, pensive, cycle, evolution, friendly, distant, intelligent.

    By JONATHAN HANNON on 07.15.2013

  13. i mistook you for a dove
    when you were something better

    (no pretense of superiority
    or holiness;
    just a shameless embrace
    of the abyss).

    By h. b. URL on 07.15.2013

  14. The raven sat on the fence. A child ran beside the fence and startled the r

    By Tammy on 07.15.2013

  15. i honestly dont know what raven means. i feel like i heard somewhere about it, and it sounds like rave, but i’m sure it’s too simple to be rave-connected.

    anyways, raven sounds more like a warrior name to me. maybe the connection to rave makes me think that.

    By Debi on 07.15.2013

  16. Her hair was black like a raven, covering her face in the dry, dusty desert wind. No cars or life present, just her in her white crochet dress with an old leather suitcase and her long raven hair.

    By Larissa URL on 07.15.2013

  17. The raven swooped down onto the tree branch, scanning the survivors. How much longer could they last, only the raven could know, with it’s strange, all-knowing eyes. It simply stood there, perched high above them. Waiting.

    By K. Cooley URL on 07.15.2013

  18. If a raven was a sign, this day it was a good one. The sun was calm and the air was breezy, and the pup at the end of my leash was not cowering but was instead aiming curiously for the birds that had settled happily around a carcass on the grass.

    By Kathleen on 07.15.2013

  19. Send the ravens! A epic quote from the HBO original series, Game of Thrones. The ravers are sent back in forth, from town to town carrying sometimes extremely secret messages. These ravens are trained to fly from specific cities and take certain ways to avoid being spotted.

    By Ali on 07.15.2013

  20. corvin, mein lieber, warum passt du nicht besser auf dich auf, mh.
    ich weiss doch, dass ich dich nicht alleine lassen kann, ohne dass du entweder zerscheppert wirst oder dir die haende aufschuerfst. was soll ich bloss mit dir anfangen, sag mir das einmal

    By berenique URL on 07.15.2013

  21. Raven looked at him closely. His face was larger than hers, and he looked at her with large brown eyes. He puffed his cheeks out, making her laugh a light bubbly laugh. He smiled at her and kissed her forehead as he tucked her inside her crib. Yawning, she reached out her small fist, found what she was looking for, and closed her small fist around it’s foot. Raven pulled Hugsy, her stuffed penguin, close to her and fell asleep to the sound of the man’s soft voice.

    By Brooke URL on 07.15.2013