December 18th, 2012 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “game”

  1. they usually play a game
    every day
    around noon
    untill dark,
    and then stop
    when the adults come in
    and ruin all the fun
    of being naked
    and being free.
    that is what i think is most frustrating.

    By Plami on 12.18.2012

  2. It’s all a game. This life that is. We pick our moves carefully, just to see which choice will benefit us the most. But the part I don’t understand is how one wins. We all end up dead, so what’s the point?

    By Stephanie Force URL on 12.18.2012

  3. He got the game down from the closet shelf one he hadn’t played in a long time. Let’s do this one okay? Yeah yeah okay. So they played the fucking game. And he lost he was always a sore loser but now that he was all grown up he just nodded and smiled.

    By N on 12.18.2012

  4. I tried to tell her a 100 times. The risks involved were well worth it, if she had some skill and focus, coupled by strong desire to win. If there was an ounce of mediocrity in her veins in relation to the challenge, the game would overcome her instead.

    By charmed URL on 12.18.2012

  5. The game had started half an hour ago but Amy was still nervous. Hockey was played by huge guys and all Amy could imagine was Kyle on a hospital bed with his head cracked open.
    When she spoke her fears to Aiden all he did was smile and reassure her that Kyle with be fine, that he was used to this. Aiden was a good friend.

    By prongs URL on 12.18.2012

  6. Let’s do it. I’m game. I’m game with anything, as long as it’s with you.
    I love games! Perhaps I spend a little too much time gaming and not working, but I always have so much fun doing it, so oh well. Forever gaming!!

    By Jason URL on 12.18.2012

  7. I love the thrill of a basketball game! Especially those that come down to the very last second and you don’t know who is going to win… “He shoots… the ball arcs to the basket…… the crowd goes silent…… the ball bounces off the backboard…… it’s good!” The team won the game :)

    By KarleneB URL on 12.18.2012

  8. Games suck. Sure video games are fun but when it comes to reality, games suck. You shouldn’t play games with people.

    By downloadead URL on 12.18.2012

  9. Fun and difficult but good anyhow. I like to do it with friends, anythime, anywhere. I’m crap with cards but best at Abalone.

    By her on 12.18.2012

  10. a game is a game. A game of thrones, a game of minds, playing games keeps the brain at bay and fills the soul with delight. It is fun to play a game, especially when you win. Playing games for the young at heart

    By giselle URL on 12.18.2012

  11. This was his game. One where he used me and moved me as he wanted. I was only a pawn in the grand scheme of his life. Someone to help him get what he wanted, someone he could throw away at a moment’s notice. I knew this was my position, and I hated being used. But I had a plan. It was rough, and I wasn’t sure if it would work, but it was there.

    By Kristina URL on 12.18.2012

  12. It was all a game. Well it was mostly a game. You stayed just far enough out of trouble that it was like you were living well, that you were on top. Paul was good at it. He taught sky diving, slept with pretty girls, did just enough of the right drugs and stayed away from the wrong ones. It was fun. That’s what he kept telling himself. It was a good time.

    By Hannahey URL on 12.18.2012

  13. “This is just a game to you.”
    He wanted to reject the words, to spit fire at her until she understood just how wrong she was. But something stopped him.
    It was a game.
    How had it come to this? At one point he had loved her.

    By Madi on 12.18.2012

  14. makes me think of fun, childhood. kinda nostalgic feeling. also kinda psychopathic side to it. bloody murderous hopscotch. not a very nice image. toying with someone’s feels, also ?

    By Emily on 12.18.2012

  15. The game.

    By Solanaceae URL on 12.18.2012

  16. En este juego apuestan dos reyes, el de corazones negros contra la reina de corazones rotos. Es necesario ponerle fin a la batalla antes de que descubran que están armados hasta el dolor.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 12.18.2012

  17. There was a game of soccor on the oval, when the incident happened. Craig pushed Jason into the goal posts and suddenly

    By Miss Travers on 12.18.2012

  18. Let us play a game.
    you tell the truth and I lie.
    That would keep our relationship going the longest.

    By Robin on 12.18.2012

  19. Games are a good way to spend your time and have some fun. But of course there is a consequence, if you’re on the game for too long then you might get a bit addicted to it and your brain will get fried

    By natalia mina URL on 12.18.2012

  20. It was the thing she did on Tuesdays, Every Tuesday pretending to be someone else, in a game. Roll the dice and make some shit up about who you are and what action you are taking in any given scenario, in a game. Play with the other people around you who are equally as disinterested in their every day lives, in a game. Its a game.

    By Emma on 12.18.2012

  21. games are for losers
    or people who just like to have fun, if that’s what you’re into

    By Emma URL on 12.18.2012

  22. … set… match.

    You lose.

    (… a tiebreaker. Cos I never lose a tiebreaker, except that one time in Montreal when I lost in the Canadian Masters. I was forced to listen to the Canadian national anthem and I’ve been scarred since. )

    By Liam Johnson URL on 12.18.2012

  23. its all a game to many. and thn theres some to take it too seriously. i’d like to find myself somewhere i the between, i think being able to laugh at yourself is important

    By sophia URL on 12.18.2012

  24. The game went on. Your eyes never dare touch the ground. It must be hard to stomach.
    Sitting rigid on a branch, I watch you dance circles around yourselves. Put your corset on and take a deep breath.
    They’ll be infected but it’ll all be alright. You’ll die happy in the game.

    By maria URL on 12.18.2012

  25. video, life
    its all, why is it. lets play? over. the game. lost the game.

    By nathan on 12.18.2012

  26. Life is just one huge game. You win some, and you lose some. No big deal. You just have to roll with the punches, and take the good with the bad. You can’t always get what you want, so suck it up and deal with it. Don’t boast and brag when you do win, and don’t expect pity when you lose. Because life is just like a game; all you have to do is play.

    By Annick URL on 12.18.2012

  27. There the ball was. 30 seconds left. everything at stake with everything to lose. Moveing on in 30 or dropping back. 29 were tied up: 2 to 2. Theres the break away. Running running running.Everything fades away and the goal is the only thing in sight.

    By Maya on 12.18.2012

  28. it’s a game.. we all play it. we all know the tricks. the rules. we all play dumb. no one understands. we’re all in the game. we’re all playing. we live it. every day. all the time. it’s a never ending game. and we’re all stuck inside.

    By sam URL on 12.18.2012

  29. This was not fun anymore, Jess thought as she turned another dark corner. Her flashlight was dimming and soon she would have no light. She wondered if Josh and Becky left her behind, if this was some kind of prank. She couldn’t understand how she;d ever agreed to this. She was angry at herself. A light came on behind her.

    By Kalee on 12.18.2012

  30. sometimes i feel like we’re just in stasis
    looking like the same people every day
    and when we have sex
    like a repeat of the world’s most boring porn movie

    drinking. working. sleeping, or not sleeping.
    because all these things are the same.
    day to day. we’re all the same.
    and this game never ends
    because there’s never a winner.

    By Matty M. on 12.18.2012

  31. You walk into a warm room full of glass and wonder who packed this suitcase? The rules are simple, you must sing like a sparrow until the clock chimes, then dance.

    By Chris Glynn URL on 12.18.2012

  32. It’s all a game. Especially if you do it right. Games are really underrated. I think that they make life worth living. I don’t mean that in a flippant way. I think that games help us lighten up. They release fear. They help us get out of our own way.

    By Susan Fry URL on 12.18.2012

  33. fun play friends together painful not easy frustrating Ok not so fun not a lot few cheat football soccre cards Milton Bradley

    By Jim on 12.18.2012

  34. I’m not one for video games anymore. Somehow just lost interest, deciding to devote my time to other trivial activities. If I were born years ago, perhaps I would have been forced to take piano lessons or go to Greek school. Instead… I played video games.

    By asavas URL on 12.18.2012

  35. Why are you playing this game, self? Haven’t you done it before and failed? Isn’t it a futile, steel grey matter laced with agony and false dreams? You’ve run in circles long enough to know where this path ends.

    By marengo URL on 12.18.2012

  36. I’m just about to start playing a game like right now but have to do this first because it’s apart of my daily routine now. It’s a part of my schedule technically. Yay, my awesome game.

    By Roiden URL on 12.18.2012

  37. fun, compete, win, making plays, challenge, intensity, physical. emotion. love of the game, football, baseball.

    By Jeremy Boethin URL on 12.18.2012

  38. video
    ball game
    fast games
    talking games

    By edelle on 12.18.2012

  39. He put his controller down, sick of the mass murder that his game was filled with. He wanted something more, something real. Letting out a sigh he stood up and went outside, the first time in a long time to actually do something, not just to go to the bus stop or anything like that.

    By Kyle URL on 12.18.2012

  40. We play games all the time. There is no denying it. We love games. It’s fun. In relationships, studying, searching, people are subconsciously playing games whether they want to admit it or not.

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 12.18.2012