December 19th, 2012 | 170 Entries

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170 Entries for “sate”

  1. bored, eat, feed, baby…

    By smj on 12.20.2012

  2. sate. I am not sure what this means .its feels like a past tense of eat with an S. or sat with an e. probably another name for a couch. commonly used in India and other parts. well lets see what exactly this means.

    By sreejith on 12.20.2012

  3. i dont know this word. it sounds kind of dark like sayin it out loud it sounds wierd to me. i have no clue what this word could mean because i have never heard it used before.

    By travis on 12.20.2012

  4. we’ve lost all modern lights
    just seven months ago

    our demons have caught up
    scratching at our doors

    and i don’t know where to find
    any more beer or gasoline

    but your lips taste like whiskey
    what a brilliant way to go.

    By isa on 12.20.2012

  5. where are you, my sate?

    By kayla on 12.20.2012

  6. satisfy, well used, enough, grateful, have plenty, be full, use to completion

    By ellen daw on 12.20.2012

  7. …….state state sate hate mate rate bait late great moments in history. why do we still act like cavemen? i don’t understand people

    By jdfhsjd on 12.20.2012

  8. He begrudgingly turns the stirring wheel to the all-too familiar road that he’s been coming back to for three weeks now. Three weeks of shattered grunts, pleading touches and rumpled sheets. Three weeks of attention-seeking bruises on his collarbones, unkempt and disheveled hair after being all over each other all night, and weighty thoughts of either “hey why not wake him up with butterfly kisses and then ask him out for breakfast” or “better find my clothes fast and leave before he wakes up and ask me out for breakfast because then i would gladly accept”. Three weeks of only satisfying both their greedy wants, and three weeks of yet throwing doubts at each other.

    By Yein on 12.20.2012

  9. there is nothing that could satiate the thirst of the young girl lusting for another life, of anything but this, of a promise bigger than anything she could ever hold in the scapes of her own mind. she wishes for a viewpoint from which to gaze upon the galaxy, from which to say “i did that and more, i held the world in my hands and blew those fragile meteoric flames into a life”

    By Georgia on 12.20.2012

  10. That horrid thirst for knowing more than will ever be knowable
    Balance the equation and give up your quest for answers
    Ham on Rye will do for this humane human

    By SkyShroud on 12.20.2012