December 18th, 2012 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “game”

  1. there was a man who once played a game with his son and the game was filled with balls and they drove cars through the multicoloured balls and it was like a video game in a dark room with curtains but then they went outside and played a game on the swings and the child feel off and went swimming in the pond with the dog and then they ate hot dogs for dinner and hoped that the cat wouldn’t steal them because the cat liked sausages

    By harriet ronn on 12.18.2012

  2. I lost it. You did too.

    By Anna on 12.18.2012

  3. something to play which is not real not real life, it’s something people made up and get appointments. What’s the goal, what can you win. game is fun, it’s just helping you through time… it’s

    By isis on 12.18.2012

  4. The chase is on! Through the flirtation, we see one another clearly, but playful touch is fun. Tigers chasing puppydogs on a carousel; running as fast as we can and collapsing in an exhausted out of breath heap, in exactly the same place we started.

    By Dana URL on 12.18.2012

  5. The game was beautiful
    yet annoying somehow
    how ugly it was
    yet it was so fund and energetic
    It was purple
    and yellow too
    The sun made it gleam
    and sparkle like a gorgeous snowflake
    Game Oh, game
    Game …..

    By Hendrix URL on 12.18.2012

  6. There is always a winner and a loser, but the game never stops. Some may be on the one end or the other of the spectrum, but the game will continue as long as you as an individual feels it has been accomplished, or death will find you, but at least you went down fighting for something. PLAY THE GAME

    By JDS on 12.18.2012

  7. i love to play games. do you think my heart is a game its not . i play games with men and i dont get played . you cant play a player but a player always ends up geting played in the end. so is it relle the player actually playing or is it the people the player is playing that are playing and the player is being played.

    By kayla stuart on 12.18.2012

  8. I had lost it. The game. John shot up into the air excitedly flailing his arms. I bowed my head, annoyed by his terrible sportsmanship. I only had one thought…next time I would win.

    By Sophie Davis on 12.18.2012

  9. I sweat drip drip drip. Get the ball. Don’t let it touch the floor. I dive and I feel my skin bruise plum. My fist clenches. The ball didn’t touch the floor.

    By Anon on 12.18.2012

  10. It was just fun and games. Just fun and games. That’s what the grown up said, the outsider. But the kids knew. The insiders knew it was anything but.

    By Grace URL on 12.18.2012

  11. There is all fun in games.

    Or so we thought.

    We pushed our kids towards each other, laden with pads and pigskins, urging them to thrust their bodies at each of their friend’s delicate temples.

    And when it was all over and we cross that ever-present line,

    I put my hands up in the air, signaling, “My God, what have we done?”

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 12.18.2012

  12. Three teenagers headed down to the old shack, with snacks, books, and candles, and a cosy plan to sit around together and do homework. But after about half an hour, old jealousies arose, and they started to bicker, then stormed out of the shack and stomped away separately to be alone. Two of them wandered to nearby fences, where they sat moodily gazing into the distance and thinking how the entire world was against them. The third one went home, but had forgotten her key and had to climb in the window.

    Only the cat was left to watch as shack went up in smoke.

    By littleredowl URL on 12.18.2012

  13. GAME
    He whispered in my ears that it was our little game
    then he tugged at my shirt
    Was i ready?
    he kissed me so evidently i lost all my thoughts
    I was high off the moment
    Sex? Was i ready?
    Who cares.
    Then we played our little game
    He silently kissed me all over
    making my body tingle
    I loved the feeling of his touch
    He then slipped my bra off and
    sat there in awe that my 34 C breasts
    were so perky..
    Then it was my turn to strip him,
    I slowly moved from my back to on my knees and then lifted his trousers and boxers off
    It was then i knew our little game had begun

    By anonymous on 12.18.2012

  14. Let’s play a game. Close your eyes and grab my hand… Everyone in this world will become an enemy eventually. So for just tonight, why don’t we forget that? And pretend this will last forever?

    By LILYhibiku URL on 12.18.2012

  15. In life many people are obsessed with games. Games that mean little in their own life, but to them it has special importance. Even though it doesn’t truly help their life in any meaningful way they still root like hell for that home team. Sports can be like a religion to people in many ways. Often times the people who flock to both religion and sports share certain attributes. Both groups are very much followers which can be good and bad. The best way to become a good leader is actually by being a good follower first. As true as they may be most people do not become leaders. It is more natural and easier for a person to

    By Thomas Lartin URL on 12.18.2012

  16. She tossed the ball into the air as her feet slammed against the pavement. The ball swished through the hoop and she sighed. alone with her thoughts, and scoring points, but neither of them mattered. She was stuck. She wondered why life couldn;t be as easy as scoring a basket. Shrugging, she picked up the basketball and walked inside.

    By Rebekah URL on 12.18.2012

  17. He told me it was time to play. Play what i said? But he just smirked that beautiful evil grin of his. I didn’t know what was in store for me, but i felt an immense amount of happiness. Here he was, playing with me, I loved him and i loved the GAME we played on a daily basis. We silently, took our clothes off and skinny-dipped in a local creek. We ended up splashing water in each other’s face, and soon enough we kissed a magically kiss. It felt like butterflies were radiating out of my chest when his soft, yet chapped lips intertwined with mine. It was as if we were one, one in the same. One puzzle piece, one potato chip, one white sock. Then it hit 12:00 am in the morning. We sneaked a peek at each other as we quickly got dressed. Then as he drove me home he said ” See you next week Wednesday same time?” and i couldn’t help but smile. As a lay there at night, I couldn’t wait until our next game day.

    By myahendrix URL on 12.18.2012

  18. I was a game you tried to use cheats for but at the end of the day, all you did was glitch the console.

    By Pip URL on 12.18.2012

  19. every thing, life and sports not your heart hate the player not the game the game is only as good as you make it dont treat love as a game.

    By angelina URL on 12.18.2012

  20. Something to play. Something to participate in. Something to enjoy. Its a part of life, everything should be played fair. Competition should only bring smiles and joy. A game needs to be ended with happiness.

    By Alexander Cox URL on 12.18.2012

  21. Want a cup of coffee? I’m game. Brie on toast? Super game. Pull up a chair and roll out a board game. Shuffle two dozen cards and we’ll play something entirely original. Aces will be the same caliber as kings. Kings will serve jesters. Because jesters are supreme.

    Cup of coffee’s good. Extra sugar? Don’t mind if I do. More brie? Absolutely. If it were cheaper, I’d eat it every day. On toast. And sandwiches.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.18.2012

  22. The boy eagerly looked at his father as the played the game, waiting for his next move. But his father didn’t have his head in the game. His father hid his sadness to the outside, but in his mind… in his mind, he was torn up to pieces. The medical bills were staggering, and his precious child had little chance of making it.

    By Archori URL on 12.18.2012

  23. Slowly, the words came sputtering out of her. She didn’t know why she was so nervous, it was only a game after all. But then again, it wasn’t really. And her subconscious had finally begun to realize that as she continuously stared into his calculating, frozen seeming eyes. She suddenly realized that they were suspended in a muted time. In actuality, it was a separate dimension of time, one where she could say or do whatever she wanted, but would still undoubtedly affect herself in her normal dimension of time. Just like he had done. Cautiously, she began trying to predict what words would save her from becoming the next him, finally deciding on “Your eyes, give me your eyes.”

    By Dark-Masque URL on 12.18.2012

  24. Life is a game just a big game that everyone plays with one life, and one choice, one chance and no turning back all you have to do is just keep moving, keep moving till you die and when you die wonder if anyone will miss you but you realize you didn’t just die you moved on to the next level.

    By Sal on 12.18.2012

  25. Once I played this game, full of wit, risks, and choices. One must think, before making a move. one loses turns and gains levels. A game called life.

    By kaylie URL on 12.18.2012

  26. a zephyr blew the game from
    st. neots to the land of the roving ones.
    there, they lived always in harmony,
    the game keeping them in check.

    back home in st. neots, rain pounded on the cobblestone.
    there was nothing quite like an english winter.
    rainy and drab.
    just like the rest of the year.

    By Barebriar URL on 12.18.2012

  27. You plan your next move strategically. I see the glint in your eyes. Defensive, I strain to see your attack route. This is a love game, and it’s turning vicious very quickly. I’m not sure if I can hang on long enough to strike back.

    By untamedimagination URL on 12.18.2012

  28. You play the game but it’s never the same. Memories running through your brain as you fall to blame. You have no choice but to call it a day.

    By MG URL on 12.18.2012

  29. something i play with boys. or at least i used to. preston lyons. we played the game of life the other day. i lost. my room mate who is so smart won! lacrosse is my favorite game to play

    By mlb on 12.18.2012

  30. silly games.
    like slipping on banana peels just to keep you entertained.
    we rough house’d near the green house, the pool lying yonder
    i learned the best of things from you,
    like how to spit, scratch and curse.
    sniffing glue, eating dirt and playing with worms
    i grew out of my old blue dress
    but still, so socially inept.
    we grew up, like i knew the day would come
    the gold had turn to rust
    and threads unravelled, spun.
    the fish have all belied up
    as you alley-oop’d, and my ship sunk.
    the buoy bobs admist the plunder
    rain falls over and crashes thunder.

    By lgrey on 12.18.2012

  31. The four of us were together, at last, in that cozy room. The large, comfortable chair is Manyu’s, as always. After weeks and weeks of arduous works, we are finally free. We take out our laptops. We yell at eachother. We plug in the mouses and grab spare paper for mouse pads. One by one, we log in and the familiar music plays and the smoke clears to the title page of Starcraft II.

    Tonight, we game.

    By tennismoker URL on 12.18.2012

  32. there once was a game where you are supposed to type a story using one word..this girl decided to give it a try and she came up with this result. There once was a game….

    By Angela239 on 12.18.2012

  33. the game. the living wonders of a game. To play or not to play… to win or lose. Fifty fifty. Black and white. War is a sort of game. Except in this game… both parties lose. One party just loses more. It tis the art of the game. Fully grey scaled…. no black and whites as far as the results are concerned. War games.

    By Zazie on 12.18.2012

  34. I already wrote about “game.” Then my time was up and I still had an entire thought to convey. Yeah right, one minute for me to write something substantial? huh! Im too emotional, and I plug all my emotion into my work. Which is why I hate sharing my work to just anyone…

    By HillaryJane on 12.18.2012

  35. The game of chess went on late into the night, both my children concentrating diligently on scoring points, in a game they obviously did not understand correctly.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.18.2012

  36. All I can think of is The Most Dangerous Game.

    ‘Cause see, I was in this crazy shop today called Horse Town with my mom ’cause my mom wanted new cowboy boots for some reason? Anyway this place smelled densely of leather and had like a veritable menagerie of taxidermied animals all over the place and I was texting my friend telling her about all these animals I was seeing all over the place that the owners of this store had apparently killed and she said something like “Soon lemurs aren’t going to be enough. Soon they’re going to turn into those hunters from The Most Dangerous Game. Get out while you can!”

    By Julia A. URL on 12.18.2012

  37. I forget how to play this game
    Even though the controls
    probably never even changed.
    The map is distorted
    Where am I at,
    how did i get here?

    there are no hints
    and no achievements
    nothing to go by
    no rules
    no limits

    And I still do lose.

    By AngelDuCiel on 12.18.2012

  38. childish. mind, confused lies. i prefer not to play you just get screwed in the end what’s the point does anyone want that? why compete to win and face the dispapointment of losing. like why even thinking of how to defeat someone and crush them…?

    By Leanna on 12.18.2012

  39. Well, I am not quite sure what I will write but okay.. so this is it. I was supposed to play LoL with my friends but~ unfortunately… we were invited by some jerks and I can’t say no because i’ll be labeled weak. or coward. you get the point. so on.. I wasted my money because I didn’t have any fun in playing… hays .. the regret of playing w/ people you hate. it seems so stupid … but life goes on… I need to move on.. it’s 11:30 and I’m hungry im going home!

    By Jonas on 12.18.2012

  40. Games are childish, yet everyone plays them. You get screwed no matter what in the end. In games, all you do is plan and plot how to defeat your opponent, or you figure out how not to lose. So basically you learn life-altering lessons that can be used for the good or bad. Games are seen as innocent and entertaining until you see how people play mental and emotional games with you to screw your life up.

    By Leanna on 12.18.2012