April 2nd, 2011 | 552 Entries

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552 Entries for “galaxy”

  1. Sometimes I feel like we have more than just different agendas. Sometimes I feel like we’re in two different galaxies. When I wave to you, can you see it? If I take a step forward, can you feel me moving the matter in the universe and coming closer? Or is there some Hawking-esque proof that says I’m actually pushing you away when I try to bring us closer?

    By Abby on 04.02.2011

  2. He put down the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and looked out at the crumbling stars. Vaguely, sleepily, he wondered how humanity had made it this far. It was perhaps conceivable that they’d continue to continue after all, even in the face of all this. Surely this tired galaxy had seen worse calamity?

    By L.C on 04.02.2011

  3. As I gazed off into space I pondered my meaning. I thought and thought and thought but nothing came to mind, was I really this useless? I just sat there, thinking of what I’m for, when I looked around and noticed, I’m completely alone.

    By Meagan on 04.02.2011

  4. “In a galaxy far, far away…” These words have become a trademark of our generation. An imprint that will never fail to bring up such joy. Always remember, and never forget the little things that make us human.

    By Waffleshockk URL on 04.02.2011

  5. The galaxy. a giant star-filled puddle. Just a puddle in a wet land that, sprinkled with rain drops, has billions of potholes that are puddles, that are galaxies. We’re just a raindrop in one puddle of the remnants of a massive thunderstorm.

    By Kristen on 04.02.2011

  6. You are not a star bursting in a galaxy
    because that would be cliche.
    And we are original
    but I can’t think of any other way
    to describe how you appeared so randomly
    around the corner of the aisle
    you had been on the other side
    staring at me for a while.

    I don’t know why I always have to write about you
    as though the world revolves around your body
    it’s more that everything else does
    but I’m free outside

    By Liz on 04.02.2011

  7. infinite planets stars night sky distant travel rockets life unknown adventures

    By Alice on 04.02.2011

  8. Many years ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a teeny tiny kittle. His name was Frank. He loved to purr and eat. His favorite food to eat was waffles. He liked ice cream on top of his waffles.

    By Henry Swimmingger on 04.02.2011

  9. This galaxy is irrelevant. Nothing in it means anything really. We’re all a part of something much bigger, but what? Is it God? I like to think so. I hope you believe in something. Anything. You need to.

    By Jessica URL on 04.02.2011

  10. We shall explore this marvelous galaxy we call home. We will destroy it and prove physics wrong. Space travel is not that far in the future, and when it does happen, I will be ready.

    By The Writer URL on 04.02.2011

  11. The galaxy is big and beautyfull

    By Rebeca Monsalve on 04.02.2011

  12. I was sitting there enjoying my Milky Way candy bar when all of a sudden I had a vision. There I was looking at Creamy Universe Island. No…wait a minute…that’s Star Crunch Galaxy. No, it’s just a Dance Bar.

    Anyone remember the Galaxy?

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.02.2011

  13. in a galaxy far far away lived a young man, probably around the age of 16. He wante d nothing more in life but to love and be loved. He wasn’t the most attractiuve man, but he was smart and had a romantic charm to him.

    By Lorin on 04.02.2011

  14. It’s completely massive. It’s part of our universe and is so big in beyond comprehension. Does other life exist? You can’t help but ponder what else is out there. I’ve hardly been to other continents let alone outer space… What made earth? Are the other planets like Earth?

    By Nathan Reeves on 04.02.2011

  15. the stars and the swirl of the planets. axy axi axis axel spinning or turning or whirling or whirring. science makes me nauseous in all it’s round abouts. is there god in a galaxy or is this a godless galactical group of greats

    By Courtney on 04.02.2011

  16. We’re just two lost souls. Sometimes it seems like we have a galaxy between us. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know who I am either. Maybe when we find ourselves, maybe then we can find each other again… I hope so

    By caribou URL on 04.02.2011

  17. outer space and stars that sparkle and milky way swirls, shooting stars, beauty far away and breathtaking

    By Nicole Marie Boynton URL on 04.02.2011

  18. The stars… Show me a world we have yet to conquer. Show me a land untouched by our knowledge. Vast, infinite, beautiful. My mind had always belonged in the stars. Other words, other people, other life. Space is truly the final frontier. It is what we reach for, and it is where my imagination lies.

    By Alexis URL on 04.02.2011

  19. A Galaxy is a collection of starts. The Galaxy we live in is called the milky way. Some scincetests belived that there was only one galaxy up to 100 years ago. But now

    By Roezer URL on 04.02.2011

  20. a place in time. in space. unknown to mankind. a desire resonates within to discover what else there is. what else surrounds what we know. who’s studying us?

    By asha on 04.02.2011

  21. Into your galaxy I fall
    heartfirst, fear akimbo,
    over and over the tumbling falls
    of sensuous rivers inside me.

    Take me to your forked places
    where the tongue seeks refuge.
    Take me into precious highways where
    macadam vanishes into layers of distance.

    By Lorna Dee Cervantes URL on 04.02.2011

  22. our neighborhood of the solar system. The closest stars to us.

    By kepecca on 04.02.2011

  23. it endless
    within it
    thats where my friends is
    one day I’ll own it
    when I vanquish my opponents
    spaceships gearshift

    By Jason Lamar Washington Jr on 04.02.2011

  24. “Space is pretty scary.”

    “Only if you think about how much there is of it.”

    He whistled between that loose gap between his two front teeth. “Why do you think they call it a Milky Way bar? Is it supposed to have all the chocolate-y-ness of a whole galaxy?”

    “… Uh.”


    By Sae URL on 04.02.2011

  25. I wish I could put a galaxy between me and your memories. But I’m already a galaxy away, and you still torture me. I’m waiting for you to cross this galaxy and come to rescue me and bring me home to stay.

    By Kiko on 04.02.2011

  26. There are millions of stars in the galaxy. There are millions of people on the Earth. Maybe there is a similarity here. Out there the stars are together waiting to blow up. Are we the same on Earth? Just hanging around until something happens and we blow up? Well, I’m not ready to go anywhere. So I guess i’ll just write for awhile.

    By alexandra on 04.02.2011

  27. Galaxy when i think of galaxy i think of far away. But not really maybe its close. Maybe things are not as they seem. Maybe life is mean but maybe your just looking at it the wrong way. Galaxy.

    By Jackie on 04.02.2011

  28. The Galaxy theatre is just down the block and on a hot day, there’s nothing better than sitting in the cool, darkness, munching on buttery popcorn, and losing myself in the latest blockbuster film.

    By Jamie A URL on 04.02.2011

  29. it makes me think of a car or the game galaga. greatest game out there in the arcade btw. but honestly, it’s just a mind blowing concept. THE GALAXY. and it’s even smaller than the universe! messes with my head.

    By John URL on 04.02.2011

  30. Billions of sparkling stars shimmering faintly within his eyes. A whole galaxy everytime his eyes open wide; a mere glimpse of it every time he squints. The sun reflects in the darkness of his iris while the moon leaves a small glare of white light in the centre. Meteors of rocketing colour are spread precariously here and there, in perfect syncronization with each other. Whenever I look into them, I feel safe, warm, free, and protected under that beautiful gaze.

    By Kaeliea URL on 04.02.2011

  31. a place far far away. star wars. where i am. where i want to be. there are so many… maybe… is there life out there? are there life forms writing things i write? thinking how i think? is it conceited to want them to? are you out there?

    maybe… a place far far away.

    By Rachel on 04.02.2011

  32. Large and spacious. Stars that lie far behin the planets. A black vacuum with mmuch beauty that can’t be described. Even science and theroies can’t describe its beauty and the numerous colors of the stars and the planets.

    By roxan URL on 04.02.2011

  33. I went to Galaxy Middle School. I hated it. Some kid named Adrian always made fun of how fat I was. Another kid always wanted to get in my pants. Seriously we’re 11 to 14 years old. You’re not getting into my pants.

    By Marissa on 04.02.2011

  34. When I think of the galaxy, I question how it came to begin. We all know about creation, the idea that God made everything, but what if that isn’t true? I love God, but I believe in science too. What is God made science? What if God made the big bang?

    By Katie on 04.02.2011

  35. In a galaxy, far far away…. yea idk. i don’t write sci-fi

    By Dani URL on 04.02.2011

  36. In one far far away a boy named Luke discovered that he was much more than a simple sheep herder. He had the force. The force to destoy an unjust empire, find a new sister and kill some narly beasts along the way.

    By G on 04.02.2011

  37. The galaxy is just a big big place most people have never been. The galaxy seems endlessly fascinating until you learn about what really goes on up there. After that, galaxy is just a great hangman word.

    By Maggie E. on 04.02.2011

  38. It is strange how there can be something so large. Something so much larger than we are in our everyday lives. How can we go about our lives knowing that there is a huge galaxy out there, so vast that we cannot even imagine how large it really is. That is crazy to think about.

    By Susie Klein on 04.02.2011

  39. There’s something lax about this galaxy. Gallons and gallons of lax, don’t you see? Perhaps it should be trimmed with a sharp, shiny axe. Or maybe I’m just being lax.

    By Lauren on 04.02.2011

  40. I look up at the sky at night and I wish I lived in a place where I could see all the stars. I’m sick of only seeing a few when I know there’s so much more. Stupid cities. At least the middle ages saw the stars. They weren’t all death times.

    By Amy on 04.02.2011