April 2nd, 2011 | 552 Entries

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552 Entries for “galaxy”

  1. How long will we be trapped in this galaxy? Technology can only go so far until tomorrow comes- how long will it cage us into this place? And when we escape, how will it feel to know that beyond, there is only more of this? Only more darkness at night, and light during day? Only more of the stars staring at us as we commit unspeakable acts? How long will it take to realize that what we have now, is what we will have always, no matter what galaxy we propel ourselves into?

    By Matisse on 04.02.2011

  2. Big. Empty. Pretty. Bright. Mysterious. Amazing. Unreasonable. Shocking. unreachable. Why do you ask me this? Weird. Scary. Awesome. Different. Unique. Benevolent.

    By Michaela Martin URL on 04.02.2011

  3. the galaxy is so big we think. i think so too. but then i wonder what big means. i suppose i seem big to a lady bird. and it makes me wonder how anything can be the smallest thing in the world and how anything can be the biggest. i think things must get vague and the biggest and smallest must turn into something else and have a zone which isn’t quite sure whether it’s a thing or not.

    By Sophie Erin on 04.02.2011

  4. galaxy glue blue yellow red and green. Buy it before it goes away or the icebergs melt. The polar bears are counting on you… for galaxy glue…Is my time up yet.

    By atapert on 04.02.2011

  5. is a huge expanse of life and beauty. It’s both far away and close enough to touch, with your mind, soul and spirit. The farther we explore the bigger it gets, and the smaller we become. But I think sometimes we forget about the galaxy that goes smaller and deeper then the eye can see.

    By Graves on 04.02.2011

  6. It huge. & big. There’s stars and dust. It’s peaceful. Nothing but the galaxy beholds such darkness. It’s there. & we are here. In the galaxy. . .I don’t know what to explain about it.

    By Ashley on 04.02.2011

  7. gallaxy is were huge . a galaxy contains many planets earth is in milky way galaxy
    there r many galaxies all over.

    By sindhusuresh on 04.02.2011

  8. Galaxy is a collection of stars. We humans are part of Galaxy called as milky way. Our galaxy is very huge. It has infinite stars and planets.

    By Suresh Jonnalagadda URL on 04.02.2011

  9. ahh, it makes me think of the stars and summer nights. Laying out on the grass in the backyard looking up at the dark night sky, waiting for a shoot star to make a wish on,

    By PollyAnna on 04.02.2011

  10. So huge. Big. Vast. Untouched. Mysterious. Longlasting. Intriguing. Desirable. Questionable. Reliable? Explainable? Real? Measurable?

    By Upadhyaya URL on 04.02.2011

  11. The galaxy is an interesting place. When I think Galaxy, I don’t think about the world. I think about everything else; around the world. Which is next to impossible to imagine. It’s really interesting to know that there are millions of possibilities that I cannot even fathom.

    By idil URL on 04.02.2011

  12. galaxy is a vast area in universe where thwere are lots of plantes and dust. our sola

    By sindhusuresh on 04.02.2011

  13. Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, a young girl was attempting to keep herself from falling in love with a handsome soldier from her nearby town. He claimed he had no feelings for her but his actions always suggested otherwise. One day he realized what a mistake he was making and finally went to speak with the girl.

    By Ruth on 04.02.2011

  14. “Funny name, isn’t it?”
    His hands were shoved in his pockets to keep out the cold. She shrugged and pulled her coat closer.
    “My mom likes things about the stars,” she said, and saw his derisive smile.

    By Sarah on 04.02.2011

  15. Eternal darkness with spots of light. Is there life out there somewhere? I do think so.

    By Lisa on 04.02.2011

  16. It is forever, it is quiet. Dark, dank, black, to some it may even be beautiful. It all started with a galaxy far, far away. Cold, bitter, gigantic. It is at once horrify and exciting.

    By Ann Frydrych on 04.02.2011

  17. in this galaxy, in this atmosphere- we have one choice. Once decision. We can be happy, or we can be sad. Its our choice. Any given situation can be looked upon positively. You just have to look for it.

    By Charlotte Kays on 04.02.2011

  18. space

    By m URL on 04.02.2011

  19. a galaxy is one of the most photogenic things in existence. They make the best pictures when they are of good quality. I love them so much.

    By Rabia URL on 04.02.2011

  20. The galaxy is so huge and endless. We are a tiny speck in the middle of it and yet we think ourselves to be so important. Stars, planets, solar systems, super novae, aliens, spaceships–we all traverse this endless galaxy, looking for something more, looking for meaning. The final frontier.

    By Shannon on 04.02.2011

  21. galaxy was made of candies… but god just didn’t like it because he felt hungry all the time… so he made it boring and put all that boring stuff in it

    By rebeca on 04.02.2011

  22. starss in the universe high above, so ambiguous. just in the sky we see we can be there. we can’t even discover. this place we call space and yet we do not even know the limits of this place.

    By lisa alexander on 04.02.2011

  23. Galactic, we’re lost
    seas of swimming stars
    cream, milk, but no honey
    no, Hunny,
    as comfortable as this is, there’s no rhythm
    and no thought
    and no love.
    No galaxy.

    By Rae ovMoonlight URL on 04.02.2011

  24. Galazxy ran through the forest. She’d been lucky before, but not this time; this time, she knew she wasn’t going to get away. She was done for.

    By Brynhild on 04.02.2011

  25. The universe is so big. It amazes me everytime I think about it. The last time I truly gave it a lot of thought was on New Years eve. Jaden and I were on the trampoline behind my house covered from head to toe in as many blankets as we could find.

    By Monte URL on 04.02.2011

  26. Go to the stars
    Away from this place
    Leave our troubles here
    Avoid it all by traveling
    Xanadu our destination
    You and me alone at last.

    By Amy URL on 04.02.2011

  27. I think that there is a piece of each of us making up with galaxy that we’re living in. A piece of me and of you and of our ancestors that is defining who we are. It is the pieces of us, as individuals, not the physical things. It is the footsteps we leave behind that make everything the way everything is.

    By Addy on 04.02.2011

  28. the galaxy of stars has such a beautiful and awesome appearance
    we live in the milky way galaxy
    many more galaxies make up this universe, not just the one we live in

    By she53lly URL on 04.02.2011

  29. outer galaxies
    home of the Angels
    home of our guardians
    home of our best friends
    home of our best learned lessons

    By John URL on 04.02.2011

  30. The most beautiful thing you may ever see. A vast sea of pure grandeur, right before our eyes yet so far away. Looking up into the night sky shows us just how insignificant our lives are in this universe. A sky of twinkling stars like the flickering candles of the world, shining forever and ever.

    By Kevin on 04.02.2011

  31. the universe. Infinite space. Makes me feel really small and insignificant. It makes my problems seem small and unecessary. Its probably the reason I can’t stay mad. It makes believing in a god difficult. It makes me realize how everything is relative. The world is so small. My life is so small. It only matters in comparison.

    By Emily on 04.02.2011

  32. So happy to have found the new galaxy of one word!

    By Viki URL on 04.02.2011

  33. I see long tracks , lots of stars.
    It’s dark but so many colours, and it’s so colorful. And everything is clear.

    By Mailen on 04.02.2011

  34. the doctor travels in the galaxy all the time. I wish that the doctor would come take me away. In the middle of the night just like Amy Pond. They never even knew she left, because the tardis doesn’t just travel through space but it also travels in time. I would love to see the world like that. If only it were possible. I swear that before I die I am going to do something like the doctor does.

    By Kaycee on 04.02.2011

  35. full of stars. and other things. planets and such.

    By megan on 04.02.2011

  36. The galaxy is large and full of planets and stars. We MIGHT be the only intelligent life in our galaxy… but how intelligent are we, REALLY? We are about to destroy the only planet we know of that can support our need for water and oxygen, before we have found a way to live without them or another place that has them.

    By Ali on 04.02.2011

  37. There once was a boy who knew nothing about the stars, moon, or planets. In fact he really didn’t much about people either. For this little boy lived alone.

    By Evon on 04.02.2011

  38. The galaxy is a huge place where there’s a lot of planets and it’s beautiful but only if you can get to it. Such a beautiful place and few have experienced it. There is a galazy in my head a galaxy in my backyard. There is a galaxy in my bed. I lay there like an undiscovered planet waiting for a brave astronaut to lay his skin upon mine. His penis is his flag pole.

    By chenara seepersad on 04.02.2011

  39. Hitchikers guide to the galaxy, a book I’ve never read because I’m not really into sci fi, but yet it has a quality of whimsical pondering which I feel very attatched to of late, indeed, my blog often has that tone. I think it’s because of my course, I’ve been searching for the answers to just about everything since I started.

    By URL on 04.02.2011

  40. The galaxy is very large. It is full of aliens and has lots of stars. If I were the galaxy I would be very large. ABut im not the galaxy. I am a very small galaxy. And Did tyou know that in the galaxy you weighless then on earth. ITs crazy. ANDDDD I have no planets cause I am not the galaxy. Yes. The end.

    By Allison URL on 04.02.2011