October 10th, 2012 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “fresh”

  1. it is very important to fill your body with fresh and new ideas. that means not just filtering in the day to day junk. go outside, take a fresh breath of air, and enjoy your surroundings. you will be surprised by the ideas that come to you from even the most insignificant things.

    By Sondra Daugherty URL on 10.11.2012

  2. rose petals with dew drops on it’s surface..the water running down from a stream..the sound of early birds chirping..the smell of black tea in the morning..a bath with chilled water..a sound of baby laughing..the smell of the flower “raat ki raani”..a can of redbull..a good

    By Rubina Uprety on 10.11.2012

  3. I opened my eyes to the new world in front of me. The fresh layer of snow lightly gripped the earth with its cold fingers. The crunching of my toes on the ground was all i heard in that moment, its sound reverberating in my mind, blocking out the chaos within.

    By Sondra Daugherty URL on 10.11.2012

  4. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a very good show and I enjoyed the series very much. It was clever and hilarious.

    By Cody H on 10.11.2012

  5. This is a story all about how my life got flip-turned upside down. I’d like to take a minute just sit right there. I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air.

    By Tara Kontra on 10.11.2012

  6. The Fresh Prince of Bel-air stars one of the greatest actors in the world. Will Smith. He is a Fresh man. Ohhh yeah.

    By Carrielyn34 on 10.11.2012

  7. Fresh fish are good. I’m shore everyone enjoys fresh fish. Also, tuna is shrimply amazing.

    By speckledred URL on 10.11.2012

  8. The outfit I wear is as fresh as John Stamos walking out of the shower, which is as fresh as fresh gets.

    By Kaden on 10.11.2012

  9. #swag

    By ParkerPlusRuben URL on 10.11.2012

  10. Now this is a story all about how
    My life got flipped, turned upside down
    And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right
    I’ll tell you how I became the prince of
    a town called Bel-Air

    That song is so fresh.

    By Adam :):) URL on 10.11.2012

  11. One of my favorite deodorants is old spice fresh. It smells very fresh like the fresh prince from that show from the 90’s starring will smith.I think Duncan is a very Fresh name. Our schools food is not very fresh.

    By Duncan on 10.11.2012

  12. The fresh salt water crashed onto the shore. The ocean was current-ly full with many creatures. I’m shore people knew about all of them, whale, most people. I’ve never been to the ocean and whenever it’s brought up I get crabby about it. I hope one day i’ll be able to swim in one, but i’m not sure which pacific one I should choose.

    By Jessica on 10.11.2012

  13. I love the fresh breeze that flows through my hair when the calm winds of the sea are anomgst me. It’s the smell of the cool air that really makes me feel calm and subtle.

    By carrielyn34 URL on 10.11.2012

  14. I love being fresh in Mrs. Vogt’s class. It radiates around the other classmates. I’m so fresh, when Crystal leaves she’s fresh because she was near me which means she, will also be fresh. She’s in the FreshZone. Also, I smell nice. Fresh.

    By ParkerPlusRuben URL on 10.11.2012

  15. The pie at Perkins was as fresh as the ocean air. Jessica and Casey fought back and forth until Casey finally decided to walk the plank. Jessica ended the evening with “Algae you later.” Casey was drowning in all the puns and ran to his car, crying salty tears, in the fresh night air.

    By Cassie on 10.11.2012

  16. They call me big, they call me crazy , they think i’m not to bright, they watch me eat more then ed, they know i’m faster then pat, they know i can write like a boss, they know i’m the best, they know my onewords are at the top, they know my name… bigvin… Fresh.

    By bigvin on 10.11.2012

  17. Doug E. Fresh. Cali Swag District. What a fresh song. It makes dance like a madman.

    By speckledred URL on 10.11.2012

  18. Mrs. Voke….. Correction on that last one
    I misspelled it. I don’t know a Mrs. Vogt.
    Mrs. Voke is fresh.

    By ParkerPlusRuben URL on 10.11.2012

  19. I was told to write about the word “fresh” today. So I did.

    By Jonathan URL on 10.11.2012

  20. fresh food is always good. if it is fresh, it just came out of the ground, off a bush, or off a tree. sometimes it can be fresh meat, but it almost always tastes good.

    By mccrazy URL on 10.11.2012

  21. Fresh ideas perhaps? Where do fresh ideas come from. People, especially designers, worry that everything has already been invented. So, what else can you come up with? Well, as a Eastamn from Kodak showed us you can do so using unconventional things with stuff that already exists… he used pool technology to create negative films for cameras.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 10.11.2012

  22. He tasted the mint on her tongue, and immediately knew that she had been lying to him. He knew her taste far too well by now.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 10.11.2012

  23. fresh
    nowadays what the world seems to care about a lot. wake up in the morning theres no food no means off transportation its cool as long as my attire is fresh. you go to school or work theres others who dont have the same fortune as you yet we complain about our opportunities and praise a fresh start. we submerge in this ideal fresh society when in reality its all spoiled rotten. the world is a disguise as your fresh attire is as well, even though your fresh on the outside, that doesnt change the rotten pieces contained within.

    By anthony URL on 10.11.2012

  24. Fresh is what you get when you get nice fruit at a store or when you chew mint gum and yuo feel so fresh and it’s so fantastic and you just want to kiss everyone or when a boy gets in your car and he smells great and you just want to embrace and hold him forever. fresh is when you just wake up or take a shower and you’re so clean and you just want to stay in a sanitized bubble forever but you don’t because your floor is dirty. the end

    By Lauren on 10.11.2012

  25. He shook the canteen above his lips, but produced nothing from its dry well. He continued to shake the vessel until he threw it to the ground, collapsing right next to it.

    By Laura Riddle on 10.11.2012

  26. Fresh fruit in the summer. Living in a world the smells clean. Air, trees, most definitely the ocean. Surf, living on the beach. Spending everyday remembering that you breathe, taking in everything around you. Laundry. Loving to travel. Fresh idea. TED talks. Speaking with an open mind, not concerned about filtering anything. Alone. With a close friend. Mountains. Snowboarding, preferably in the Swiss Alps or Denver. Listening to nothing. Wind in the mountains. Cold. Ice. Water. Waterfall, the place I have never seen. Listening to the ocean.

    By Kaysey on 10.11.2012

  27. So young
    So fresh
    So open to life
    Don’t look back little fairy
    Your wings are aflame
    Keep your chin up
    And keep going
    The world is
    A matchstick game

    By recogirl URL on 10.11.2012

  28. fresh bread, fresh food. isn t this yesterday s fresh word..i wrote about freshman girls and senior guys seducing them.

    By joe URL on 10.11.2012

  29. I wish I had a “fresh” haircut. One that had the stips cut into the side and maybe a fade. Alas I wold also like an afro. But my hair is a mess of yeti frizz and the fade nor the fro will grow here. So I admire other’s fresh throwbacks to the 80’s from a distance.

    By Elizabeth URL on 10.11.2012

  30. I am not feeling so fresh today. In fact, I am feeling tired. Although I am looking for the fresh ocean breezes. It is going to rain soon and that will make things feel a bit more fresh. Or perhaps, it will give it the opposite effect and things will feel more damp and stagnant. I would like to eat a fresh avocado off of a tree.

    By Erica on 10.11.2012

  31. My mind is fresh!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 10.11.2012

  32. Fresh prince of bell aire. that’s a good show, I always liked it. maybe I’ll watch it some more.
    My room always smells fresh, its like a Hawaiian breeze. I have one of those air fresheners, I love the smell, how clean it is.

    By Josh Murphy on 10.11.2012

  33. I feel like I’ve given myself so many opportunities for a fresh start. But, every time I just seem to slump back into the rut I had slipped into before. I have been at square one for far too long.

    By e.l.a. URL on 10.11.2012

  34. The screams are still fresh in my mind, even though it has been over a year that I heard them. The scent of blood still sits in my nostrils, bringing life to the fear I once knew. Once you’ve been through something like that’s, there’s no escaping it. You’ll try and you’ll try, but it’ll always come back to haunt you.

    By Alexandria on 10.11.2012

  35. i tossed the last of her clothing into the bonfire, watched it get spat on and eaten.

    it took less than an hour; her eyes had always looked a little like coal.

    ’tis the season,’ i told myself, as the leaves began to die.

    By h. b. URL on 10.11.2012

  36. Memory of the meet up is still fresh in my head. This wound is still red in color. I have not had the courage to tell you the words you uttered just now were venomous.

    By nsh URL on 10.11.2012

  37. So fresh so clean.
    Out in the Spring
    Curls waving
    Head bobbing and raving.
    Ipod on shuf

    By Sass on 10.11.2012

  38. The screams are still fresh in my mind, even though it has been over a year that I heard them. The scent of blood still sits in my nostrils, bringing life to the fear I once knew. Once you’ve been through something like that, there’s no escaping it. You’ll try and you’ll try, but it’ll always come back to haunt you.

    By Alix URL on 10.11.2012

  39. She stood in front of the produce section, frowning at the apples. Her mind was elsewhere, she barely even saw the apples in front of her.

    She didn’t know how long she stayed in that same place, mind a thousand miles away, wondering the same thing over and over again. What am I going to do?

    By Ashley Shaw URL on 10.11.2012

  40. There was a scent to the room that nobody but myself noticed. It was as if a newborn baby had just been bathed. It was fresh, and nice scent that gave off a nice feeling. It made me feel safe and warm, despite it not being warm at all. The freshness of this room was a magnificent change to other rooms.

    By Sabrina M. URL on 10.11.2012