October 11th, 2012 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “wet”

  1. Rainy, floods. When the water trickles down the window in little rivers, separating and joining at different intervals from the top of the pane to the bottom. I’m warm and dry inside with a cup of tea waiting for the rain to pass. Then a quick dash, hopping over the puddles, dodging the rain drops to the next available dry spot. Laughing. Splashing. Towel for you when you get home.

    By Jen on 10.12.2012

  2. like the water in the sea and its all wet and shit. There was once this girl I fucked and she was wet and damp, I like the word moist. She hated it. It was quite humoured when we did shit.
    I like the e in wet. Emphasizes the W and the T.
    Is time done yet?
    Oh, time is still going? Sweet. I must have needed to write more things about wet. Okay. Here’s a ‘wet’ joke. Water u doing right now? Ha. You shore are quiet. Whale Whale, what do we have here.

    By Alyssa on 10.12.2012

  3. The rainy wet sidewalk was gray and pale with bordom. The day was gloomy an no children were out in the neighborhood. They were all indoors. Sad, that they could not frolic in the streets.

    By Hunter Smith on 10.12.2012

  4. the only place i could ever get away
    the only place i could wake up and be happy sitting in that pier
    that one place that took me back to my childhood
    is gone

    By michelle przybyl on 10.12.2012

  5. I say wet dreams and everyone thinks the same but it was just raining.

    By corinnele on 10.12.2012

  6. a cool dark night
    she came to me in a dream
    wet from her head to her toes

    IN a more deeply sadden way
    than I’d seen her before
    Asking Why had I not noticed

    The way she screamed at me
    The dark night lay flat against the seams.

    By laura gatto on 10.12.2012

  7. wetness is caused by water.there can be a lot of meanings for wet. both vulgar and simple. simple minded people will think in the sim ple way but wetness for dirtyminded people like me takes up the bad meaning. rain gives wetness. i love d rain. its amazing to get wet(the simple wet) in d rain. especially dancing when ur wet(the simple one again). thats all about wetness. this is fun.

    By manasvi on 10.12.2012

  8. I’m wet but it doesn’t matter. It’s not like it makes any difference today. The water was ice cold when it first met my skin, and made it turn whiter and whiter before it at last turned blue.

    By Line on 10.12.2012

  9. Wellington boot. Fish. Nurse. Suit. Willy.

    By Ian Harvey URL on 10.12.2012

  10. The snow the witch had foretold of had not frozen on its way to the earth. He pulled his wet cloak tighter around his shoulders and he trudged through the mud lining the road and shivered.

    By Isilo Aranel URL on 10.12.2012

  11. the rain in spain falls mainly on the plane. living in england is nice, except that it rains pretty much all the time and is very wet. I hate the word moist, but it is also a synonym for wet. What a strange word wet, pet, met, bet, let, set

    By Ali on 10.12.2012

  12. On rainy days,
    All wet and grey,
    The tears don’t ever fall;
    As if the world
    Is trying to say
    “We’ll cry today –
    Live. Recall
    The sunny days of smiles
    You always took
    Without a second glace,
    Believing somehow
    There to be some
    Second second chance.”

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 10.12.2012

  13. something that is not hot, something that inspires the feeling of the sea, the pleasure of soaking in the water, the water’s property, how I feel when standing in the rain, outside.

    By Cristina on 10.12.2012

  14. There was nothing she could do. She knew this as she stepped over a huge sodden log that was blocking her doorway and walked further into the wet sandy field that used to be her backyard. She wished with all her heart, in that moment for something to help her, something that would make it better. But her naivety had long since been used up, and her mind was much more pragmatic.

    By M on 10.12.2012

  15. rain is wet you are wet when you bathe and swim. you need to use special equipment when you are in the rain so you dont get wet. I dont like being wet but I must deal with it you get wet or can get wet doing lots of things. Getting wet can be fun!

    By Elizabeth K. on 10.12.2012

  16. I like getting wet in the first rains after the summer..it has so soothing effect on the skin after the 3 month of hot climate we had gone through.The soil also gets wet with a nice fragrance.

    By Sagar on 10.12.2012

  17. the rain s wet your body gets wet your hair gets wet my dog takes many bathes a week

    I love the rain and snow i is so awesome.

    when you run in the rain you get very wet and cold and you could get sick!!

    By foxy on 10.12.2012

  18. Who loves my nick name does it look cute!!!

    ,3<,< <3

    By Foxy on 10.12.2012

  19. Oh this is too easy
    My mouth is dry
    My hands are wet
    My smile is ridiculous
    Oh this is too easy
    Did you really
    Trip on that dog shat
    Oh mother in law
    I try to breath
    As I drown
    In tears of joy

    By recogirl URL on 10.12.2012

  20. WET. WET. WET. The soil was muddy and soaked. My boots were squishing beneath mounds of slushy soil. My arms were aching. Beads were falling down from my forehead despite the cool British winter air. My heart stopped when I heard the church bell ring, time for the annual Reaping.

    By Tanrenee on 10.12.2012

  21. rain bath hair-wash sea puppy-lick milk

    By Tania on 10.12.2012

  22. the sea
    puppy lick
    a spilling milk on your chin
    a bathroom from an hour bath

    By peachtea URL on 10.12.2012

  23. Wet. You get in the water.
    “Get in the water now!”
    “I’m sorry, baby. Get in the water please?”
    It just reminded me of that. Wet. Water. Beaches. Salty hair.

    By Marissa Jamie on 10.12.2012

  24. It’s a cold dark rainy day. I….just love the rain the way it is. I love to get wet in the rain, because sometimes, we need something that is different from the daily life.

    By Surviving Swan URL on 10.12.2012

  25. the towel is wet.

    By Susie Blackstien-Adler on 10.12.2012

  26. What I hate the most about rain
    is when you walk outside.
    When walking on wet pavements
    And rain/mud/puddle water gets on the back of your legs

    Rain is only fun outside your window

    By Dee URL on 10.12.2012

  27. water is wet. my lips get wet after a long hour of exercise and I chug a bottle of water. my hair is wet after staying in a steam room. My chair gets wet after putting it under my wet towel after my shower. my hands get wet and weird when I think of someone I love.

    By Tea Ess on 10.12.2012

  28. too dry, i said
    of the skin flaking on her lips.
    she began to
    cry, a journey to her mouth.

    that’s better.

    By h. b. URL on 10.12.2012

  29. There’s rain, Outside, inside, in my head, on my face. My eyes. My tears. My heart. The floor. It’s everywhere.

    By Emily on 10.12.2012

  30. damp, cold, unpleasant experience when walking in the rain.

    how did that song go buy that band wet wet wet? i wanna bathe with you in the sea?

    no, that was savage garden i think

    i digress.

    web you get out of the shower you are wet.
    when you are a wimp you are wet.

    By vandersare on 10.12.2012

  31. Although the sun was shining at the beginning of the day, it began to rain very quickly. The ground became soaked and puddles developed everywhere.

    By Eric on 10.12.2012

  32. The rain dripped and splashed, and I tossed my umbrella to the side. Taking her hand in mine, we dashed out into the streets. We spun in circles, singing to the beat of the thunder. She laughed, water streaming down her face like tears. Her eyes bright, her smile vibrant.

    By Shani URL on 10.12.2012

  33. It slid across the ground in a slow, drowsy motion, leaving a wet trail in its wake. Something inside of it burned with a yearning for blood. It saw what it was looking for, in a small station wagon, parked just outside the lip of the lake. A natural park, is a ideal place for a vacation. Unfortunately, the owner never saw it coming.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 10.12.2012

  34. The road was slick with rain. This came as a surprise, because leading up the slope of the hill the tarmac was dry and dusty. This is why Robert felt safe with the odometer pegged at 120. Of course, the downhill slope being wet was something Robert and his sleeping pal Frank were completely uprepared for. Both that, and the guard rail lining the curve at the bottom.

    By Sean Duffy URL on 10.12.2012

  35. The water surrounded me. There was nowhere to go, no land anywhere in sight. I’m unsure of how I got here. What happened? My clothes were soaked and rather binding. This will be an adventure..

    By Meow on 10.12.2012