October 10th, 2012 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “fresh”

  1. The raspberry rolled out of the basket and under her shopping cart. Normally Edna would bend over to get the fruit but her back screamed a tense, “HALT!” to her still young mind and Edna satisfied herself by just kicking the raspberry away. A horrible waste of fruit.

    By Súil Na Soilsiú URL on 10.10.2012

  2. Apples. Crisp, delicious apples on a fall day. The day is fresh and crisp, just like the red fleshy apple you’re eating. There’s a soft breeze blowing by, whisking along the multicolored leaves across your boots. Your scarf tickles your neck, and you finish the apple. Your fingers are all tacky from the leftover juices, and you have no access to a moist towelette or anything of the like, so you smear your hands on your jeans. You pick up lint instead. But it’s okay, because that apple was delicious. A Pink Lady, because those are the sweetest, even though they’re smaller. Your teeth have that funny tingle leftover from whatever was in the fruit, and really all you want is a nice glass of water. The water from the stream nearby is so tempting, but you don’t drink it. Instead, you watch the sunlight flicker across the running surface and you’re realizing that water is perfectly clear. Clear and fresh and clean. There’s a poetic look to a stream, with the water dabbling along with the bright red and orange and yellow leaves floating giddily along. The leaves look like they’ve been painted on by God, adding to the water’s clear coating. The trees rustle in the breeze, but it’s not yet cold out so you can relax and watch the shimmering brushes of color sway. You don’t have anything to do today except watch this Fall day continue on, ignoring you, being beautiful all by itself. And you really have to wonder how God decided on the color scheme of such a sight. You have to wonder how many beautiful scenes He can see, where no human eye can. But a flicker of movement catches your eye, you spot a silly squirrel bounce along. It pauses, to your surprise, quite near you until you can see it’s bright eye gazing at you suspiciously. It’s fur is not just one color, as one suspects, but millions of little fuzzy strands of deep hues. Its clever little paws pause right over its fuzzy chest, so delicate yet so resourceful. The squirrel is done with you now, there are more important things to be done. You take refreshment from the warmth of the rock you sit on. It’s a beautiful afternoon.

    By Haley Antila on 10.10.2012

  3. There was a fresh fruit stand on the corner of first and main. I would stop every day there and buy a mango to eat at lunch. They were definitely the best mangos I had ever eaten. I miss living there.

    By mackedee on 10.10.2012

  4. The starting line I’ve been waiting for. The straight row of green lights all lot up for me to follow through. A clean slate, a turned leaf. Fresh

    By Katie on 10.10.2012

  5. I feel a fresh start passing through my mind. The anxiety’s are wiping themselves away little by little and I feel the warmth of her hands in my heart once more. I love the smile and the laugh of such a darling thing, and I feel a smile in my mind growing. The interest returns in all things and the fresh start begins now.

    By Badger Moore URL on 10.10.2012

  6. The bass thumped, vibrating the entire studio. The producer turned a dial, first left, and then right. The treble came in and finally settled into the sweet spot. He smiled.

    By Chris Clow URL on 10.11.2012

  7. I think of a watermelon and how i eat it in the morning and I feel good, and the whole room smells like watermelon and I start thinking of a summertime and all the awesome times I had and it makes me melancholic.Why is it that summer needs to finish so fast when we don’t expect it to. In the beginning if feels so long till the end but oh well.

    By Roxy on 10.11.2012

  8. I like fresh food. People who are fresh know how to dress and act cool. I like when weed is nice an fresh. Fresh

    By Jose Cuervo URL on 10.11.2012

  9. new not old

    By Iliyana URL on 10.11.2012

  10. freshness is all that i have seen in a while. who looks into the eyes of a fish and says they know its thoughts? there is emptiness there. how many people see what you see fish? how many people know how you know? i wish i could know but some day perhaps.

    By theunrelame URL on 10.11.2012

  11. crisply whisping my memories of who I used to be uncovering the new me underneath what I wanted to see hurts a bit to shower in the truth but i’m glad i’m freshening up too

    By Bonnie Grace URL on 10.11.2012

  12. fresh brings about nostalgia — to a time when everything seemed so big to a wide-eyed chubby little lass. i wish i could go back to that time.. back to when life was less complicated,
    more peaceful, and worth living.

    By greengabberglob URL on 10.11.2012

  13. The apples were not as delicious as I’d hoped. But their juicy innards were nothing short of fantastic. They quenched my thirst so that I might be able to complete my work. I was relieved yet again.

    By Atticus J. Steffen on 10.11.2012

  14. The air was fresh. The ground was hard and I walked in a silence that seemed to be mirrored by nature. The trees were orange. There was a musty smell. I felt like I could grab the mist.

    By Kelly Retallack on 10.11.2012

  15. it smelled new as I crushed it in my hand, raising my fist close to my face with eyes closed. I smiled down at her, smiling at the gift she brought me every day. A lemon, rare as the gold it was colored, fresh as the snow crunching underfoot. “One day, wil you tell me why you bring me these?” She just stared at me with those warm eyes, mute as the day she was born. I sighed and riased my other hand to stroke he

    By Kari on 10.11.2012

  16. I think of the feeling when you step out of the shower and you feel like a different and new and clean and cleansed person. I think of the smell and the feel and the atmosphere of crisp and refreshing weather, especially when it’s a winter morning. I think of fresh fruits at the beginning of summer and how lovely they are to eat especially when it’s hot and eating that piece of fruit makes your day.

    By Gertrude on 10.11.2012

  17. Fresh clean laundry, my dad hanging it out one summer day, was so funny, I took a picture. I love the smell when the clothes come in from the sunshine and lovely fresh air!

    By Smoothilly URL on 10.11.2012

  18. Nothing better than fresh fruits and vegetables my mom always said. I’ve never been steered wrong when I listened to her. She’s been my hero and inspiration my whole life.

    By Amarie URL on 10.11.2012

  19. Of ideas of emotions and things o do fresh is a good scent amazing and clean. Fresh is the style of th decade being just you having a fresh start in life.

    By Tori on 10.11.2012

  20. It’s still fresh. Good old fridge. Now is the time to eat it, while it is still fresh.

    By Ian Harvey URL on 10.11.2012

  21. Every one like something that is fresh. At least most of us. We like like it because it satisfy our curiosity. But after sometime, the feeling gradually disappear and we soon discover that the object may not seem as appealing as it may have seen as before.

    By ifuknowwhatimean on 10.11.2012

  22. A fresh start in a new world. That’s what he had thought but in the end he had been wrong. They had found him again and once more he was captured for “Everyone else’s safety” is what they had told him this time.

    By Matty URL on 10.11.2012

  23. I woke up, fresh, awaiting for a new day, ready to see his face. Of course, he would never know i feel. How much i adored him.

    By Hwq on 10.11.2012

  24. Fresh air. Out of the sea and into the fresh air of the world above. Her lungs filled up with the sweet taste of it, gasping for life. She swum to the shore, shaking and sputtering. She climbed onto the sand and lay down, her breathing heavy, lungs begging for more.

    By Ruby URL on 10.11.2012

  25. It was a perfect day, everything that God had created was in in its place and all was good. What dawned on me most of all as I travel the highway that morning to work, was the fresh smell of the flowers and the grass that had been cut the day before.

    By victor URL on 10.11.2012

  26. the morning dew settled on my cheeks as i felt the crisp still air come lumbering to meet me that new day. I woke to see the sun, and with it, all the wrongs turns I had made in my life thus far.

    By muzlette on 10.11.2012

  27. Nothing in the house was fresh. Bags of chips were half opened, boxes of cereal were closed but not sealed, the lettuce was brown, the dressing was expired. It went along with the mess the rest of the house was in. There was no good reason for it, Maddy had all the time in the world to clean it up. Just none of the motivation.

    By Katie on 10.11.2012

  28. the smell of fresh blood, tasty, hot, young. i’ll eat it, i’ll drink it – mine.

    It’s maddening, the urge. Kill, feed, discard. I remember I used to be one of them. I used to be human.

    By Lucie URL on 10.11.2012

  29. As the morning breeze. He’s new to me, like the sun after a storm. Waking up the moist fog after a long cold night. The promise of something more, something gorgeous. You can taste the chances in the air. Maybe I’ll turn away from him. Maybe, even though he promises to always be there, like a love sick puppy, I’ll turn back to the storms. But until then, the newness makes my skin tingle.

    By Ashlee Freeman URL on 10.11.2012

  30. fresh is what the snow is when it falls unadulterated from the sky and rains down on us like the tears of an angel. fresh is flowers. fresh is the breeze. the wind blowing in my face and drying out my eyes. fresh

    By ashley samuel on 10.11.2012

  31. fresh. can many many things, fresh fruit, fresh shoes, fresh smell, fresh clothes etc. i do not feel fresh atm lol paint all over me fml -.- but yeah fresh is goo! Like so good. I like fresh. Subway, eat fresh! I like subway also. :3 lul.

    By missy on 10.11.2012

  32. Is there really such thing as a fresh start?
    we like to believe so with the new year
    with the new school year
    with a new job
    with a new set of friends
    with a new destination
    with a new dream
    but you are you
    and unless you actively decide to change that
    regardless of the year
    regardless of your job
    regardless of your friends
    regardless of your location
    regardless of your goals
    you are you

    By jill URL on 10.11.2012

  33. Hello, old friend, how have you been, just fine, that’s good.

    Crying on the inside.

    There’s something about biting into the core of an apple that didn’t fall to far from the tree that makes me feel free. There is a world of refreshing “I Told You Sos” out there that we can only imagine.

    Stand by me and you’ll see that there’s no other way.

    Will you regret it? Probably. But you’ll be leafy green with envy,

    By haywirehay URL on 10.11.2012

  34. There was nothing familiar about him now; he had been born anew. He looked as he always had but now he smelled different – muskier, dustier, older, somehow. His gait was heavier, as if he carried all the world’s woes on his shoulders, and he tilted his head to one side and knitted his brows together when I spoke so that in the moment I felt that he really understood, that he really cared, but he offered no counsel and when I finally paused for breath I saw the full emptiness of his gaze.

    By X URL on 10.11.2012

  35. A new start. A blank page. What was the point of it all? Starting over again.
    No matter how hard you try, the same ending is inevitable. In real life, you don’t always get happy endings.

    By May on 10.11.2012

  36. The crisp, fresh air whipped Lorelei’s hair around her face. The mountain was vast and great. She felt as if she were on the top of the world. “Wait a second!” She thought. “I really am!” Her heart flew on the clouds below her, and her joy could only match the happiest person to ever be found.

    By Emma on 10.11.2012

  37. the fuit looked fresh on the outside, but had a nasty odor that made the whole shelf of fruit offending. Why would anyone want to bother making fruit bad? It ius good for you.

    By trkstr67 URL on 10.11.2012

  38. bring in goods from a foregion countrys

    By yadav URL on 10.11.2012

  39. everybody loves anything fresh. its refreshing and healthy. be it food, air or anything.

    By kiren on 10.11.2012

  40. i like it fresh!

    By kiren on 10.11.2012