October 10th, 2012 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “fresh”

  1. I love fresh bananas. I do not like bananas that have turned brown. That is nasty. Bleh. Eat greenish yellowish bananas. In french “a banana” is “une banane”.

    By Rosey URL on 10.10.2012

  2. Fresh as a daisy. Or as fresh as my husband after he spilled the peppermint oil in the bathtub and soaked it in anyway. He said he’d never had cold chills in scalding hot water before, but that it was worthy as a new experience. I will say, he smelled wonderful.

    By LailaLCR on 10.10.2012

  3. I am fresh like fruit in an organic market. I am fresh like the breeze blowing through the branches in the Redwoods. I am fresh like the sting of mint gum after a cup of bitter coffee. I am fresh like newly cut grass after a rainy day. I am fresh.

    By Lindsay URL on 10.10.2012

  4. Strawberries from the field. Oozing delicious in dollops of cream.

    Sheets from the dryer. Snap them back and forth, floating in the air until the settle messily.

    The smell of no smell.

    By Susan URL on 10.10.2012

  5. This is new, crisp and clean. Untouched, unmarred. exactly the condition of when it was first created.

    By Christine Smith on 10.10.2012

  6. lemonade, winter, cold water, fruits, lettuce, mountains, clean, soap.

    We started out fresh, nobody told us what to do or think.
    we started out young, making millions of mistakes just for the purpose of learning.

    By Daniela on 10.10.2012

  7. I couldn’t get my mind to leave this stale idea to itself. the freshness of such a thought withered years ago when obsession sucked it dry of its juices. the mind is a juicy place!

    By Theresa URL on 10.10.2012

  8. I want to be fresh like the spring. I want to wake in the morning, feeling refreshed and renewed in the place I belong. It is not this place, a city with walls to keep me in. But a mountain meadow, open and free. Where I can breathe.

    By mkt4 URL on 10.10.2012

  9. it was bright red and supple in her hands. How firm it seemed when she bit into it. So…lovely and the juices rolled over her tongue that provided sensation after luscious sensation. Apples had always been her favorite. They tasted like a storm. They tasted almost mettalic and so very sweet. Apples were the wine of life.

    By EmilyP on 10.10.2012

  10. fruits, vegetables, fresh direct
    i like it when it’s fresh
    fresh soap
    fresh ideas
    fresh sheets
    french fresh look alike

    By octq on 10.10.2012

  11. Fresh fishes by the sea being caught up for sale and sold into every mothers who go marketing daily. They cook the fresh fishes and then their family consume the fish, which gives them energy to do their daily works. The fresh fish is best cooked with ginger.

    By carissa yow on 10.10.2012

  12. Tipying one word at a time, using these tiny tiny things called..wait, I do not know what they’re called. Talk about knowing your words. Questions, things to say?

    By nepenthicola URL on 10.10.2012

  13. The gentle dusting of fresh snow across the rooftops and the trees. The white sky filled with promise. The solace hanging in the air.

    By kvm URL on 10.10.2012

  14. vegetables right now are fresh….i love them better than store bought, as long as they are growing in the field, there are so many to be harvested right now, it’s such a bounty of goodness, no wonder thanksgiving comes at this time of year to give to us all of the labor and efforts from the hardworking farmers to create such a beautiful array of freshness.

    By kathy on 10.10.2012

  15. The air isn’t fresh.
    Not so much because of the pollution,
    but because of those talkers who will not act to stop it.
    Their words stagnate the air.

    By Andre Toscano on 10.10.2012

  16. Not old, a new way of seeing the world, or the interrelationships amongst all of those on or in the planet..only maintained the absence of judgement…mind of child.

    By Rob URL on 10.10.2012

  17. Can fill your senses with the feeling of being alive, of renewal. Fresh means you get another chance to wake up, to

    By Annie URL on 10.10.2012

  18. It was a fresh start. The start of something new. I kept telling myself over and over. “Don’t worry. You’ll be safe.” he said after he announced the news we would be moving and then he embraced.

    By Rose Silver URL on 10.10.2012

  19. what is fresh? I am clean. What is cleanliness? Fucking the system and feeling good about it. What’s happening? My life. How we happen and how we fornicate how we live how we breathe how we die how this all occurs and reoccurs how it’s all good in this world when we want it to be, a matter of perspective, truth and trust…where is this truth, this trust, this perspective? Don’t give and take, just let it flow…let it all flow

    By Lu on 10.10.2012

  20. the door opened. light burst through, glimmering off the specks of dirty floating in the air. i could feel the cool afternoon air swoop in and wrap around me like a blanket. i breathed in deep and time seemed to stop. i could see everything. everything i ever wanted. i everything i needed. it was a new day, a fresh start. because today… today was tuesday.

    By Sean C on 10.10.2012

  21. Frech orange juice, the word on top of the screen I can’t even spell, what an excellent sign from a journalism student. Ex-journalism student, seeing as I quit 6 months ago. As if I quit Uni, like I’m in that group of people. Which leads back to the word Fresh as this time last year I was known as a Fresher at Southampton Solent University. Weird.

    By Kimberley URL on 10.10.2012

  22. winded by this autumn chance
    the freshness of the leaves would dance
    the city of these trees worn bare
    the city of these trees would tear.
    if my eyes cant see this light
    then what were we, crisp autumn night?
    “we are the frailness of the contrite,
    the swift crimson that swirls in spite,
    the beauty left cryptic in the night.
    we swam the streets to feel the air
    we are the falling flames, free from despair.”

    By Tas URL on 10.10.2012

  23. fresh, a fresh start, new beginning, awaken in the morning, stretch. start anew. FRESH, after a shower, after working out so vigorously that your body is renewed, fresh like a crisp autumn apple you take a bite out of.

    By Steph on 10.10.2012

  24. Keeping things fresh in friendships & romantic relationships is challenging. I don’t know what it is about us that causes us to take people closest to us for granted. Whatever it is I fend it off as much as I can with those I care about. Sometimes saying sorry is enough

    By professorofmotivation URL on 10.10.2012

  25. west philadelphia, born and raised. on the playground is where i spent most of my days. chilling out fresh and relaxing all cool and shooting b-ball outside of the school, when a couple of guys, who were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighborhood. i got in one little fight and my mom got scared and “you’re moving to your auntie and uncle in bel air”. i pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 and said to the cabby “go home, smell you later” to sit on my throne as the prince of bel air.

    By ethan on 10.10.2012

  26. Fresh is good — whether it be fresh sheets or fresh bread. Fresh indicates new and unspoiled. It’s desirable and at a premium, but you better act fast because fresh has a deadline.

    By wgirl URL on 10.10.2012

  27. when i hear this word i think of how someone looks. like their apperance. it is used as slang today. “you look fresh.” also i think of the way something smells. liek after you get out of the shower or air freshner that smells good (:

    By alexa URL on 10.10.2012

  28. grass. water. spring. flowers. sun. wind. pool. sea. fruit. vegetables. shampoo.

    By Ella on 10.10.2012

  29. so fresh and so clean, clean. dang this made me think of outkast…andre3000. fresh. outside, sunny. ted. hahaha, is it the charmin teddy bear i’m trying to think of? i have no idea. this word is stupid. so is this sixty seconds. boo.

    By jeannieloves URL on 10.10.2012

  30. “Fresh fruit! Fresh vegetables!” the bearded man called, cupping his hands around his mouth. “Get them here! Brought in from the country–home grown! Cheap!”

    Conversation buzzed in the bazaar as people passed to and fro, occasionally stopping to glance at the stalls adorned by brightly colored canvases. Dust filled the air as a horse passed by, snorting and hoofing at the ground.

    By Marmaroth URL on 10.10.2012

  31. I love fruit. I especially love fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is nicer than frozen fruit because frozen fruit’s molecules have been changed in some way. I’m not sure how but I remember that it is. I also think that I am especially FRESH. Fresh like in DA CITAAAYY. I also enjoy eating fresh vegetables, if I ever have to eat veggies. I kinda like broccoli, though.

    By Emi on 10.10.2012

  32. thats how i want to feel. there is so much animosity in my life and one of these days i just want to wake up feeling reFRESHed, content and ready to take on anything life has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I have life pretty good. I’m just waiting for that spark and freshness to happen for me.

    By Leslie on 10.10.2012

  33. I feel so fresh right now. I just got out of the shower and it feels so relaxing. It feels like i have nothing to worry about. Everything is off my heavy shoulders now, making me feel so lightweight that i can be a feather. I feel absolutely amazing and Happy:D

    By Roooonnniie URL on 10.10.2012

  34. I couldn’t think fast enough. I was fresh. Or so I had thought. But it was an age old thing. I was old. Fresh a bygone word. How can one be fresh and old? They are two words that will not mix.

    By fictionfitz URL on 10.10.2012

  35. not smelly, took a shower, veggies, and fruit. u need to smell fresh if your meeting an attractive person… just saying.i love pikachu!!! <3 lol ive never been on here b4…

    By Heather URL on 10.10.2012

  36. “Just taste it, all right?”

    She rolled her eyes, but offered her open mouth. The look on his face, flash of white teeth and brightened eyes, was worth it as she took a bite.

    It crunched, loud enough that she heard it in her own skull. Water burst over her mouth. She shut her eyes, let it roll about in her mouth. Swore she tasted the earth it rested in.

    “Not bad, I guess.”

    By Brill URL on 10.10.2012

  37. FRESH is the last word I’m thinking of right now. I’m grinding hard, but everything is so different! It’s new, it’s a completely abstract perspective. theatre? english? anthro?
    who knows… but it’s go time

    By tree on 10.10.2012

  38. Aint nobody dope as me I’m just so… I’m so… I’m so nothing. I am fresh and clean but is fresh and clean anything to anyone besides me. Maybe the guy I’m sitting next to. But to him it is an absence of a negative not the presence of a positive.

    By TNS URL on 10.10.2012

  39. new ideas coming in like edifices over ancient forests. Crumbling foliage, grazing of dirt, for new hopes and metropolis dreams.

    By Ruben URL on 10.10.2012

  40. I hate when people say fresh to describe something cool its so fucking stupid fresh is clean or new. THATS FUCKING IT

    By Rachel on 10.10.2012