May 20th, 2014 | 95 Entries

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95 Entries for “framework”

  1. The framework was bent and broken. The lens was cracked and useless. I held the damaged bifocals in one hand and gripped the steering wheel with the other. Somehow, with a broken leg and bleeding head, I had to keep driving.

    It wasn’t as if my car couldn’t function. Granted, a large chunk of its tail had been ripped away by the flying debris. But I was not going to be a number in the tally of terrorism victims. Not today. I was going to flee. I was going to tell the story.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.20.2014

  2. Stupid. She thought. And than she backsteped. It might not have worked out. Daring, she reconcidered and rephrased it. Because she had tried.

    By soil on 05.20.2014

  3. There was a framework to be considered. We could not go on if caveats were not considered. How else were we suppose to continue progressing in our lives? Some suggested that we consult carpenters. They knew all about wood and frames? But, what about glasses, said another.

    By Nikki URL on 05.20.2014

  4. “Oh, my word, look at the framework! What a beauty.”

    “Ellie, your words are echoing around The Louvre. Don’t you think you should keep it down?”

    “No! The framework is too beautiful to be observed in silence. I mean, look at the carving! Truly magnificent!”

    Essie proceeded to take a ruler out of her backpack despite her brother’s advice and approached the Mona Lisa, measuring the frame from the red rope, keeping her from touching the glass surrounding the actual masterpiece.

    By Rosheen URL on 05.20.2014

  5. Why did I get framework again. This is weird. Can students actually write about framework for a whole minute? I don’t even feel like I could write about it for one whole minute.

    By Sarah on 05.20.2014

  6. Intention is the framework of life. What did you really come here to be? What did you want to become? How do you want to make others feel? Know these things, they are the framework of your life.

    By Paulie on 05.20.2014

  7. The framework of my soul, which I call home, is crumbling. It has been shaken up, and it has been torn down. Every window smashed, every wall broken, and the roof is caving in. But here I stand, tall and strong. Even though my framework could use a lot of work, somehow I survived it all. I’ve been through hell and back, but I believe that the framework of my soul can be mended. All it will take is a little time…

    By Annick URL on 05.20.2014

  8. he traces his fingertips along the undulation of levi’s ribs and muscles, and eren can’t help but marvel at how helpless levi looks beneath him. levi is breathless, lungs empty from the efforts of his half-screams, skin flushed bright red and sweat-slicked. he stares up at eren with an unfocused gaze, though there’s a softness in his stare that always comes with his afterglow.

    eren licks his bottom lip to rid himself of any residual mess. the taste of salt and skin is pleasant.

    By heartful URL on 05.20.2014

  9. ticking like clockwork
    the elegant framework
    of two perfect bodies entwined

    By lousy on 05.20.2014

  10. our hearth is like a framework, we can’t live without it, we fall if we don’t have it and lot of times we need to repear it.

    By Juli Sanchez URL on 05.20.2014

  11. Sometimes I feel like you ruined me to simply show everyone you could… to spite the god and the family who buried you in A-minor chords and rising suns. Sometimes I can forgive you. Sometimes, I want you to live through me–breathe through me–because I want you to know only wonder and joy. But sometimes I hate I hate I hate.
    Your fingers buried in my corners, where they should never stray, backhanding betrayal in my skull harder than the fist ever flew from a saddened mother. ..and sometimes I feel like you ruined me just to leave behind remembrance.
    (it burns… but I’ll try to remember you.)

    By Pandatry URL on 05.20.2014

  12. It’s the structure. You see, what I was doing was building up the framework for what I believe. I believe in some sort of Deity, what? I don’t know. Divinity, it’s out there, where? I don’t know. Framework. The start of something, and the exoskeleton.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 05.20.2014

  13. I think of computers when I hear the word framework. But I guess it’s also about art!
    What is the meaning of framework? What are the parameters? No, that doesn’t sound right.
    What is the derivation? Frame or surround something with a border. And work. The opposite of rest.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 05.20.2014

  14. He didn’t have what one would call a “career,” per se, but he did just fine for himself when all was said and done. He’d worn an odd assortment of hats over the years since high school, he’d punched a fuckton of clocks, but he got the most gratification from working on a crew for one of the local contractors. He liked being out in the elements, the sun roasting all of that pent-up restless energy out of him. He liked the idea that he was crafting something significant with his bare hands. A place where a family would live. It didn’t matter that HE didn’t have a home – or a family, even. The simple expenditure of blood, sweat, and tears worked a special kind of magic all its own. Even were it not for the pride he felt at the end of each day, the job kept him in nicotine and whiskey, which was half the damn battle.

    By emgee URL on 05.20.2014

  15. The framework for her project was all created – but it was went in the empty spaces that truly mattered at the end of the day. She always had difficulty when it came to creating content, but that seemed to be a given for her mind. Her entire life was based off of an outline, but the finer details always ended up forgotten or pushed aside for whatever reason.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 05.20.2014

  16. It was beautiful. The delicate sandalwood branches wrapped around their frame, exquisite brown leafs blooming on the branches and giving the illusion that it was a real tree, albeit in a very strange shape. It added to the piece in the middle of its frame, the forested area shown so clearly in the painting with the branches of a great tree which was in a curious shape.

    By KoYaHi on 05.20.2014

  17. The young family had a small budget for a new house to live in while the renovators were fixing up their other house. The framework was not sturdy one bit as said on the builders report. One morning when they woke up,

    By Matthew on 05.20.2014

  18. it was a framework of sorts
    looking at blueprints
    formulating ways to escape
    cos this place is hell
    don’t know which way to turn
    “the framework” the voice shouted
    “the framework can help” I replied

    By Brittany on 05.20.2014

  19. The small family did not have a very large budget at all. They were saving up for a modified BMW with a spoiler to show off their friends – not a very good decision to make at all. The framework on the old house was not sturdy at all as said on the builders report. Jim, the father heard a quiet rumble downstairs so he quickly got up and ran down stairs and saw that the whole front part of the house was all no use to him now.

    By Matthew on 05.20.2014

  20. She always had a framework for how her life would pan out. She’d have fun for the first two years of college, meet “The One” junior or senior year, buckle down, get her degree and enter Real Life. With him, there’s no framework, just coloring out of the lines, just him and his dreams and little idea of how to achieve them. Despite knowing this, she takes his hand and walks away with him, the universal sign for “fuck the framework.”

    By Jessyca (@goawayjess) URL on 05.20.2014

  21. She was perfect. He still was unsure how or why the Gods above had blessed him with her. There wasn’t a flaw in her; as he lazily traced his fingertips on her smooth skin, he wondered how one’s framework could be so elegant, refined, yet complicated. It was as if he’d married an angel, fallen from heaven. Cliched, but true—and he looked forward to many more nights such as this one.

    “I love you,” He breathed into her auburn hair as he drifted back to sleep.

    By AJ Kenobi on 05.20.2014

  22. The framework of the playground was rusting and old. Where once paint gleamed and shone, now only dirty flakes remained. Children used to hang off those metal rails. Now only drug addicts swing past them, syringes and brown paper bags clutched in their sweaty palms.

    By Kerry Harper on 05.20.2014

    framework could have something to do with like making buildings and crap and I have utterly no interest in framework whatsoever because it’s pretty boring
    you know what else is boring mr andres is also pretty boring
    like he just speaks in a passive voice which bores me so much

    By Jeff on 05.20.2014

  24. Works that are in a frame? Paintings, pictures???

    By Xuanyou on 05.20.2014

  25. I have no idea what framework means. Is it a structure? a job? a skeleton of a deconstructed building? Never used the word before… maybe I should start. After looking it up in the dictionary.

    By Johana on 05.20.2014

  26. An art piece in a frame. The frame was made to perfection. Amazingly outlined with a bright gold to top it of. Perfection. Thats why its called framework.

    By Ajay on 05.20.2014

  27. I wrote down my notes. The boss wasn’t happy with my version of next years education framework.Said “It was too complicated” I hate him… I honestly do. You know what’s complicated, his wife cheating on him with me. What a loser.

    By Pranav Nair on 05.20.2014

  28. What is framework? Framework is a surrounding.

    By Jeslin on 05.20.2014

  29. You need a framework, a general idea of where you’re going in life. If you wander aimlessly, you’ll fall into pitfalls you’re unprepared for. Yes, you should leave room to explore, but you need to keep a steady head, know what you’re looking for and how to find it.

    By Ashi URL on 05.20.2014

  30. The framework of the hotel was sturdy, but the rest of the building was in shambles. The paint was peeling off the walls and the furniture was covered in a thick film of dust. They walked in tentatively as if not to disturb the ruins of a lost time.

    By rachel on 05.20.2014

  31. Within this framework it is hard to judge what she could really be feeling inside. It’ s not every day that you lose your mother and when you do it is perfectly fine to grieve in anyway that you deem fit! Sometimes a smiling face conceals a broken heart.

    By Tracey URL on 05.20.2014

  32. “There should be a framework in place to prevent this kind of thing from happening…” Davis began to explain. The senator exploded;
    “That’s what YOU were there for!” he screamed as he banged the table. “You screened him, you recruited him, and you were running him!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.20.2014

  33. I think about paint, and art, are colors, and history. I think of history because when I think of paintings I think of the famous painters back then. I also think of my Uncle because his job is to take very expensive artwork and he moves it to famous people’s houses.

    By Abbie on 05.20.2014

  34. Lateral supports reaching skyward
    long in the tooth
    nestled in the panels of my
    abode surrounding me with strength
    a lasting start and to
    a permanent place

    By Protean URL on 05.20.2014

  35. There’s no walls around us when you’re only focused on what’s in front of you. There are two types of people. The one who looks at the artwork; and the one who stares at the frame. Are you looking at what’s holding the beauty or the beauty within?

    By Sami on 05.20.2014

  36. The framework gives us a way of understanding how this works. Without it we would be flailing all over the place. But instead we have something to ground us. Something to provide structure.

    By Crystal URL on 05.20.2014

  37. There’s no reason for you not to follow your passion. It was given to you for a reason. Society implies a framework, but there is none. There are no rules. Bust back. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live.

    By Jesse B on 05.20.2014

  38. The framework was unusual. So was the substance it was made of. The creamy white rope was stiff and strong, but smooth. It connected with barely any seams, but the patterns seemed lacelike, despite it’s enormous size. I only wondered briefly what created it, but the sticky feel along the edges of the structure increased heavily if you ran your hand along the surface. I saw them trapped in the middle, completely stuck by the milky covered goo. I knew there was little time to do what I could by the vibrations through the soles of my feet. They were coming and here was no where to hide.

    By JDwrites URL on 05.20.2014

  39. The framework of the house is very strong, it could stand a tornado, I’ll bet!” My wife gushed. “Really, I’m in love with it all! What do you think honey?” But before I could even take a breath she was talking again “I’m not that crazy about the color in the dining room, but we can change that, can’t we dear?” I nodded my head slightly, trying to look noncommittal. She had no idea I was leaving her in just a few days, and I didn’t have the heart to tell her now.

    By SincerelyRanda URL on 05.20.2014

  40. It took me three tries to get the frakking bolt into the right place to secure the whole thing to the tree. It felt like the instructions were written in german, translated through chinese and the back to english. I cursed my own inept fat fingers until it finally went through. The treehouse was nearly completely. The boys would be happy. And I would need a beer.

    By Hudson Scott URL on 05.20.2014