February 8th, 2011 | 533 Entries

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533 Entries for “fragrance”

  1. Smells are reptilian stimuli like colors for the nose: triggers for the forgotten–the now just remembered–

    By Vincent Cho URL on 02.08.2011

  2. The fragrant rain splashing against the sidewalk reminded me of the ocean, the way the waves hit the sand, the way the breeze knocks you down onto the soft, textured ground and you feel the salt, you don’t realize if you are smelling or tasting it, you just feel it.

    By Valerie URL on 02.08.2011

  3. beauty, sophisticated, smell, love, sex,purple, inhale, flowers, man, embrace, close

    By ainsley on 02.08.2011

  4. The thick smell wafted in through the windows, the bright fragrance of the pouring rain of hot concrete consumed her mind as she stood facing the street. It always took her back to a single night, so many years ago, when everything changed.

    By Alexandra URL on 02.08.2011

  5. how a fragrance can bring you back, make you remember the good times and the bad times. they can show you high school evenings, summer days, rainy nights, and old love affairs. like a song, they sing you to sleep.

    By LunaTique URL on 02.08.2011

  6. My mum and I always have arguments over who liked wearing lavender perfume/lotion first. It was totally me. and yeah the argument seems silly but it kind of defines our relationship. silly. silly. silly. with a little sarcasm thrown in there.

    By Cait on 02.08.2011

  7. my friend chelsea pronounces the word fragrance incorrectly. she says it as though english isn’t her first language when it is the only language she knows. we tried to correct her but she is stubborn and insists on saying it incorrectly. i love her dearly though and she has a nice fragrance.

    By talia boyd on 02.08.2011

  8. the fragrance is like no other, no words can really describe the feeling i get when i am put in a room full of beautiful roses. roses of all different colors and in many numbers. the fragrance is all the same, but they smell so wonderful to me.

    By Ashley Tenney URL on 02.08.2011

  9. annnoying obssession my dad

    By H on 02.08.2011

  10. It lingers, clinging to even the cobwebs in the room. The scent of someone dead and gone many a year ago, their perfume sprayed across centuries into our attic rooms and dark cupboards.

    By Anj URL on 02.08.2011

  11. Fragrance is basically perfume, or that sickly sweet smell that wafts by whenever my mom is near. But I don’t like artificial perfume, because it’s just not… real enough. The smell of nature is so much more fragrant than any expensive perfume will ever be. A morning glory in bloom… a batch of white roses…. Citrus fruit dangling from a slender branch… They smell a whole lot better than all those chemicals mixed together.

    By Harry Potter. URL on 02.08.2011

  12. I am a hat, but thats kinda bad, I guess, because Im not really a hat im a bottle of perfume YIPPIE perfummmmmmeeeee, but thats not as good smelling as a bald mans gardening hat dont you think? that a bald mans gardening hat smells delicious? I think so and i think that I am a fragreance so thats legit thank you so much and goodnight you mother cower bottom tree

    By Allie on 02.08.2011

  13. smell roses perfume the perfume shoop in france gold gilded edges cream lavender fancy chanel old court days queens inpaste colors marie antoinette cake dainty parties

    By Katniss on 02.08.2011

  14. roses, my moms old perfume, what my grandma used to smell like. the perfume i always go to buy but can never afford. flowers, i hate the smell of lilacs, everyone else seems to like them., they turn my stomach for sokme reason im sure theres a reason for it..

    By miranda on 02.08.2011

  15. I can still smell the sweet fragrance that remains in the air that you left behind you.
    The one that used to envelope your clothes and so then it would envelope me.
    calming me and claiming me as your own
    and i liked it
    because for once i wasn’t alone, for once I was somebodies

    By Shelby on 02.08.2011

  16. A soft fragrance drifted through the window. I fidgeted in my chair. It was past midnight…was she really going to show? The glass creaked, and I scented her perfume, filling the air. Yes, that coy smirk, twin daggers glinting in the moonlight…the assassin was here to collect me.

    By Nagi Reich URL on 02.08.2011

  17. there’s an odd fragrance to

    it kind of smells like trash
    and body odor
    and curry.

    but I like it.

    smile more.

    By ford.baklvon URL on 02.08.2011

  18. i ve it is smells really nice. my girlfriend wears a an amazing perfume , it reminds me of my childhood days. i cant believe that a smell can remind you of so much things at once. i love the smellof rain. fragrance

    By kristian on 02.08.2011

  19. I went out onto the porch to see her leave. She had a flower in her hair just like she had when I first saw her. I smiled at her. I smiled back at my house where I could still see my curtains. They were floral too. The air was filled with the musty fresh smell of spring and everything in the world jumbled together into one big huge emotion. Her flower, the curtains, the way the dirt smelled, I wondered if I was dying.

    By Kalayna on 02.08.2011

  20. sweet sweet roses that smell like your hair and your lips. well, i wouldnt say smell, id say look. your hair and your lips, your lips especially, look of sweet sweet roses. alive and alive. you smell like your home, your brother, and your bathroom. what does your home smell like?

    By Ashley URL on 02.08.2011

  21. Fragrance, flowers, perfume. Pheromones is what I think of. His in perticular. I’ll never forget the way he smells when I hugged him or kissed him, when he held me. I love it. Olfactory, what would you do without it?

    By shan URL on 02.08.2011

  22. intoxicating joy. Swirling around your head. Following you. Making you dizzy. You want to breath in more, but it stings your nose.

    By Emily URL on 02.08.2011

  23. I love the smell of the fragrance of my deoderant. I smells like cherries. I’ve been wearing it for awile and i love it.

    By maggi on 02.08.2011

  24. What can I say about fragrance? I guess olfactory stimulus is one of those things that I get a great sense of nostalgia from. I wonder if everyone feels so strongly about it? Or are there other sensations (perceptions?) that mean more to them?

    By Alan McCabe on 02.08.2011

  25. Her hair smelt of orchids, sugar and musk. She usually kept it in a ponytail because loose it was thick and curly and looked like sex hair no matter what she did with it.

    By Renni on 02.08.2011

  26. the sweet smell of grandmothers cherry pie, she knows not who i am anymore, or the wonder she once was, but she knows the recipe to cherry pie and she’ll never forget it. The smell fills her home, sweeter then any perfume, a better fragrance then any i’ve ever known, the last that she will remember.

    By Meg on 02.08.2011

  27. love is the best gift of all…Life means so much especially when it’s the last straw or the end of the word can sometimes say it all..i have nothing else to say at the happiness..those are all one word. Thank you for letting me do this, lets me see how quickly i can think. :-)

    By Chastity on 02.08.2011

  28. Fragrance is a smell. Fragrance is always a pleasant smell, like roses or baby power. This is a really hard word to write about! :) Well, the fragrance I smell right now

    By Josh on 02.08.2011

  29. fragrance..mmmm :) i love all perfumes in general, there’s some sort of zen respect i hold for them. oh and i loved perfume: story of a murderer. i have some sort of attachment to everything that has to so with fragrances, scents, nice smells in general.

    By mihaela URL on 02.08.2011

  30. Fragrancé

    By Coban3 URL on 02.08.2011

  31. “simple. you’ll see one word at the top of the following screen.

    you have sixty seconds to write about it.

    click ‘go’ and the page will load with the cursor in place.

    don’t think. just write.”

    Hey, I’ve got a crazy idea. How bout you actually create some content of your own, creators of “”, instead of immediately demanding that every visitor to your site begin writing on command on a word of your choosing. Don’t think. Just go f*ck yourself,

    By Franker URL on 02.08.2011

  32. I can smell you from far away. Like an animal marking its territory. You poison the air around you so everyone knows what is yours, what they can not have. Your fragrance is disgustingly intoxicating.

    By Hayley URL on 02.08.2011

  33. Eep! This fragrance, this musk. So intoxicating, so inviting, so… oh, so depressing. Why am I feel this way? Is it the smell? Or me? Is it me? Did it make me as I am? This smell, this fragrance, this musk? I profess: this fragrance has brought upon my day naught but confusion and despair.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 02.08.2011

  34. smells great and makes me think of the fresh flowers in the summer, dancing in the park with my dog. filled with love and bigheartedness.

    By Ratidzo on 02.08.2011

  35. love to smell the roses on the rainy day.. i love autumn and walking in cluj.. i miss summer rain and libraries in cluj.. life is just a small moment in time, a beautiful one..

    By livia URL on 02.08.2011

  36. I stepped inside the room when it rapped my nostrils, the smell was so rotten that I could not contain myself. There was a dead body in here, and I was going to find it.

    By juan carlos on 02.08.2011

  37. How it taunted her, that sweet smell that she so associated with the baker down the road. He always liked to stare at her in that sexual manner that made her feel a bit uncomfortable and a bit allured and she knew that she shouldn’t be so lured. But the fragrance of the baked goods made her want him and she knew it would be good.

    By Roxanne Calderon on 02.08.2011

  38. smells are good and sometimes its nice to have good perfume because then…you smell good and that’s always nice. It’s really annoying when people smell bad, and I’m like ‘get some deodorant please”. So yeah, fragrance=good. Go Fragrance!

    By Maia on 02.08.2011

  39. The sweet smell of spring flowers after a light rain coats their soft petals. The lulling calmness of a cool breeze on a hot summer day. Crisp fallen leaves crunching under feet in the autumn afternoons. The warmth of hot chocolate during a winter snowstorm. A loved ones sweet sultry perfume, despite how you try the calming and addicting fragrance will appear to you wherever you. For whatever reason, you have that fragrance connected to a positive place in your mind, and there it will stay.

    By Genevieve URL on 02.08.2011

  40. I know you best with my eyes closed.

    By MONO URL on 02.08.2011