February 8th, 2011 | 533 Entries

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533 Entries for “fragrance”

  1. perfume and flowers, fragrant flowers in spring, i love and look forward to this upcoming season, so smelling of loveliness and love.

    By H.Smith on 02.09.2011

  2. The best smell is the one my mother emanates. She has this distinct scent, her own fragrance. It comforts me and reminds me of a safe place. I have always loved the scent of something great ever since my first wiff.

    By Arlene URL on 02.09.2011

  3. There is one fragrance that I always remember. It belonged to my childhood therapist, but you can find it for sale in Macy’s. It’s a certain perfume that I do not know the name for, but she always smelled of it. She is the only person I’ve ever known to wear that scent.

    By Imperfect.In.deed URL on 02.09.2011

  4. I am a simple man, so I don’t know much about different fragrances. I wish I did, as it might be helpful to know about, but it’s just not something that I’ve ever really known. I have trouble distinguishing smells, as a rule, though.

    By TTGG URL on 02.09.2011

  5. The first thing that I thought of was the smell of the perfume that I wear everyday….but now I’m thinking about the way I smell. The smell that Tai loves so much. He tells me that I smell good, but I don’t believe him. But the fact that he likees the way I smell makes me smile.

    By Bria URL on 02.09.2011

  6. the fragrance of the flower which is like a pleasing essence to the mind and to soul. not only it brings peace but also a calmness like nothing else can sooth someone more than it.
    The fragrance of things add to major identity of anyone.

    By yogesh on 02.09.2011

  7. Her fragrance lingered long after she did. It reminded me of her existence, a time before I was alone. I am afraid to wash the sheets, because even if they no longer carry her smell to me they do. It is not even her fragrance I am afraid of losing it is her all over again, and the final evidence that I am truly alone. Simply filling in time till death.

    By K on 02.09.2011

  8. Roses and tulips dance among
    The scents swirling in this life long garden
    Resplendent with the fragrance of childhood
    Lost are the aphids and sounds of yesterday
    Replaced with petals
    Color, and beauty
    We dance and hold out our arms

    By EllieG on 02.09.2011

  9. It was lingering in my room, but I could not find who it was attached to. The fragrance of vanilla mixed with musk; who would wear such an obtrusive smell, sneak into my house and rearrange my figurines paying homage to the gods?

    By susanerika URL on 02.09.2011

  10. some perfume on a girls neck, somtimes sweeet and hot and all things sensual. flowers in a field when you were younger. a guy just after he has come in from rugby in the rain. some food steaming on a plate. something sickly sweet on an 11 year olds neck. a musky older woman in a young womans bar.

    By ellie on 02.09.2011

  11. The fragrance of perfume still inhabits the room. Like a living thing. The ghost of the one who lived here before. t never completely fades away. Sometiems its stronger and sometimes almost gone. Then it drifts back again. It smells like laundry reeze. Like my grandmother standing in the backyard, hanging sheets on the line. Like sun on my hair

    By URL on 02.09.2011

  12. the smell of your fragrance brought memories of our time together. The smell sticks to my clothes, to the things you have given me to my memories an

    By Irma on 02.09.2011

  13. Her smile as dazzling as the most sweetest fragrance.
    Her breathe, so… Breathe taking that it would be a man’s best cologne.

    How could something so sweet be more beautiful than a rose?
    She was her own fragrance

    By Savvy Smith on 02.09.2011

  14. the smell of roses drifts over me as I lay in the garden full of green grass, blue skies and mosquitos. her hand twitches as i gently brush it. the fingernail that is cracked form her recent fall looks reminds me of a brick wall or a a broken cement slab. this garden is so weird, so beautiful. we breathe in and out just letting everything surround.

    By Ylan Chung on 02.09.2011

  15. The fragrance was hard for Jim to place. He’d smelled that smell before, though. He knew that much. It was something like the smell of a post-summer rain mixed with a little greasy fast food.

    By David Saleeba URL on 02.09.2011

  16. I have my own. It defines me. People smell it, think of me, and are satisfied. It enhances hugs, leads to flattery and romance, and makes me wonder how I ever did without.

    By Elle URL on 02.09.2011

  17. Is it weird to tell someone they smell good? Thats what I want to say every time I’m with you, you say you don’t wear cologne but i cant get that smell out of my head. I wish I could bury my face in your chest, have your fragrance on my clothes, in my car, in my bed.

    By megan on 02.09.2011

  18. Souvlaki. The smell drifts through the car’s open window from the takeaway as I drive home through Yerouskippou in the evening. Souvlaki and a nip of frost: my breath mists, even in the car. Roast pork, onions, fresh pitta bread moist with tomato juice. I can’t wait to get home and open the one wrapped on the seat beside me.

    By Asproulla on 02.09.2011

  19. i remenber the fragance of my last girl, she had this fragrance of cucumber i think, is something i will never forget.. lovely

    By Jose Mario on 02.09.2011

  20. I’m not inclined to wear fragrance. It always gets stale on my skin like the leftover perfume of funeral roses in the home of the loved one who was left behind. That’s what stop and smell the roses makes me think of, as depressing as that is. Although, fresh flowers in the house are nice.

    By Karleen on 02.09.2011

  21. It was the fragrance of the orange trees that caused me to stop. I had been driving all night, drinking coffee, eating crap from gas stations and greasy diners. And now here I was smelling the beautiful delicious scent of oranges. So fresh and I was surprised to realize I was crying. I was home.

    By Andrea Miles on 02.09.2011

  22. The odor wafted across the room; pungent, exotic, full of context and possibility. Was this the beginning of something or the end.

    By Mark on 02.09.2011

  23. indulge me, fill me, mold me
    to your fragrance
    so perfect, it completes me
    my smell and yours
    i love

    By Kate on 02.09.2011

  24. i love fragrance, its one of the best inventions especially when it smells really good. I try to wear it all the time because smelling bad is one of the things that i don’t want to do. one day i hope to make my own fragrance. I love the spray on bottles the most.

    By Bella on 02.09.2011

  25. He smelled like Irish Spring and Juicy Fruit gum and I loved him with the ferocity that only a 14 year old girl has.

    By Malinowski URL on 02.09.2011

  26. smell, scent. celebrities lots of money from making their own. pure, nature, beautiful. memories- every fragrance connects you with where your were when you first smelt thacent. doesnt have to be in a bottle- can just be the essence of life…simplicity- appreciating life’s little wonders- the magic of smell.. don’t take it for granted- it motivates us and gives a finer appreciation of ‘things’ in life

    By mel on 02.09.2011

  27. The sweetness of the morning dew draws the fragrance from the delicate blades of grass. The ambrosial aroma rises in the air like steam. You can’t see it, you can barely even smell it, but it is so very much there, as much a part of your mornings as a scorching cup of coffee.

    By Leah Shres on 02.09.2011

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    By Gampong URL on 02.09.2011

  29. It was a strange frangrance. Sour lilies and mixed berry fruit. Not altogether unpleasant, quite alluring in fact. I tried to pinpoint where exactly it was floating from but my olfactory abilities clearly lacked the required skill.
    “What is that smell?” I wondered out loud.
    “I don’t smell anything” Lila replied, staring calmly down at her small red shoes.
    Thats when I realised the smell was her.

    By fionars URL on 02.09.2011

  30. A fragrance is a lovely sensory experience that evokes memories, emotions, and images.

    By Chelsey URL on 02.09.2011

  31. Fragrances are all around us. We smell them constantly, whether we know it or not. People but certain fragrances because they attract their sense of smell or they feel like it will attract someone else’s sense of smell. Everyone has their own special fragrance, unique to themselves and to the world.

    By Beekayy on 02.09.2011

  32. The sweet scwnt of my love’s open desires, wafting sweetly into my nostrils,as I hold her evr so tight just to take another breath, taking her in whole, and entirety, just another moment to tke it all in, and be overwhelmed by it

    By Casey on 02.09.2011

  33. fragrance’s smell!!!!

    By Summer Emond URL on 02.09.2011

  34. smell. violet. there is this flower that i always think about that has a fragrance so strong. i think its violet. its purple and old women have it in their bathrooms. they their musty houses wreak of cheap soup and moth balls. My aunt marion is like that. She is classy but old and so the mixture seems to make you sick. There seems to be a conflict ad it doesn’t make much sense.

    By Rachel on 02.09.2011

  35. fragrance is a smell. i love the fragrance. there are flower fragrance outdoor fragrance and many more.

    By Mikenna Brannon URL on 02.09.2011

  36. Is a smell . i like the smell of it.

    By cando URL on 02.09.2011

  37. A fragrance smells.

    By Shadow URL on 02.09.2011

  38. fragrance is or possibly can be a smell. fragrances are very beautiful smells, i love them. fragrances are pretty good smelling in rooms and the outdoors.

    By Chelsea Jarrell URL on 02.09.2011

  39. A fragrance is a smell.

    By Stevie URL on 02.09.2011

  40. Th fragerance of sweet flowers and honey suddenly filled the air. It would have been pleasant, if not so strong. It was unbearably strong. The air felt like a thick mass, when you passes and the scent stuck to your skin.

    By Miau URL on 02.09.2011