October 13th, 2016 | 43 Entries

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43 Entries for “fractured”

  1. see that beating thing there, pick it up, play your part.
    oh honey, you can’t heal the fractured wounds of a broken heart.
    the way the little pieces crumble again and again, it’s art.
    watch them all fall apart.

    By vanikey URL on 10.13.2016

  2. The relationship had been brittle for years; ready to break with one more wrong glance or anxious look or nasty comeback. They both held on to it though, because it was the only thing they had. She had felt for years that he was the only man who would ever look at her, let alone love her, which she came to see over time, he never had. How many times had she asked herself why he was with her, what he saw in her, why he never left. There were so many women who liked him, showed an interest in him, and she knew of course, wanted him. There in the chair where he sat every night, he sat thinking much the same thing. He was frank with himself about why they stayed together at first. He had a small penis; he’d known for years that this was not a good thing for a man to have. But she never complained, was always satisfied and gave him pleasure in return. Over time, though, it seemed to him that he’d sold himself short (no pun intended). He was well aware of his handsome looks and charming

    ways and he’d learned with time and whatever wisdom he’d earned, that there are many women who would overlook his problem; who’d be more than be with him. His looks were his strong suit; they charmed everyone. So there, in the chair he did all of his thinking in, he came to see that this was far more than a fractured relationship. It was unsalvagable, unfixable, not worth keeping. There was a problem though with any thought of divorce. It was simply not the answer to the situation. And so, when the two of them had nothing to do on those long, non intimate evenings (all evenings, to be frank), they’d watch the murder shows that tv spews out. And what began as something to do for them on those nights, maybe the only thing that connected them at all, became for him a sort of master class in how to commit murder. Generally, just murder. And specifically, the murder of a woman you no longer wanted but couldn’t afford to divorce. He became enthralled with it. And one day, at last, ready to go through with it, certain that no on would ever catch him.

    By ruby on 10.13.2016

  3. He looked, over the doctor’s shoulder, at the CT scan images on the row of white boxes. He couldn’t make anything out of it, just shapes of white and black. The doctor made humming noises and then turned around, giving a start as he saw him. “Oh, you’re still here. Well, as you can see, he’s going to need a lot of care. We’re taking him to the operating room now.”

    “What do you mean? I don’t know what you’re looking at.”

    “Oh, sorry.” The doctor pointed out several images. “He’s fractured several bones in his spine.”

    By chanpheng URL on 10.13.2016

  4. I can see it happening in the cracks that begin to give and fall away. My view is fractured, it’s skewed, it’s imperfect. My ways of living are fractured. My life is fractured. But someway, somehow you fill in the cracks. You mend the break. You heal.

    By Kiana Malia URL on 10.13.2016

  5. Once, when I was a lot smaller, we went over to our neighbors to play on their trampoline with their kids. It was a lot of fun! But suddenly I went very high and when I came back down I landed badly on my ankle. We went to the Doctor’s, and they said it might be fractured. but they said it was such a small fracture that I just needed rest to fix it. THANK GOODNESS!!! :D

    By Rachel McFadyen URL on 10.13.2016

  6. Fractured. Like a bone? Like a reality? That’s how it was when my greatest fear came true: losing people I cared about. It came crashing down, like some scene form Inception.

    By kr on 10.13.2016

  7. Your name pops up on my screen
    And again

    The words you arranged twist and tumble in my mind
    Alphabet soup, warm and sickly
    Descending down my body you reach my stomach
    My insides ache
    I can’t escape

    I know I should block your number but I can’t bring myself to it
    Yearning, idealizing, fantasizing, second-guessing- I’m being eaten alive

    For my fractured heart loathes my drowning brain
    Incessantly hoping for you to change for the better, to revert to an era of normalcy
    But it’s no use- my heart and brain know that route is long gone

    Yet I keep your presence in my contacts, my thoughts, my dreams
    So here’s to you and my guilty memory
    Because of you I believe quite frankly
    I’ve arrived at the climax of my insanity

    By Hannah on 10.13.2016

  8. Fractured?
    If I remember, the last time I was fractured or had something fractured was when I fell out of the giant maple tree that was sitting in front of my house as gorgeous as it was. I fracture just my arm and had it put into a cast for a few weeks…this happened to me a few years ago. Back when I was like 13 years old, I believe.

    By Andrew on 10.13.2016

  9. I look at my leg with horror. I have no idea how it happened. One minute it was perfectly normal. Middle of a soccer game. I’m their prized player but now…now I can never play again. Why? Why me? I was going to go to college and now my entire life is worthless. All because of a single fractured bone. What am I going to do now?

    By kitty URL on 10.13.2016

  10. By the time the fight was over, Ashley had two fractured bones in her left arm, a sprained ankle, two impressively robust black eyes, and a much darker outlook on life than she ever thought possible. As she sat rigidly in her hospital bed, too far away from the window to observe what was going on outside, she tried to block the pain and humiliation with thoughts. Any thoughts. Thoughts of birthdays and parties and past loves, rather than complete and utter defeat against her archrival.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.13.2016

  11. Aeryios clutched her spear tighter, sprouting white claws from the tips of her fingers. The cityscape crumbled into the abyss below along with the howling of crushed souls. Kane placed his hand on her shoulder and slowly shook his head. His head was lowered but she couldn’t tear her eyes from the consequence of her actions.

    By Helianthus URL on 10.13.2016

  12. the fractured girl stood in the rain,
    tears leaving cracks in her cheeks, crevices in the hollow spaces.
    she stared at his back as he walked away.
    she looked away from him to peer through her lashes
    to see if the sun was coming through.
    because she couldn’t let the light of day
    lay sight on her fractured heart.

    By vanessa. p URL on 10.13.2016

  13. the brown haired boy’s frame sinked into the hospital bed,
    sickly pale and even white against the sheets.
    he was sick,
    and he
    but there wasn’t a single bone fracture.
    it was the fractured heart that made him so sickly pale.
    it was a new rare disease where
    the unrequited love led to heart-break and so,
    the fracture of one’s heart.
    though there was nothing wrong with the physical body,
    the mind believed the heart broken and the results were clear;
    the boy an example.
    he peeked through half-lidded eyes at the ceiling,
    pretending the spots in the corners of his version
    were just the stars coming out
    greeting him,
    before he fell into a dreamless sleep.

    By vanessa. p URL on 10.13.2016

  14. He came into my life, and it was the best moment ever. But when he left, he left a trail of brokenness behind him. I picked up all the fractured pieces, holding them close to me, pressing them to my heart, wishing that they would heal into wholeness again. Alas, those shards pierce the very membrane of my fragile soul. I was never the same again.

    By Jen on 10.13.2016

  15. My heart and mind. Broken.

    By Boring Story URL on 10.13.2016

  16. I want to be whole
    I haven’t done anything
    It’s so exhausting

    By Brandon Steward URL on 10.14.2016

  17. As I try writing this bio-tech editorial my eyes are burning. “New results of the clicnial durg have shone…,” I’ve messed up again. Did I just write “durg” instead of “drug” a second time? That’s it, break time for egg rolls, chicken and after that, some ice cream. My mind is two FRACTURED tue continue.

    By Renzo, L. on 10.14.2016

  18. I wonder, what’s worse
    A FRACTURED mind or a heart
    Me, I’ve not either

    – Sy Cole Madsen Krazynski

    [not really, I think]

    [Well I think that I might maybe think…]

    [You’re all the crazy ones not me!! !!]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.14.2016

  19. i have a fractured bone and jaw because i jumped of a hill and landed on my face and on my arm. it´s fractured now and it hurts

    By Kimsey-Chan URL on 10.14.2016

  20. Our parallel lines
    had so long been drawn together
    but you now crossed me
    and I crossed you back
    we were intertwined
    some might think in love
    but really we were
    strangling each other.

    By Steve O URL on 10.14.2016

  21. The vase spilt right down the middle but didn’t shatter. They paused momentarily to examine the impact of basic physics, but continued right back to their lunch as if nothing happened. “Don’t look guilty, don’t look guilty…”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.14.2016

  22. they want me to consider the broken things. they want me to consider shards of light. we all see the shards.

    the shards i hold make my hands bleed.
    my mind is also broken as well. never to be repaired again.

    By batteryman URL on 10.14.2016

  23. Broken. Not irrevocably, maybe, but pretty badly all the same. It will take time – who knows how long? – and perhaps expert help to fix. And you can’t quite pinpoint when the damage occurred, exactly what shape the fracture is. Is it just one simple crack, or will your heart shatter if anyone touches it again?

    By Sarah Kiddle on 10.14.2016

  24. Yesterday I fractured may arm and my uncle fractured his unkle.

    By Rodolfo on 10.14.2016

  25. This case pain. Go to a doctor. Take some medicine. You

    By Cintia Miranda on 10.14.2016

  26. I’ve fractured my ring finger before i had to were a cast for about a month it was not very fun

    By Amber URL on 10.14.2016

  27. in pieces besides my feet lies the dream. Single parts are more than the whole piece. This is hope.

    By vocorina URL on 10.14.2016

  28. The leg was throbbing but there was nothing I could do about it. Must keep walking, walking…walking. Until I was away. away from this place and away from them. them with their fractured morals and me with my fractured (probably) leg.

    By Daisy Leason URL on 10.14.2016

  29. fractured is a horrible think. oh my god, bless my body and my skeleton, i like they, i need they for all. I dance, i walk, i study, i work

    By fellipe on 10.14.2016

  30. This is my love poem to no one,
    a fractured
    piece of fantasy
    wherein I claim that you’re not actually real
    this reality
    you pretend to be
    is just compromised immunity
    my fragmented
    place to be
    where I can exist free from expectations
    or regulations
    when I can just be me –
    but you keep on intruding
    my lovely.

    By Lancir URL on 10.14.2016

  31. Timmy fractured his leg.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 10.14.2016

  32. Cracked and threatening to break apart completely, it is best to repair it while you still can.

    By Chia on 10.14.2016

  33. Fractured is when you are almost broken. Somehow, someway, you are still hanging to that one string, even though there is a crack that is breaking you apart. In all honesty, we are all a little fractured, a little broken. Fractures are just easier to hide than breaks.

    By Caitlin on 10.14.2016

  34. Here’s the thing: brokenness is hard to maintain. Your body wants to heal itself; it works tirelessly to repair the emblazoned fissures on your sorrowful heart and the loneliness embedded in your bones. To stay broken, you must invest time. You must invest energy. You must commit to sadness and your body will loathe you before the end of it all. The brokenness is an endeavor.

    By H URL on 10.14.2016

  35. She slowly runs her finger across the crack.
    Ignoring the groan,
    She digs her fingers into it and pulls and pulls.
    The crack grows wider.
    A scream of sorrow rattles in her ears.
    She ignores it.
    She grits her teeth and pulls harder.
    It rips apart and she flings it to the ground.
    Tears stream down her face as she cries loudly.
    She shakes and falls to her knees.
    Her eyes unable to look away.
    The pieces of her heart lay still and cold on the ground.

    By Ami URL on 10.14.2016

  36. Suzy was a beautiful girl. One day while walking her dog Suzy took a fall and she broke her leg. All of a sudden a fireman with a jet pack and super shoes came to her.

    By Dave Altizer URL on 10.14.2016

  37. i was completely fractured when she deserted me, I was broken into pieces. my heart was fractured, my knees and back was also fractured. it seems so unreal when you

    By Neela on 10.14.2016

  38. Jax groaned as the doctor examined his broken foot. After the xrays the doctor started putting it in a cast. About this time JAx’s mother rushed in. “What happened?!”she asks frantically. “I was playing football and wasnt paying attention.”JAx shrugs.

    By Deandra URL on 10.14.2016

  39. Ummm… I knew someone who fractured a bone before? That`s all I got… :)

    By homeschooler URL on 10.14.2016

  40. Fracturing your arm or any other limb is really painful. You can do it in many different ways but it really can hurt.

    By TessaAnn on 10.14.2016