October 14th, 2016 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “underground”

  1. me encanat ael subte ,…lo tomaba cuando era chicas yo me moria de risa ahi arriba ..la gente es muy amorosa y todoe l minfo de doru sncmdjkduz z frkpld eiippvz

    By claudia URL on 10.14.2016

  2. The Underground had been designed to be just that – buried deep in the earth so that little light came, but water still flowed easily, the pipes in remarkable condition considering that the plumbing itself was over fifty years old. Paths and tunnels had been carved through both hard rock and rich, soft soil, and beneath your feet, you could barely feel the warmth of what must of been lava underneath: “Our natural heating system,” the mayor said.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.14.2016

  3. lately the water has been lost.
    where, though?
    it hasn’t been anywhere.
    where it’s most needed.
    perhaps it’s lost.

    By smarley15 on 10.14.2016

  4. In Mockingjay they live underground. I know, it’s cliche and juvinile of me to write about another book series, but the point of this isn’t so I can compose some beautifully crafted work of Shakespearean prose. It’s to get my brain moving.

    By Paige B on 10.14.2016

  5. Underground, she was safe.
    Aboveground, where the normal people were, she was despised and hated. Aboveground, she was driven from place to place.
    But here, underground, she could be free. She could sing and scream as loudly as she wanted to, and never worry about another finding out.

    By Shadow Writer on 10.14.2016

  6. todays underground crime scene is flourishing all over the world. they prey on greed, drug addiction,homeless teenagers just to name a few. i used to dream about being kidnapped by the mafia. those dreams were very vivid, gorry, and yet strangely enoiugh attractive. this world fascinated me even though i did noit wish to become a part of it, i did wish to study it. however that was not something my conscious mind would allow me to do. that voice inside my head said stay out of it. now i thank god i listened to that voice.

    By brbbelu on 10.14.2016

  7. The tunnels ran underground all throughout the city. It had become a whole city underground, with shops, merchants, and schools. The city had been created by the Originals. After a virus broke out on the surface, the Originals sealed away the Underpeople into the tunnels below. No one has gone above surface in centuries, until today.

    By Jo URL on 10.14.2016

  8. The tunnel ahead of him was dark and foreboding. But this wasn’t the time to get scared, especially when his companion was standing a few feet behind, shaking with hurt and fear.
    “There’s nothing in there….right?” she murmured, stepping forward a little. That’s when they heard it–a faint but unmistakable chittery sound from deep within the passage. Quick, clippy, and definitely not human.
    He unconsciously slid his hand onto her shoulder protectively, his eyes still trained into the darkness. This was their only way out and they both knew it. “Yeah,” he finally replied. “Nothing.”

    By Alicia on 10.14.2016

  9. I look around me. Darkness and the smell of dirt suffocated me. Why did I have to be so stubborn and ignore their warnings? This is all my fault. I’m damned. Now I’ll be buried alive like the rest of them. so easily I could have avoided this fate. If only I’d listened. Now it’s too late.

    By kitty on 10.14.2016

  10. down, down, down
    the underground is round
    golden circles
    shrooms and turtles
    leaps and bounds
    with an uppercut
    running past underbrush
    ducks fall earthbound
    giggling brown basset hound

    By omqwat on 10.15.2016

  11. Vive la resistance
    Mr. brown and Nat turner
    Jarm and The Quakers

    Thanks for your Just fight
    UNDERGROUND Railroad workers
    and Abolitionists

    Without your courage
    we’d wail land of slavery
    not sing brave and free

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.15.2016

  12. Y ear 2012
    E arth was said to be done,
    Y et it’s year of tun

    (FYI: 2016 pints is a measure equal to a tun)

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.15.2016

  13. Y ear 2012
    E arth was supposed to be done,
    Y et it’s year of tun

    (correction to prior post. 5-7-5, it’s how I like to rhyme.)

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.15.2016

  14. Black scarab beetles raced over his bare toes in the abyss. At least, he imagined they’d be black – only the darkness gave colour.

    By Helianthus on 10.15.2016

  15. I can’t live underground anymore. Father lives here his whole life–and so did grandpa. Look at them. Look at their eyes–colorless and dead. I don’t want to be like them. The streets are lit with illuminators and the phosphorescent plants are shining as bright as ever. But there’s still this darkness that you can’t shake off and it cocoons everyone. There is nothing like the sun. It’s hope. I have to get out–and soon.

    By edrianredentor on 10.15.2016

  16. The underground railway was dark and damp. She shined her torch into the darkness, heart thudding in her throat.
    “Hello?” She called.
    There was no answer.

    By Rachel Luxford on 10.15.2016

  17. In the half light of the underground tunnel, she turned to speak to him one last time. Her lips parted and came together again in a tight line. He looked away and when he looked back to where her shadowy figure had stood, a thin shaft of light had taken its place. He finally exhaled.

    By Trace on 10.15.2016

  18. I staggered down the street, trying to avoid looking into the gaping hole opening up beside me. It was the underground. The surface has finally cracked and they’re being set free. It’s our worst nightmare. It shouldn’t be happening like this.

    By hiddenhorror on 10.15.2016

  19. I love the underground city…
    It has the odd and the difficult at the same time.
    It’s where you find magic things and beauty with brains.

    By Ana Paula Bevilacqua URL on 10.15.2016

  20. I think about metro, about the earth

    By K on 10.15.2016

  21. It wasn’t beneath the sky, but beneath the earth where it all started. Boiling hot, with a temperament of a dragon, it was waiting to burst open to the skies. But when it was time, the lava found itself spreading loosely on the earth’s crust, as if someone had woken up a sleepy child to let loose in middle of unknown space.

    By Shweta URL on 10.15.2016

  22. She ducked under the brambles and pressed her body against the ground. She could see her reflection in the sheen of the soldier’s boots as they passed. She held her breath. One. Two. Three. Four. They were gone. She slowly backed away, crawling on her stomach. She felt a hand around her ankle as she was pulled backwards.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.15.2016

  23. who you are in private, is who you really are. some of us profess to aspire to higher standards, to match our actions with our words.

    yet I wonder for whom, they put on this show

    we all deserve


    By * on 10.15.2016

  24. “Shitbag!” Kelly screamed at the man that pushed her over on the subway platform.
    She picked herself up and smoothed out her skirt, collecting the items that had fallen from her purse.

    By Liz on 10.15.2016

  25. “Shitbag!” Kelly screamed at the man that pushed her over on the subway platform.
    She picked herself up and smoothed out her skirt, collecting the items that had fallen from her purse.

    By E.M. Gala URL on 10.15.2016

  26. (a hole, the smell of earth. )

    The tunnel around me never whispered, although I could hear worms and and the darkness, writhing through the walls. The sibilance of the wind whislting through the passage made my nose ring. I descended deeper, to a heart I had never known until now.

    By anothershadowbox on 10.15.2016

  27. an incantation for the graves we whisper over
    nothing of them visible
    but the names on stone.

    the tears were predictable
    since death cares not for good men
    the mind keeps them alive:
    but in a perpetual
    suspension of pain.

    By anothershadowbox on 10.15.2016

  28. A small boy once lived underground, he was such a happy little boy. He was poor, dirty, and hungry, but he always said that everything was going to be okay.

    By Mama_Fanta on 10.15.2016

  29. (CREATURE)
    Tonight i discovered an underground tunnel. I had to go down some steps. This tunnel was pretty far down, but i am not afraid. Everyone is afraid of something except for me. I am not afraid of any tunnel. But, this tunnel is pretty dark. I am not afraid of the tunnel. I saw a creature in the dark, i think i might be scared. This tunnel has the creature and the creature will get me. This creature has some big sharp claws and he wants to eat my soul. I was not afraid of this tunnel. I should probably run. I made it out of the tunnel. I know i said i am not afraid of any tunnel but i think i was wrong. The tunnel wasn’t there the next day so i think i have been wrong. I am not afraid of anything except for what was just my imagination in the dark night.

    By Mama_Fanta on 10.15.2016

  30. the underground
    the basement
    the subway
    the carrots
    so many things in the glorious underground
    underground is underrated

    By Gabrielle on 10.15.2016

  31. It was so dark and cold. I couldn’t hear anything. Couldn’t see anything. All I could do was smell. Smell the dark earth above me, and feel the cold dirt below me. Why wasn’t I dying? Was I already dead? It was so cold.

    I wanted to go home. I just had to keep digging up. Fingers clawing through the earth. I had to get out, had to get out!

    No use. I was still under so much earth. Underground I will stay, for now.

    By Katie Olsen on 10.15.2016

  32. It lurks so much. Could anybody even want to look under there? There is so much, but is any good? Is it? That is a question? No.

    By Trikki Boy on 10.15.2016

  33. The way of the people the people who steal,
    the way of the people they like the trill,
    they live life like this
    along with the sinners
    the lost and the found

    By anika URL on 10.15.2016