June 9th, 2013 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “fools”

  1. They shine with youth and valor while their swords are covered in red, but oh how they know deep down that this is nothing but ideals and the dreams of young boys who know nothing of this gray scaled world.

    By Mitsu on 06.09.2013

  2. I sit and fight the urge to curse or mock. The fools believe in love, believing they see something that exists only in the fog invoked to hide the truth by the one promoting the illusion. I can’t pop the bubbles in the audience because it would spoil the show; the tickets cost more that I imagined they would. I was forced to attend because a show needs its performers. There’s a script, but sometimes opportunities come up for some improvisation, and the freedoms can make the entire ordeal worth the venture. Sometimes the actors see more than the words on the page and wonder what other surprises could emerge from between the lines of prose. One discovery surprised me as I delved between the syllables to hear a quiet song, I want to believe in love again too.

    By JDwrites URL on 06.09.2013

  3. a prep girl with a public school boy? unprecedented. but the the couple just looked on at the ones that scorned them, know them to be fools.

    By Juliet on 06.09.2013

  4. There’s been a pool of fools in my living room, I wish I could explain one thing to them; love is when you want the best for each other, and marriage is when meskins just want to have a buncha kids.

    By Tangles on 06.09.2013

  5. There were two girls during my eighth grade year who decided that they could try and get the guy I liked, to not like me. They claimed to be my best friends, but they turned so many people against me and told lies about me to a lot of people in the grade. It hurt me, but it only makes me look at people closer. It’s also the reasoning behind my trust issues, ha!

    By Emma on 06.09.2013

  6. Once, on April Fools Day, I was just like every other high school girl. I remember telling people that I was pregnant. Unfortunately, people were very aware that I was a devout Christian, or in better words, a pure virgin. So, it turned out people didn’t even take it as a joke, they just laughed in my face.

    By Emma on 06.09.2013

  7. They’re silly fools, all of them. Good for nothing, worthless. I can’t stand them. And yet, where would I be without them? They’re everywhere. My coworkers, my friends, my old roommate. Even the guy at Starbucks that messed up my order.

    By Scott on 06.09.2013

  8. You fools thought you could get the best of me, but now you’ll see I’m on ecstasy. I’m so high, high on victory. Drugged on laughter and fun, my mocking you has just begun. I’m so high on life, I’m high as a kite. My future is bright. You fools thought you could get the best of me, but you had to see that I’d win eventually.

    By untamedimagination URL on 06.09.2013

  9. there are many fools around us, and sometimes we can be fools, too. Fools say dumb things and do dumb things. They often do this without speaking. They are seen as foolish and judged by others. There are also fools in the court, the royal court. The original clowns. They are clever and satirical, very entertaining. fools can point out the foolishness of all of us and what we pay attention to.

    By Teacher Ro on 06.09.2013

  10. fools, the lot of em
    why they go wastin their lives on a piece of crap like em

    it’s a stupid thing dem fools go doin

    I aint gonna have nona that

    BAKA lol

    By Evan URL on 06.09.2013

  11. I know a lot of fools, and the thing they say about fools is that you should never argue with one, because they’ll bring you down to your level. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a lot of fools bring me down, and the thing is: You don’t notice. You never notice until it’s too late and you’ve changed.

    By Moona URL on 06.09.2013

  12. Fools dont know the truth. They dont know that they will be strung out and left for dead. They dont know until they are getting up from the ground, looking around confused, feeling naive and stupid. Fools dont know the dangers that accompany falling for someone.

    By Caitlin on 06.09.2013

  13. The whole lot of them were fools. Fools of belief and hope and trust. He had gained their trust, their love and secrets. It will be their own fault for the blood he will shed. They shouldn’t of opened that door.

    By Obsessed Writer URL on 06.09.2013

  14. “We are all fools in love.”
    The two bodies rush toward one another, holding onto anything they can grab, and holding close. Just a few more seconds and they would have been lost forever. Just a few more touches and they will be.Together.
    She holds the broken rose away from her, trying to pick the petals up off of the ground, Bruised, shredded, and dirty, she tries to wipe off the fragile pieces, but they are permanently stained. She gathers them all together, places them in a small pile, and sets the severed rose stem next to it. She promises herself she is done with him. She promises that she won’t see him again. She promises that she can fix the broken rose.
    She pulls the necklace he had given her closer to her heart, and a silver tear slips down her face. Promises were always made to be broken.

    By redpinkandwhite URL on 06.09.2013

  15. Fools. All of them, they’re all fools. Perfect idiots. And I envy them. I watch as they prance around without a care in the world, and I realize that I want that. I want to be stupid and free and lazy. I want to live my life unaffected by the world around me, or knowledge, or common sense. I want to be a fool.

    By happyferret13 URL on 06.09.2013

  16. We are all fools… Searching for a greater power when all we must do is better ourselves… The world revolves around stupidity and this is why it must come to an end. So let the stupid die and everyone who sees like me rise. As it should be!

    By Nic Weaver on 06.09.2013

  17. Fools are there for us to entertain ourselves. they make us smile they make us mad they make us realize that maybe we are greater than what we thinK we may be. fools are a good thing to the world puts some things in perspective.

    By alix giner on 06.09.2013

  18. Idiots. They were absolute and utter idiots.
    “You fools,” she yelled, staring them down across the table.
    Two pairs of frightened eyes followed her as she stormed out.
    Hopefully she’d made an impression. Even children should know better than to do what those two had done, and to a teacher, no less.
    Not only had they upset her, but they’d made an enemy out of one of the most powerful, dangerous men in all of England. They were going to have to do some explaining later, but for now she had to be alone to think.

    By CourtneyPaige on 06.09.2013

  19. “Fools,” he hissed. Dark eyes burned with hate as he glowered at the pair of young half-buried in the ground from the last shockwave of energy. “Is she worth it? Is she?”

    One hand twitched. Another foot jerked to the side. Both bodies began to shift, albeit with great difficulty, the dark-haired one was first to lift his head. Green eyes met dark ones without any hesitation at all.

    “She’ll always be worth it,” he smiled. “Always.”

    He gave a shriek of rage and threw all of his anger into the next shockwave.

    By Sara H. URL on 06.09.2013

  20. fools cools lavender basket weaved like a rugged toolbox. chirping down the party line. household names screaming monopoly. try and catch the holy roller. the rolly pollies on the recess field. curled into little grey balls in your hand.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.09.2013

  21. We partied we danced and we laughed. Nothing could control us, nothing could be us. We were beautiful, we were inseperable, invincible, we were fools.

    By Olivia URL on 06.09.2013

  22. The fools sent me the entry. It wasn’t my fault that I won the grand prize. Now the question is, how does one maintain an elephant? I am sure my apartment is not going to be large enough to house this beautiful creature. Well, there is always the complex office? Hmmmmm

    By Fender2010 URL on 06.09.2013

  23. I was a fool. Everyone is a fool at some point. That’s perfectly fine. But I was a fool in the worst way. I was a fool in a way that caused pain to myself, and one I claimed to love. I hurt those around me, and made myself into a person I wasn’t.

    By Paris on 06.09.2013

  24. All of them trapped. It was Arrielle’s idea to enter the Pit. The others warned her not to. But how could they let her go alone? It was their sworn duty to protect her. Another foolish idea. Swearing oaths. Never swear that sort of oath.

    By Elizabeth on 06.09.2013

  25. I felt as though I was the part
    I felt as though I won you over
    I felt as though I had it all
    but it was all a game
    and I was playing the fool

    By Sarah on 06.09.2013

  26. Jumble, stumble, dance around. Ignorant pies float above. Look below to see the wicked. Stay away or else become polluted. Freedom.

    By Red Kelevra URL on 06.09.2013

  27. Fools. The world is full of fools. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a fool. Foolishness, many sides to this phenomenon. It can be laudable at times. Other times, it’s the cause of great misery and destruction. I enjoy April Fools Day. I miss it. I miss fully investing myself in it. But I have to wonder whether I ever truly did. Am I nostalgic for a spectre of something I never quite truly experienced?

    By Ralph Ralphamac on 06.09.2013

  28. Fools. Oh god I am friends with such fools. Like Nicolas. But I guess that’s what makes them special in a way. I also don’t know why I am being such a fool and being here? Like I am moving in 3 weeks and out of that I am not even here for the week and half. Wtf is that all about? I guess it’s a good thing because then I don’t have to do all the IA’s and shit that are going to be due in next week because I am going to be in fucking sydney.

    By Hetvi on 06.10.2013

  29. Fools are people who play with your heart. They have no regard for how much you care. They tend to do what they want and make a lot of mistakes, even if their intentions are good. They are generally happy people with only a few problems. They enjoy life

    By Azia on 06.10.2013

  30. Anytime I think about the word fool it seems to be a very mean word, yet so descriptive, yet it represents, yet it holds the truth of human judgement and prejudices. As how one become poor in which decision he is living that’s when the population conclude how he was a fool. Foolish action is not a mistake, yet repeated makes you a fool.

    By Selena Imania URL on 06.10.2013

  31. have red and yellow onesies and bells in their hair, they love to make people laugh by falling over and hitting people on the head with their stick thing. Fools are important in medieval Britain when they were hired by the court to keep people entertained

    By jane on 06.10.2013

  32. Fools don’t think about common courtesy. Fools only think about themselves. But not themselves completely. When something good comes along, they don’t realize it. Even if the good thing is for them. They’re selfish, but foolish about it. They aren’t selfish when it’s for things that could actually help them.

    By Samantha Jeffcoat on 06.10.2013

  33. We’re fools. We cheers one glass at a time, to make them seem significant, deserved. We’re just bitter fools waiting for tomorrow’s glass and I tell you it’s a shame it’s a crying shame because this life isn’t for the fools, but we’re in it and we’re stuck here until someone somewhere does something about it we’re all stuck in this round earth breathing each other’s oxygen until we choke.

    By HoldenLyric URL on 06.10.2013

  34. Only fools know how to really have a party. They can let go, let loose and forget all about responsibility. Tomorrow’s more than just a day. It isn’t here, so why the worry?

    Only fools have nothing to show for their lives but scars and broken hearts

    By Edna on 06.10.2013

  35. fools are those idiots who irritate you in everyday life! I want they to be less. oh i have more tie

    By emil on 06.10.2013

  36. most people in the world
    dreamers, lovers, being in a constant state of ignorant bliss
    loving, caring, going whichever way the wind takes you
    being profound
    knowing you know nothing

    By juicytree on 06.10.2013

  37. a lot of them in my life. including myself. Foolish in my naivety. Foolish in my beliefs. Foolish to think that i could get away and a damn fool for expecting to wait for the perfect opportunity. Foolish , every day if my life. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t but I’m a fool to keep trying.

    By namkizum on 06.10.2013

  38. The foolish boys sat at the top of the hill, flicking pebbles at the girls below, their faces crimson from laughing as the disheveled girls wondered where the missiles were coming from.

    By Brooke on 06.10.2013

  39. It’s hard not to be a fool when you are in love. I guess that’s where the saying ‘fools in love’ comes from, because when you are truly, profoundly in love with someone -you see them in the best light possible, you see no flaws and you don’t see the bad side of their character. I guess that’s what makes us fools, to love someone so easily that sometimes you don’t see the whole them -their ‘bad side’ But what is life without love? I would happily remain a fool for the rest of my life if I could hold onto true love -I will take the good with the bad, but in the end, we are simply all fools for love.

    By Brooke on 06.10.2013

  40. Fools.

    What are they good for?

    Absolutely everything.

    Our whole political system is based on entertaining and sympathizing with fools. Politicians seek to appeal to the young and the hopeless, because the old and the wise don’t trust them.

    By Daniel Brockwell URL on 06.10.2013