September 7th, 2012 | 299 Entries

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299 Entries for “flex”

  1. flex is the main thing when it comes to dance its all about flexibitlity.

    By Zoey on 09.07.2012

  2. i flex around each twist and turn, humble, falling to the ground in shear awe. thankful my cause can flow like sound.

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 09.07.2012

  3. His arm was buys, lifting; down up, down up. That girl over there, she is hot. Look at me damn it! This show if for you babe, all of this, muscle to muscle, chest to chest, body to body. A force of nature. C’mon Damnit! Why must I put on a goddamn show for a girl like you? A no-good class act. A girl who won’t even look my way. Why must I like you this much. I am such an idiot.

    By Li Poxto URL on 09.07.2012

  4. Her lips to the attention
    Her hips to the touch
    Her eyes to the fear
    Her mascara to tears

    By gsk URL on 09.07.2012

  5. Flex, let us all flex, let us flex our limbs and moral values and let us leave the world alone as we flex and as we flex let us stop and think and stretch and think what can can be done. What can be done to make all flexible, all bendy, what can be done to flex our fingers and our souls and what can be done the passage of time. Nothing, nothing we shall be told, what is rigid cannot be bent, you can only flex a sight, a view, your view, and there is no other way of flexing and bending the word, oh no.

    By kutay on 09.07.2012

  6. I like this word. Incredibly energetic. Short and sweet. Youth is a spectacular thing.

    By mikekraso URL on 09.07.2012

  7. flex is about exercising. when you flex your muscles, you tend to have good health and balance lifestyle. sometimes when working, you have to stop and flex at one point.

    By err on 09.07.2012

  8. I want to be able to do that one day. You know, flex my muscles, feel nothing but a hard mass of strength under my skin. Be lean, flexible. One day, I will. Soon.

    By Raneem URL on 09.07.2012


    By BERNA on 09.07.2012

  10. He flexed his injured arm experimentally, wincing as white hot agony flared through the arm. He clutched it tightly to his chest as Max leaned over to take the hand in his.

    “Dude, come on. We need to wrap it up.” he said, gesturing for the boy to give him his hand.

    The boy shook his head sharply, inching backwards away from his best friend. He had been through enough pain already, hadn’t he?

    By Lyssie212 URL on 09.07.2012

  11. Each morning I watch through my window as my gorgeous neighbor in the apartment across the courtyard awakes and begins to flex his muscles right before my hungry eyes. I can’t help it he leaves the curtains open……

    By leelee on 09.07.2012

  12. the desperate and vain belief in Stillness: as he washes his hands from a drinking fountain, hip pressing into button, eyes faded and feet calloused– I am thinking of a girl lost in arizona, and afraid for the lifespan of the sun (and the water will be cold) The way it is on his just-now homeless hands.

    By robyn URL on 09.07.2012

  13. flexing muscles:
    the heart is a muscle.
    it beats, it pulses
    why though does this muscle connect to our brain,
    to our soul?
    is it really where our love and emotions are held?


    By worth lexis URL on 09.07.2012

  14. I flex my muscles showing off to the hot chicks at the beach. I love to surf, do it every single day. I’d like to think of myself as a real ladies man. All the chicks swoon over my looks, my muscles and abs. I love catching the waves and then play beach volleyball on my downtime.

    By Gilltyascharged on 09.07.2012

  15. three muscles flex
    preparing to sift through the etcha sketch
    travel through the lines in the road
    you find yourself already trapped in the box
    running running running along one line that wrapps around everything
    raps quietly on
    on my chamber door
    on my heart
    making my rhythm
    life push start
    kick bass
    and i’m stuck on that line again

    By Tescia Schell URL on 09.07.2012

  16. Finding
    xciting !

    By Branddi on 09.07.2012

  17. Seems like oneword.com is flexing its coloring muscles. Is it supposed to be black themed, or is my computer just tripping? Flex dose…

    By torin URL on 09.07.2012

  18. I flex my muscles when I do pushups, and my brain in art. Flexing improves strength and dexterity of the mind and body. It make me smile when boys flex their muscles for me.

    By Shelly URL on 09.07.2012

  19. To move. To stay still is to be dead. To test your boundaries and move! develop and grow, what’s stopping you from being who you should be? STRETCH YOUR MIND!

    By Love Robyn URL on 09.07.2012

  20. She flexed her muscle. A twitch, really. His statement sparked so much anger within her she was rooted to the spot.

    “You are nothing.” The words echoed within her ears, beating down to her heart. She hated the statement.

    By Jessica on 09.07.2012

  21. I flex my muscles when I do pushups, and my brain during art class. It makes me smile when boys flex their muscles for me.

    By reed146 URL on 09.07.2012

  22. He flexed his well toned muscles. I couldn’t look away even though I knew that he knew I was watching. Maybe something good would come out of him noticing. I’d been looking at him for months and he’d never noticed. Maybe we could finally talk to one another.

    By Nick on 09.07.2012

  23. Sometimes you wonder if she noticed the way the room simply didn’t go quiet when she cleared her throat, as if the light of day simply bent in her esophagus and spilled out of her mouth unnoticed–she couldn’t stand it when we ignored her and no one else could really be bothered with her so we were her only inspiration, her only audience for all the throat-clearing, hair-flipping, heel-clacking, lipstick-smearing nuances her momma taught her were what women did openly when they were available and on the sly when “attached” but we all knew her momma hadn’t quite been off the puff for a while even though she’d promised–oh, she’d promised–like mother, like daughter and we all fell for it, or pretended to because, really, who wants to turn down the thick red pout of a child hooker on the funny stuff?

    By N.J. URL on 09.07.2012

  24. I flex my foot. Nothing happens. I flex my hand. It moves a little. What happened? If you told me to flex my foot or hand yesterday, I’d be able to no problem. It’s your fault I am in the state I am. All because you dared me to jump.

    By Lili on 09.07.2012

  25. Flex.

    Flex a muscle. Flex your mind.
    Then exert the power that comes behind,
    That one little action, that can change the world
    A new discovery, an Olympic time.
    Flex a muscle. Flex your mind.

    By Anna URL on 09.07.2012

  26. saatler geçiyordu, daha öncekiler gibi.

    By limonsoda on 09.07.2012

  27. flexing while im testing out my testies on her chest i mean her breast come on who next i like to flex when i have sex similar to being bad but bad as hell might be the best.

    By christophher roper on 09.07.2012

  28. At first I don’t even know what the word means. Then I remember – “flex your knees”. Oh, ok. My memory flexes then, and I realize it can have more than one meaning. Flex. The more I say it, the less sense it makes.

    By Ana on 09.07.2012

  29. Maybe if you flex my bonds enough you’ll understand why they can’t hold together, and why they can never hold together. Maybe then you’ll understand who I am and, in turn, realise who you are not. Because you are the girl who is strong and I am the girl who is anything but that.

    By emlex URL on 09.07.2012

  30. I flexed my fingers around the object checking my grip. I was literally holding on for dear life. I knew that if I lost it it would not only be the end of my life, but for everyone in this world.

    By Bernadette URL on 09.07.2012

  31. Well, there are your muscles. And then we have the heart and different practices. “People grow up flexing in front of mirrors, and never truly seeing themselves.” To be made strong, is to have gone through trial or pain.

    By kvm URL on 09.07.2012

  32. Such a simple word. I heard it muttered to my right just as I began to fall. I should’ve listened instead of evaluating. Then I would be in less pain. Then I would have acted.

    By justthegirl URL on 09.07.2012

  33. He was the sort of creep that you’d see in the old talkies. One where he would flex his might in order to get his way. And flex it he did. All were scared of his power, as his left really packed a punch.

    By Amimee URL on 09.07.2012

  34. Flexing my legs is great after the long day at the gym. My tan skin covering my calves is the only reward I need. I smile just looking at them, and knowing that the pain is good.

    By Robot Lilliput URL on 09.07.2012

  35. Flexible arms, flexible legs, that’s what you need to reach out to what you need. Never give up, just reach higher and higher, flex them to the direction you want and you’ll get it. Just flexible toughts can save the world.

    By Cp on 09.07.2012

  36. I want to just pound out on these keys the toughness of today – it seemed like all the students wanted to flex their behavior to see if the rules still applied. They do, even with all the compassion we feel for them and the difficulties they have had to overcome just to walk in our door.

    By Tea Monkey URL on 09.07.2012

  37. He flexed his muscles as he slung his fist back and then propelled it forward into his opposer’s jaw, an audible crack echoing throughout the room.

    By Kathleen URL on 09.07.2012

  38. the bow flexed as she took aim for the deer in the distance. It was a perfect shot. But, alas, as she let go of the arrow the deer noticed her presence and bounced away.

    By carlyrenee URL on 09.07.2012

  39. She wants me to flex. I want to flex for her and for her to feel me. I want her to feel safe. I want her to look at my arms and know that I built this body for her, to protect her, at all times. I want her to know that she will never have to worry as long as she’s around me, and as long as my arms are around her.

    By Andy on 09.07.2012

  40. The metal had flexed over his large, fatty leg. Slowly entering his flesh the more he struggle to break free of the car. April ransacked the newborn rain.

    By Joe on 09.07.2012