February 15th, 2011 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “flare”

  1. She moved suddenly. The life flaring back into her with a quick inhale of air. She had to stay alive. She had to do it for Liam and for Karo.

    By Hagedorn URL on 02.16.2011

  2. I flared my nostrils at that poor poor man one time… I just hated him, his gross grotesque figure wanted me to jump out of my skin and run for the hills.. But I managed a pathetic flare of the nostril.. I showed him. I sat next to him the whole time with anxiety and anticipation.. and continued to flare my nostrils so tiresly.

    By GeorgiaJade URL on 02.16.2011

  3. Like the last flight of a falling angel, the white flame arced desperately over our heads. And as is began its slow descent over the barren snow, I couldn’t help but wonder if the others too saw the sad beauty of a dying flame.

    By Mike the Magic Squid URL on 02.16.2011

  4. She had a flare for these things. It was what kept him interested. Every day, he woke up, thinking of her. No other girl had had this effect on him. The way she would leave sentences unfinished, her eyes portraying complete concentration, whilst her face was angelically calm. It tortured him.

    By Aurelia on 02.16.2011

  5. Shoot the flare into the sky.
    The fire burns,
    screaming for help.
    Lost in the dark.
    No where to go.
    Please help!
    No one comes.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 02.16.2011

  6. Flare for the dramatic. Doesn’t everyone wish they had flare? Would dramatic flare be a desirable quality? What exactly IS flare? Isn’t it something used to warn others of accidents? Something bright and dramatic. Do people truly crave drama?

    By Kezia on 02.16.2011

  7. flamboyant, fire, pizzaz, rymes with hair also rymes with dare, flare is about colors and accecories

    By G URL on 02.16.2011

  8. What? Flare? Really? I have nothing to say about that. It reminds me of that scene in Sahara. That movie was really underrated. My brother and his best friend love it. A little bit excessively actually. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good. But they watched it like EVERY DAY one summer. There are other movies out there. Good ones too. Like Easy A. I love that movie. I saw it once during the summer. I wanna see it again.

    By Lydia URL on 02.16.2011

  9. There was a flare in the sky. She looked up. It was too soon. Too soon for them to send the signal. The army couldn’t move in now.
    Something was wrong. Something had to be wrong. She started to run. She would find him. But she was terrified of what she would find.

    By Jess on 02.16.2011

  10. The thought shone like a flare inside my head. I could not believe it, could not fathom such betrayal. The realization nearly bowled me over.

    The chocolate chips of my cookie were, in fact, raisins.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 02.16.2011

  11. “I swear I am wearing 31 pieces!” My temper flared. I felt like a sell out with so many meaningless buttons pinned to me.

    Phrases lost their meaning under the dull coating of cheap mylar:

    “I <3 New York"
    "There's No Place like Home!"
    "Shoot for the Stars!"

    I just wished I had one that read: "WTF?!"

    By HelenGrant URL on 02.16.2011

  12. Bang!
    The gun fires.
    A flare fizzles overhead.

    The roar of a plane’s engine
    Sang of hope.

    The whine as it disappeared
    Drained all.

    By Mitch Holmes URL on 02.16.2011

  13. flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare flare.

    By emma on 02.16.2011

  14. flare its very nice because my mom always talks about it when shes drunk

    By vanessa on 02.16.2011

  15. I saw the beacon of light from beyond the curtain of spectral fog… its dim, diffused glow giving me little guidance against the impeding darkness. i stepped carefully, anticipating a misstep into a harrowing abyss, a plunge into eternal misfortune of my erroneous choices.

    By J.E. Baum URL on 02.16.2011

  16. love everyone

    By neena URL on 02.16.2011

  17. My fists clench beneath my pulsating arms. My nostrils flare as I take my first punch. Beads of sweat lay stagnant on my forehead. Anger flows through my body, and I release it in my fit of rage.

    By lauragill URL on 02.16.2011

  18. Her nostrils flared as anger rushed through her. Fists tightened all around her as the gang members picked up on her sudden change in demeanor like animals sensing rising hostility. The blind woman tossed her head, long black hair shaking like silk over her back, a proud gesture in her desperation to get control back.

    By heather URL on 02.16.2011

  19. the flares are screaming high in the sky, you’re asking for help.
    Where’s all your time gone?
    As the last one burns out,
    You find yourself engulfed in darkness.
    What do you do?
    There is nothing left.
    No more.

    By kvolivera URL on 02.16.2011

  20. caves. I wonder if I’ll ever use one of those one day. I would not like to even though it would be cool to see.I’m sure that the reason I’m using it would ruin the experience of seeing it.

    By Nick Hayes on 02.16.2011

  21. flare guns are flashing in the night sky behind me. i turn to try and find you but your nowhere to be found. you’ve disappeared in a sea of people, as i’m set adrift at sea.

    By Jessica McKee on 02.16.2011

  22. Stylin’! There’s an emergency in the middle of the stree that’s a callin’ on me. Flares in the air and all that JAZZZZZ. Let’s have some more light in this life. No life or death situation, just pure sharing of air and flare.

    By Sharayah URL on 02.16.2011

  23. i pulled the flare out of my pocket as the darkness closed upon me. It errupted from the end with a burst of light and shot into the sky. The darkness screamed; clawed at me. It reached but it could not penetrate the barrier of light

    By Sam on 02.16.2011

  24. Flare is something that catches our attention it something that brings pleasure to the human eye, Almost as implying that someone has a certain spark. Flare captures the attention of many because everyone wants someone with light in there eyes and fire in there bones, and that is what flare is.

    By Danielle Padilla on 02.16.2011

  25. “You wanted me to take me to the Caribbean,” Reginald said, “You wanted to spend a romantic week on a tropical island away from all the tourist traps.”
    “Well, I appreciate your efforts, and I must admit, it’s been a lovely week of mosquitoes, sweltering heat and a coconut diet,” Vanessa replied as she leaned against the remains of their sailboat, “but don’t you think it’s time to send up that flare?”

    By richpee URL on 02.16.2011

  26. The light rose above the trees with an extreme amount of purpose. “Here they are!” it screamed. But to no avail. Words without a person to listen to, were never spoken.

    By Connor Gerlitz URL on 02.16.2011

  27. A flare, a insignia, a sign to you.
    I flare out to you out there.
    Just look up to the sky.

    By nobody on 02.16.2011

  28. ooooo flare explosion ca boom light fire asewome ness woooooooho asewome

    By eman URL on 02.16.2011

  29. This word is associated with a Hammock band for, one of the greatest ambient bands in the world. And when I listen to them I imagine all the flares and bright lights in the sky at night.

    By zviryatko on 02.16.2011

  30. i saw the flare from the beach. I ran to shore, still soaked from my waist down. i struggled in wet clothes onto the sand then over the railing, now on pavement. Hot black top burned my toes. It was still warm from the sun which set only an hour or so before.

    By stevi on 02.16.2011

  31. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word flare is flare jeans. I hate flare jeans. Haha, they remind me of hippies(:

    By Shae!? :D URL on 02.16.2011

  32. a flare is used so people can find you if you are lost.it shoots out a light that stays lit for some amount of time. the army uses them sometimes too.

    By kaylob URL on 02.16.2011

  33. when the police clean the cars they set out flares to stop cars from coming in and hitting cars. flares are launched to mark survivors. flares are used to help people find there way. flares are used to mark where army units need deployed.

    By Michael URL on 02.16.2011

  34. there a flare in the middle of the ocean. There someone there. And they need help. Let go. We got to help them.

    By alejandro URL on 02.16.2011

  35. it goes off, explodes, in a burst of energy and flames. from below we gaze in awe, but we know it’s a feeling that will be short-lived. for this flare we light, is no firework, it is not celebration, but a cry for help. miles and miles from shore, we don’t even remember what country we have travelled from, it seems like days since we’ve seen a human face other than those who we are stranded with, and it seems our cries for help are not working. seven nights we’ve been floating here, and each night we’ve lit another flare. the first that we lit, we all hoped, we clung onto that tiny hope that some trawler, a cruise ship, anything would spot us, and rescue us all. but with each night, with each flare we’ve lit, the hope we cling to seems to be disappearing. every time one is lit we cling to each other, muttering prayers of our own, believing that this one, unlike the last, will work. tonight is night eight, flare eight, and another hope we cling to. maybe this one will work, someone will see, we will be rescued. the hope has nearly disappeared, and instead, we cling to each other, we will be rescued. this will end.

    By Jenny Griffiths on 02.16.2011

  36. I got a flare in …. I Flared up. …. Yeah that works. I flared up at boys who call me Nikki. My anger sparks and flares up. Fire appers in my eyes and my temper mounts. Anger and rage bubbles and flares and whips around till it comes out in a scream. The boys are gone.

    By mysticaldeath URL on 02.16.2011

  37. Pieces of flare…what was that? Welcome to the worst summer of my life, people. I’m not going to stand for this ANY LONGER. Let’s face it, this place is sinking whether the statistics say it or whether I do. And I’m not going down with it, dammit! DAMMIT!

    By rest URL on 02.16.2011

  38. flare your style of something

    By jamie:) URL on 02.16.2011

  39. shiny trail
    blazing spark
    dynamo arc across the night

    sending speck
    sparkled showers
    lighting ways
    for future steps

    By david hood on 02.16.2011

  40. i was beginning to get helpless. we had used the last of our flares trying to get a ship out in the distance to notice us. it didn’t work. we were going to be stranded on this island forever. there were no resources, no food, no nothing…..my thoughts began to turn crazy. who would i eat first? who would i protect myself from?

    By andrew on 02.16.2011