March 5th, 2013 | 257 Entries

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257 Entries for “flames”

  1. i watch as the
    very ends of you catch
    and burn,
    and smolder,
    and wonder if the flames
    feel as glorious,
    as freeing,
    as they look.

    By finchlings URL on 03.05.2013

  2. My mind returns to a morning in the country when I looked at the horizon and saw smoke rising. By the time I got to our country farmhouse, I realized that my house was in flames. That was when I learned what is important and what is not.

    By Sheila on 03.05.2013

  3. That was my neopets nickname circa 2002. My cousin gave me her old account, Flamescatcher13 (based on her old softball team) and I went nuts — since she was over 13, all of the parental settings were overwritten. That meant I could talk on the message boards, send neomail. I found the roleplaying board and, with the fervor of an artist struck numb by and idea, I begin to write. I consider it the birth of my creative soul.

    By Mrs. Bear on 03.05.2013

  4. the falmes roared around,
    licking up the walls,
    eating everything in their path,
    finding everyone at some point.

    By all4imagination URL on 03.05.2013

  5. Astor held his breath and waited for the flames that wouldn’t come. Not this time.

    “Please. Please. Tobes.”

    By Julia A. URL on 03.05.2013

  6. She had eyes of ember; a pair of red burning rubies that saw the world burn as she knew it. She’s got nothing left. No one to go to. Not even herself knew–who she was, where she’s at, and what the flames felt like when it touched her skin that one night in February.

    By nom de luc URL on 03.05.2013

  7. It was scary, how often things almost always burst into a blazing inferno when you were around two very temperamental fire masters. The presence of flame was a given anytime they were involved, but sticking them in the same house for more than a few days at a time was like sticking a couple of bugs in a jar, shaking it up, and watching them fight. Only the bugs wield flamethrowers and the jar made of paper.

    By Courka URL on 03.05.2013

  8. going going gone
    choking choking on a song and
    it feels so, so good and
    then it blackens, flakes and blisters
    forming where they should not, it stirs
    and, eating until it’s more than full,
    containment is impossible

    By Octowhat URL on 03.05.2013

  9. drawing a blank on the hollowness of my mind
    for it is not the cities that have robbed our eyes
    only the choices made in these flames that we bind
    but to each ones own in these wistful times of lies.

    By Tas URL on 03.05.2013

  10. As the flames started to flicker around my ankles, the terror set in. I realised this was my time, I was going to die. I closed my eyes and welcomed the thought of perpetual death. I felt the flames climbing higher on my legs, the pain setting in. At that point, I fell back to the warm embrace of death.

    By Ciaran Fitzpatrick on 03.05.2013

  11. flames moved through her being, illuminating the forest surrounding her.
    Blue, scarlet, and green sparks swirled over the surface of her dark wings, …
    dark blue wings full of stars glowing with an incandescent fire.

    By skylarkin URL on 03.05.2013

  12. flames that quiver in the twilight
    beckon heat
    beckon lovers fee to the fireplace

    By Alison on 03.05.2013

  13. I see you like a fire burning bright in my mind. Your presence is a beacon in my heart. You eclipse everything I see; you are the sun. The flames lick my skin and kiss my hair, just as your lips did that day we first consummated our love. The way our bodies twined and interlocked and for one split second, our souls combined to create one.

    By Kate on 03.05.2013

  14. warm, orange. the glow lit up my skin turning it into a pale white with a firy tinge. I knew then what I was. I knew what I was destined to be. there was nothing more important than the fire infront of me. nothing more important than the flames

    By Candz on 03.05.2013

  15. The flames lick against me as I cower in fear and pain. I ache in every possible way and yet the flames don’t stop burning me. When will they leave me be? What did I do to deserve this? How do I escape this nightmare?

    By Sarah URL on 03.05.2013

  16. had i seen the fire before i entered through the door, i wouldn’t have been as petrified as i was, seeing what i saw. my beloved cactus, it’s delicate petals and all of its spikes were being consumed by a voracious source of burning oxygen.

    By berenique URL on 03.05.2013

  17. The fiery red headed girl walked into the bar. Her hair hung down her back like flames licking at the bottom of her spine, as she spun around they wrapped around her neck. I was worried the flames would suffocate her. She was to beautiful to see go. I wanted to see more of her. She set me on fire.

    By emer on 03.05.2013

  18. burning inside. chaos. total chaos. every second is a step closer to the edge. i’ve tried to scream, but not a single sound comes out.

    By Molly URL on 03.05.2013

  19. Flames are amazing! They always remind me the sunny days in summer and brings back my memories back to my childhood. Great days that I miss everyday but never going to happen again… Life is changing and we need flames in our lives everyday.

    By Metin Ferhatoglu on 03.05.2013

  20. it all went up in flame
    a sign it would never begin
    a sign it had begun

    There stands a font outside the room
    Where courts have sat to rule our country’s day

    And mounted is a picture where
    It proves the life within that burned away

    By Saudade URL on 03.05.2013

  21. The flames consumed my body. It was strange watching it instead of experiencing it this time around. I never thought in a million years that I could survive–let alone endure–so much pain. But here I was. I turned away from my screams. Why was I reliving this? What had I done to deserve such a punishment?

    By restinia URL on 03.05.2013

  22. Your hair, your hair caught
    I’d been waiting years, for you to be beautiful
    The charred daughter of Loki’s singed thoughts
    You were Hela, Hela, I kissed your coals, your lips

    By Saudade URL on 03.05.2013

  23. I like you. And I’m not just saying this because I like you. The worst part is you’ll never read this. I hate it, because it was nothing more than a spark at first, a “you-caught-my-eye” sort of thing. You aren’t even very attractive, to most people. But you’re cute and you’re smart and you’re nice and I really wanna know you and be your friend….see how the spark has turned into a flame?

    By nikka on 03.05.2013

  24. The flames grew higher, ever higher as it devoured the past and destroyed any remaining thoughts of what-could-have-been, what-once-was, what-should-have-been. I watched, dry-eyed and apathetic as my memories and what I once was became no more.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 03.05.2013

  25. The fire burns as I watch the flames flicker and I slowly bring my finger forward to feel the hot sting of the candle’s orange eruption. There is joy

    By Gabriella URL on 03.05.2013

  26. flames in morning
    echo sunset parrots
    flames at night
    echo twilight parents
    holding hands, and fighting – simultaneously
    flames in the afternoon
    and ask of us
    to notice them
    to blow them out

    By Dana on 03.05.2013

  27. Flames burn on the out side yet i have a bigger flame on the inside and like any structure that is burning from the inside it will eventually fall in on itself collapse and concave. The only way to get past this is to not behave but to be brave and not be scared of those that are grave.

    By corey wear URL on 03.05.2013

  28. The bird flew through the flaming hoop, wings spread wide, the tips catching fire. We gasped as it flew around the ring, trails of smoke twirling behind in a dizzying spiral while burnt feathers dropped to the embered floor.

    By Laura J on 03.05.2013

  29. the fire bruned in my stomach. the hot kept rising up and up. I could feel the heat coming up my stomach, into my chest, slide up my throat, and fly out of my mouth. the sparks shot out into the air, dancing

    By Gabriella URL on 03.05.2013

  30. licking, gnashing, flashing, flickering. sit a while. you’ll be fine. focus inwards for now. there’s dark all around, but just see the fire, and the faces that are there with you.

    By Andy on 03.05.2013

  31. they’re bright and hot and they’re painful when they touch your skin. I love a fire in the morning and at night in the winter when all the lights are dim but the flames in the fireplace and the heat feels good at first on your back and then it gets too hot because you’ve been sitting there too long. I love the way flames feel against the cold air in the winter when it’s snowing outside and you’re cold.

    By Natalie on 03.05.2013

  32. licking, gnashing, flashing, flickering. sit a while. you’ll be fine. focus inwards for now. there’s dark all around, but just see the fire, and the faces that are here with you…

    By Anzy URL on 03.05.2013

  33. This world is gobsmackingly, jam-packed to overflowing with words, images and endless chatter. The daily barrage of ideas and spam and rubbish and text is overwhelming. Perhaps I will just sit here quietly and stare into the flames.

    By pip333 URL on 03.05.2013

  34. Flames engulfed his body from head to toe, destroying ball that was left, if there was anythingbtherebin the first place. Anger flooded his heart, watching his mother escape, leaving behind he and his sister. All he could think of was wanting to strangle her, wanting to watch her suffer. She deserved it. But as las now was his time leaving, the walls around him burning, and his sister crying by his side. He knelt to her with a smile, hugging her, and kissing her forehead, “We’re going to a better place now.” The girl sniffles, wiping her eyes and nodding, “We’re going to a better place now.” The roof caved in, and the house burned. His story was over.

    By Stevey URL on 03.05.2013

  35. Flames surround plenty of homes, engulfing dreams and hundreds of hours of hard labor. Flames destroy. But destruction brings change, and that’s important for a rebuilding world. It’s important to rebuild, and flames bring out the motivation to rise from the ashes.

    By Sarah Hinckley on 03.05.2013

  36. She sat by the campfire and looked into the flames for hours trying to to piece together the feelings she was having regarding her life. The fire seemed to take her places she had never been before.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 03.05.2013

  37. The flames licked at her body. It hurt. It really did. What was she to do? She had to think. Think damn it. Think. The girl tried to get away. But she couldn’t. Fire. There was fire everywhere. How had this happened? How had she ever gotten in this situation?

    By Nathalie on 03.05.2013

  38. Sexual passion. Hot love. Intensity. Is it possible to confuse the 2. Love, lust. How do we know.

    By Mel on 03.05.2013

  39. All my hopes just went up in flames. Oh well.

    By Jason URL on 03.05.2013

  40. Flames of memory burn in my mind’s eye
    Happiness, heat, laughter and love
    Flames can be destructive,
    Flames can be inspiration-igniting creativity
    Look how the one word flamed my imagination
    Glad I had a go!
    Fan a flame
    How cool!

    By Glyn Winchester on 03.05.2013