March 21st, 2012 | 415 Entries

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415 Entries for “fixed”

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    By lala URL on 03.21.2012

  2. WHY DO I ALWAYS GET FIXED!!! I mean, i want to be able to have puppies and become a father!!! What is going on??? WHY?¡??? what happened to the real world where i can have as much kids and it will be fine. . . This world needs more puppies and im willing to keep it going, im smart cute and funny…

    By Kassie on 03.21.2012

  3. Makes me think of dogs being “fixed.” It’s really sad to think about the state of animal ownership. We fix them because we think it’s right, but it’s only our version of right, in the world we’ve made for ourselves. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. One look at animal cruelty and that’s clear. Animals were meant to be wild, humans included. :)

    By zoe on 03.21.2012

  4. Nothing’s ever fixed and that’s exactly what I need– “fixed” things– but I’ve found that the only “fixed” things here where I am or there where you are is change.

    By ser.endipity URL on 03.21.2012

  5. “Fixed it” a man said pulling his tool box away from what looked like a hunk of metal with tape and screws randomly inserted in it.
    “You’re an amazing handyman” Lie sarcastically said flipping a page in his magazine.

    One minute is hardly enough time for what I want to write.

    By Liang URL on 03.21.2012

  6. I was fixed. The bolts put back in place. My metal heart lodged into my mechanical chest. My program upgraded to the newest version of iRobot 7000.

    For a robot girl who nearly lost her whole body in an invasion 5 years ago, I sure knew how to pull off being a normal human. I had my prostetic legs remade so that they’d be thin enough to put on a not-so-snug pair of skinny jeans.

    My donated hair was short but styled so that they just covered the top part of my ears.

    The only part of me that isn’t fixed. That isn’t metal, cold, and unhuman about me is my face, which is completely human and completely mine.

    By Anonymous on 03.21.2012

  7. We are always fixed in one constant state. We must break from that fixed state to truly see the beauty around us. Sure, some things must stay constant and fixed, but things are very interesting when they’re always changing. And life around is constantly changing. The patterns are always rearranging themselves into new depictions and ideas.

    By Hemlock Lee on 03.21.2012

  8. Permanently stuck in one spot. Unable to move forward or to change how it is set. Unchanging and constant like time.

    By Sara on 03.21.2012

  9. The whole system is fixed, they bitch and moan about the deficite but take millions of dollars to fly cross country and grandstand instead of using the money for something real. Is this really the land of the free?

    By Melvin on 03.21.2012

  10. she fixed the curtain rod in her closet. shit, she said, im sick of fucking fixing things that i break. i broke him, i broke me, and i broke everything in between. i dont know how we let things get this bad, but it is terrinble, and we will never end this cycle of dread.

    By madgill URL on 03.21.2012

  11. Too many things in the world are “fixed” . As in like people using other people to get away with things . I personally think its quite sad . When someone gets fixed… it can never be fixed . Contradicts itself doesn’t it ?

    By Jasi on 03.21.2012

  12. I can fix a lot of things. I’m very handy. I call it man skills.

    By Theresa on 03.21.2012

  13. I can’t help it. My eyes are constantly fixed on the mirror. Judging eyes, lying eyes, they cannot be trusted. What some see as beautiful I look upon with disgust. The things that I hide behind the curtain. But tell me this. If the curtain is removed, will anyone think of me as beautiful, when my body is covered in scars?

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 03.21.2012

  14. people think i need to be fixed. that im too loud or too opinionated. well screw them. i am who i am. i’m not some fool who changes for people. i am me. i am a child of the almighty GOD who was made a certain way for a purpose and a reason. i do NOT need to be fixed.

    By Erin on 03.21.2012

  15. Before cells can be observed under a microscope they need to be stained, before they are stained they need to be fixed. Acetic alcohol, makes a good fixative, except for lipid stained cells, as the alcohol dries out the lipids. Glycerol jelly can be used for these lipid stained cells, though it must be used at 60C as it is solid at room temperature.

    By Jen on 03.21.2012

  16. One day i fixed my cabinet sink with a wrench. I also had to fixed my oboe key that was stuck. I fixed my broken television remote too! Fixed is a past tense noun.

    By Boob on 03.21.2012

  17. cameron was never handy, nor was he an outdoors type of fellow. Sure, he was always forthcoming and salutary to those who knew him best but being labelled as a swat was his reckoning blow at the Midlands public school he had been sent two after the dissolution of his parents marriage.

    By brendan URL on 03.21.2012

  18. im in a fixed location at a fixed time ugh god everything is just so damn fixed…i need to live in a more abstract world where things are just allowed to be free and….you know what im trying to get at. I want to experience my animal instinct. I want to be human.

    By Joseph Dimanche URL on 03.21.2012

  19. I’m fixed into this position. Catty corned into this mess. Fixed like a painting, glued to the wall. Someone, please come. Destroy me, and then re-fix me.

    By Indie on 03.21.2012

  20. I don’t know if I want to be fixed, sometimes it feels so good just to lay and seethe what others what deem “sadness”. I love it and hate it at the same time, but it takes so much just to try and pull myself out of it. It feels better just to think about it constantly with bitterness and self-pity.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 03.21.2012

  21. Everything seemed like a miracle that day. The wind only blew my hair better, the lights were all green everywhere I went, the sun shined despite a sort of foggy, chilly day. Left a tad late for the interview, but made it there with plenty of time to spare. The day seemed fixed, and couldn’t go wrong if I tried.

    By Ivy on 03.21.2012

  22. I wish this notebook was fixed to the wall, so that all those who pass by could add a comment. It would be fascinating to see each idea standing out for all to see.
    What would I write? Maybe my first entry would be a riddle and the next person could answer it.

    By amy on 03.21.2012

  23. No one can fix you. Not with any amount of love. Like trying to glue a broken vase back together, the cracks will never fade. You’re broken beyond repair.

    By l e ~ URL on 03.21.2012

  24. For we are fixed in these times that
    Slow our minds,
    And slow our finds
    Towards the very meaning of life.

    By Sofia URL on 03.21.2012

  25. My brain should be fixed on this paper. I’ve had two weeks to do it and haven’t. My mind’s been fixed on so many other things. My brain needs to be fixed. I can’t fall asleep without taking pills can’t wake up unless sprayed with water. Dreaming of resolutions when I’m still stuck in the in between area. It feels like where ever i go I’m just in in-between’s and i want to go where no one knows me but also where people can see me. I used to get this feeling in my hands and eyes when i needed to kick something into over drive. but right now I’m just in between nothing things and i can only stare at things or the back of my mind and I’m thinking about how the fat on my stomach is touching my legs. I can feel all the fat sitting and touching and sticking. And i want to someday know what is feels like to be able to write a paper without being distracted by all my “positive” space. Make me more negative. Fix me. Make me past tense. Say i’m fixed

    By Harlow URL on 03.21.2012

  26. why fix what isn’t broke? x is the coolest letter…by far. aesthetically.

    By jessica on 03.21.2012

  27. fixed at some times some thing feel like they can never be replaced or fixed and others are so simple and are a matter of slight maneuvers and adjustements. i wish all things were a simple fix and not a complete mess trying to figure out

    By tessa on 03.21.2012

  28. ( I may have cheated and went overtime. Couldn’t help it!)
    Repetition. Staff. Time signature. Treble clef. No, no. Perhaps a bass clef would be more appropriate. A dull plucking of a cello. Or perhaps an unenthusiastic kick drum. The conveyor belt of musical notes formed on bars before me. Four/four timing. The crotchets transformed into droplets of water as they fall off the edge of the slow and steady set of bars.
    “Honey, will you get that tap fixed? It’s driving me crazy.”
    Wife, will you get that voice of yours fixed? Maybe muted. It’s driving me crazy.
    I start drumming my fingers loudly on the kitchen bench, staring at the sink.
    She hated that.

    By Meghan McLeod URL on 03.21.2012

  29. We are fixed into place, never moving. The best haircuts are taken, so where do we go from here? Up, down, all around; we’re just revolving around each other, fitting into the little spaces of each other’s minds. Crushed, made to fit, little pieces shaved off and folded inwards until hardly anything is left. When you crush me like a can, what’s left? Compacted into a series of flickering explosions like the bare light bulb in the middle of your room, omnipresent, omniscient, seeing every white lie you tell. When you tell a white lie in a white room, does your bird’s beak disappear completely? Is white on white nothingness?

    By youfixus URL on 03.21.2012

  30. Uhhh stationary…not moving, set in stone, I don’t like it.

    By Jena on 03.21.2012

  31. The ability to fix something, make it FIXED often makes for a good quality in a husband. But at the same time, being fixed makes for a very eventless relationship. To be blunt.

    By Katie URL on 03.21.2012

  32. i seriously hate when people complain about their issues while they sit on their metaphorical asses.

    a problem can’t be fixed if you don’t actually try.

    By sarah marie URL on 03.21.2012

  33. At that moment, the water stopped gushing. The wave stopped attacking. The river stopped streaming. The waterfall stopped flowing. Finally, just finally, the broken pipe was broken.

    By Michelle URL on 03.21.2012

  34. you have to fix something that is broken. but even after you fix something, its never quite the same as it was before. there will always be something different. maybe the wheels dont move so well anymore because they’re too damaged, or maybe you don’t trust anyone anymore because your heart had to be fixed.

    By Cat on 03.21.2012

  35. He fixed his gaze upon her. He knew she was like a lion, a vicious atrocious carnivore ready to maul him at any time. Hunting carefully he readied his weapon and raised it to his brow. The beast fixed her eyes upon him with a cocky glare, taunting the hunter as if to challenge his power. He cocked his shotgun and accepted the challenge.

    By jeffrey on 03.21.2012

  36. Fixed… Static… unchanging… finite. The things that we both depend upon in our lives and hate are finite. For now the sun comes up every day, and my heart is beating.

    By Randi Marie URL on 03.21.2012

  37. A leaky sink wit rusted pipes.
    busted from a set of pilers that were too tight.
    I bad card game I used to play.
    My grandma used to cheat every game.

    By Erinn Lapish on 03.21.2012

  38. If only one could “fix” life.
    Really, I’ve seen how it has been twisted, bent over backwards, swung around like some slinky without a care. Us as children merely tousle it around and watch it fall down the stairs while not even realizing what we’re doing to ourselves.

    By Mary URL on 03.21.2012

  39. This damage you’ve caused, it broke me.
    I am a snapped branch after the hurricane,
    and you were the storm.
    Your eyes were lightning that hit me in daze and
    separated my soul and body.
    Your words hit me like hail, like cold stones that
    tear at my usually rough bark as if I am cotton and you
    are the hand that picked me.

    By Mara on 03.21.2012

  40. The ballot was fixed of course. She didn’t actually win, that was just what the results said. You could see the confused expressions on everyone’s faces. They were all so sure that Katy had won.

    By Maddie on 03.21.2012