December 17th, 2012 | 246 Entries

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246 Entries for “five”

  1. five little flowers rest on top of my favorite hill, blowing in the summer breeze. oh to be a flower, and have no cares in all the world. their scent gently drifting towards me, wrapping me in a blanket of lavender. a scent like none other, offering comfort and protection.

    By Alexandra URL on 12.17.2012

  2. It’s five o’clock right now, actually. I’m listening to music as loud as I can. Anything to drown out my brother and sister yelling downstairs. I’m so sick of this house. All you ever hear is yelling anymore. It really sucks. The guy I love said he’d rescue me, but lately he’s been distant. So I’m stuck being the oldest child in this family of five until I’m old enough to run on my own.

    By Olivia URL on 12.17.2012

  3. Five seconds. Five seconds was all it took. Five seconds and they were in love.

    By prongs URL on 12.17.2012

  4. 5 is not my number. it looks funny, a little chubby maybe. it’s not even a good number for a crowd, 4 is fine, 7 is good, but 5 is just…awkward. i don’t care for the way it’s said either. never a favorite, not my kinda number!

    By Negin URL on 12.17.2012

  5. She couldn’t believe it! They gave her a five? A FIVE? Out of 10? She’d been working towards this her whole life. She couldn’t believe she wasn’t getting in. The one thing that made her feel like she belonged and she got a five?

    By Nervous Energy URL on 12.17.2012

  6. five is a number is is a fun number i learned about it in math and when i was five i lived on Pinehurst Road in Woodbury MN. Five is good because it is easy to count by fives because you have five fingers and five toes on each hand. Five five five. It is almost like the word fine but fine is not a number

    By Emily on 12.17.2012

  7. five stars underneath my pillow

    By Me on 12.17.2012

  8. five really. maybe thats how many kids ill have but who knws. im not sure wht to do. this is the first time i tried this but maybe the word is too simple. im cold. i want five jackets. >.< ahhh lol this is funny. bad writing

    By Sela URL on 12.17.2012

  9. again.. i did this one earlier. but its okay. five five five five… what can i say really… im really cold it feels like 5 degrees. its not really actually. no where close. but im freezing. wearing jeans longsleeve, boots, nd a jacket. why am i cold. five five five i want five days in the bahamas.

    By Sela URL on 12.17.2012

  10. Five days home home. Then I would be back on my way to go home. Home to the school where I have my life. My friends, my passions, my education, my experiences, my freedom. The five things I cherish most. I just have to survive these five days with the family. Five days home home.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 12.17.2012

  11. Five years ago I was still in undergrad, hoping and praying I had what it took to get into medical school. Now, 5 years later, I am a third year medical student, making my way through rotations. I cannot believe how far I have come, and though I doubt myself often, I know I worked hard to get here and I will keep working hard throughout life to be the best physician I am capable of.

    By Jenn URL on 12.17.2012

  12. Five is a number. High five. Five is the highest someone can get on an AP test. When I was in high school, I never got a five. Only a four. I only passed one out of seven tests. Five fingers. I haven’t been doing well in school. I am terrified to check my grades. I took five classes, who knows what I got? I had pink I for a month. I don’t know what I’m doing.

    By Taylor on 12.17.2012

  13. More than five, less then 15 i took my history finals and finished before anyone else! Thank you for a great study group and allowing me to take the quiz 2 days early, now i have the rest of the week off! woot woot!!

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 12.17.2012

  14. The number of fingers I have, but also my lucky number. What can I say? The number forever that makes me smile, that makes me think I can get away with murder and a lot of other things. Worse that that, you ask? You bet ;)

    By Appy on 12.17.2012

  15. i love the number 5 its even and many people use that nu,mber when they think mof just anything i love this aaron rogers would love that number just as much as i would so would my mom dad sister cousins and the entire universe! this is very cool!

    By Jordan URL on 12.17.2012

  16. Five minutes until the end of the world. Five minutes until everything we have been working towards these past few months disintegrated into nothingness. Five minutes to kiss like we had all the time in the world to share with each other. Five minutes to hold each other close and whisper the three little words we have been avoiding: I love you.

    By Jess URL on 12.17.2012

  17. Five minutes ago i had heard that it was a baby girl. But within those five minutes i heard that my wife died…
    And with her my soul died as well.
    Five minutes later i was allowed to see my baby girl.

    By Ryan on 12.17.2012

  18. it was five in the morning. i have woken up too early…wait no, I didn’t even slept. I was thinking too much. this is wrong. so wrong. it hurts.

    By Iba URL on 12.17.2012

  19. The number after four, not a personal favorite. Can be seen as a half way point and a common guessing number in 1 through 10. Five is a four letter word.

    By Brittany on 12.17.2012

  20. Five. For five years Xavier had waited for her to come back to him. It was foolish, of course, just idiotic. Why would she forgive him for leaving her alone when he had always promised to do otherwise? It wasn’t fair. And now, he would never get the chance to see her ever again.

    By Catie URL on 12.17.2012

  21. They were five and six year olds that were killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School. It happened in another country,beyond the border in a state I know little of and yet it feels so close to home as if they were executed right at my doorstep,their innocent blood splattering on me. No matter how much I try to not meditate on their young lives ending so suddenly and tragically it’s as if I’m Lady Macbeth unable to wash away their blood from my memory. I don’t want to know about the murderer because to me he is soulless,dark creature who has taken away light from our world. His actions will haunt me and a plethora of other people. I have a little six year old sister and although reasoning tells me she was well out of harm’s way,my heart wails it could’ve been her shot at close range,dying on the spot and it makes me cry.When I leave her to board the school bus I think of Sandy Hook Elementary school and I fight back tears as I walk back home. My prayers are with you Connecticut. I pray that everyone who lost someone on that dark day will find the strength to carry on because I can only imagine the heartache and melancoly I that must be plaguing you. I pray that you remember the love,joy and laughter that was shared between you and your loved one and that you continue to spread and grow their young legacies. I pray that you all live your lives fuller,bolder,better because our time here is not guaranteed….. And I pray that those who need help with their mental illnesses reach out so that this tragedy is not repeated. You are not alone,they are people who care for your wellbeing, do not let fear or whatever stigmas stymie you from doing the right thing.

    By Leighsha URL on 12.17.2012

  22. fingers and toes….not all together of course..that makes twenty…fingers and toes…i wonder if i learned to tie my own shoelaces by the age of five…though i recall trips to clarks and easy buckle and velcro fasteners…is that cheating?…they do nice boots now though…they say you shouldnt use the word ‘nice’…well im making it retro again ;-)

    By heidi URL on 12.17.2012

  23. My brother just turned six like a 3 days ago so he was five which is kind of cool. I don’t like the number five though, I like forty-one the most. Imagine forty-one was tomorrow’s word! wow!

    By Roiden URL on 12.17.2012

  24. there are five pillars in the calcium desert.
    three stand before me now;
    i can see the sun behind the first,
    the moon behind the second,
    and a brief flash of light behind the third
    before i turn to fall between the lines of determination.
    i can slip once and
    topple over
    without much hassle
    these days

    By Barebriar URL on 12.17.2012

  25. Five fingers on each hand, five toes on each foot. I wonder what it’s like to lose one? I wonder if you can still feel it years and years later, I wonder if you forget sometimes that it’s not there. My grandfather was missing half of one finger; I was always amazed by it. It seemed so strange.

    By Operator URL on 12.17.2012

  26. five is a wonderful number. its not good but its not evil, its in the middle of things and can’t seem to get out.

    By Wednesday URL on 12.17.2012

  27. today I feel like I’m five. I want to run, jump, play, explore, read, pretend. Life is pretty marvelous at five. I have five things to do: love, share, be good, play and read. Yup, I’m a happy happy happy happy happy five year old! Five!!! Whoopee!!!! Can you save F.I.V.E. five? Me!!!!!

    By Deb Brown URL on 12.17.2012

  28. 5 days til we all die.

    By mikaela URL on 12.17.2012

  29. Five is the number that comes after four. There are five people in my house today. Me, my brother, my mom and dad, and God. Five comes before six. Five is half of ten.

    By Trevor Cook on 12.17.2012

  30. number
    fifth day of christmas my true love gave to me
    five golden rings

    By Shanyn on 12.17.2012

  31. I have five fingers on either one of my hands, which is considered normal on Earth. There are some people who are born without all of their fingers, and others who lose them later on in life because they weren’t being careful of some mafia guy took them. I have had about 5 solid girlfriends that lasted over a year.

    By John Mossbacher URL on 12.17.2012

  32. five guys. in a bar. at the mall. in a tub? Five guys. SO good. Peanuts. five guys. with thighs…high five. smize with your eyes.

    By Veronica on 12.17.2012

  33. 1 chance to live 1 chance to be the best 1 chance to say your sorry 1 chance to say “I love you” 1 chance to stay by someones side. so smile. because 5 chances is all you get.

    By Sarah on 12.17.2012

  34. Took about five seconds to figure out what this meant. For in my lifetime 5 years were spent working and scrutinizing my military lifestyle in order to achieve my main goal in life. This was to become a fighter pilot. Everything paid off and in the 5 years I waded through college I was selected to become a pilot in the USAF. Never looked back since. Now only 5 months until it is time for me to venture off into the world of fighters and really discover my talents.

    By Brent URL on 12.17.2012

  35. The gun in my hand trembles as I aim it at the man in front of me. My knees ache from sitting in this same position, hiding; watching; waiting. I do not want to shoot this man, but it may be the only choice I have.

    A voice crackles to life in my earpiece. “You have five seconds to drop the gun,” Saint says, calmly.

    “Are you kidding me?” I hiss back, and the man turns towards the sound.


    “No way,” I whisper.


    The man takes a step in my direction.


    “Do you want me dead?”

    “Just trust me. Two.”

    The man is three feet away, his eyes finding mine. I back away from him, my whole body shaking, my finger slipping off the trigger.


    “I’m going to kill you, Saint!” I scream, flinging the gun to the side. I dive right, barely avoiding the man’s knife. “I swear, if I survive, you won’t live another day.”

    By Abbey URL on 12.17.2012

  36. The five of them ran up the stairs, having just stepped into the building from the cold outdoors. With labored breathing, they approached the top floor, and once again stepped out into the cold. The stars were beautiful up there.

    By Archori URL on 12.17.2012

  37. Five days until we meet again. Five days for me to enjoy the emptiness you created in me. Five days until I watch you bow your head to the wrong altar. I wish you would die and tell me where heaven lives. It’s such a shame that you lost your mind, your truth seeking nature. No one is interested in truth.

    By Amy Adelaars on 12.17.2012

  38. five little chickens run into a dog, who had a hungry beast hidding in his ear, could not stop barking until the last chick run from its sight.

    By Paloma Ramirez on 12.17.2012

  39. Five
    A simple number
    Fleeting in an unexamined way
    A reference point of knowledge
    Something to count by
    We know it better than the others
    Living on its own with millions of things that finish
    Really quite wonderful

    By ovdancer URL on 12.17.2012

  40. illuminati, pentagon, 2 + 3, 5, young, president monroe, star, V

    By Alex on 12.17.2012