December 25th, 2012 | 211 Entries

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211 Entries for “fire”

  1. Fire, the element at which it burns and turns in rapid twists. Flowing through even the wildest places. Unstoppable by one, fire is nearly as strong as steel, as brave as muscle,as fearless as the eagle. What fire can do is simply mesmerizing.

    By hannah URL on 12.25.2012

  2. her hair was like fire. The fire came from her fingertips and danced all across the field she was setting ablaze. The fire crackled in the fireplace creating a romantic atmosphere. She loved to see the fire as is changed color. The sunset looked like fire in the sky.

    By Chelsea on 12.25.2012

  3. It’s Christmas today, and my family spent the whole day snuggling around the fire. We opened presents, laughed, and rejoiced (so cliche… but true!). Fire keeps me warm after skiing on these cold, snowy days.

    By Heidi on 12.25.2012

  4. Fire was his personality. He burned through life with such passion and heat he scorched everything in his path.
    I thought I would burn from his touch, but instead I was frozen. I was chilled from the graze of his fingertips, but still I could feel a flame starting inside.
    And as time grew the flame did as well and by the end of our term together he left me as ashes.

    By apachejedi on 12.25.2012

  5. You were fire.
    I wanted you.
    I tried to capture your fragile being in my palm, but you wisped around the cuffs, the chains. I doused your anger with love. Everyone says that the soul of fire is someone that is hopeless. But they all are wrong. I blink large doe eyes in your space, unjudging, and you sneer, a wild being. Then I walk to you on that bench, cold frigid air shakes my spine, the wind tickles my ears, almost tells me to run, run from you, but I hover over you, the flame. You seem frightened about how your static frame hasn’t shocked me. It comes out soft, almost a question. “you aren’t what they say you are.” my words were paper, but concrete to you. I reach out, trying not to scare away the beast. I cusp my timid hands over your cheeks, tilting your yellow eyes to gaze at me. I see the fire burn. I see your pain. What you endeared. I leaned forward until my forehead was on yours, I saw the split second of your smile, then I felt your fire wash away with a kiss that was a promise. The weak are the strongest of us all.

    By Katelin Woods URL on 12.25.2012

  6. Flames Envelop my soul as rage spreads like flu through my body. “How dare they replace me! I tried to be everything they ever wanted!! Why? Why didnt they love me?

    By Sarah on 12.25.2012

  7. hot

    By leslei on 12.25.2012

  8. let me stand next to your fire
    im sitting on the couch while a movie i could care less about plays. i can see the fire burning in the fireplace, however i feel none of the heat. my body quivers because i think of the cold im experiencing and i realize that i hate the cold

    By abigail on 12.25.2012

  9. The fire crawled along the floor, licking the curtains, tickling the wall, but its sights were set on the door, and freedom!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.25.2012

  10. burning. 1000 degrees. cant escape. help. help me. its consuming me. its everywhere.
    can’t breathe. i cant breathe. my lungs hurt. i cough and choke.
    i cant escape.

    By AnonAnonSir on 12.25.2012

  11. a fire ignites. Children cry and a mother screams. The mother and two children escape, one is trapped inside. Those who can help, do, but in the end, a mother must mourn for that which she lost. Love the past, hope for the future.

    By Aran Cessile URL on 12.25.2012

  12. fires eat forests and then animals have no where to live anymore. but when fire is doing it’s thing it only thinks about it’s own happiness. even though it’s tearing through the trees it’s doing what it was created to do; burn.

    By Hannah on 12.25.2012

  13. I feel it coursing over my skin, cracking my flesh until brittle bone is left exposed. It burns away the ugly mole that resides above my left thigh, cooks down the fat layered over my limbs, extinguishes the acne pocks on my pale face. Perfect, perfect, perfect white is all that is left. Thin, thin, thin bone and nothing else. Nothing. I am whole in a way I never have been, devoid of imperfection and ridicule inducing quirks. The fire has reduced me to a pile of immaculate by product.
    I do not tell the therapist my fire fantasy. I know that she wouldn’t understand.

    By Jadelyn Green on 12.25.2012

  14. heat. illumination. a burning desire within someone. the glow of a late summer night, and the warmth of someone you love’s embrace. A tragedy that takes lives. an inspiration, a lifeline. Fire, the first survival need; of humans.

    By Samantha M on 12.25.2012

  15. The fires of hell burn with a raging intensity of a thousand suns. Because when you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned. You hear the cries and screams of every single lost soul who signed their life away to the devil. Some people deserve to rot away in hell for all eternity. But a lot of those souls are just innocent people who lost their way and strayed off their path. I am one of those souls. I have tried my best to do the right thing, but I always get drawn back to the darkness. It’s hard to do good when everyone is always judging you and putting you down…

    By Annick URL on 12.25.2012

  16. She was on fire. She owned the night, the day, the everything. Everything she touched was fire as it came to life, and it came to magic. She was adventurous and everything that he was not. He feared the water; she controlled it. Yet somehow, as is always the case, he controlled her. He controlled her and ruined her.

    By Sarah on 12.25.2012

  17. This fire is burning through my disguise.
    It’s painting me away with every stroke
    Soon there will be nothing left but memories
    Tucked away in a shoebox

    It’s swallowing my oxygen
    Til I can’t hold my breath
    Why do I let this happen?

    By AngelDuCiel URL on 12.25.2012

  18. hot, red, yellow, blue at the bottom. Heat is produced by it. FUn to play with. Candles. Bonfire. That time we got arrested for building a bon fire in the woods outside my dorm. Earth, wind and fire. water puts out fire. Stop drop and roll. Fire engine. Fire department. Dalmation. Red hot chilipeppers.

    By Georgi on 12.25.2012

  19. Fire in my throat as I breathe in through my nose, exhale, breathe in, exhale. I quiet my mind and ignore the burning in my stomach, radiating out to my fingertips, pulsing behind my eyelids, I will control this, I will not become, be consumed by this…no, no, NO!

    By Andrea URL on 12.25.2012

  20. I had a little heart but then it caught on fire
    but you just stood and laughed with your selfish little choir
    of oppressive wicked evil people just like yourself
    singing songs of selfishness, I’m begging for your help
    i think your song sucks I’m changing the subject matter
    I’m making my own song that will make your evil scatter

    By sturmzie URL on 12.25.2012

  21. A fire is building in me, a fire to just move closer to what I want and closer to where I feel I belong. Closer to the person I’ve always wanted. This fire is consuming me and I don’t want it to go out anytime soon. I pray and hope the extinguisher isn’t anywhere nearby because this fire has become me. I plan to burn down all obstacles and control my fire to not burn through everything I’ve always wished for.

    By Connor Kleppinger on 12.25.2012

  22. I laugh like dragon’s breath
    Each ha-ha-ha blasts hot air followed by a lick of fire

    You don’t want to hear me when I’m angry
    It’s the rage of a thousand burning suns

    My darling, my love is acid set to flame
    And look at you, haven’t even got a suit on
    Stay gone until you’ve found a way to safely navigate my presence

    By on 12.25.2012

  23. It is hot. It has to be extinguished by manual or natural causes. I use fire to light a black and mild and candles. It is also in a different form in the oven and stove. I wonder how hot it really is. Fire is a four letter word. It is an element.

    By Michole Washington on 12.25.2012

  24. Fire and ice condoms. Fire like kathissmin the hunger games, talking about the girl on fire.mfire destroys and kills. Fire men fight fires and they are sexy. Fire is hot. Fire burns. Fire is sexy. Fire is an Element like in the house of night. Blessed be.

    By Sara on 12.25.2012

  25. so let’s set the world on fireeeee tonightttt we are young. i remember when there was a fire in the back yard. I was away at school and Regina was home…vaguely remember…i like seeing fire burn. feel my heat taking you higher, burn with me heaven’s on fire

    By Michelle on 12.25.2012

  26. Like Ice it burns not really killing but devouring. It doesn’t ever really sleep it just simmers until its ready to burn again. Like an angry women ready to pounce when her husband walks through the door from work, it waits. It stews. It heats. Until it is fanned by anger. Ice makes it crackle. LIquid makes it die. But then its tempted by fate again and the flames rise like fury. I feel it inside me when he walks by. That fire of hate and love…and desire. I want him. LIke fire wants life.

    By Leigh on 12.25.2012

  27. The warm, steamy fire blazed in front of my face as I sat beside the newbie. “You’ll have to pass the initiation, of course,” I said to him. No one has done that before, I thought. Maybe he’ll be first.

    By Amelia URL on 12.25.2012

  28. You are the fire that melted the ice around my heart. After years of hurt and betrayal, I have built up my defenses and guarded my heart. But then you came along, and all those walls that I had built up crumbled away. The sad thing is, when you play with fire you’re bound to get burned. And I am feeling that burn. You don’t or can’t or won’t love me back… it really doesn’t make sense to me. I am waiting for the day that you see that we belong together. I’m beginning to wonder if that day will ever come. A smart man once said, “Absence doth sharpen love, presence strengthens it; the one brings fuel, the other blows it till it burns clear. – William Shakespeare”

    By Annick URL on 12.25.2012

  29. Burning. Destroying. Giving new life. Tragedy makes way for beauty. It is from the ashes that soil gets nutrients, and in turn, makes room for more plants to grow. It is from the fire that chance is born.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 12.25.2012

  30. Her eyes widened as she watched the fire grow, devouring her house, along with the memories and people in it. The past was gone, she could start new. She was in control, she didn’t need the heavy burden of past decisions. Her future was as bright as the flames.

    By Grace URL on 12.25.2012

  31. The fire inside me burned fierce and strong. I was determind to do this – no matter what the cost. Wih a deep breath I braced myself, getting in the starting position. My right foot expertly positioned in frony of my left. “Get ready” called the metallic voice over the loudspeaker. A resounding BANG emanated around us, signalling the race had begun. My feet started moving before my brain did. Here we go – the race of a lifetime.

    By Tess on 12.25.2012

  32. Sometimes life is like an inferno. Blazing and sparking heavy, intense events bursting out of nowhere. Sometimes people try to run from it for safety. Others run in willingly to save others. Sometimes it is a burning love or even heartbreak. A connection that can never be doused. By chance, one hand touches yours and a fire just ignites as if from no where and leaves a scorched mark in your life forever.

    By Sid on 12.25.2012

  33. There is a fire inside me. It yearns for something more than I already have. It craves to have the passion that is possessed by so many others. A passion that it knows it is capable of having… it only lacks a companion.

    By BlindMouse URL on 12.25.2012

  34. It started with a couple of words, then became a full-out inferno of hate, passion, and anger. Words spilled out that could never be taken back, nor forgiven. From a spark the tinder was lit for a feud that would separate for the rest of their lifetimes. Bitterness, anger, hatred borne from such simple words.

    By terradi URL on 12.25.2012

  35. It jumped and fizzeled before her face. Sparks flying up into the deep night sky like little fireflies. She felt his hand slip into hers and with a surprised look she gazed at him. He merely smiled. It was the greatest night ever and also her last.

    By AlexAvalon on 12.25.2012

  36. The flames licked at my feet, curling around my toes. I fought against another wave of tears as I desperately clung to the rafter. I’d only wanted to help. Now I was going to die and he was miles away.

    By annie URL on 12.25.2012

  37. Burning. Such an old flame, but I can still feel your fiery passion lingering. The embers burn and the fire flickers, fading but not ending. Feelings ablaze and I am nothing if not combustible. Maybe it is time to gather the water and damper this danger before it spreads.

    By Ginaya Jesmer URL on 12.25.2012

  38. burn destruction damage oil fireman life food meat yellow hell domination scare

    By cristhian on 12.25.2012

  39. the earth is cold but the fire is hot. I didnt see the lava below my feet. its melts my barbies face off i see her smoldering perfect blue eyes turn black with heat and incineration of the lava

    By malinda standerfer on 12.25.2012

  40. Fire came from the sky as it had been predicted centuries ago.

    By Jerri URL on 12.25.2012