March 3rd, 2011 | 549 Entries

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549 Entries for “final”

  1. Final. Makes me think of exams. Americans have finals at the end of the semester. I’m rubbish at exams. Rubbish at exams and rubbish at essays. I do miss education though. If I could do all the GCSEs and A Levels and things for free, without having to deal with lots of irritating 16 year olds, I would. I miss learning.

    By Cleo URL on 03.03.2011

  2. Final:the question of soul must be asumed to adhere to the theory that ‘i am’ is connected to our phyisical being

    By The Fake Dann URL on 03.03.2011

  3. the final day of love. so sad. when its all over. you just then realize what you had. how great it was. and all the great things about it. love it was great. but now its over. it does not exist anymore. you must move on and find something else. find something else so that can have a final day too. how depressing the end is.

    By Elaina on 03.03.2011

  4. i already said something about final. i hate the word final. jeebus

    By Jordan URL on 03.03.2011

  5. the final prejudices had stricken
    from hillside fiery
    and down fell stumbling stones of wishful
    wondering, dreamers
    of the mountains they once belonged.

    By Kent on 03.03.2011

  6. i love when i finnaly go home. its my sanctuary. i feel safe. home. one with then world. there’s no stress. nothing i have to do to please. just me alone. meditate. thank god. yes, selfish but still. i’m tired of the judgement, i just want to go home. like the Michael Buble song. home.

    By Adrianna Acosta on 03.03.2011

  7. No. It couldn’t be. It was so final. I wanted to rewind time. I felt sick. Heat coursed through my body and sweat started to pour from my brow. I couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t accept it. I had to go back and put things right.

    By Carolina on 03.03.2011

  8. The final is the end, the very last thing to come of anything. It is like the finale of a book or a piece of music, a symphony, a musical, a show. A final is also a type of exam written in university; I have 3 this term, but maybe 2 if I drop the course that i want to. Final is a very sad word. End.

    By Kate on 03.03.2011

  9. Finally, it was time to come back, but it was also time to leave. The two instances just had to crash, and separated again for months, she could wait until she finally goes back. Those final moments were so hard to bear, yet the next final days will be filled with so much anticipation that she’ll finally revive her heart again.

    By A Bananie URL on 03.03.2011

  10. Final. The end. But not the end, just the line that indicates the end. The end does not exist, but final is what occupies the space before the end.

    By Ruby on 03.03.2011

  11. The last time I saw my dad was at the end of last September. I was going back to Oregon to study journalism and he was staying in Montana. It’s not even that he’s sick or dying that I miss him so much, but something else. Today I just realized that if I accomplish everything I want to do in my career, I will hardly ever see him. My projected career path doesn’t involve Montana, and it has always been my dream to spread my wings and see how far I can fly. I’ve long believed in the power of journalism — that black lines on white can change the way people think, live and love — but he is the one who couple that belief with an ambition. It hurts to know that he may not be as close to my children as I was to my grandfather. I just don’t know what to do about it.

    By Matt Walks URL on 03.03.2011

  12. tonight was the final night, and I watched you slip through the back door into the night, while your body is restless, and your high on drugs. Go on and go, I wont make you stay here, and as of tonight I finally have come to terms that I don’t need you here, this is final. Pack up and slip out again.

    By Destiny URL on 03.03.2011

  13. Strong. Ultimate purpose or result. Finished product. Last chapter. Done. Conclusion. Law. End.

    By ~ExpectoPatronum~ URL on 03.03.2011

  14. final, oddly punctual. the judgment of fate. fatality. the moment that the single collapses (i/o)nto the whole. the drop of dew that is reflecting in a single millimeter the entire landscape.

    By Nick URL on 03.03.2011

  15. Rush rush rush
    No sleep to spare
    Can’t seem to cram it all
    In my head so pitifully bare

    By Stephanie on 03.03.2011

  16. Final.
    That feeling of sheer joy,
    that you have finished the task and
    now have no commitments.
    The freedom,
    to then go and do absolutely nothing for a whole weekend.

    By El on 03.03.2011

  17. It won’t be long before it’s over. It won’t be long, won’t be long at all. Finally there will be a moment of freedom. Finally. If freedom is the final thing you wish to have, then you will will be waiting till you are finally finished, at your end, you will never know this.

    By clay river on 03.03.2011

  18. Everything about this year is ‘final’ for me. I’m in my final year of uni, it’ll be my final year of living at home and my young life in general seems kinda final. It’s good though, I’m really looking forward to my future. Nothing is final about that. BRING IT ON.

    By Lorna URL on 03.03.2011

  19. This is the end.
    Deserted in the
    white haze of
    lost memories.
    No where, no more.
    The final stand.
    The final ideal.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 03.03.2011

  20. Theee the earth is in its final days. The time has come to end it all. We have not been good stewards of the land.

    By Suzanne on 03.03.2011

  21. last days… drenched with the nectar of anxiousness i sit in the terminal awaiting my turn at bat….the speakers call out in their murmured hum, hell’s here.

    By mdhuett on 03.03.2011

  22. The crowd was in awe–the band had just just played their final song and had left the stage, throwing out their half-filled water bottles, drumsticks, and guitar picks into the audience on their way out. The set was amazing, enough to drive any fan wild. The music continued to pulse through all their veins and wouldn’t come to an end any time soon. The band may have played their final song, but their music still plays on.

    By Daina URL on 03.03.2011

  23. Everything to do with this word scares me. The final exam- which i probably will fail, is something that occurs twice in my life, at school, and in the numerous nightmares. Final decision, the choice that can change your life while you don’t know it. The finality is too horrifying to think about, and how you can’t do anything afterwards.

    By Harry Potter. URL on 03.03.2011

  24. such a scary word.
    whether it is a final exam
    your final goodbye
    or anything that is the last
    because usually lasts mean moving on and leaving something behind
    that could be a good thing
    but there is such a sense of formality associated with the word
    that it is intimidating

    By Breann on 03.03.2011

  25. it’s my final month of my last one year contract in Korea.
    America is no longer a place I call home. Nonetheless, it’s where I’m expected to return.

    By Susannah URL on 03.03.2011

  26. The final thing i’m going to do will be to die. no doubt about that. if it’s final, it’s final. also, finals are killing me. who invented those.? the devil, for sure. i hate all things final. final is as final gets and that’s all there is to it

    By mada on 03.03.2011

  27. Can’t go back and change anything, must live with what happened. Definite, for sure, and real. There is a stop, a pause, and a realization to what is final. Acceptance. Hard truth, and merciless fowardward-ness.

    By Hollie on 03.03.2011

  28. Final. The final judgement on whether or not Eleanor could attend the concert. Her mother didn’t understand, she never did. Music was what saved Eleanor’s life only 3 months prior. It would be suicide if she didn’t attend. She owed her life to the band. they saved her.

    By Ellie on 03.03.2011

  29. in 2012 the end of the world will be quite final, but what does the word final, really mean? does it always neccesarily mean an end to something? sometimes the word finally, a form of the word final, is used to state the last point in an essay thus not being an end o.O.

    By jamie costa on 03.03.2011

  30. It’s up! Over. Done.

    “These are the final results of your most recent test, sir,” the nurse said. “You may be unsatisfied.”

    By Andy King URL on 03.03.2011

  31. Finals. Ugh the dreaded week at the end of high school that determines a pass or a final in chemistry, spanish, history, english, pre calc, and gym. Sounds like a blast…not. So much stress and cramming and nerves and pressure and migraines. Sounds like high school- “big whoopie!”

    By Jess URL on 03.03.2011

  32. My final is in two hours. I have two hours to a) get sober and b) cram everything in this binder into my head. Microbiology. Who the hell would take that class? I don’t even want to be a biologist of any kind. I want to be… Aw, it’s stupid. No. Really, it’s stupid.


    I want to be a snake charmer.

    But whatever. Time to read about ribosomes.

    By pseudomnomnom URL on 03.03.2011

  33. final exam. history history day project done excited self made alone my myself always everyday sometimes frends boyfirend best friend movies the kings speech books contest

    By Lilly on 03.03.2011

  34. Finals suck. They were always my least favorite part of school. But then again, who likes tests? Nobody I’m aware of. I always seemed to do relatively well on them though, even though I never did homework.

    By Jennifer URL on 03.03.2011

  35. solution? test? countdown? some sketchy, some funny, some logical, this word seems ironic in that it conjures up thoughts of BEGINNINGS rather than it’s own what’s the word DEFINITION! strange, now the song is running through my head with thoughts of hitler.

    By beth on 03.03.2011

  36. Final things are always hard to face.

    By itsallunderstood URL on 03.03.2011

  37. Nobody knows the words to “The Final Countdown.” I’ve played it in band for two successive years, and yet, I couldn’t sing it back to you even if I wanted to.
    But then, nobody wants to.

    By Marisa URL on 03.03.2011

  38. the end expanded without fanfare, her final sigh reached my ears as I wept in the corner… What happened to all my good intentions? There, another victim of my failure.

    By Thebreakers on 03.03.2011

  39. I’m reminded of the stress that I felt around finals. Even in history classes where I knew the material, I would stress, but other classes, such as math and science, had me losing sleep and studying to the point that it all bled together. I don’t know how I passed some of those, given how stressed I was.

    By TTGG URL on 03.03.2011

  40. Regis Philbin used to ask, “Is that your final decision?” Now Meredith Viera asks this question. It’s quite a probing question. Finality that is, but on TV it doesn’t seem so deep. Yes or no? Win or lose? It’s other people not us.

    By Imperfect.In.deed URL on 03.03.2011