March 3rd, 2011 | 549 Entries

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549 Entries for “final”

  1. i don’t like this word. it seems so definite. why be set to a time, be free explore, take your time have fun. why does something have to be final? just go with the flow. be free.

    By ariana coop on 03.04.2011

  2. Final, like the final exam of a course. We sat next to eachother all year, and didn’t talk, but when the final came, he slid a sheet of paper across my desk. All the answers. He wrote on the bottom that he loved me. I’ve never been so confused. When they dragged him out of the room he was dancing and cackling. It was the final time I saw him.

    By Duckie URL on 03.04.2011

  3. I once realised it was the time…i closed my eyes and let go…I twice realised it wasn’t…i opened my eyes and held on…

    By Verbaleyes on 03.04.2011

  4. Final. Funny, that’s next week. Though mine are going to be the easiest; I don’t have to worry. Everyone else is stressing out. I hope I don’t have to take another HS final after this.

    By Savannah Lee URL on 03.04.2011

  5. iT WAs the final day of the hour the final time i would ever see her the final time i could ever say the things that had been tugging at me for a long time so i then we could have had a final cup of coffee but it was already too late and then the time was gone and she was gone and it seems like one final word would not have been so hard to say except that the nurse came in and then a doctor doctor and we had already had our final say before we knew it final turns to finally which weems to much softer and with a graceful curl to the word itself but final is a word that breathes a heavy sigh aws it falls out of your mouth it has given up it knows that it is done for djjdjd and so final vs finally they would lead in different directions perhaps funny how 2 letters at the end of a word can change the course of a story or alter a person’s life now i’ve come the end and that’s i say is final unless it will let me type a little more it’s hard to say

    By susan seawolf hayes URL on 03.04.2011

  6. different kind of dances

    By Richa Gupta URL on 03.04.2011

  7. I have my finals next week. I am preparing for it real hard.

    By padma on 03.04.2011

  8. The last call; my final word. Is that all you have to say? Is there no more? What about one last try? A full stop to all we had? It’s you who calls time, I want it to be indefinite.Please don’t be so final.

    By superbunny URL on 03.04.2011

  9. “It’s final then. There’s nothing left between you and me. A few aching memories, that’s all, that can be tied to stones and thrown into the ocean. They are heavy with pain anyway, they’ll sink quickly. The few sad ripples will fade like our hopes in the end. Don’t complain, it’s a part of the package of being human.”

    By Harvinder URL on 03.04.2011

  10. its over! I cant believe that its really over! It’s time and i am finally free. I never have to do this again! O thank God. It’s really over.

    By Aeslyn on 03.04.2011

  11. the final thought that would run through my head at the time of the end. I wonder what it would be. Maybe I should rehearse my last words so that they sound epic and people can think back on it and say yes..she was awesome because her final words were awesome.

    By marie on 03.04.2011

  12. this is it. this is it. is this is it? no cant be it. maybe it is. na. wait is it? how can it be? na. it wont be it. this cant be it. wait. no. not possible. well maybe it is the final. or finale. whatever works

    By sid on 03.04.2011

  13. The final word was said, the lingering stench remains. What a word to leave me with, what an idea. A concept you hopefully did not mean? No, I do hope you meant it. Quite frankly, mean it well.

    By Oh me. on 03.04.2011

  14. The final day of high school – some look forward to it, others dread it. The beginning of a fresh new life and the end of having to see those judgmental bitches every day – or the beginning of a scary new world and the end of joking around with your friends without any responsibilities.

    By emine URL on 03.04.2011

  15. Final, as is finally I have found a site that is really original and awesome. Finally you can do something totally useless for a few minutes while a scary line is counting down the final words you have left

    By Amanda on 03.04.2011

  16. the end . final countdown. terminal. race. competition. winning. final four. fin- shark .finally.

    By Murella on 03.04.2011

  17. It’s the final countdown… only eight hours until Spring Break at FSU begins. A lot of students are already gone, making campus slightly empty. It’s quiet without them here, serene almost. I cherish these times; i appreciate my time in the office though I also like when the hustle and bustle is going on as well. I only wish I didn’t have to work during SB!I

    By Claire URL on 03.04.2011

  18. Final

    Nobody ever told me they loved me
    or that thyey thought i was beautiful
    or that i was honest
    that i was true
    none of they above

    i never really felt like i belonged
    that people actually wanted me
    needed me
    realized i was there
    none of the above

    so i guess i just have to make things easier for them
    no more playing games
    the decision me
    and this knife made

    By Elisa URL on 03.04.2011

  19. All your chances have passed by, and this is the moment, the final deciding moment.

    By sarah URL on 03.04.2011

  20. omg its reminds me of exams andf the finalsd in the basketball and football games final reminds me of CIAA which i used to go to but dont anymore final reminds me of drake and all his songs idk why it reminds me of final message, idk just a mesasage in a bottle type ish on a sea but….

    By Corwin Rhynes URL on 03.04.2011

  21. the final lesson , the final hour….going to the the stage hittin the floor….stoppin the crowd ….shooting for the stars, bumpin my head phones to that final song.

    By Jovanna Mixon on 03.04.2011

  22. The final countdown can be anywhere:
    the final few seconds before a rocket shoots up in the air,
    the final few moments before the orgasm,
    the final few experiences before death.

    By roxana URL on 03.04.2011

  23. here come the final days, the days when everyone will come together to see what they have made of temselves.The days when the accomplishments or lack of them will not be hidded anymore.Then we will see who’s been fooling who all along.

    By olohii on 03.04.2011

  24. the final countdown relates to the last days of our lives, where we think back to things we have done, things we wish we would’ve done & people we loved. If we’re lucky we can think about the people who loved us back.

    By Nikki Tilmouth on 03.04.2011

  25. final, the harbinger of the end; heavy handed horsemen, impartial judge. When we take the final step, what was the point. Desire held in vain, swept up in the relentless flow of time.

    By Eridanus URL on 03.04.2011

  26. its such a scary word. like the last test of the rest of your life. or death. the word resounds in my mind. of sheer finality. i dont want anything to do with it. because i never want this to end.

    By Emma on 03.04.2011

  27. the end is near, hold on fast and clear, don’t let the fear take you by surprise, just enjoy the ride, to the final end, is coming near, hold on my dear, follow me into the void don’t make a noise

    By Angela Benedict on 03.04.2011

  28. it was the final day of the term, she leaned over and gave him a deep kiss. She may never see him again as this was his last day as a high school student. Damn! Life does suck, you meet the love of your life and he decides to do a degree on a different continent. if it was meant to be he’s stay in touch and maybe some day the’d meet up again.

    By Katleho on 03.04.2011

  29. When I think of final I think of american idol. The final stage in american idol where the winner gets picked! Final can describe so many things but it means lastly or the end. It helps you write different essays and make them more readable! (:

    By Kennedi on 03.04.2011

  30. The final of the WC soccer. Holland vs Spain. It was a great game, but we didn’t make it. We did kick some ass, but this was not very neat… Spain deserved to win!

    By Joris on 03.04.2011

  31. nothing is final. neither life nor death. Our perception makes things final. This is why we believe in destiny since destiny is final. Or is destiny is an illusion? Maybe the final illusion.

    By Akos URL on 03.04.2011

  32. it is the finality
    the closure to a bad summer
    and proir year
    i still have fear within me
    but im shooing it out so love can come in
    fear does not live where love does
    bless me on my flight

    By Tescia Schell URL on 03.04.2011

  33. It’s the final countdown! Dee do dee dooo. Dee do dee dee dooo. Dee do dee doooo. De doo dee di doo di dooooo. ~

    By MacRen on 03.04.2011

  34. The page was tear-stained and wrinkled from the countless hours it had spent crushed in her palm, and the ink was beginning to fade. It was the final letter from him, the letter that told her he would never return. He was gone.

    By Courtney URL on 03.04.2011

  35. I have never really seen anything as absolute or gone really. Is there an expiry date to all that we have, breathe and be, challenge and fear each time we breathe? Some things go a long way but somethings never really go away at all. So where do they go? How do we know that they have gone?

    By Lavanya Kannathass URL on 03.04.2011

  36. This was the final time she would say it to him: I didn’t want your child. Yet here he was, again, cradling the baby in his tanned arms, the wispy white hairs on his head falling across the thick glasses propped on his nose. “Please,” he whispered, “Please, I don’t have much time.” But I couldn’t open the door; still, I kept my hand pressed against the glass against his.

    By Zoë URL on 03.04.2011

  37. done

    By Kat URL on 03.04.2011

  38. “This is your final chance. No do overs, no mercy. get it right this time” The ringmaster barked his orders to the others and walked off to prepare.
    The girl took a deep breath, closed her eyes and opened the curtains.

    By Faith URL on 03.04.2011

  39. The end. The last test before they dump your grade on you and leave you forever, not caring what happens after this. They show off thier knowledge and skills in this last test teasing you- i knew every answer, did you?
    sweat, pencil breaks and a tenuous feel in the air; turn over your papers.

    By Aimee URL on 03.04.2011

  40. The final thought lying here in my bed was, “Whats icecream on the moon taste like?”
    But I already knew the answer.

    By christolopolis URL on 03.04.2011