March 16th, 2011 | 559 Entries

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559 Entries for “figure”

  1. Her figure was not like I usually prefer, rail thin and tall. But she had curves and a gleam in her eye that said, “Just give me a chance and you’ll see.” So I did. Our lips met and when I put my hand on her hip, she pulled me close and her perfume was like magic.

    By Bob M URL on 03.17.2011

  2. The way old Harold Watson figured it was that the only way to make him madder than a one legged man at a rear end kicking contest was to steal his coffee creamer and sugar. He

    By David Saleeba URL on 03.17.2011

  3. The haunting figures intertwine,
    Twisting close your days with mine.
    So should I decide to ever leave
    the memory ensnares, a web does weave.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 03.17.2011

  4. The skater slides across the ice into the spot light. She is nervous, but no one can see the trembling in her legs, which is good because she has on skin-tight tights that barely keep out the cold of the ice. She poses, ready.

    By Sarah URL on 03.17.2011

  5. there are no figures that can figure out your figure. because the body ain’t math. nor is it reason. and the figure that you are is irrational, a geometry unto itself, and Pythagoras and Euclid stand frozen at the joyous mystery of your skin.

    By dominguez URL on 03.17.2011

  6. She looked in the mirror as she tried out her prom dress. It was a beautiful light blue that shaped her figure perfectly and she was excited as can be for the prom now that she had the perfect dress.

    By rexy6366 URL on 03.17.2011

  7. Smart people can figure out things a lot easier if the concentrate on it for a wile and i have a hard time doing it.

    By Stephen on 03.17.2011

  8. Figure could mean by a body figure or a shape figure for something. Thats what I think a figure is.

    By Cheyenne on 03.17.2011

  9. There was a shadowy figure in the dark I couldn’t see him I hear his voice though calling me and I run as fast as I can go.

    By Emnm URL on 03.17.2011

  10. i have to figure out the problem to pass the test.

    By neongreen on 03.17.2011

  11. I figure that i dont like doing these that much haha. it gets kinda boring after a while. Mr. Wooley don’t care though.

    By logan on 03.17.2011

  12. A figure is something like a shape. Or sometimes people lie to say ” I figured,” thats just supposed to mean, i thought so.

    By smileigh URL on 03.17.2011

  13. A figure can mean anything. There are multiple definitions. It can mean that you figured something out or there is a figure standing in the distance.

    By Stephanie URL on 03.17.2011

  14. The light bulb was shaped in a weird figure. It was one of the weirdest figures I’ve ever seen. It twisted and looped. I was surprised it even worked.

    By fluffy1297 URL on 03.17.2011

  15. she couldn’t help but appreciate her figure
    each curve seemed perfect
    she wondered what it would be like to have a body like that
    as much as she silently hated her
    she couldn’t help but love her figure

    By Delilah URL on 03.17.2011

  16. I figure he does not like me. I figured out that hard math problem. I figured out her secret. I figured that the teacher would not be here today because he was sick. figures(:

    By kuppycakekhylee URL on 03.17.2011

  17. still and stuck gray,green and cement,bricks and stone. in town or out of town figures are everywhere.

    By peyton URL on 03.17.2011

  18. her figure floats through the window, she bares her teeth. she is shame, she is fear, she is love, she is…

    By paris on 03.17.2011

  19. Blonde hair, blue eyes; that’s the ideal figure people look for. but I find it ugly, putrid. they look at me like I’m a prize to be won. but I see myself as a real peron, not a Barbie doll for them to play with and dress up and then throw her on the grill when they’re done with her to watch her melt.

    By Evelin URL on 03.17.2011

  20. It figures that my birthday would be today. Today, that’s right. St. Patrick’s Day. The day when all anyone can think about is green this, leprechaun that, four leaf clovers, and getting drunk. It is not my birthday to them. I am sick of the leprechaun figurines as presents…

    By Liz on 03.17.2011

  21. The perfect figure. Does it really exist? Or is just an illusion. Nobody is perfect, but everyone strives to look perfect. The closest thing to perfection: to be skinny. I feel that that is a lie.

    By Savannah Lee URL on 03.17.2011

  22. Standing stoically became a harder task than they had advertised. First, he was expressive, so as the comments continued to arise in front and behind his naked figure, he immediately captured a comeback. But he couldn’t utter it or gesticulate to anyone, anyone, that there was something far superior in thought to their simplistic and caddy attempt at assessing his body and multitude of crevices.

    By Brian URL on 03.17.2011

  23. it is very important one to meet the others i could explain something about the forecasting needs o

    By vigneshwaran on 03.17.2011

  24. i figure he’ll start to ignore me when i get back. either that, or things will start to pick up rather quickly. what if they don’t and all of my figuring and assuming is for nothing? what if i’m wrong and we never speak again? that won’t happen. it can’t. we love each other too much. i don’t know.

    By marie on 03.17.2011

  25. A shadow cast from the slender figure skating on the ice, dimly lit by the rising sun, nearly blending in with the evergreen trees which ringed the frozen pond. Early morning, sun coming up. Pink sky above, ice blue below. Gathering up speed to begin a series of swirls and spins, ice chips flying off the blades, melting in mid air. A lovely way to begin the day.

    By paulie aragon on 03.17.2011

  26. figure in a landscape in the crowd among but apart all bustle all connection and one stray unconnected figure, one

    By geraldine URL on 03.17.2011

  27. i figured it out. i figured out why i am such a loser. It’s that i choose to be one. I dont like that whole horsey girl crowd. not really my thing. i would much prefer sit and be with my own friends that i enjoy hanging out with instead of being miserable and a little bit fake with my other “friends”.

    By Emery on 03.17.2011

  28. i figure i cant do anything without his love.i rely on it. i miss him sooo much . i cant figure out what i will do for the next three days without him. he is the love of my life . my ben. he has an amazing figure too. god…i miss it.

    By nik on 03.17.2011

  29. Everyone is so concerned with their figures these day, either their physical appearance, or financial figures. Whether its how much can we spend today, how much have we eaten, people seem to be permanently engaged in counting.

    By CP on 03.17.2011

  30. I never worry about my figure… I eat chocolate almost everyday and I hardly exercise!! Gosh.. I’m so unhealthy!! lol

    I need to figure out how to write more about this word…

    By Tafadzwa on 03.17.2011

  31. Facts and figures make the world go roun. Not the interesting parts of the world, though – the boring, mundane, work-all-day parts of it. Charts, spreadsheets, equations. Sometimes I see my entire life dissolving in the heart of a vortex of numbers. Then the end of the day comes. Much better.

    By David URL on 03.17.2011

  32. A way to calculate math. The shape of a person’s body. The style of a clock. A decision. Making an assumption. A shape.

    By Diedra Richards URL on 03.17.2011

  33. It is seen in everything. Figure and form apply to all beauty, or lack of beauty. I figure.

    We judge everything aesthetically by its figure. It’s something we all long to have for ourselves.

    By Reagan McCreary on 03.17.2011

  34. Figure out what we’re thinking and feeling all the time… and most of all, what the other people are just a hard thing to do.

    By Leticia de la Paz de Dios URL on 03.17.2011

  35. There was a figure skater wearing figure skates while she played with a godzilla action figure. She noticed that there was a figure skater reflection in the sky.

    By pennyj URL on 03.17.2011

  36. Is what shape your body is in. So if you are in shape, you usually have a figure.

    By Jewelz on 03.17.2011

  37. There is a figure standing before me. He is wierd.

    By Jarom URL on 03.17.2011

  38. there was a figure in the drark over there by the store in showlow by my house nere my friends house thats by my friends moms house

    By stavroscastilllo on 03.17.2011

  39. I don’t know how to figure things out that people call figures. when I think of the word used like that and not like with sculptures, i think that they must be hicks figurin’ and such. it makes me think of huckleberry finn, and some of my inlaws from the midwest. go figure. i don’t think this is what i

    By deadponies URL on 03.17.2011

  40. i seen a shadow figure

    By stillmoon URL on 03.17.2011