January 31st, 2012 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “festival”

  1. Festivals are moments of celebration. Of sheer ecstasy in life. Whether it’s cultural, seasonal, communal, what have you, it just goes to show that no matter how lost you feel or how dire things may seem, everyone has SOMETHING to celebrate. Life every day as a festival to that Something.

    By Rachel on 01.31.2012

  2. Festival evokes a feeling of happiness…a feeling of the summer’s sun hitting my face. Good memories flow to my mind like rush of water from a faucet. I smile from the inside out.

    By SJ on 01.31.2012

  3. tragically hip. best day of my life. summer. beer. best friends and love. camping. rain. laughing and smiling. pure bliss and happiness, let me relive those times forever. i miss my youth and freedom.

    By brittany on 01.31.2012

  4. There are pieces of confetti that rain down around them and he steps on the curly little pieces of tissue paper, flattening them out. Everyone is happy and dancing and no one knows what’s coming up next. Because even in people’s worst fears, the depths of their imaginations, no one could predict what would happen next.

    By Cassie URL on 01.31.2012

  5. Paper lanterns lined the garden, illuminating the grass in soft white. He gazed up, the reflection of the lanterns and the stars plentiful in his milky eyes; Cara put her hand on his shoulder, causing him to start suddenly.

    “You okay, buddy?” she asked, bending at the knees to reach his level. He nodded, and she mussed his light brown hair, which looked for all the world as if one could find a bird’s egg lying in its midst. “Good, good.”

    Cara straightened up, her white dress floating gracefully around her calves as her bare feet padded across the lawn, leaving Ethan to roll onto his back and immerse himself into the short, soft the blades of grass.

    By Zoë Aiko URL on 01.31.2012

  6. el festival nos muestra de todo pero principalmente las maravillas del mundo no esas que la gente va a ver como las piramides si no las que uno creo las imaginaciones en la mente de la gente esas son las maravillas de las que veras y te hbalremos grandesas de ellas

    By daniela on 01.31.2012

  7. There was an air of celebration at the festival. It wasn’t exactly a festival for the king, just the regular harvest festival, but every one was celebrating the prince’s birth as well. It was doubly fun for the double celebration.

    By Ellie URL on 01.31.2012

  8. the festival is coming soon
    we all need to bring out forks and spoons
    and see if we can see the moon
    wait? is that a shooting star i see?
    it looks lonely out there, in the mouth of the sea

    By Mackenzie URL on 01.31.2012

  9. Bright lights. Loud noises. I live for this. I can hardly breathe I am so excited, I can just feel the energy booming.

    By Sydney Robertson on 01.31.2012

  10. bright lights
    cheerful noise
    surrounded by the ones that i love
    in a cute summer outfit

    By Rae URL on 01.31.2012

  11. fun activities for all ages. colourful. loud. music. good food. streamers. excitement. great atmosphere. new sights to be found. interesting.

    By Kristina on 01.31.2012

  12. I want to go to a festival out on a date and he will win me a stuffed animal and we will buy ice cream and our noses will be dabbled on with food and we’ll kiss in a tent and everything will be lovely there will be carnival music and children laughing and we will hold hands and kiss some more myabe go on a Ferris wheel

    By whoop URL on 01.31.2012

  13. Stumbling through a maze of campfires, drum circles and dancing hippies, my psychedelically altered mind searched for the meaning of life….and was quite unsuccessful.

    By Theresa URL on 01.31.2012

  14. The lights blared in my eyes; I couldn’t see a foot in front of me. This festival gone wrong–it was all a ploy to lure us in. And we fell for it. Hidden behind the rides, booths, and streamers, we failed to see the red flags. Their were eyes everywhere, watching our every move. And now we were caught in the middle of a very sticky spider web.

    By Marissa URL on 01.31.2012

  15. food for animals

    By jisha on 01.31.2012

  16. Confetti rains down on her, bits of candy that sting where they hit the bare stripes of skin her outfit reveals. Looking up, it’s a magical scene unlike any other. Looking down, one can see the confetti and candy sticking and melting into the urine and excrement that lines the streets.

    By Katie on 01.31.2012

  17. Fireworks ended the festival, although even this could not conceal the dark brooding violence seething in the slum.

    By lenny URL on 01.31.2012

  18. i cant wait to go to Milan. I hope i get to be a part of many festivals its so exciting!!!! omg yay!!! Espically a masked affiar in Venice that would be so great and cool

    By yesMAM URL on 01.31.2012

  19. Festival festival filledwith people
    people people are riding the rides
    rides rides are going round
    round and round the children spin
    Spin spin til your world is spinning to

    By jessica on 01.31.2012

  20. Parties and balloons. Lots of laughter and smiles from all across the pathway and grassy fields. Everyone is glowing. EveryTHING is glowing. It’s a positive atmosphere. It’s some place I’d like to be right now. Just to be happy. It’s something special.

    By Alex URL on 01.31.2012

  21. Festival. Reminds me of a line in the musical Into the Woods. The stepsisters are making fun of Cinderella because she wants to go to the festival. Haters suck. People who put you down because of your lower status will get what’s coming to them in the end. The sisters had their eyes pecked out by birds and they lived their lives blind.

    By J on 01.31.2012

  22. Festival of fallen saints
    I’d like to see that
    A bunch of people who fell from the thrown of holiness/greatness
    Guess I’d have the right to go, cuz Im pretty much there with em

    By Kidd on 01.31.2012

  23. The lights shown around them, a world of color surrounded by an atmosphere of black. Shining bulbs illuminating the night that seemingly encompassed the couple.

    By Kaylyn URL on 01.31.2012

  24. The festival was in full swing. The lights were gleaming from rides and vendors as people milled the field and streets. The warm summer breeze hit everyone with the gentle caress of a mother loving an infant. It was perfect, this time of year. The perfect time to have a celebration. At least…it used to be…

    By wendy on 01.31.2012

  25. It was a bright sunny day. We were all looking forward to the rides and the candy apples. The cotton candy and the mini games. Tickets in hand, we ran forth, each choosing where to go first. I remember it like yesterday with a fondness that warms my heart.

    By Becky on 01.31.2012

  26. Colors, and dancing. Authentic food. Idols.
    Or maybe I have a crush on Japan and Spain.
    Either way,
    the closest we come around here all involves
    bibles and a dinner
    deer heads, guns
    club tables in sleepy hallways,
    mundane drifts through sleepy, small town days.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 01.31.2012

  27. hanukah is, the festival of lights – instead of 1 day of presents. you have 8 crazy nights. festival. lets have a festival for living. festival for being passionate. festival for following your dreams. life is a festival and let the festivities begin.

    By mark on 01.31.2012

  28. I was sitting there, watching the flashing bright colors on the warm summer morning. A great day to be a gypsy, for the festival days always seemed to be the ones we made the best living. Now, all I’d to do was wait until nightfall for my time to dance, sing, and make my own living…

    By Stella L. Parker URL on 01.31.2012

  29. Symphony of colours. Sonnata of voices and cheers. A panorama of lively and lovely smiles and. Overflow of gastronomic delights. Festivals. It’s more fun in the Philippines.

    By Joel URL on 01.31.2012

  30. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to live life as one huge festival
    I feel as if maybe i attended the Woodstock festival in a past life
    peace, love, and music
    it doesn’t seem to get better
    people say
    yeah, but it rained
    i love the rain
    i love festivals
    how about we all try to live our lives as one, big, beautiful, inviting, and peaceful

    By jill URL on 01.31.2012

  31. There are lots of festivals from where I’m from. Almost every month we have one, only in different places. I wish I could create a festival. Something-something Harry Potter themed. There would be HUGE Harry Potter dolls, those giant things shaped like HP people. Hahaha.

    By GottaPanic URL on 01.31.2012

  32. A rush of movement and sound over the brisk night air. The scents and lights capture the imagination. The people rush by. Laughter rings through the air. This is the summer evening at it’s best, as it should be.

    By Anna on 01.31.2012

  33. I clicked the shutter button and smiled to the group who posed for me. They moved on and so did I. I was surrounded by sights and smells from all over the world, overhead the banner read ‘Ethnic Soccer Festival’ and I continued to explore. With the reassuring click of the shutter and the weight of my camera in my hands surrounded by so much enthusiasm and energy I was at home.

    By zee3po URL on 01.31.2012

  34. It was a festival of love. All around people were embracing, laughing, celebrating. And there we were two lonley people lost in the crowd. We didn’t see each other, our hands didn’t meet. Our chance didn’t come.

    By Brittface URL on 02.01.2012

  35. It’s glittering at first… and we sway to the background temp enthused like children in the satisfaction of an arrival to a party… then we sweep in, find the close up, and the grotesque underworld we perceived so pretty is flushed and silent and all too real, so we run away; we’re never ready to deal.

    By Leslie URL on 02.01.2012

  36. Shouts of joy,
    All a ploy.
    Can’t they see
    The faltering pleas?
    Why do decorations
    Make people smile?
    The manifestation
    of the fool’s time.

    By henshinger URL on 02.01.2012

  37. I always wanted to go to a festival. See it, experience it. I’ve heard stories about delicious food sold there, variety of booths with little presents and jewelry. Even tough, I’ve never been to one, I already feel excited just by the image I have in my head.

    By Omnix URL on 02.01.2012

  38. oh, festival…i haven’t really been to a memorable festival in my life. perhaps i need something as exciting as rio carnivals to get fired up for a festival…

    By kaorita on 02.01.2012

  39. The festival was beautiful this time of year. He knew this quite well, but it never changed, which was wonderful. The stars glinted over brightly colored robes and dresses, bright blue streetlamps illuminating the street vendors, yelling out what they carried.

    By Tee on 02.01.2012

  40. What a festival that is going to be! The Mardi Gras! I can hardly believe that we are going – I have wanted to do this for so many years! The parties, the parades, the whole thing – what an experience!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 02.01.2012