December 31st, 2012 | 164 Entries

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164 Entries for “female”

  1. what i was born as. how i am treated. how i see myself. how i feel about myself. what causes me to earn less than others of the opposite sex in the same profession.

    By Sara on 12.31.2012

  2. There used to be two categories, male and female,
    but now we have transgendered and prefer not to say.
    Does this make us more free or does this enslave us with new labels?
    Is sexuality and gender fluid==we move in and out as if underwater?

    By Robin on 12.31.2012

  3. Female. A loaded word, isn’t it? Shouldn’t be. But, then, yes it should. What a gift, to be female. And what a burden. I love being the beautiful image of God and I love that it carries a strength as well. Life is harsh for the female, however.

    By Marlena on 12.31.2012

  4. born. not a choice. can change. run. the blood. hate. would like. soft. stupid.

    By Lj URL on 12.31.2012

  5. That’s me? But gender is a social construct… I’m getting tired of hearing this word thrown around. Why does it matter so much? Why does Facebook have to know? It doesn’t concern them.

    By Sarah URL on 12.31.2012

  6. The tall female bent down, smiling at the small child.
    “And who are you, young man?” she asked, the small boy looking at her with wonder and a small blush lit up his face.
    “I – I’m Ryan.”
    “Well, it’s nice to meet you Ryan, I’m Alruna.”
    “You’re pretty.”
    She laughed, and ruffled the boy’s hair.

    By Sabrina URL on 12.31.2012

  7. Just an irony male.

    By Khadeja URL on 12.31.2012

  8. She walks without a shadow. Quietly, she touches the minds of those around her.

    By Nova on 12.31.2012

  9. Am I too sensitive
    when you tell me
    that I am not as important
    that my problems are insignificant
    that my qualms are petty
    because I was born a different gender than your son

    I am your daughter
    Am I too sensitive
    tell me

    By Rachel URL on 12.31.2012

  10. She was gorgeous. Her face was sweeter than the marshmallow fluff I was sure the moon was made from. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she crooned to me softly. My bright blue eyes, the ones the other mothers always commented on, fluttered closed. I was pretty sure I loved her. Loved her voice, her soft hands, her everything.

    By RoseT URL on 12.31.2012

  11. Females – you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.

    Guy liked them all, as long as they were willing. But Marion, well.

    It wasn’t love, but the lust never faded. Even when his gang warned him away, Guy couldn’t resist.

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.31.2012

  12. Many women go crazy when the ice in their viens over takes the warmth in the center of their foreheads. People think it’s all do or cry for many but when you actually learn what moves you when you just dont

    By Lauren on 12.31.2012

  13. i am a female. sometimes i marvel at my mind. males say that they can’t understand it. but let me tell you, males, that as a female, the female mind is still a mystery. we dont know what goes on in it anymore than you do. just a jumble of thoughts that result in a life… strange.

    By frances naude on 12.31.2012

  14. “What did the kidnapped person look like?”

    Michelle recited it all mechanically. “Female, blonde, five foot four, one hundred twenty pounds, mole on chin.”

    The officer scribbled everything down on a notepad and nodded, wrinkled his nose, and nodded again. “Any relation?”

    Michelle fought back tears. “My sister.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.31.2012

  15. They didn’t like her because she was strong. They didn’t like her because she was intelligent. They didn’t like her because she was an individual. But most of all they didn’t like her because she wasn’t ashamed of herself the way everyone else was of her. Unlike the misogynistic society she was born and raised in, she considered being a woman the greatest part of who she was.

    By Grace URL on 12.31.2012

  16. As we enter 2013 many will feel the shift of female energy starting to flow. While some may think female energy is weak and unimportant; female energy flows is powerful, creative, and nurturing.

    By Jackie URL on 12.31.2012

  17. A girl who does not speak too much, who laughs with control, who maintains her poise and posture throughout all situations. Someone who does not voice her opinions or contradict patriarchal decisions. Is this what the “ideal female” has come to?

    By Deborah Lin on 12.31.2012

  18. what is it like to be female? is it a biological identity? a vulnerable vagina? although, thank you for giving birth to headstrong girls and aspirations. and presidents and even more mothers. the power of a female lies within her very soul.

    By xinyi on 12.31.2012

  19. helpful helpless
    taking a moment to appreciate
    broken hands
    wrung to oblivion
    short sharp thoughts
    closed eyes
    female friend
    where do you go from here?

    By Matty M. on 12.31.2012

  20. I am a female. I only have sixty seconds to write about being female– but I feel like it’s part of my psyche, part of my spirit. I was created to be female. No. I was created AS a female. Everything I am and do, throughout my entire life, is framed in that perspective.

    By Megan Gery URL on 12.31.2012

  21. White female, aged about 32. Five foot six, brown hair, brown eyes. Nothing special. Looks about average, maybe a little less.

    In short, someone who would fit in just about anywhere. That made her all the more appropriate. She would do fine, just fine.

    By chipschap URL on 12.31.2012

  22. A femal is a beautiful piece of art, and without her the male would be lost. She is failed to be appreciated as much as she should, and although she has come a long way in her many equal years to the male, they will always seem better.

    By Lexi Vandrey on 12.31.2012

  23. A girl who is gentle, kind, full of face. She is strong and compassionate. Do not piss her off. She will bite! Always honest and self-assured. Opposite of male. Caring for others is her specialty. She will be a friend, a pal, a wife, and a wonderful companion.

    By Audrey Eaton on 12.31.2012

  24. Female pandas don’t much like male pandas. They mostly like badgers finding them to be more refined and remind them of House. Male pandas, ultimately, cannot compete.

    By Chris Glynn URL on 12.31.2012

  25. being feminine makes me no less of a feminist, and vice versa. i can shave my legs and like the color pink but still believe in equality. im not a lesbian, but i think women are just as great as men. i want equality, not superiority. but so many people fail to realize that this is real.

    By Abby on 12.31.2012

  26. why. why am i in this body. i don’t mean to be the way you see me, if you see me like that at all. but his should be a good word, it should be praised and honored and respected. yet. it is dirty, horrid, unwanted. why. maybe that is the way it is, or should be.

    By karina magee URL on 12.31.2012

  27. being feminine makes me no less of a feminist. i can shave my legs and like the color pink because i choose to, not because i’m forced to. im fighting for equality, not superiority. i am not a lesbian. i just want equal rights. for everyone. that is a basic human principle.

    By Abby URL on 12.31.2012

  28. why. why am i female? i wish it was something i could enjoy being. it is a beautiful wonderful thing, really. yet society has made it horrid. disgusting. weak. unwanted. why?

    By karina URL on 12.31.2012

  29. why. why am i female? i wish it was something i could enjoy being. it is a beautiful wonderful thing, really. yet society has made it horrid. disgusting. weak. unwanted. why? why….

    By karina URL on 12.31.2012

  30. Girls. Some people may see them as an odd creature- they wear too much makeup, are too concerned about their looks, cause drama. But I don’t see them the same way as most. I see some as kind, smart, and loveable. You can tell them anything, and true female friends won’t judge you at all.

    By Becky Sebby on 12.31.2012

  31. happiness, mother, friendship, warmth, kindness, strength, giving, hope, home, love, beauty, intelligence, wisdom, grace, laughter, song, male, powerful, fun, learning, joy, sister, daughter, family, hearth, heart

    By emily on 12.31.2012

  32. The boy watches her closely. Julie. She’s so mysterious… what’s she doing? The small boy zooms interest as she danced to the notes of the harp. He smiles, “What a girl,”

    By Annee URL on 12.31.2012

  33. I am a female
    A proud woman indeed
    A lady with respect
    And a woman in need
    I want a career, a house and a family of three
    A girl, two boys, and one man for me.
    We all go through things, but females suffer the most
    We go through periods, cramps, and things that are gross
    Many underestimate us, because we have breasts
    So go ahead and try us, gives us a test.
    You’ll be surprised what a female can do. . .
    We can learn, teach and listen well too.
    A female should never be underestimated, cause we try out best
    So stop with the criticizing, low blows and give us a rest.
    We can do it all,
    No matter the size of our chest.
    But enough of the negativity and let’s move along
    A new year comes
    So let’s not start it out wrong.
    Connect the people that you love,
    Everyone should come close
    Raise up your glass or cup, and let’s have a toast.
    I hope you have a great start to the new year,
    And don’t do anything absurd
    And go out and to the world
    And share just one word.

    Tumblr: coeur-shapedbox

    By Coeur-de-June URL on 12.31.2012

  34. I am a female. lol cool. um well I guess that this is a very general word, but being a female rawks except for the crappy stuff like… well you know. but i love being able to do things and have it have such a huge impact just because you are female and that its special that you did that.

    By Shelby URL on 12.31.2012

  35. My gender. Taking all the good and bad of it — the sexiness, the allure, the mood swings….. Fe is the symbol for iron. So we are really “Iron males”!

    By Julia URL on 12.31.2012

  36. Feeling provocative. Feeling helpless. Feeling everything inside of me. Torn between pain and joy. Life and death. Worth it.

    By Bea on 12.31.2012

  37. Being a female it´s delicate.
    And harsh at the same time.

    By Ava Blue URL on 12.31.2012

  38. These words ring through my ears.. are they.. from a female? The voice.. it’s indistinguishable.. maybe my love? But, he is.. not here. I can’t think. I am on the edge. All of this.. it’s too much to take in.

    By Alan Greenawalt on 12.31.2012

  39. I think that females should have equal rights as men. Sexisim isnt a good way for our world to function. Of men can do something, women can too.I would write more, nut i have no time left.

    By kat on 12.31.2012

  40. The word female is strong and beautiful. Any human being can be this word if they feel it. Its a feeling. It is more than just barbies as a child and being a wife. It had power. It is about having confidence, delicacy, and beauty.

    By sara on 12.31.2012