January 31st, 2013 | 234 Entries

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234 Entries for “features”

  1. Features of a magazine, features of the face for example eyes, nose, mouse, eyebrows. All seen as beautiful in may different ways. Science has proven the mose normal features are the most beautiful ones. I like brown eyes and long d

    By Lucy Ratcliffe on 01.31.2013

  2. Features of a magazine, features of the face for example eyes, nose, mouse, eyebrows. All seen as beautiful in may different ways. Science has proven the mose normal features are the most beautiful ones. I like brown eyes and long features.

    By Lucy Ratcliffe on 01.31.2013

  3. there is not a more familiar feeling than the sudden ignition of what feels like flames gathering in my eyes. features tense, and temperatures rise as the rose colored clouds form around my collar.

    By t URL on 01.31.2013

  4. broad and short
    there he is taking my eye
    wherever he walks
    love unbound
    they fall into a smile
    only my eyes can see
    i love him too you know
    his features a mystery
    to any other but me

    By Olcsealgaire URL on 01.31.2013

  5. I have seen features and have seen features. I really like features. I am a very visual person, but remember not to stare. I love features and have my favorite ideas for the features awards show. I don’t know why I felt inclined to see how many times I could say it.

    By charlie URL on 01.31.2013

  6. I always stared at his perfect face especially his perfect jawline, and then he’s asked, “What are you looking at?” I’d answer, “Nothing. You’re just too beautiful.”

    He’s mocked, “Guys are not beautiful. We’re handsome.”

    “Whatever, beautiful.” I would laugh.

    By unblurthefuture URL on 01.31.2013

  7. Small eyes, fair skin, a considerable height…he was quite handsome in my point of view. His features were not only his best asset though. He was a warrior. A martial arts instructor, to say the least.

    By Steffi URL on 02.01.2013

  8. She had lots of them, he had a few but they weren’t the good kind. Her’s were described as nice and beautiful, his’ were gory and unkind. But such is the life of a sentient Trapper Keeper.

    By Jesse URL on 02.01.2013

  9. Features are what make things noticeable: what give them character and make the world an interesting place. Without them we would not find much meaning in what we see, and life would be rather void of flavor. Features are in reality: life.

    By Diego Carrión on 02.01.2013

  10. The way we work our head around fitting into society is what features we either have or dont have. Own or don’t own. Who says these even matter? What social constructs have constriant us to such a manner that we are ruled by something as simple as features? Whether it be natural or owned- we are controlled by what we have or don’t have. We are owned by features,

    By Lauren Joubert on 02.01.2013

  11. In the duckpond there are two water features. One has no feeling and other has no heart. They work well together. for they complement each other.

    By Kevin Mercuur on 02.01.2013

  12. gather information by calling other person and giving wrong identity

    By anshuman on 02.01.2013

  13. Features…maybe one of the most superficial words in the dictionary. Obviously, features are usually visual, physical…the best parts of someone or something. But how can that be when the best parts of a thing is usually in its depth…in what lies beneath…inbetween the lines…

    By Rusty Brickles on 02.01.2013

  14. What will be the word of today? Oh. Featuring my own sense, not being able to access any other, I try, I try hard, to get into the all star cast. But my sense is not enough.

    By Jan2510 URL on 02.01.2013

  15. His eyes green like a murky pond, his mouth with its slight curve that could be a smile or a smirk,

    By Charis Le Riche URL on 02.01.2013

  16. I like the features on your face. They tell me a lot about who you are and what you are thinking. They are the landmarks of your experiences. Allow your features to express themselves. Share those feelings – use your best features to communicate well to others!

    By Lynne @HonieBuk URL on 02.01.2013

  17. you get lego sets with cool features some times 8)

    By Shimbo URL on 02.01.2013

  18. We were very impressed with the many features that came with the new programmes of the Television package that we had signed up for. How ever our joy soon turned to despair as we soon discovered that we were served with the same old nonsense that we had seen before. It was covered in a new format to disguise its uselessness.

    By victor URL on 02.01.2013

  19. i like guys with manly features. babies have the cutest features. Jokers have funny features. My mom has the caring and sharing features inbuilt in her. This is a featured article featuring the best features.

    By sharal barboza on 02.01.2013

  20. She was hardly a peach, the girl with the eye patch– with the blunt bangs, with the candid pout, with the bitten fingernails– indeed, nothing special. Yet, there was something about her that really struck a man like Calvin, hard. Perhaps it was her lofty expression, or the way her tiny frame stood above those of the tall men around her, but he liked the way her single eye flitted about wickedly, and he liked the minxish smirk that burnished itself across her features. Whatever it was, he felt the need to bow.

    By Perri URL on 02.01.2013

  21. facial features, sharp, smooth, graceful, lovely, beautiful, boring, unique, striking, incredible, unforgettable, loving, surprising, scary, sad, deep,

    By mallory on 02.01.2013

  22. His features show that he’s shaken by the incident. He can’t hide it, not when his mother died. He can’t find any logical excuses for this. He can’t cover it up anymore. He’s vulnerable now, and grieving.

    By Loren URL on 02.01.2013

  23. Her features were delicate, yet almost to the point of looking gaunt. With those cheeks drawn in, it was as if she was holding her breath, waiting for the next tragic story to touch her soul.

    By Dani on 02.01.2013

  24. stories that feature something nice, something real, something inevitable, something amazing, something awesome, something unforgettable. anything that could be featured can be featured in a feature.

    By Hannah Minho URL on 02.01.2013

  25. his eyes, his wonderful eyes that light up my world. his lips, his lips that curls and forms a smile whenever I’m around. his hair, perfectly imperfect, even without gel or wax, it’s just too perfect.

    By Hannah Minho URL on 02.01.2013

  26. His features weren’t chiseled, per se, but his height, his build, his overly full lips gave the impression of stone. His skin too, was cool to the touch; just a bit below normal, just enough to make you wonder, and to think he might not keep you warm on a winter’s night.

    By Ara URL on 02.01.2013

  27. her eyes were a soft shade of blue as the tear slowly fell, her once pink lips turning almost the same color as her eyes, slowly the cold takes over her small body leaving her to freeze in the cool water. Once upon a time she was a caring sister, but just like Jack Frost she lost her life saving her sister.

    By krissy on 02.01.2013

  28. There are many people on this earth…like million and millions of people. And all these people have different features that make them up.

    By tyrez on 02.01.2013

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    By jacqui on 02.01.2013

  30. ”Have you seen the features on this new model?” she asked. As I held the device and turned, the dark surface dimpled and seemed to move like oil above deep water. Made of a smooth plastic it was warm and felt slightly damp or sticky. The sensation reminding me of the humidity and the silences and lurking shadows in crowded public spaces.

    By Meredyth URL on 02.01.2013

  31. Play up my best side, the angles that appeal to your glittery bird eyes, twisting my head like the screw of a wine dancer to best fit your imagination of what a woman looks like (not if she were real, but if she were perfect). And if she were perfect, she were only an object (that much, I can almost certainly prove).

    By Saudade URL on 02.01.2013

  32. the things we see of other people
    they are the physical definition of who we are
    but they leave so much to be filled in
    features cant sum someone up
    not the real them.
    they show so much but not enough
    and for some reason we still use them to judge

    By Hatty on 02.01.2013

  33. Her features gleamed in the darkness like a beacon at the end of a foggy dock. I felt drawn to her, her gravitational pull irresistible, like a moth to a flame I helplessly floundered towards her light and the great unknown.

    By Heidi on 02.01.2013

  34. One word can mean many things, but all in all it’s the one word you thought of that makes you right about it in sixty seconds. Mine was food. Yum.

    By Izy on 02.01.2013

  35. His face had soft features. Except for that crease between his eyebrows. The days in which that crease went away completely were getting fewer and fewer.

    By Mariko21 URL on 02.01.2013

  36. images tell us a lot, especially when they’re about people. the individual markings on a face that make a person unique, so different and varied across the spectrum. they are small minute details, but they can become so dear and cherished to you. the features of the ones you love become the most beautiful thing in the world.

    By Rachel on 02.01.2013

  37. There are so many features that I love about you – your smile, your eyes, your hair. They keep me smiling.

    By Arsoleen Woolcock URL on 02.01.2013

  38. The FEATURES ARE WORTHLESS. who NEEDS A PROGRAM THAT CAN AUTO CORRECT MY THOUGHTS. Should I really want to think about sugary treats and chocolate cakes why would I want that corrected to carrots….no waistline is worth that.

    By Jubacat URL on 02.01.2013

  39. Love and islands. it doesn’t matter what I like on the outside but it does. I want to be free like the spaces of the ocean and sky. Make me a bird. I have more to me than a heart.

    By Emily on 02.01.2013

  40. the feature presentation has not been approved for all audiences. viewer discretion is advised! Smile back at me, lets see where it goes…I hope it leads to an R rating!

    By Crystal on 02.01.2013