January 31st, 2013 | 234 Entries

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234 Entries for “features”

  1. Today features lots of needles from acupuncture. Nice.

    By a daily dose URL on 01.31.2013

  2. The features at the theater weren’t exactly up to the par that Snotty Samuel expected, but Ben was perfectly happy to view the latest action flick with the dead hot British star, Harley Kingsley. His abs alone just made Ben’s forehead glisten with sweat and his knees shake beneath his extremities.

    “Let’s watch it!”

    “No,” said Snotty Sam.


    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.31.2013

  3. A person’s features do not make them what they are. A person’s features make them what we see them.

    By Anna on 01.31.2013

  4. I’ve never studied your features this close before,
    But I think I have you memorized.

    I close my eyes, but I can see –
    The pale scar running down from your brow bone to your left eyelid;
    The star chart of freckles scattered across your cheeks;
    The colour of your eyes when you try not to cry.

    By Abbey URL on 01.31.2013

  5. The wings weren’t the first things I noticed. Instead, it was his eyes. The angelic feathered wings poking out of his back were actually the last thing that I noticed. But those eyes of his. Those grey, green eyes that looked like the sea after a storm. The eyes that could look dead and alive at the same time.

    By Amy on 01.31.2013

  6. Her features were soft and harsh at the very same place. She had a hooked nose, and right below it, the softest mouth that has ever existed under my watch. The oblong-shapped face would not fit her haircut under any circumstance. The figure was weird, and somewhat disform. However, she smelled like orchids and walked as she was floating. I think that I saw an angel, perhaps the angel of Lucifer.

    By Jade on 01.31.2013

  7. He had the strangest features. His eyes were cold, cold, cold, like black ice, and impossibly large, so that one could very well drown in them. His skin was dark, and his cheekbones high;. His nose was narrow but his face seemed to have been sculpted like that of a bullfighter’s, stubbornly set and blocky and impossible to forgive or forget. It was like he was missing something–something to hold all of him together.

    By Marmaroth URL on 01.31.2013

  8. She has been gone for almost 17 years now. I search pictures, people’s recollections, and my own memories for resemblances. I can’t see them like others can. I want to. I want to see her in myself… But really, I just want to see her.

    By under that tree URL on 01.31.2013

  9. a feature is something that is a big deal this movie is featured in the theatre this person is featured on the track if you get featured in somethingthat probably means your pretty awesome “so-and-so FEATURING…..” SOME AWESOME PERSON

    By Michelle on 01.31.2013

  10. good features, stay unique stay you. never give up never give in. be you no matter who comes along.

    By kacee nicole URL on 01.31.2013

  11. His warm chocolate brown eyes, the slight twitch of his jaw muscle when he tried to hold back a smile, the feeling of safety that came with being enveloped in his arms. These features kept her trapped in a cycle of longing, of convincing herself these were good enough reasons to stay.

    By Zoe on 01.31.2013

  12. The features of the beloved are transformed by our minds to seduce our eyes.

    By Vic on 01.31.2013

  13. Features. Blah blah blah movie advertisement, new this or that with all of these amazing FEATURES. Oh my jesus, we can’t get enough features. What? Your device doesn’t have these features?

    By grokkfried URL on 01.31.2013

  14. The features in my face include scars. Battle cries. I feature scars under both of my cheeks, both of my eyebrows and two on my chin. I’m clearly just a ditz. And most of these scars came from one bike riding accident. I fell completely over the handle bars onto a rock. It was painful.

    By Sara URL on 01.31.2013

  15. i love watching feature films. My favorite films have to do with escaping into a new world. i love being able to forget this nasty place for a little and see the world for all that it should be. there should be love, adventure, suspense, and happiness around every corner. Movies help me accomplish some of that.

    By Malina on 01.31.2013

  16. features. A animal had different and that is true. I have a bird thats has different features like a beak, feathers and stuffs.

    By Rock123 on 01.31.2013

  17. Lights go down. The ocean looms out of the dim and almost feel the waves as they crash down over us. The title rises from the sea.

    By Park URL on 01.31.2013

  18. I know immediately that I am not wanted. She’s barely caught sight of me before her features twist up in an ugly sneer. She makes a point to laugh mockingly, and when half the cafeteria joins in, laughing along stupidly, I turn and scurry away as fast as I can, shame-faced.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.31.2013

  19. Her features were sharp. Too sharp, she thought. Bird-like. And it was true; her piercing stare, her pursed lips- they put people off. But she made due.

    By macfeely URL on 01.31.2013

  20. I followed the outline of my life, carefully rehearsing form without conviction, like a bishop who can’t see that his faith has become an act. As I passed by shop windows and glimpsed my own reflection, I barely recognised my own features.

    By pip333 URL on 01.31.2013

  21. Features on the sculpture were a peculiar choice for this contemporary artist who always strove for realism. I tended to be lenient, favouring exploration of new themes yet its repulsive shapes and obtrusive ordinance caused my artistic authenticity great harm so I caused that artist great harm and tore it down.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 01.31.2013

  22. A women has many features, but the best is not her legs or her lips, it is her heart and her sole. Beauty is not what one see’s but one doesn’t see.

    By Manana Sanders on 01.31.2013

  23. Sharp nose, dull eyes. Her skin was flush, but somehow lacked the glow of the living. If she weren’t right here, standing in front of me, her rank breath tickling my nose, I’d swear she was a zombie.

    By Soft URL on 01.31.2013

  24. “It’s the features,” the salesman said. Except it came out like “futures.”

    “Oh, the product has a future, then?”

    “Yes, yes, lots of futures.”

    “How can it have more than one?”

    “Because it was made that way.”

    “Have you ever listened to yourself?” I asked.

    He had this puzzled look on his face; he was clueless.

    By chipschap URL on 01.31.2013

  25. His hands had some interesting features, they weren’t big enough to think he was a real monster.

    By Katherone on 01.31.2013

  26. CSS features. Too many to mention, don’t you think? It’s tiring. Too many features can make you forget in focusing on the small details. One because they’re too many. And two, they’re many. Does it even make sense?

    By Princess URL on 01.31.2013

  27. His hands had some interesting features, they weren’t big enough to think he was a real monster. They looked gently and soft instead.

    By Katherine on 01.31.2013

  28. the shows on tv always features a figure representing dracula and a bunch of werewolves in a fight for their lives. Some of the shows are good, some bad but never very interesting. If I had my way there would be more comedy on the big screen. We need more laughter in this world. don’t you think. I was watching a show the other day and it wasa really good shoot em up gangster movie.

    By kenney on 01.31.2013

  29. I’ve said enough of her features, please don’t ask more. I’ll die if I try to remember her face one more time just to tell you what she looked like. It was love at first sight and I’ll die without knowing her name.

    By ASDFG on 01.31.2013

  30. her features. her features so unique
    from her phalanges to her high cheeks
    a sneak peek of heaven’s peak
    perfection in her smile, confident yet meek.
    playful yet commanding as late july’s heat
    and i swear that everytime we meet
    i think of her tangled in my sheets
    clothes on the floor and above, dangling feet

    By kapanga URL on 01.31.2013

  31. her features shone out at me like a thousand suns. her high cheekbones, her slender nose. those piercing, intense eyes. they rooted me to the spot, frozen in awe. her beauty was more though. more than her features. it was her confidence. the way she wore it like a dress. i have never seen someone stand so proud. yet there was something beneath. something behind her mask of pride. fear. fear of being alone. fear of dismissal. for just like everyone else, she had feelings.

    By Ollie on 01.31.2013

  32. They define who we are. They are keys to uniqueness and give us a sense of non conformity, despite the the fact that we conform everywhere.

    By Chandler on 01.31.2013

  33. It feautures a unique aspect to it. Why you ask? I don’t know. I don’t know anything but what is fed to me through culture and through media. Why do we care so much about items that are “cool” to have? It makes no sense. Only consumes emotions and lame thoughts.

    By Caitlin URL on 01.31.2013

  34. the greatest of all.
    some would go a full year rejecting these perfections.
    some believe, others not at all.
    the branches are silver.

    By curtis on 01.31.2013

  35. It was remarkable. He had a high, sharp nose, big green eyes and thin lips: Somehow, these little things made him stand out from the crowd like a naked man at a funeral. He was just so obviously inhuman.

    By Maddy URL on 01.31.2013

  36. fuffin

    emma im for you

    dont you touch that golden sun

    hell and silence, i can fight it.

    By angie on 01.31.2013

  37. Positive. Glass half full. Assets. I felt a warm feeling when I saw the word “features”. Made me think of the good things a person has to offer and what defines them.

    By Kel on 01.31.2013

  38. i think the features of a person are the most important thing mot how they look or how much money the have just wich kind of person they are.

    By Elo on 01.31.2013

  39. Though the years had pulled the skin down so the saggy jowls hung off his face like a basset hound’s, you could see the fine features he used to have hiding underneath the loose skin.

    By nedra URL on 01.31.2013

  40. Well, this car doesn’t only go from 1 to 60 in 10 seconds, it has tons of other features as well! Have you ever heard of a car with a hot dog holder? Ha, I know I have. Gosh, this car truly is amazing. My engagement? Meh, I guess it can wait. I mean, look at this thing, it’s so shiny!

    By .Theo URL on 01.31.2013