January 31st, 2013 | 234 Entries

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234 Entries for “features”

  1. I will lick the feathers from your ghost till they coat the floor with spittle and you are flightless evermore. This is just one of the extra features available if you consent to be my wife.
    She sighed. This was not how she imagined this moment would be.

    By Chris Glynn URL on 01.31.2013

  2. Half an hour late, he walks through the door with laughing strangers. I stand up, trying to catch his attention. “Theo!” I yell over the noise of lunch. He spots me after several seconds of looking like an idiot on my part. His features are relaxed; he looks happy. But I’m livid, and he can tell.

    “Indie, I–”

    “You know what? I don’t even want to hear your lie of an excuse.” I walk past him out the door. My stomach grumbles, but I keep going, past the bell tower, past the library, past my thoughts.

    By Marissa URL on 01.31.2013

  3. when i see ur face i cant help but compare them to the most beautiful things in the world. Your eyes, your lips, your nose, your cheeks, you alone are simply so beautiful

    By Margarita URL on 01.31.2013

  4. You lean over and lay on my chest and I love you. I love the freckles on your back and the early morning messy hair. I love the 3 am conversations and I love slurred cadence of your talk when you fall asleep. Mostly I love your flaws and how they make you all you are.

    By kiley Chapman on 01.31.2013

  5. Her face was blurry, but the features became deep and dark after i came closer. It was as if though she was outlined with charcoal. i loved her for that. Her eyes were the darkest and most mysterious thing on this Earth, but I was drawn to her.

    By Samantha on 01.31.2013

  6. The features on the little one was uncanny. Completely like her mothers, a result of pure narcissism. Creating miniature clones for ones pure satisfaction, I couldn’t be more disgusted by the family, or should I say cult..

    By harper. URL on 01.31.2013

  7. Features are the revelation of vanity within a human being, a quintessential flaw that I detest. We analyse them and deem whether they are beautiful.

    By Cara on 01.31.2013

  8. They destine our future. That girl with the piggy nose you do not like? You will never talk to her again because of it. But perhaps if you had just waited you would find she was everything you wanted and loved in life.

    By c.m URL on 01.31.2013

  9. The features on his face were sullen and dark. His true emotions could be masked by his dramatic nose, his sunken eyes, and his hollow cheeks. His nose hung over his mouth like a hook. His lips shriveled and dry the color of a dead fish,

    By lauragill URL on 01.31.2013

  10. His blue eyes were staring into mine but I wasn’t looking back. I was lost in his lips. They looked soft and kissable. I wonder what they would have felt like on mine. His hands were holding me closer to him and I couldn’t breath normally. He was perfect and I wanted him, forever.

    By Kars on 01.31.2013

  11. Features. As in feature films. No that’s not features. What ae features? Must be features on a face, eyes ear nose as in drawing. The film is a feature presentation…there ae no features in a film other than like highlights. So features belong to a person, what co lour eyes, two or one? nose, lips, teeth, hair and ears. There ae features all around a person. What other features does one have?

    By sigo URL on 01.31.2013

  12. His eyes were dark and his skin was pale. He looked sick. The roughness of his lips made him look even more unhealthy. I still wanted to touch his lips and stare into his eyes which were a dark green now. I still wanted to be his, forever.

    By Kars URL on 01.31.2013

  13. I like the features that different people have. It’s a lot like the different features on a computer. Every one has different eyes, just like computers have different web cams. And sometimes people change their appearances with makeup, like adding a sticker to their laptop lid.

    By Megan Wood on 01.31.2013

  14. His beautiful features glistened in the moonlight. The shade of his bright blue eyes glimmered and they looked at me with so much love I thought I could burst. I never thought it was possible to feel this way about anyone.

    By Julianna Pollicino URL on 01.31.2013

  15. Films. Faces. Featured faces. I think they’d be small, symmetrical. Likes hers, round and pleasant. Small nose. Features that reveal what someone’s really like. It’s all in their face- dont you see it now! Physical features, like unwrapping a toy, like it or not what you’ll find inside is apparent the moment you see the out-

    By Amma on 01.31.2013

  16. Feature teachers. They are the works of our children. Teach them the world. Love, life, and the basics of surviving.

    By pt on 01.31.2013

  17. The look of his chiseling jaw kept me at a dazzling awe. A feature to die for in a man. A future husband.

    By pt on 01.31.2013

  18. The features on her radiated with a burning hatred and nothing more. No one dared to breathe when she was around and she didn’t care. There is, was, and always will be the next kill.

    By Kitty on 01.31.2013

  19. The features on the remote mimicked what she wished she could do with time. She needed to rewind the good moments and fast forward the tragic ones until later. She wanted to pause when she felt it was infinite and right, she cherished that time. But she couldn’t, wouldn’t and shouldn’t feel so wrapped up in the future and past that she forgot what its like to life in the continuous moment.

    By Alexis URL on 01.31.2013

  20. Her eyes scanned his face, searching for clues. His mouth seems pressed. His eyebrows are furrowed up in the center of his forehead. He subconsciously rubs his nose.

    She sighs. “Baby, why were you so late coming home tonight?”

    He blinks quickly, swallows hard, and looks away. Softly he replies, “I told you babe, I had to get milk.” He clears his throat and continues his voice crescendos as his anger grows. “I swear if you ask again I’m gonna lose it.” He blinks fast and looks away.

    A smile stretches across her face. “Okay, sorry Chad.”

    By Sydney URL on 01.31.2013

  21. an endless list of traits and endless options that have never been explored.

    By amber on 01.31.2013

  22. Feature this, feature that.
    Feature in movies, on the different features of your new disgusting high tech cell phone. Feature me in your over priced movies.
    Feature this, feature that.

    By Aubrey URL on 01.31.2013

  23. Feature this, feature that.
    Feature me in your new over priced movies. Feature me on your disgusting high tech phone.
    Feature this, feature that.

    By Aubrey URL on 01.31.2013

  24. My girlfriend is amazing. She isn’t like other girls. I know many guys may say that about their girlfriends, but for real, this one is different. She has so many amazing features that make her so beautiful and kind and wonderful. She never wears makeup, or does her hair, or paints her nails or anything, because she knows she is most beautiful as herself.

    By Maaaaaaaaaaatt URL on 01.31.2013

  25. Let death come with all its features. Let it come to take me away. Until then I will stay. In Jesus name I will stay.

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 01.31.2013

  26. His features were finely sculpted into his face, as if chiseled out, hit by hit, into a sharp, yet rounded face that screamed fortune. He didn’t have a speck of hair on his chin, and his eyebrows fit perfectly into a comet shape. His dark eyes sparked with an intensity that could not be taken away, and his hands were covered in blood.

    By A.C. Rooks URL on 01.31.2013

  27. Features can resemble many things. These things create what you see, the features of a face body or life. Features can resemble what you see in your life, and define the experiences you see in life. A feature film, features of a creature, animal, or person.

    By Colin on 01.31.2013

  28. Mediocrity is a slow numb death.
    Keep plodding along at such a slow pace
    And pretty soon you’ll have nothing left.
    With no one to love you, notice your changes
    You’ll fade as the lines eat at your face.
    Try to hold on ’til your fate rearranges.

    By Genevieve on 01.31.2013

  29. “The features of the new model include a personality designed to match your own”, the robot shop salesman told me. “No,” I replied, I wouldn’t like me!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.31.2013

  30. When I look at you
    I don’t see your eyes
    As blue
    And deep
    And inviting as they are
    Or your smile
    The way one corner of your mouth lifts higher
    And how you don’t just smile with your mouth
    But with your whole face
    I don’t see your hair
    The way it falls into your eyes when you don’t do anything to it
    And how touchable it looks
    The way the light can turn it blonde or dark brown
    I don’t see the way you stand there
    With a silent confidence
    And I don’t notice how you can get lost in your own thoughts
    And trail off in the middle of a conversation
    When I look at you
    I don’t see any of these features
    I just see you

    By Maci_M URL on 01.31.2013

  31. Features. Physical features. Like her long brown hair that falls so perfectly at her shoulders and her bright green eyes that are so kind, yet penetrate your soul. They are intimidating and welcoming all at once; but still, I keep my distance, afraid, unworthy.

    By Allonah on 01.31.2013

  32. physical appearances related to a certain thing
    the best out of a collection of items
    the most popular

    By Joe URL on 01.31.2013

  33. The features on her face were muted. She was soft and yet so very beautiful. Her eyes sat peacefully, an elixir of brown and black swirled together. Her hair, a passionate read hung loosely on her shoulders. SHe fiddled with it constantly, afraid to leave it be. All of this made her, her pale skin, her warm eyes.

    By Kevin on 01.31.2013

  34. I immediately thought of features of a person. Someone’s physical appearance. But features can be anything really; features of a computer, a game, even a blender.

    By Lauren O'Connor on 01.31.2013

  35. I love the features in some peoples faces. The jawline, the eyes, even the “blemishes” like freckles. Every facial feature has a story of some kind. Someone being made fun of for a sizable nose, being complimented on eye color, having lips that are both good and bad depending on situation. All amazing. All fantastic. All useful. All memorable

    By NG on 01.31.2013

  36. The features from the feature film featured future foodies who followed eachother through finland to try their figs. The menu featured many different types of figs. The figs of the future.

    By Daniel Trujillo URL on 01.31.2013

  37. I like the way that your lines on your face connect in the most beautiful way. From your nose to your chin to your eyes. Everything has this irresistible asymmetry that I completely adore. I like the way that your eyes crinkle when you smile and the tip of your nose caresses your cupid’s bow.

    By Michaela on 01.31.2013

  38. I wish that I could tell you more about his face. It’s just so perfect you wouldn’t understand by the words on a page. The freckles around his eyes and jawline. The strength of his straight nose. His overly bushy eyebrows that compliment his blue eyes. I love every one of his features.

    By Michaela on 01.31.2013

  39. How one presents themselves to the world. Defined characteristics of your identity, without your features – not solely physical, but mental attributes and personality traits as well – That’s what were counting as features here. They’re changeable, definitely. You can change anything you don’t like about yourself now a days. Your skin color, Michael Jackson did. He bleached himself.. so did Lindsey Lohan. Weird. Why are the most liked people always changing? I mean they bleached themselves after they were already in the spot light. Already loved. Usually the general idea is you change if people don’t like you. or if you think something wrong with you … But how could something be wrong with you? Who made up what was wrong? You in your own brain get to decide what’s wrong. We’re all free to think even if we are not free to do. We’re all the same in different ways really so if were all isotopes of the same element how can any of us be wrong. Were all variations of each other. Produced, carved and grown from each other. We are all the same, no distinct feature. You can’t be unique. Impossible there’s too many of us.

    By Mikkaila on 01.31.2013

  40. bumps and bruises
    cuts and scabs
    freckles, moles, spots
    I have
    splotches, dots
    scars and wounds

    By Sam URL on 01.31.2013