February 16th, 2013 | 422 Entries

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422 Entries for “fatigue”

  1. The times that I feel at most fatigue is when I’ve had a busy weekend with guests staying over and I am hosting people throughout. I get tired just thinking about it before the weekend arrives. There’s the list of things to do, such as cleaning, grocery shopping, making up beds, bathroom duties, meals to cook, fun things to do and the list goes on. I don’t know how often I feel like this but when Monday morning rolls round and I’m sitting at my desk sipping my green tea, that’s when it hits me. My eyes are droopy and I start leaning back on my chair and I think about how much I’ve done throughout the weekend. I thought exercise was the main reason behind being fatigue but it’s actually being a good host that takes the energy out of me. Oh well – better check who’s next on the visitor calendar.

    By grace on 02.17.2013

  2. It had been so long since I’d had anything to drink. To eat. To see. To hear. Days inside a black box. Nothing to validate my existence at all. Dead.

    By Hannah on 02.17.2013

  3. I don’t believe in fatigue. I feel like it’s bullshit. Like I shouldn’t have to deal with it, but it’s taking up most of my life. Just being tired is the cause of everything. Like, do you think Hitler was ever just like, “It’s just one of those days.” Fatigue is just your body telling you that death is definitely going to happen. Like fatigue just keeps tapping on your shoulder, like “Hey…one day you’re gonna be so tired you won’t even care that it’s over.”

    By Tom on 02.17.2013

  4. Fatigue. Total confusion. Just want to be friends, because I’ll get over myself soon enough anyway. Cut the red thing out.

    By agloe on 02.17.2013

  5. Tiresome. This day is so tiresome. I get up, I work, I get down, then I sleep. Again and again. Life daily is fatigue. That’s what I fight, that’s what I am, that’s all I will be. Fuck that. I’d rather sleep and dream fatigue away.

    By Victoria on 02.17.2013

  6. This is how I feel everyday.
    It’s very tiring being fatigue; did you know that?
    I’m sick of this. I’m sick of life in general.

    By Bryce on 02.17.2013

  7. breathing quickening in my throat. I can’t do this anymore, I am tired. I am done. What am I to do now with this burden on my shoulders? Fatigue. I am mortified, my hands are weak, my knees are shaking. My cheeks are red and pink and I can’t find much else to do. I see a bed, I ponder. I am tired. I fall.

    By Des on 02.17.2013

  8. She was tired. Completely and utterly tired of the war, of her husband going off and her not knowing what was going on and she was sick, sick because she was pregnant and hiding it. Scared, sick, tired. And she needed him to want the baby as much as she did… and she hoped forever that he did, but she would just have to wait for the moment he got home.

    By leslea on 02.17.2013

  9. I am weary. For no reason in particular. I slept nearly fourteen hours last night. But I suppose that’s what grief will do to you. It will suck away your energy like vacuum. Leave you to wither like a plant that hasn’t seen water in days.

    By Taylor on 02.17.2013

  10. it’s really hard to be tired when you’ve got a lot of work to do like right now i have a ton of homework but I’m seriously in such a fatigue I have no idea how to get any of it done. this weird thing making me write is also quite odd and hard to finish because I am in such a fatigue. it’s weird how I am saying “in such a fatigue” I should really be saying that I am “fatigued”. words are weird. what is the point of this thing? I’m trying to figure it out . I am hungry. It is hard to feel hunger and fatigue simultaneously. When will my boyfriend be off work? I hope he brings me something to eat.

    By elena on 02.17.2013

  11. I can’t breath. I have nothing left inside me to push on but I cannot stop running. To stop is to accept death. Something which I cannot do. I can’t outrun you but I won’t be caught easily.

    By Taylor on 02.17.2013

  12. Fatigue was a fat and ugly world held upon his shoulders that day. He became Atlas. The wind stuttered in his ears and the cold pricked the pads of his fingers numb.

    By facelessarya URL on 02.17.2013

  13. The day had been perfect, but insanely long. I drifted off, the pinpoints of light in space blurring before my closing eyelids extinguished them entirely. “Thank you, Colin,” I whispered. I thought I felt a hand stroking through my hair, but I was gone, gone, gone…

    The world was shaking. No, a hand was shaking my shoulder.

    By Jennifer Brown URL on 02.17.2013

  14. What a funny little word… Sometimes I feel like this. And it’s not always physical. It’s an emotional fatigue that I just can’t seem to get away from. This is a word that hurts me. I hate it.

    By Flavia on 02.17.2013

  15. a long sweaty day filled to the brim with mind numbing activities and actions. A dull ache of the body, a slow sideways slag of the mind. The ticking, slowly, of times passing moments. A slog of foreverness, crawling limply away from the excitement of the days first moments…

    By shelby on 02.17.2013

  16. There is no such fatigue compared to the restless fatigue that is grief, eating, scratching at your stomach like a frightened, caged thing.

    By facelessarya URL on 02.17.2013

  17. Goodness, I was fatigued. The day I sold the melon shop, I was lost. What should I do with my life? All I knew was melons. All I wanted to know was melons. I was exasperated and ordered a drink. I could help it- “Melon water, please, sir.”

    By Hannah Thomas on 02.17.2013

  18. Should I? Dare I? If I willed myself out of such a dark and deep fatigue, I may have an effect on him. “Melon,” I whispered seductively. He turned towards me, intrigued. “Yes, darling?” God, I love melons.

    By Hannah Thomas on 02.17.2013

  19. Whenever I leave that place I feel it wash over me. Becuase nothing so great will happen outside than inside. I’m so tired with the notion of nothingness. fatigue

    By Dacey Geary on 02.17.2013

  20. This fatigue is taking over me
    This is my final decree.
    My head is clouded from lack of sleep
    All I do is weep and weep.

    I wait for these meds to work out right,
    but time simmers so slowly this very night.
    No lover can withhold my pain,
    here I am doomed to remain.

    I lie alone, trembling in my bed,
    there’s a pounding in my head
    demons use my body then wish to be let out
    I fear they’ll escape from my shouts.

    The night leaks into day
    To sleep I have not been swayed
    There are no lullabies for me
    dark teeth gnashing is all I foresee

    Perhaps when Winter’s darkness is gone,
    I’ll soon wake to Spring’s lovely song.
    You see, I am a Persephone,
    The seasons are an awful pass for me.

    In Winter, I languish, nightmare-covered,
    Temptations and vices are my lovers,
    but Summer brings me back to life,
    I am the sun’s effervescent wife.

    In this cycle I am caught,
    A lobster waiting to be bought,
    The seasons cycle, and it can’t be mend.
    (not with any amount of medicine)

    based on seasonal affective disorder, nightmares,sleep paralysis and other sleep disorders.

    By cosmic URL on 02.17.2013

  21. tired hurt stressed I fell it all the time over worked to much to think about lifes surprise my decisions people demands controll

    By veronica on 02.17.2013

  22. After riding for almost 1500 kms, i was so fatigued that i asked for a leave from office. So i called my boss who gently accepted my leave but i wanted to work. So got my laptop out, switched on my Wi-Fi and there you go. Productivity wasn’t lost.

    By travellerinmotion on 02.17.2013

  23. i feel tired lately.
    i mean i get a crap ton of sleep but i dont understand how i feel so tired. theres not enough time in the day for all the stuff i wanna go and do and see
    i need more time!!

    im kinda sleepy right now actually. and a nice cuddle doesnt sound bad

    By Starlight34 on 02.17.2013

  24. I do not know what this word means. Im lost.

    By r!ckaly URL on 02.17.2013

  25. The bone weary tiredness of all people drawn into a single word.

    By Jason Knowles on 02.17.2013

  26. Boom! I laid at the bottom of a huge hole in the ground. For hours I smelt the musty mingled scents of dust and c

    By Jason Knowles on 02.17.2013

  27. The weary man strolled down the rainswept dirt road, the edge of his cloak just caught by the howling wind. He clutched the parasol slightly closer as the howling northern skies dared to wrench it from his grasp, sending it tumbling to the east like all the other pine needles that littered the trail.

    By Theodore on 02.17.2013

  28. I´m not. I think…

    please help!

    I need a friend

    By Carlos on 02.17.2013

  29. subdued with an utterly cloudless mind, they had the eyes that thought of smiling. their hearts were never full of fatigue for the infatuation with the entity of life, nor did they falter at the copious amounts of detrimental drifters. the humble transcendence of these beings astounded the helpless and the dauntless alike.

    By Tas URL on 02.17.2013

  30. I was very tired last night. I stayed up to talk to you. UNfortunetly the night before I fell asleep on you and I’m sorry, but I hope we can make this work. You make me happy. Fatigue is worth it my dear

    By Emma URL on 02.17.2013

  31. I keep waking in fatigue nowadays. I wonder was it fatigue in the body because of my recent bacteria infection? Was it fatigue from travel, as I have done so much recently. Was it just fatigue from living too much, for I have not done otherwise since a year ago. Or was it fatigue from knowing I have to be doing much after this, to pick up my life so that I can continue to live like crazy. To live in happy fatigue again and again and again.

    By rokh URL on 02.17.2013

  32. tired. ready for the endless hammering of words, pain, and life. i have eyes sew open.

    By Miki on 02.17.2013

  33. Grey eyes, short hair; his face was looking haggard. Though the life was gleaming in his eyes, his body had shrunk back, hollow and empty. It was only a matter of time before he withered away completely.

    By KT URL on 02.17.2013

  34. The fatigue of grief fell over me like a blanket of steel, weighing my mind like dumbbells.

    By Olivia on 02.17.2013

  35. Fatigue happens when one gives up their dreams. You end your day and think that you cannot move. Your body might be fatigued, but a fatigued mind, one hopes to avoid that at all costs. Childhood, the ultimate avoidance of fatigue.

    By Amanda J on 02.17.2013

  36. Something I experience often and often have to fight. I dislike it because it makes me feel less alive. I wish I could have boundless energy.

    By Lauren URL on 02.17.2013

  37. I am in a state of fatigue at this very moment. It is what is keeping me from FaceTiming my friend who just called me. All I want to do is lie down and watch Law and Order and read. Fatigue is keeping me from being the social butterfly that I am trying to be.

    By Chuks URL on 02.17.2013

  38. Last night, panting and out of breath, I entered my front door. The fatigue was almost overbearing; it weighed me down and had me gasping for breath. Never before had I run so hard. Looking back, the memories frightened me. I made the decision then to keep it to myself. No one else needed to know. Stripping off my clothes I sank to the floor, empty.

    By Hudson Benson on 02.17.2013

  39. The fatigue settled deep within her bones, but sleep was not an option. Not when the man that almost killed her was still out there, plotting his next attempt at her life. What did she do to deserve this? She wasn’t exactly sure, but she had a pretty good idea it had to do with buying the last copy of that particular book.

    By Brandy G. on 02.17.2013

  40. Fatigue struck and I fell senseless to the hardwood floor. My breath wouldn’t flow properly, coming and going in waves, succession intruded on by the weight of the entire world on my chest.

    By Hudson Benson URL on 02.17.2013