June 24th, 2011 | 428 Entries

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428 Entries for “failed”

  1. I failed at everything I ever tried to fly. When I thought about not flying, I did not fail. Then, I woke up and realized that I had failed to awaken as I was still a penguin. I also didn’t brush my teeth, but the walrus did. Then we went to the roller coaster together happily.

    By Salendra Miltrian on 06.24.2011

  2. When I hear what you have to say,
    I have failed at each of your ways,
    But I don’t fret my days away
    I have more then succeeded on my own .
    I AM BATMAN!!!!

    By Lord Jim URL on 06.24.2011

  3. I have failed. I knew it before, but now its official. I knew I would never be good enough. Their expectations were always too high, always trying to push me higher. But I could not meet them. I was not good enough. I never could meet their expectations.

    What’s worse: I don’t think I ever wanted to.

    By ellalah URL on 06.24.2011

  4. Hector threw the horseshoe at the peg and failed. It He walked 40 feet, picked up the horseshoe again. He threw it toward the peg and failed again. His mother yelled out the farmhouse window, “Hector! If you’re going to do that, please take it off the horse, first!”

    Hector gulped three more anabolic steroid capsules and did just that, taking out a migrating snow goose.

    By richpee URL on 06.24.2011

  5. I haven’t failed. I brush the bangs I wish I had from my forehead. My skin is dry even though I try to put lotion on most nights the way they say to. I haven’t failed. I study my nails and some have been bitten but other haven’t. I haven’t.

    By l URL on 06.24.2011

  6. For many months during this project, I kept thinking that I was going to fail and if I had failed, I would have been sorely disappointed in myself. It wasn’t a Herculean task like so many other people might face, but it was a goal I set for myself, to write one of these suckers a day for a year. As it is, for the last month, there have been times when I just didn’t want to keep writing. So, I came up with a way of counting things down. I counted backwards until tonight when I reached the number one. Interestingly enough, the number one also brings me to the last part of this project. There is some philosophical discussion to be had about the juxtaposition of something being both first and last but that’s for another night when I’ve had at least one glass of Amarula. It’s been a pleasure to write these stories, and an honor to see that so many of you have read them. I can’t wait to share the next phase with you and that’s all coming soon….

    By Izolda URL on 06.24.2011

  7. People have failed at many things throughout life sometimes multiple in a day and many more in a lifetime. All fail while few succeed.

    By Leah on 06.24.2011

  8. I have failed my friends.
    I have failed my teachers.
    I have failed my parents.
    I have failed this world.
    But, what is failure?
    Is it merely not completing what someone thinks you should have done?
    Is it not stepping up to worldly standards?
    Have you ever failed yourself if you are following your heart?

    By Holly May on 06.24.2011

  9. You failed at life. I hate to tell you this with you sitting there barely reaching 90 something in dog years. All you’ve done is sit around the house and eat the food I’ve given you. And, occasionally, you’ve taken a poop. You have cancer now. I loved you at some point.

    By michaela on 06.24.2011

  10. “Go with them and follow what choices are given to you. When the time comes, turn back and let them think you failed! This is how you deceive them Nila. Watch. Listen. And stay out of your head if you want to make it out alive!” George said.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 06.24.2011

  11. there was once a failure in Peru
    quite pathetic, he knew not what to do
    never tried to do right
    or climb out of his plight
    just sat proud with his face in his shoe.

    By Javier Shopek URL on 06.24.2011

  12. We were sitting in Clune today, listening to Canty give a little pep talk about graduation. He showed us a Powerpoint with little black dots that represented us, walking up the aisle and then into our rows of twelve. At the end of each row were two more seats, set apart a little bit, marked with an F that we assumed meant “faculty” – but it was nice to ask, “are those seats for the kids who failed?”

    By Is URL on 06.24.2011

  13. I failed. I failed everyone. My mother. My sister. My friends. They all are disappointed in me. I’m disappointed in myself. I failed to take on responsibility for my actions. I failed to listen to those around me when they needed me the most. I have failed in every aspect of the word.

    By Holly URL on 06.24.2011

  14. yep, I failed. do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    By trinity on 06.24.2011

  15. i failed. i remember in third grade we took a measurement test and i got a d on it. i remember in 6th grade there was a kitchen safety quiz and i failed. i could never beat the first level of angry birds in the seasons version. i remember i couldn’t beat level 19 of hop.

    By Michelle on 06.24.2011

  16. i have never failed anything. that is not to say that i have succeeded, but i have never looked at myself and been utterly disappointed. too many people in the world believe that they are incapable or accomplishments and the reality is that everyone can do anything. there is no excuse for failing is you don’t work hard. it is up to you.

    By Ella on 06.24.2011

  17. Failure. The word stands for so much.

    By Holly URL on 06.24.2011

  18. Failed only means you have something new to succeed at. Creation. Destruction. An infinite cycle. It is quite beautiful…

    By Lauren URL on 06.24.2011

  19. i failed school this year, it’s the worst i’ve ever done. sure i didn’t actually fail, but I just wasn’t up to the standard i set for myself. i regret all of it, but it has been a learning experience and i’m somewhat glad it happened. I am really glad it happened. i definitely learned something about myself.

    By Mark on 06.24.2011

  20. we failed. that’s the last thing that ran through our minds as everything disappeared before us. we fell into nothingness, our dreams shattered, our lives gone. We had done everything in vain. No one was spared.

    Our voices became the wind that carried the rest of us away.

    By Aili on 06.24.2011

  21. A label that is very familiar to me. I am my own worse critic. As I try to move on and build new relationships it is always in the back of my head; How am I going to screw this one up? How will I push him away this time? I have been told everything I did wrong, every thing I didn’t do and what the breaking point was. That begins to wear a person down. I have been left with a broken heart and cracks in my soul. Time does heal wounds, but does it free you from yourself? The only thing left to do is lift your head, open your heart and try again.

    By Kari Norene on 06.24.2011

  22. Did this really happen?, she thought. But…

    Shelley hadn’t failed in her life. Until now. The “34” was like a slash on her unmarred skin, bleeding into her eyes and burning into her mind. She couldn’t help thinking, I am so dead. Her mother, she knew, was going to kill her.

    By Elizabeth URL on 06.24.2011

  23. i failed. at tests, at angry birds, at a lot of things. in sixth grade i failed a freaking kitchen safety quiz. i couldnt pass the first level of angry birds season. and i also fail at using the site cause i already wrote about the word failed. failed failed failed. that’s a big part of life.

    By Michelle on 06.24.2011

  24. i guess i fail at kind of everything i do. like i thought of a test and then i got really shocked. like heart stopping, gut wrenching. it was awful. i guess i feel a lot like a failure lately. it’s not my fault. well maybe it is. it’s always my fault. i fail because i self-destruct. i fail because i don’t look at things the same way as everyone. i don’t care. i’m a failure. and i’m happy. i’m not happy. but i’m okay. i’m getting by. and i will be happy soon. i don’t know. it doesn’t matter. i failed. i always will. i’m only human after all. what do you want from me?

    By Ann on 06.24.2011

  25. I failed at everything.
    I could never see what others saw,
    and others saw everything I couldn’t.

    It was a real shame. Failure.

    By Jerry on 06.24.2011

  26. I’ve failed so many times, sometimes I think I’ve failed more than succeeded in my life. Maybe that’s okay though. That could mean that I am learning more lessons than some people who never fail. Who knows. I sure don’t. But that’s okay.

    By Cristina on 06.24.2011

  27. i’m staring blankly at this word. i guess it describes how i’ve felt lately, since i’m so unhappy. i feel like i’ve failed. but at what? i know i’ve done fine at many things: my grades are good, i found a job, etc. but somehow this word looks totally different to me sitting here by itself than any other time i’ve read it. it’s a bit of an epiphany, really…interesting…

    By Libby URL on 06.24.2011

  28. When I was kid i failed at lots of tests. but as i grew older i knew i could do better than when i was in high school. I started to try harder. I knew i could anying. and the benifits paidoff. I got aweome grades and looked better than most of the kids in my classes. now i know that i can do anything as long as i am determined enough.

    By tlong on 06.24.2011

  29. It slipped out of my fingers and fell to the floor with a clatter. A trophy that should have meant something, but didn’t. The day was one, I was on top. But somehow, without her by my side, I knew I had lost. The top was lonely, they said. They were right.

    By Lunarflight URL on 06.24.2011

  30. like major fail. so bad at catching the damn ball, but like so are you. but like when you catch the ball major win!!!

    By Julia on 06.24.2011

  31. I’ve almost failed my math class and it was impossible, failed is a painful word when you”re refferencing yourself, No one has entirely failed until you give up.

    By Amber-anne URL on 06.24.2011

  32. Life through the eyes of an old one who doesn’t appreciate where he has come from or where he is going.

    By Megan on 06.24.2011

  33. failed. i guess you can’t really say you’ve failed unless you’ve tried and then birned out every single resource to make it work, and even then it’s not really a fail, fail, it’s more of a non-win. you only fail if you don’t try, or if you don’t take any chances. what i’m trying to say is, fail equals conformism, and who wants to settle for less?

    By andrea on 06.24.2011

  34. I failed math. I can’t do math it’s like impossible for me. My brain just doesn’t work well with numbers. It’s something I just cannot grasp. The concept of formulas, letters, numbers, methods. It’s very straight forward in a sense that there is always an answer and only mimnal ways of finding it yet I cannot seem to get the answer. So I failed math. I fail at finding answers. So i’ll stop looking. Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    By Jesse on 06.24.2011

  35. Failed, impale these words, destiny is mailed, creatures subconsciously formed entailed, migraines hailed, couldn’t face Him, One cross and three nails, Hell, been there, underrated fairy tale as my skeleton trails up out of my skin, so pale

    By Shorts URL on 06.24.2011

  36. Sitting here I tried to think of a time I failed, but my mind ran blank. Failure, it’s all relative isn’t it? What may appear to be a failure at first eventually becomes a past experience in which I, if I’m lucky, have learned something. I think it’s a good thing my mind ran blank, because to think of something as a failure is to assign limits. I moved past those failures by trying again.

    By Haley URL on 06.24.2011

  37. The sound of a motor bike roared away into the horizon leaving behind a trail of dust and my worst nightmare. oh. dear. god. The yellow package just lay there, oblivious to the disaster that it could bring to me. I gulped. It was my report card, a slip of paper which will inform my parents on my failures at school. asdfgh; curse the dratted yellow package. disaster was upon me.

    By bannie URL on 06.24.2011

  38. If I fail, i feel like a true Failure. See, I did not do any work in this class last bimestrial period, so I failed. But then I figured, I could just try harder and work next period and then I’d pass the subject and I could be free to go to college. So, there really is no failure, unless, of course, you don’t try to fix the mistake you’ve already made.

    By andrea on 06.24.2011

  39. I’ve failed. Everyone’s failed. Happiness prevails.

    By Yeic URL on 06.24.2011

  40. one failed attempt leads you to want to never fail again. failure is not of nature but soaring to new heights in order to have sucess. failure used to keep me down, but now i am free…free to soar in the carelessness of losing yet having Gods peace

    By samantha on 06.24.2011