June 24th, 2011 | 428 Entries

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428 Entries for “failed”

  1. i failed three classes this year due to extreme personal issues that lead to prolonging my success and ultimately eliminating it. now i have to go to a shitty highschool:(

    By Lauren Leonardo on 06.24.2011

  2. Today I failed a test. Ok, I didn’t fail but I got a 74. I don’t know what happened. This will NEVER happen again. I’m not like this. I’m a straight A student. I’ll show them.

    By alex on 06.24.2011

  3. failed is such a negative word. if you try something and do not succeed, it just means that you have another chance to do it right. failing is when you gave up and not only disappointed others, but disappointed yourself and your expectations.

    By Lauren Leonardo URL on 06.24.2011

  4. Just when I needed, the engine wouldn’t turn over. I needed to get this package there in time. A lot depended on it. Though the way the day was going, this was just one more nail in the proverbial coffin. It was a failed attempt from the beginning.

    By Rocky on 06.24.2011

  5. He failed to see, to understand that the love she had given him.
    He failed to understand where her actions came from and mistook them for her wanting to change him, to correct him, to mold him.
    He failed in seeing her for what she truly was. He destroyed all the love she poured from her soul by shunning her, by criticizing, by hurting. He wanted to bend her into his will and she would not yield. Because first she would rather let him go than let him murder the being in her.

    By B.AM URL on 06.24.2011

  6. Don’t fail me. Don’t leave me behind. Don’t go away. “No me falles.” We’re always trusting people so that they are there for me, just the way I’d be there for them. I want to trust people, and most of the time I do. I want to make a pact with them. I won’t let you down as long as you never let me down. It’s a promise between two people. I know I will never let people down, and it’s easy to trust the wrong people, but it’s got to be done…. just because a promise is still a promise at the end of the day.

    By Wei Chin Chau URL on 06.24.2011

  7. Failed? Well I failed Analysis. That class was so freakin frustrating – dont ever take it (along with Trig). I took the class because I love math, but then I took now math is not much of my friend anymore. Then again I hated the teacher – he assumed you knew just about everything. It is like we havent been teaching this for 20 years or whatever like you have, so we dont have it stuck in our heads as good. I HATED HIM SO MUCH! He pissed me off. No math classes next year because of that . . . but it is senior year, so I am taking a lot of art classes – they should be easy and fun. :)

    By Mandy the Cutie URL on 06.24.2011

  8. The machine had been sitting there for years. It had been used, once, to produce forks and other cutlery. Now, when you turned on the metal hunk of machine, it failed. it always failed. And yet I sat there and loved it. I knew what it once did, and that was enough.

    By Xallie on 06.24.2011

  9. today i failed to take care of my family in the best way. I failed to pay off all of my debt therefore freeing everyone that i love. I failed to make the connection between no debt and freedom….i am going to get there. failed but not a failure…..

    By Tamila Mcdonald on 06.24.2011

  10. I sunk to my knees. How could this have happened..? My heart ached like I had failed everything I had done in my life. I had found my father where I knew he would be. And I was right about him, too. He was ashamed of me. That’s why he had gone into hiding.

    By June Lex URL on 06.24.2011

  11. i failed at being me

    By vivenne on 06.24.2011

  12. Denise failed. She failed at the existence of life – what was there to cherish now that she had utterly failed? This was it. Stooped precariously atop the midnight building she gazed upon the starry night, and sighed. She had failed. No regrets. And she jumped.

    By Freddy on 06.24.2011

  13. oh god!!!!
    I’ve generally never failed anything, but the only two things i’ve failed in my life are a music test in 8th grade, and an economics test in 11th grade. Not many people know about this.

    By d o on 06.24.2011

  14. I’ve failed my math class twice. It’s just so hard, I can’t stand it. It’s for my Education major. And it isn’t even necessary for I want to do. I’ve tried so hard, and I just can’t seem to do any better. I’m trying one more time this fall. We’ll see.

    By becky URL on 06.24.2011

  15. I wish I could’ve passed that test. Failure is never an easy thing to accept. Failure? Wrong. Learner. Once you accept it, all you can do from that point on is learn. Learn for life and everything in it. It’s amazing what you can do with one failure. One deception. One life.

    By Lindsay Fishman on 06.24.2011

  16. you’ve failled to conviece me that you want me.going on how you accept me for me,but still claiming you wished I was more.faint praise.I am not some sort of constellation prize that you are willing to accept only after all else has failed.that makes me feel worse then ever.

    By a false terl on 06.24.2011

  17. godammit i failed
    in rain or in hail
    no matter the place
    the phase or the trail.
    i always fail.
    no matter what
    i try to win but yo i just suck.
    i try and i try
    but fuck trying
    i say that i wont
    then i fail at a fail.

    By gerald on 06.24.2011

  18. related to failure, i dont like failing, failing is disapointing, failing sucks. failure goes beyond what the word can express, it is a resented feeling. failure sucks, failre is the worst thing. failing is failing yourself, giving up on yourself and that is really harmful for you

    By Daniella on 06.24.2011

  19. Sometimes i feel like i’ve failed. I’m 27 and not where i thought i’d be by this age. But then i sit back and reflect on the things i HAVE achieved, the people i know and the family i have. It’s then i realize that i can’t have possibly failed with such great people around me, i just didn’t go the road i had planned…

    By Kirsty URL on 06.24.2011

  20. Failure is such an underrated word.
    We keep thinking it’s bad, but the advantages that come with it is quite valuable.
    Wisdom, knowledge and truth. We get these when we fail.

    The challenge now is not to repeat that mistake.

    By Natasha Sarmiento URL on 06.24.2011

  21. always.

    By CBear* URL on 06.24.2011

  22. I failed at the driving test first time around, I failed at you. What I mean is, I failed at trying to make you see me down the halls, I failed at trying to be seen as something a little more then just what I am now. Maybe someone you’d care about? Just an ounce of how much I care for you?

    By Mia G. URL on 06.24.2011

  23. You failed. Those two words are so simple and yet so painful. Why exactly are they so hard? They show you were wrong, you did’nt do something right…no one likes that.

    By Eva on 06.24.2011

  24. I’ve failed. The entire world was counting on me, and I’ve failed. Defuse the bomb. Simple. How could I have screwed up so royally?

    By Jade Stewart on 06.24.2011

  25. you did something wrong. it was funny. almost an epic fail but not as good. failed work. failing school. bad grades. sucks to fail at anything. failed life. maybe lost job. no money. failed there life goal making them sad. sad.mad.angry.nothing to feel.

    By Andrea Chaves on 06.24.2011

  26. i have never wanted to fail in my whole entire life. I have only wanted people to except me the way that I am except that the person who never has been able to except myself is me. That is what I call failure and what I need is courage from myself from my heart, my bones from the love I give to others to give to myself.

    By KT on 06.24.2011

  27. failing is necessary. learning from your mistakes, it helps you change. it makes you become who you’ll eventually want to be. it brings you down, as you get stronger. helps you gain confidence, and to not worry about failure. its normal.

    By Olivia Bethune URL on 06.24.2011

  28. I failed to correct my mistakes in life. This was my biggest problem. I lost everything i ever thought I knew and loved, and why? Because I was too stupid to listen to reason and found that life was not going to stop for me far too late in life.

    By Aaron on 06.24.2011

  29. One time I was shoveling my driveway when all of a sudden there was nothing but black. Little did I know I had tripped over my own shoelace and fallen backwards, not slipped on the ice which would be characteristic for the situation. I failed.

    By Rob on 06.24.2011

  30. I was looking for cool things on the internet and sadly failed.

    By me on 06.24.2011

  31. When you said “Your highs aren’t worth your lows.” That’s when I knew how badly I had fucked up.

    By Emily Claire URL on 06.24.2011

  32. I fail at writing, thats why im on this website.. to try to better my writing skills. I need to think more freely and all. This is hard haha. see? im already failing.

    By Stephanie URL on 06.24.2011

  33. i tried to warn you but your wouldn’t listen. i wouldnt listen to me either i mean who am i to talk? it’s just like i dont kno w i didnt want to tisee it happend to you and when it did ait just made me think why didnt’ ai stop this i could have prevented this but i didint’ i ljust stepped aside and watched you and i dont know it s not like i could have stopped you if i really tried i just wish i tried harder. you know?

    By Meg on 06.24.2011

  34. I failed you. Sometimes I have to think this, because I really do fail at everything. Art, writing, even simple things like eating. School especially, have you seen my grades? And yet some days you seem so proud of me, so proud of all of us.
    Mom, dad, I love you. <3

    By Elly URL on 06.24.2011

  35. she had failed the test.Why had she failed she didnt know. Maybe it was because she was just to stupid.

    By maureen taylor on 06.24.2011

  36. Failed is an extremely overused word- you have no idea! I don’t even think people know what it means anymore. When someone says they failed a test, they really mean they got below 80%. When you make a stupid mistake, it’s called a fail. What is a fail- really?

    By Rachel on 06.24.2011

  37. I twas all my fault! I couldn’t believe I had let every down, including myself. That was the hardest to take, letting myself down, I am better than that! I am worth more than this! Why did I say those things?! I felt my body sink to the ground.

    By ElshaHawk URL on 06.24.2011

  38. I failed, once again. Over and over again I feel like. It is ok though, because failing is a part of life. In order to succeed in life you have to fail. Failing helps you learn from your mistakes so you don’t make the same mistake twice. Failing is good. Failing is great. The more you fail the more you understand.

    By john rock on 06.24.2011

  39. Wow. I saw this word and my mind went blank. Which, I guess actually is pretty accurate. Ha, I just failed on the word failed. This is probably the best thing that could have happened.

    By Michelle URL on 06.24.2011

  40. Ok so im writing another one because as you can see, i failed at that first post. Well i fail at a lot of things but i always dust myself off and get right back at it. Its hard sometimes but you just dont have another choice other than quit.. but who does THAT nowadays. Oh crap the time is up.. oopsies.

    By Stephanie URL on 06.24.2011