June 24th, 2011 | 428 Entries

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428 Entries for “failed”

  1. I stood there, unable to think. I had failed. My name was not on the list. I couldn’t help but think that I was a Failure in everything. Failed school once, Failed uni twice. My whole life was going to be a failure.

    By Aleida Harvy-Evertz on 06.25.2011

  2. wow… it’s amazing how one word can stump you soooo much. It seems so easy but yet I just “failed” miserably today! I have no idea what to write about. the only thing that comes to mind is the class I need to teach this week and hopefully I won’t fail at that… haha

    By Alix on 06.25.2011

  3. oh great i have failed you all. what the fuck will I do now? I guess i will become homeless and live in a fancy cardboard house and eat rats for dinner over my hobo stove.

    By Jay on 06.25.2011

  4. When I was a young girl, my dad said to me “Never accept defeat. Then you will never fail”.

    By Kelli on 06.25.2011

  5. again. But keep trying. No body can win all the time, and failing is usually the best way to learn what not or how not or why not……it’s rarely the end of the world…though of course sometimes it might just be that. But there are worse things than failing, sometimes winning is worse….

    By georgie on 06.25.2011

  6. We learn from having failed. It doesn’t feel good to fail, but there’s usually something to glean from it. Failure is uncomfortable. It can hurt or be humiliating. Failure lets us re-evaluate and try again. Failure is a chance to start fresh.

    By Amy Shimmel URL on 06.25.2011

  7. we failed miserablyy that day, that loong eventful day in candy mountain. all we were doing was getting the worlds greatest cotton candy muffin. at least, that’s all we THOUGHT we were doing. turns out we met up with the mushroom elder and charley lost his spleen. its never been the same anyway since the motorcycle accident. but that’s a story for another day.

    By Kaya on 06.25.2011

  8. Failed. Wow…such a defeatist word. “I failed.” To me this is synonymous with “I give up.”

    By Jamy Gearhart Hillis URL on 06.25.2011

  9. Failed. will fail? I’m failing. We all fail, everyday, we fail God. But he doesn’t fail us. We may fail him, but He doesn’t EVER fail us. He is the tree, and we’re the leaves, sometimes we fall, but new leaves grow again.

    By Grace on 06.25.2011

  10. I failed to make the grade. Once again I studied, and I tried my best, but I failed. What am I going to do now? All of my life I’ve been working toward this one single goal. Joe didn’t know where to turn. He truly had been working for his whole life to get into veterinarian school, and he had failed the entrance exam once again.

    By Karen Greenberg URL on 06.25.2011

  11. she failed at everything she did boys especially. why is it that she always choose the guys that were wrong for her, she felt like a complete and total failure every time he wouldn’t call or text her.

    By me on 06.25.2011

  12. I failed you today.. but really it makes no difference.
    I suppose you or I could say I have failed you for every day henceforth and previously..
    Why I feel like I failed you is I guess because at this point I no longer know who I’m writing to.
    Or who I’m writing for.

    My biggest mistake I suppose is allowing you to slip through the widening cracks in the corners of my mind.
    Your face holds a name I can’t recall, and any memory I have of you plays like a silent film in black and white. I see your smile, and I watch your lips move.

    But today is the day I realized, though I’d felt you for so long.
    Your memory has almost passed through me.

    By Rosa URL on 06.25.2011

  13. i failed the test. but even worse than that? i failed my best friend. i lied to her. i lied about her. i thought it would help. and then since i couldn’t stop thinking about how angry she was, i couldn’t focus on the stupid math exam last period. who needs math anyways? math is a waste of brain space, not worth nearly as much as the love of a best friend.

    By Emma URL on 06.25.2011

  14. If I failed at life, I hope it is with things that have not major meaning in my life. If so i am already dead.

    By Mindy on 06.25.2011

  15. We all come to a point where succeeding may not be possible, but it is not correct to give up and put our failure to the back of our mind. Find the flaws; find why you failed. Always remember you will have people there to give you criticisms and words of advice. Use criticism as support and remember your potential.

    By Shawn URL on 06.25.2011

  16. i just failed my math test. i dont know how to get through year 10 math. i am finding measurement quite hard and my friend tiana is aceing it. i have asked for help from the teacher but she talks to me like a baby. should i ask tiana? will her skills help me through year 10 maths? im scared that she will make a mistake and RUIN my grade. HELP!

    By maggie tregoweth on 06.25.2011

  17. over, done, didn’t make it, tried so hard butttttttttt………on to the next thing. Don’t worry about it, better next time. Hope….

    By Danielle on 06.25.2011

  18. I say this way too much, Deeper? I feel like I failed my parents. My dad is consistenly dissapointment me. I failed myself. I fail at typing quickly enough to get all of these thoughts on paper. This is a reallya wesome idea. I don’t want to fail my fiance. More than anything in the world. ive messed up a lot but I know I can do this right. I hold myself back. Not anymore.

    By Rae URL on 06.25.2011

  19. I feel I have failed by taking so long to figure out my direction in life. I know I will grow from this failure and that is why I see it more as a learning experience. The biggest failure is to not learn from your mistakes. Or as a friend of mines says, your first failure is not to try

    By J on 06.25.2011

  20. I have failed at a lot of things. One might say that my marriage failed. But I think that just because we split up doesn’t mean we failed. I personally think we failed BECAUSE we got married. We knew we were not right for each other. It really should have never happened

    By Chavid URL on 06.25.2011

  21. It means not accomplishing something.

    Ex. I failed my test.

    By Erika on 06.25.2011

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    By pooja on 06.25.2011

  23. I don’t know when I fail until I do so how I can I stop it, mid fail? Is there even a way or are we constantly falling through this world making small fails but then quickly fixing them and we only notice when we’ve actually failed when we simply can’t fix it anymore? Is that what failing is? Not being able to make a wrong right, or realizing we can’t?

    By Rose URL on 06.25.2011

  24. That test! Oh dear! there goes my A in math… for the fourth time this semester! This always happens! I get my grade up and then I fail ANOTHER test. Stupid pre-calculus! Always there to bite me in the butt. I hate being in this class.

    By Giggleschneider on 06.25.2011

  25. I failed to coopeate and it led to a fatal flaw in the whole situation which led to my demise. I have learned a terible lesson in humility.

    By Robert Buke on 06.25.2011

  26. I failed in almost everything I ever did. I failed as a friend, I failed in algebra, I failed in being a good listener. I failed at being a good girlfriend to him, when he deserves so much better. I just keep failing. The only encouragement I’ve ever gotten from it is a quote that said that success is just jumping from failure to failure without giving up. No matter how much I fail, I won’t surrender to it.

    By Alison on 06.25.2011

  27. flamme emput-, je foule ma tresse..puis e=norber failloya dans le rºve de chiaste ‘

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.25.2011

  28. What is failure? To fail, to have failed, what is that exactly? What is the point? One learns from failure, and one knows that failing is really all that one can do, if one looks at it in the “right” perspective. That’s it really, it’s all about perspective. To fail is to succeed.

    By Nicole on 06.25.2011

  29. ive failed when i know ive done nothing i originally planned on doing.
    i hate the look in your eyes with i’ve done this, and i’d do anything to keep myself from doing it. to disappoint yourself is supposedly the worst thing you could do, but i think to fail you is something that i can not stand.

    By Hope Selander on 06.25.2011

  30. to fail is a good thing, it makes you work harder to succeed, everyone should know what its like to fail, and you will feel much better when you do succees. it is no shame to fail at all

    By sally on 06.25.2011

  31. Tried. It was all you could do. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have. At least you did. Because you’d never know if you didn’t. Now you know. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Learn from it. Move on.

    By Amanda on 06.25.2011

  32. Wondering what is parents would think of his F in English, Jeremy slowly rode his bike home. He didn’t expect to get such a bad grade, it just happened.

    By Emily Woods on 06.25.2011

  33. hope for the future because the past shouldn’t matter what you have failed at makes you who you are don’t think of it as a failure but a reason to move on and succeed at the next task that comes your way.

    By Katy on 06.25.2011

  34. I failed today. I didn’t know that I was being tested, so I couldn’t do anything to improve what I was doing. I guess I deserve it, though, I haven’t been very trusting of him either, so for him to test my loyalty isn’t anything but fair.

    By Lexi URL on 06.25.2011

  35. I failed her today. I shouldn’t have said that, or done this, but in the end I have only myself and bad decisions. They say that time heals all wounds, but not this time. Ten years from now, she’ll still hate me. That’s that.

    By Puck on 06.25.2011

  36. I never had a second thought as to why I failed. I knew I had give it my all, that all had not been enough. My father stared at me with those eyes of discontent. I could do nothing but look out the window. I knew I had given it my all, who cares what they think. What is failure in their eyes is tried beauty in mind. No, I did not fail. I tried.

    By Kamie Leigh URL on 06.25.2011

  37. Goodness – the story of every writers’ lives? The rejection that plops through the door, sorry but this does not fit with our lists/we do not love it enough. we understand the tone of despair between those turgid lines. But sometimes – let us believe our writing flies. It’s not all crap.

    By Joey on 06.25.2011


    By NOVA URL on 06.25.2011

  39. I almost failed my math class.

    By natalie on 06.25.2011

  40. I felt as if I totally failed. We were now on a flight back to London, no amount of convincing changed Drake’s mind. We were going back. We left Suzanne and the others behind, there were still many things left unspoken and unsolved.

    By Anton URL on 06.25.2011