June 24th, 2011 | 428 Entries

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428 Entries for “failed”

  1. Failed is something that is most uncomfortable for me. It is a point in which a task is executed and if my intentions of winning or completing it doesn’t happened; it is often said I have failed. Failure is one of the key aspects of humanity that every time we fail we should always stand back up on our feet. Carry our crosses for Jesus.

    By Anthony URL on 06.24.2011

  2. Sometimes I feel like I failed in life. I’m 27 years old and college educated, but I’ve been unemployed for the past year and a half. The most I ever made was just $40K and I started up a business that failed and my business partner is screwing me over on money. I’m going back to school to get my MBA, but I don’t even know what I want to do with my life and my self esteem has plummeted.

    By sophia on 06.24.2011

  3. failed, what does that mean. It could very well just be that of ones perspective. What one may think of as failed, another may think as success. It is an opinion, a limitation that is put upon ones self. No one has ever actually failed.

    By brook on 06.24.2011

  4. It hurt. It hurt so much, she wanted to die. She had never thought she could get this low, but the disappointment of her friends and family, the broken trust, the lack of all things that were bright and beautiful in her life made her feel as if she was the lowest of the low. She didn’t deserve the people around her or their forgiveness and love. She had failed them all, and more importantly failed herself, and she didn’t even know who she was anymore.

    By Courka URL on 06.24.2011

  5. But you haven’t failed, because what is there to win at? You will die. That’s the end of it. No matter what you’ve achieved, or haven’t, soon enough you will be gone from this place and it will all be forgotten. So don’t worry about failing, because it just isn’t possible.

    By Finn URL on 06.24.2011

  6. You haven’t failed, I promise you that. How could you fail me? I’ve failed myself by having such expectations. I’ve failed myself by being so blind. You’ve not failed me at all, for you’ve only been what, deep down, I knew you always were. I shouldn’t have expected more, yet I did. I failed us.

    By Finn URL on 06.24.2011

  7. Though he failed to complete his life in as full a manner as he had hoped, the last few moments of his existence were carried out in such a fantastic way, with her by his side…

    By Luke Renoe URL on 06.24.2011

  8. i have failed in life in many areas
    never seeming to find a good balance for the most part
    but i fail more in my own eyes than is others by being too hard on myself
    i expect perfection from me and others just ask me to do my very best
    big difference between perfection and our very best

    something to think about and ponder

    By she53lly URL on 06.24.2011

  9. a failed attempt at life is death. so n matter what happens as long as you are breathing you are winning. there is no going back, so continue to move forward and you will always succeed in everything you do. there are always people worse off then you who know how to smile still.

    By lyrical rose URL on 06.24.2011

  10. I failed my math class and it was stupid. Because im really good at math but when i sit down i get nervous and i fail. Failed my 3rd driving class but i passed the second one. Failed. Stupidity

    By Failure to Think on 06.24.2011

  11. losing is always an awful feeling, but, the most successful people in the world fail and fail, time after time. Failing means moving towards success.

    By OpenFiya on 06.24.2011

  12. i failed i fell failed as in not passing or messing up fail eating crap and falling yea

    By zach URL on 06.24.2011

  13. I’ve failed because you’re way stronger than I thought
    I’ve failed because my fears we’re not enough to stop you
    I’ve failed because I could not convince you to stay
    I’ve failed because I wouldn’t give peace
    I am your failed lesser desires
    I am your failed fears
    I am your failed doubts
    I am not what your dreams are made of

    By Abi Harper URL on 06.24.2011

  14. i took yu to ze fiach
    i brought za for aim
    ni – call up on drefem

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.24.2011

  15. I can’t believe I failed. I tried so hard, but it just wasn’t enough. What do I do? Please, someone. Tell me what I did wrong, tell me how to fix it, tell me what to do. I don’t know anymore.

    Help me, please.

    I’m so tired of being alone.
    I don’t know how to fix this.

    By Claudia on 06.24.2011

  16. she felt like she failed him, like she failed everyone. she reached into her hiding place and pulled out the boxcutter. she yanked off her bracelets to uncover her wrist and pressed the blade to it. she drew lines all across her skin, smiling at the blood beading along the wounds. her vision was blurred by tears and it felt like she was choking, but at the same time she was calming down. cutting always gave her some relief from the grief. she knew it was a filthy habit, and promised herself yet again that this was the last time as she poured peroxide on her arm and watched it bubble.

    By brenna URL on 06.24.2011

  17. I can’t believe I failed that test. I looked towards Matt, and he had a bright asymetrical A slapped upon his paper. Just an F for mine though. And F. Can you believe that shit? I studied for 3 hours last night in between watching back to back episodes of daria, of course, but I studied nonetheless.

    By Alana on 06.24.2011

  18. I failed to make myself really a failure today! ha ha ha! I was feeling really overwhelmed and I would have really been tempted to just stay overwhelmed and not be very productive, but I know that could lead to more trouble, so I have done all kinds of things to get back in gear! I even have my master list started, which is a big step in the right direction of success!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 06.24.2011

  19. I failed. I failed. It made me so miserable my heart sunk lower into my ribcage trying to hide the same of my failiar. It always makes me think of sadness, misery and disappointment I do not want.

    By eleanormorrice URL on 06.24.2011

  20. Failed. He had failed the test. Blehh, he’d still get an A. I passed :P She said as she stuck his tongue out at him taunting him. Oh yea? he said.
    “yea” she said as she sat in his lap.
    “I guess you want an award right?”
    Well here you go, he said as he kissed her passionately

    By CJ on 06.24.2011

  21. He’s failed me. He’s made me out for a fool. I lay out my heart, I show him everything that lay inside me and he pretended to care. He failed me, or more like I failed myself by believing in someone who would just turn away from me.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 06.24.2011

  22. I don’t think I have. It’s not really a needed concept if one simply accepts change as a good and bad force. nothing more. I hope. I really really hope. Well… that’ll do.

    By Jason on 06.24.2011

  23. I have failed at some things in life, there is no doubt, but I am glad to say that there are a few things that I have not failed at. I am still in the service, so at 18 years in I think that could be classified as a win…as a success, not a fail. That’s good to know actually…and I have solid success in my marriage and family. I’m happy about that.

    By Chris URL on 06.24.2011

  24. This reminds me of highschool when the teacher would pass out tests and everyone in the class would be on the edge of their seat wondering whether or not they had passed. Normally I was on the positive side of the recieving end but there was always an extreme amount of anticipation in regards to what was to come. Expect the unexpected they always say.

    By Alexandra on 06.24.2011

  25. I failed to understand the message of his words, he said i had almost no time left in this life. I would continue on to another unless I soon tried to save the one I loved, and that this would save me as well.

    By Molly on 06.24.2011

  26. I failed her. I just let it all happen. How could be so blind. So weak. I let her leave, let her kill what was left of me. But I deserved, it I failed. i look back at what I once was and weep.

    By J. M. Tomes on 06.24.2011

  27. is always very easy failed….but no for me because i been made with positive yhinking how let me go on and on in my bautifull life…im thankfull for all my expiriences in life…i been learning a lot

    By mariale on 06.24.2011

  28. not an option! if you’ve “failed” you’ve just been unable to do something the “right way”. now you’re in a different position and you need to make the best of it. unless you want to think you’re a failure. beeee happeeeeeeee (:

    By ash on 06.24.2011

  29. bad, wrong, me, imperfect, not good, do things bad, dissapointment…

    By Ale on 06.24.2011

  30. How apropos. As once again, the imagery conjured is me, dejected, sitting on a concrete step. I have never been good with money. Occasionally I am surprised I am not worse off than I am. I never have to wonder how good people get in shitty situations. I understand completely.

    By AmPetryschuk URL on 06.24.2011

  31. As soon as I saw these words on the screen, the thought of him failing, and ultimately dying haunted me. My lacy gloves were scattered on the floor, a reminder of the place we once were and the things we once did. I failed to save him and this thought would haunt me for my entire existence, I had failed. My failure was their, the organization I had strived to kill since I found out about them.

    By Mara on 06.24.2011

  32. I’ve failed. But I get back up and try again, when I don’t it makes everything worse. failing always happens to everyone its notheing new and its not exclusive to anyone. everyone fails but we can get up and try again.

    By Everdeen URL on 06.24.2011

  33. She had never quite been what he wanted her to be. She knew that. She also knew it wasn’t her fault. She couldn’t help that she had never really existed. It was his fault that he had believed she had. Somehow, she still couldn’t help feeling like she’d failed.

    By Trevor URL on 06.24.2011

  34. I attempted, as usual, to sneak extra food out of the all-you-can-eat dining hall. They don’t like it when students do that, even though the dining hall rules clearly state that you can eat as much as you want. “This is how much I’ll eat,” I say. “Nobody said if it had to be now or later.”

    By kait URL on 06.24.2011

  35. Failed. Hmm. If you don’t try you can’t fail. Therein lies a
    problem. But not trying, not having the strength
    to try, is a pain all of it’s own.

    By youcantknow URL on 06.24.2011

  36. I know I have failed. I didn’t plan to fail though. Who does? I can’t say it doesn’t hurt to let myself down again. But at least, I still have the possibility to fail again. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

    By myriam URL on 06.24.2011

  37. I decided to grow a corn field but a tractor mowed it all down. I decided to keep chickens but a fox ate them. I decided to keep foxes but dogs hunted them. I decided to keep a dog but it ran away. I decided to cry and I laughed. I decided to die and now…
    Well, nobody fails all the time. Now I’m six feet under gazing at the stars. It’s a beautiful sight.

    By molly michelle URL on 06.24.2011

  38. Failure is when you fail. Failing is not always good, but sometimes it is. Most people hate failure. Like me. I hate failure. I despise it. But sometimes, I love it.Failure.

    By Vera Grey on 06.24.2011

  39. She had failed before at so many relationships. Despondent for weeks,even months, trying to find her way back to a safe place. But here she is again, reaching for another, looking for more. Well really, what were her other options? Sit at home alone? When put that way, it made her choice to try again appear quite normal.

    By ChaCubed on 06.24.2011

  40. not good, didn’t win, couldn’t do it, try again, better luck next time, keep going, what happened? didn’t understand, maybe next time, didn’t learn, pleasing people

    By joy on 06.24.2011