May 5th, 2011 | 668 Entries

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668 Entries for “eyeliner”

  1. I sometimes watch my friends as they apply eyeliner, I can never understand the need they feel for the black around their eyes. I often wonder, how many times a year does a person poke themselves in the eye?

    By Aaia URL on 05.05.2011

  2. eyeliner i try to climb her and remind her of how much higher i will climb but too bad theres this little timer making sure im not a liar when it comes to flat tires and bad empires of lords and sires lets light it on fire

    By dylan thomas caderao URL on 05.05.2011

  3. I LOVE eyeliner. I prefer to wear charcol colored eyeliner. Someone once asked me how I get such a thin line of eye liner. I told them very carefully. I don’t leave the house without it on unless I have sunglasses on.

    By Shannon on 05.05.2011

  4. so, today i went to the store to go buy an eyeliner. because i wanted to look pretty for my date tonight, of course. so i started using it, and totally messed up. it was so ugly, and since it was waterproof i couldn’t get it off. also, my date arrived half an hour early. he saw me like that, and dumped me.

    By salfawjk on 05.05.2011

  5. makes me look like a cat, powerful i suppose, different but everyone uses eyeliner so whats the big difference?

    By samantha keatinge on 05.05.2011

  6. The obsidian eyeliner slid across her cheek at the impact. A scream strangled her throat so that she sat with mouth agape as the car flip-flopped down the hill.

    By Angélique URL on 05.05.2011

  7. the eyeliner she wore made her eyes pop. as she slanted in her chair she shot me a look that made me freeze in place. i cant imagine a more empty look but the pain i felt was unbearable.

    By hunter on 05.05.2011

  8. Everyone hides behind it.
    Pretty people, ugly people.
    Me you, her, even him right there.
    It smudges, it always does.
    Because of the tears.
    Because you forgot you had it on, and just rubbed your eye.
    Because you just don’t need, so it slowly fades away just by itself.

    By Salmac: URL on 05.05.2011

  9. stuff that you put on your eyes that can make you look so different I don’t even like to wear it, I don’t look like me anymore. I do like white eyeliner though on the bottom lid, it makes my eyes look more open, but black just makes it darker and odd. It also gets gunked in your little holes and makes sties and stuff.

    By Hanie on 05.05.2011

  10. Eyeliner is a terrific product but there is far too much of it. We should think more about the natural beauty people have and not so much about the fake products we can use to cover up this beauty. I think we should have ‘Eyeliner’ free day – where people are encouraged not to use eyeliner but instead just be their natural selves.

    By James Pinnuck on 05.05.2011

  11. Eyes…. all looking at me! What do they see? Am I beautiful? Do they love ME?

    By Michelle Powskey on 05.05.2011

  12. it’s worn, in and out
    a mask
    a sign of beauty
    black, charcoal, midnight
    sold en masse
    what is the point? natural beauty means everything

    By Ronnie on 05.05.2011

  13. She was putting the eyeliner on, but she really didn’t know what she was doing. Should it go only on the top lid, or should she do the bottom, too. Angela had no clue, and with only a father around, she had so many things to figure out on her own. Why had her mom left, anyway?

    By Karen URL on 05.05.2011

  14. Eyeliner is what women wear when they think their eyes aren’t set deep enough in their skull. The neanderthals had eyes like that; I’m not sure it’s something to be proud of. Hmm.

    By Ivan on 05.05.2011

  15. I wear mine in a cateye. Thick toward the outside, then thinning out. It makes my eyes look less round and juvenile. Everyone notices. And I wonder if they like it. Then I wonder why I care.

    By Cristiana URL on 05.05.2011

  16. enhancing, distracting, appealing
    put it above, put it below, but don’t smudge!
    vanity, perfection, insecurity
    all emphasizing a woman’s inner self
    framing the window to the soul
    seeing for the first time

    By Aysha URL on 05.05.2011

  17. I look in the mirror. Not good enough. I open my stick, twist the lid. Slide it over my eyes, gliding it on. One thin line, unbroken. Beauty. So simple. So easy. Yet so hard. It covers up what’s inside. It covers up my pain. It makes me into someone I’m not. Someone I want to be. I look in the mirror. Black lines my lids. Perfection.

    By Chancey on 05.05.2011

  18. you’re a chiasmus waiting to happen, lovely lady buried in her books, a place where finesse of language cannot help you, no, there is no term to describe what is about to happen next–you, pressing the ink out of each page, so you can wear it like eyeliner, all these words so close to your eyes must be making you blind

    By robyn URL on 05.05.2011

  19. She fished around in her purse for the eyeliner. Electric blue. Her favorite color. She unscrewed the wand and began applying it as she gazed into her rear-view mirror. Elaine always prided herself on being able to multi-task. Straight and even, she thought with a smile. Her pride was interrupted by the screeching of brakes and sound of crunching glass and metal. The pain in her eye socket was nothing compared to the shock the rest of her body endured.

    By Stacey W. URL on 05.05.2011

  20. Heidi could not find her eyeliner in her purse today. We were in a hurry on the way out of her apartment because we were celebrating Cinco-de-Higho. I am not sure she ever found it. We were in the bathroom and I just left and decided to not help her with the eyeliner. Wow…we were high!

    By Kelly URL on 05.05.2011

  21. Eyeliner. I girls best friend. It’s funny, but I had a moment with eyeliner today. Today was one of the best days I’ve ever had at school. Everything just fit into place. My make didn’t even smudge. Then I get home and all turns to hell. Theres yelling and screaming, my hearts beating 1000 times the speed it should. One sharp word, one cruel glare, and I can barely make it up the stairs I’m crying so hard. Slamming the door of my room, I look in the mirror. My eyeliner is running down my face, being washed away with my tears. My mask of perfection is gone. It’s only the raw image of me left behind.

    By MissStrawbunny URL on 05.05.2011

  22. i bought some of this today. at the store. kroger. i usually see people i know there. it’s kind of funny, yet fun. i also bought a mother’s day card. one from me, and one for my dog to my mother. my dog doesn’t like me. she loves my mum. mother’s day is sunday. i am happy i got new eyeliner today. fin.

    By molly. URL on 05.05.2011

  23. I’m not fashionista
    let’s not pretend
    I like shirts 5 sizes too big
    and I don’t do my hair somedays
    …however I know one thing, when you wear too much eyeliner not only do you have to clean crud up from the corners of you’re eyes for a week..but you look…not as pretty as wearing less eyeliner…at least i do.
    go natural :)

    By wizardjedi URL on 05.05.2011

  24. My neighbor puts on eyeliner with two arms with no hands. He likes the color peach, but it looks horrible on him because it clashes with his hair. Why would he wear something that doesn’t flatter him? I don’t know, but he never takes my advice anyways. Oh well, I guess everyone’s different.

    By Jeremiah on 05.05.2011

  25. For preppy girls who are not pretty enough or do not think they are pretty enough without it. I hate it because it hurts when I try to put it on. However, it reminds me of modeling, and putting on lots of makeup. That was an okay experience I suppose…

    By Ashley on 05.05.2011

  26. A bleeding vein
    Black tears
    Burst open
    Trickle down
    Am I beautiful yet?

    By Caroline URL on 05.05.2011

  27. One of my favorite classic look is the pin-up style girls. They always have fantastic hair and a confident was about them. Their make-up is always flawless and I could only wish to look like them and their winged eyeliner.

    By Kari Norene on 05.05.2011

  28. Eyeliner. At first, all I hear is.. “fake” “pretentious” The first think I think is of an image. It’s a young girl whose just gone out on the streets looking for old men to use her and pay her so that they can bring the bread home to mommy. Mommy is a slob. She’s always been hedonistic, egotistic. She doesn’t feel other people suffering. She only knows her own feelings and instantaneous actions.

    By Kayla Lusk on 05.05.2011

  29. I use eyeliner everyday. I feel naked without it. Its almost as if I lolike a child and the world is seeing a younger, less impressive and more vunerable me. THe eyeliner makes me look confident and dangerous. It says ‘this chick is on top of e world and she doesn’t even know it’ How about tha? I ind it interesting that I like to send that message to my audiences. I lfind it even more interesting that I called these people my audiences. Its almost as if my subconcious is telling me that I’m putting on a show. Which I guess I am, but aren’t we all? Don’t we all put on a show for others? We hide away our unpretty bits and put forward what we wish to be. Which is good, in a way. It means your aiming to better yourself. The only thing is, we have to be careful not to loose ourselves in the process.

    By Victoria C. on 05.05.2011

  30. she loads on the eyeliner, silently praying that today he will notice her, think she’s pretty. but he’s too preoccupied. another let down, another disappointment. the worst feeling in the world: knowing that you care so much more about someone than they care about you.

    By Scarlet URL on 05.05.2011

  31. Eyeliner is one of my favorite things to wear. It is probably the most essential part of my makeup routine. When I am wearing eyeliner I feel confident and dramatic. I hate when I spend the night with my boyfriend and have to sleep in eyeliner. And I hate when I’m running late in the morning and don’t have time to put eyeliner on. Without eyeliner, I feel pale and sleepy looking. I don’t mean to be shallow but I just prefer the way I look with eyeliner on. Eyeliner is a great invention!

    By Chelsea on 05.05.2011

  32. I want the eyeliner tattoo so i dont have to keep buying it all the time. Black eyeliner makes my eyes pop but purple is the best.

    By Angel on 05.05.2011

  33. i love my eyeliner because it accentuates the one part of myself I have always loved- my eyes. There are so many fun things you can do with just a simple tweak of the line, too. Cleopatra one day and minimalist the next. I usually stick to black but find ways to keep it interesting, not that anyone else cares!

    By rockabelle URL on 05.05.2011

  34. It slid on like a second skin, a visual mating call shouting to all the world that she was ready for her close up, and more importantly to get close up. Meticulous in application and expensive in brand, her little black eyeliner was her best friend.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 05.05.2011

  35. Girls with black rims under their eyes. Like racoons on the prowl for gossip and a good story to make themselves look better. Their eyes are like daggers. They consume other’s insecurities and devour what they call men.

    By Patty on 05.05.2011

  36. It was heavy and thickly outlining her eyes. Some people called her raccoon behind he back, but I thought it made her pretty green eyes stand out. She was emo and had lots of eye liners and piercings but it made her look cool.

    By Sandra Orozco on 05.05.2011

  37. they slipped out from beneath her lids. Secrets, not meant to be seen by anyone. This wasn’t her. Who made these weak drops line her eyes as if waiting for something. What were they waiting for?

    By Jules URL on 05.05.2011

  38. She sharpened the stick to make up her face. She hated make up, really. But it was part of the job, like a uniform. It was a mask she needed to wear, so that she wouldn’t feel like herself when she was out in the streets. She was a prostitute, but wearing the eyeliner and lipstick helped her feel like she was Sasha and not Hannah. She needed the eyeliner, she needed a mask.

    By Sandra Orozco on 05.05.2011

  39. eyeliner is my favorite thing, it makes me feel bettter about myself. sometimes when im not wearing it my eyes look like little beads and i feel asian i dont like asians im sorry its not their fault they are just creepy but they have nice clothes. and hair.

    By Alaska may on 05.05.2011

  40. My friend uses this type of cultural Indian eyeliner. She says it makes her eyes sting and she doesn’t like to wear it, but people are always saying that she shouldn’t be wearing make up. I think that people should accept others culture and not look at the fact that they’re wearing makeup for cultural reasons. What do you think?

    By Lyra Tan on 05.05.2011