May 5th, 2011 | 668 Entries

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668 Entries for “eyeliner”

  1. he noticed she had some makeup under her eye, and that her eyes were red.
    – how are you? he asked her, worry in his eyes.

    By martine on 05.06.2011

  2. The woman was wearing the eyeliner because she wanted to look pretty for her man. HA! HA! HA! Cool Huh!

    By JIMMY on 05.06.2011

  3. I’ve quit using eyeliner. It makes me look like a whorish drag queen. I prefer the simple things: powder, mascara, blush. A little lipstain for special occassions.

    Oh. And I always brush my hair.

    There you have it. Beauty tips from yours truly.

    By Amanda Z URL on 05.06.2011

  4. Lines along your eyes
    Read like palindromes
    Circles you leave around empty space
    Lost and forgotten
    But reminded
    Of things you once held in your hands

    By Apnethon URL on 05.06.2011

  5. I use eyeliner before I leave my house. Almost to cover up the lack of sleep I always have. It lets me hide from the reality that I stay up all night just thinking what ifs and whys and what did I do wrong. It lets me hide from the world what’s really going on.

    By Christie URL on 05.06.2011

  6. Eyeliner is make-up for your eyes. I don’t wear make-up, at all, even though I’m a girl. Sometimes I want to, rainbow make-up. Rainbow eyeliner, or eyeshadow, or even lips. Beautiful. But not gorgeous. Beauty is on the inside.

    I like the look of eyeliner most, though, I think. Even on guys like Adam Lambert. Sexy beast. ;D

    By Elly URL on 05.06.2011

  7. i think about stage makeup, and how it might be cool to wear makeup for bigger shows- the way some professional wrestlers wear certain tights when they’re wrestling in big matches, or suits wear nicer suits for big meetings.

    By adammm URL on 05.06.2011

  8. I envy the ladies who know how to apply eyeliner, that is something I never perfected, as I am a true blond, and I always made myself look hideous after.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 05.06.2011

  9. it’s the most wonderful thing. It makes my eyes bright and shiny and I look better everytime I put it on. Black eyeliner is dramatic – brown is nice and sweet. I like the pencil type

    By Karen-Marie Lillelund on 05.06.2011

  10. She made sure that not one mistake was made as she prepared herself for prom. she wondered what it would be like and she thought about what the future events would be like when she got into college.

    By rexy6366 URL on 05.06.2011

  11. I put so much eyeliner on. But for some reason it’s never enough! I love eyeliner! It makes my eyes really dark. I always wear black eyeliner, cause that’s the darkest color I can find!

    By fluffy1297 URL on 05.06.2011

  12. Eyeliner is stuff you put on your eyes and it’s make up.

    By cheylo URL on 05.06.2011

  13. Eyeliner is what girls where they feel they arent pretty enough but they are as pretty as they think they are. They are beautiful no make up needed at all!!!

    By Emnm URL on 05.06.2011

  14. Ithink eyeliner is what you put on your outer eye

    By peyton URL on 05.06.2011

  15. I wear loads of eyeliner so i don’t look like a grumpy old man. I cannot live without eyeliner. it is my life. Eyeliner is amazing.

    By kuppycakekhylee URL on 05.06.2011

  16. Eyeliner is the most amazing thing ever made. I love it. I wear it everyday. It makes my eyes POP! I can’t live without it!(:

    By Stephanie URL on 05.06.2011

  17. This morning i woke up – and my eyeliner was missing. I dont know where it has gotten to. Has it left because i forgot it yesterday, was it the way i looked at it. The way I made it feel?

    By Sandra Kristin on 05.06.2011

  18. One day some girls put eyeliner on me it hert!!!!!

    By 71angel URL on 05.06.2011

  19. What if crayons could be used for eyeliner? Kids would be mad at their mom’s more than they normally are.

    Happy mothers day to all you moms who wear makeup. You don’t have to you know?

    By vanhaydu URL on 05.06.2011

  20. I wear eyeliner everyday of my life because i think i look really weird without it. Eyeliner is a best friend when you need it. Eyeliner can be any color you want and my friend loves it, his name is Angel Moreno.

    By Drenna URL on 05.06.2011

  21. eyeliner is awsome it makes us girls look pretty. we always look kool and awsome.

    By neongreen on 05.06.2011

  22. Most boys don’t were eyeliner if they do i would say they were gay i don’t now any thing about it really other than girls were it.

    By Stephen on 05.06.2011

  23. Eyeliner is something that people use for a type of make up. I sometime use it but other times i just feel like its to much on my face. But its pretty cool too!(:

    By smileigh URL on 05.06.2011

  24. Some people tattoo this on their eyes you know?
    The moment that I touch the pencil to my eye I think about how this is going to look bad in about an hour and I would rather just use mascara.

    By Anna-Jayne URL on 05.06.2011

  25. She traced a pencil around his eyes with an expert hand, tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth in concentration. Making one last pencil stroke, she stepped back to examine her work. With barely contained laughter, she said, “All finished.”

    He scowled up at her, delaying the inevitable look in the mirror. “I hate you.”

    “Hey – you’re the one that lost the bet.”

    By Rachael on 05.06.2011

  26. I could only remember about the eyeliner she wore on those beautiful eyes.. sitting across the corner of the opposite seat. All i can remember her eyes and the beautiful gaze of her as the metro passed over the concrete jungle.

    By rndm URL on 05.06.2011

  27. How many days doe the word eyeliner stay here? i come to write about something new. Not old, used and black or rust or dead.

    By Mr E URL on 05.06.2011

  28. Eyeliner, those bratty bitches in their cars in traffic,
    Stop looking in the mirror,
    the light’s turned green.
    Stop looking in the mirror

    By Shane Barnes on 05.06.2011

  29. black and hard and cold as the tough wind that picks up and carries me off to the places and i don’t know, i don’t ever want to know i seethe and breathe and dream for the one who makes me say that i don’t think i want this anymore and cringe at the thought of being the one who is never there anymore

    By Anna on 05.06.2011

  30. Eh. I hardly ever wear make-up. Only concealer and mascara. Hm. But when I do wear it, I put it on the top part only. And what is this supposed to prove? Well, let’s see. EYELINER. Make=up has been used for years to hide beauty. It’s just a facade like everything else in the world.

    By Gabby Thomas URL on 05.06.2011

  31. eyeliner is one of women best friends and should not be forgotten at home.

    By biggerboy URL on 05.06.2011

  32. Is a pencil made from a substance called kohl. you use it to draw lines around your eyes for definition. It comes in many different colours but the mosr popula is probably black, You can sharpen them like pencils or you can get liquid eyeliner but that is more difficult to apply.

    By Tracey on 05.06.2011

  33. Eyeliner?

    Really. That’s the word?

    Tammy Faye.

    For many years I considered her to be pretty much a joke. I feel bad about that now. I saw her on a reality show at one point and I really liked her. She was so nice, and so open minded. I think she was an amazing person with an incredibly gracious heart. I would have been honored to have had her as a friend. I cried when she died. I still cry when I think about her. I believe the world lost an incredible person.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 05.06.2011

  34. I’m not a huge fan of eyeliner. In fact, I’m not a huge fan of all make up products. They make me feel uncomfortable. I don’t like wearing them. I’m far more insecure when I do. Makeup feels like I’m painting my face. I’m not sure if it accentuates my beauty because I don’t have anything to accentuate to begin with.

    By Sowji URL on 05.06.2011

  35. the eyeliner, no matter how waterproof, un-smudgeable or shimmering it claims to be will never truly hide the wounds hiding beneath bright eyes or the secrets behind glassy lenses. Sure it will cover it up, hide it, shove it under the bed, but its always there, watching, waiting.

    By ina URL on 05.06.2011

  36. I never understood why woman bother with eyliner. If they cry it smudges to all hell and gone and they end up looking like a raccoon. I suppose if I was a part of the fairer sex I would be more inclined to understand the finer nuances of eyeliner and why they use it. For me… I will never understand.

    By Nickolaus Bauer on 05.06.2011

  37. I hate when people wear thick black eyeliner. it makes them look like racoons. I personally wear brown eyeliner for a more natural look. Because I think looking like a racoon is ridiculous. Honestly, who wants to look like that. Unless you are a hooker. Then feel free to look like that. Low class hookers wear more eyeliner than normal people.

    By Sydney Estrada on 05.06.2011

  38. eyeliner is something I’d never wear not coz of anything, just think it looks stupid on guys and yes I’m gay so its not a homophobe thing it’s just not me at all.

    By Tony Harkinson on 05.06.2011

  39. Almost every girl wheres it by the time there in seventh grade haha :)

    By Jewelz on 05.06.2011

  40. She sat in front of the mirror. We were already running late, but I watched her – a moving meditattion – I watched, as I did every night. Always, I wanted her to stay. I waited.

    By Rocky URL on 05.06.2011