July 9th, 2011 | 418 Entries

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418 Entries for “expecting”

  1. Expecting-What were you expecting? Did you think everything would just lay out and fix itself? Life is not a simple puzzle. There are pieces that don’t fit quite right and things that never work out as we planned. We have to expect the unexpected, and I can’t promise you anymore than that.

    By Onesha Hughes on 07.09.2011

  2. In our life, there is no such thing call expecting. God creates us in His own way, and since we are not God, we should trust Him. Following Him like little children and everything would not be expecting according to God.

    By đức URL on 07.09.2011

  3. Today, I found out that I’m expecting my first child. I’m excited, but scared to death. I’m only 16. My boyfriend Kyle still doesn’t know. My parents don’t know. They’re probably going to kill me. But I have to have this child. I just have to. I want to name her Emily, or him Eric. I can’t get rid of this being. I just feel that it will be wonderful.

    By Ashley on 07.09.2011

  4. Expecting to expect an expectation, the executive exalted himself above his engineers.

    By Marianne URL on 07.09.2011

  5. baby mother a stork a special event is coming up! I love expecting things too. I expect different things when I see a piano every single time. Pianos are beautiful– I love mine. Although, I wish I were the owner of a white grand piano, and a huge mansion. I don’t know where though. Where should I put my mansion? Maybe I should ask my blog readers. Although I should start my blog soon.

    By Grace on 07.09.2011

  6. i was expecting something more…
    after my delicate touch below his T-shirt sleeve
    touching bare skin.
    a friendly laugh,
    a smile.


    only a hug.
    a single arm around my back, onto my furthest shoulder–
    and a pat.
    and then another.

    “i need someone like you”

    that “like” will forever be in its place.

    “if you see her, tell her to give me a call…” he said jokingly, breaking the faint pause.

    i shouldn’t have expected anything different.

    By Ashley K URL on 07.09.2011

  7. Maybe its just me, but there’s a whole of expecting that happens day in and day out. Lovers, friends, co-workers, even strangers.. we expect something out of them. The worst is when expectations are not met because they were too high, but what a pleasant surprise when they go beyond your expectations. Maybe i should just LOWER my expectations… but then i feel like i’m CHEATING myself.

    By j5j URL on 07.09.2011

  8. I was shocked when she told me the news. She had a huge grin on her face and her hands were subconsciously placed on her abdomen. I didn’t know whether to be happy or terrified. I was both. I wasn’t ready for this unexpected news.

    By Ashley on 07.09.2011

  9. I don’t know what I was hoping to feel as I stepped onto that sweltering bus. Maybe I was wishing that all of my nerves about the coming days would be washed away with the miles covered. All we can really do is take a deep breath and brace ourselves for what’s to come, I guess.

    By Kendra on 07.09.2011

  10. I was expecting the meet up to be at 11am not 12 or 12.30! I shall have to bite my nails or try to crush my stomach together to stonewall the hunger pangs. I wonder how my friends will devour later on; their appetite is notoriously big.

    By Ashwin on 07.09.2011

  11. Gabriel found out something about his charge, and he was not expecting it at all. Really, everything about her, was not what he expected form observations, but she only gave off what she wanted others to know or think, otherwise she was closed and reserved like a building that is being rebuild or modified for benefits, so was the way Lucille was as well, she was very much like a building, sometimes a old building that is ruined or tarnished is like a palace on the inside. Lucille was definitely not what Gabriel was expecting, and he was sure he did not like all of it, nor did he dislike it. It was here nor there.

    By Anne Harlow URL on 07.09.2011

  12. I’m sitting in this dirty hospital chair, waiting. I run my hands through my hair and peer up at the unopened door leading to that damn white room. There are butterflies in my stomach, and I can’t believe they aren’t letting me see her.

    By Abby on 07.09.2011

  13. I expect you to do the right thing the way I ask. Not the way others would like you do it… but my way. Although my expectations may not be the same as others, it’s the only expectation that matters. Do as I say. Wait, I still have more time. I expect the world to be as one eventually, to do well with artwork and with others around me. Starting with you.

    By YourHat URL on 07.09.2011

  14. when a woman is expecting, they should not expect something great. Kids mostly can’t live up to their parents’ expectations. When one grows up, they strive to meet what their parents deem as “great”, but more than half the time, they let them down. Its hard to meet a parent’s expectations, especially when they are insanely high. Parents should love their kids not for what they think they should do, but for what they can actually do.

    By Alicia on 07.09.2011

  15. its funny because exactly what im doing right now is expecting a call from my friend.. stacy… why am i writing boring stuff when it feels like there is so much more going on in this strange little head of mine? expecting… like a pregnant couple?

    By l on 07.09.2011

  16. I keep waiting,
    I can’t believe I’m waiting,
    Expecting what?
    Something good?
    No, because that could never happen.
    Just something to think about,
    to busy my mind with.
    So I won’t be waiting,
    I’m not expecting anything,
    from you.

    By Abby URL on 07.09.2011

  17. I had never expected a fairy tale.
    All I wanted was a relationship.

    By bethany URL on 07.09.2011

  18. you’re always told to expect the unexpected and that is a ridiculous saying
    I’m too tired to do this wow I expect I am going to fall asleep soon is that a good enough answer to this word

    By Luna Rose URL on 07.09.2011

  19. Expecting things to go well seems, to most people, an optimistic thought. It very well may be, but why should that prevent you from living your own life. A life with nothing but things going the way you expect.

    By nathan on 07.09.2011

  20. I was expecting phone call. One that will determine my fate.
    Will I get to stay? Or will my life suddenly turn around? All my luck fade could away, and all I could do was wait.

    By Alisa on 07.09.2011

  21. i expect to be treated with respect
    i expect that alex will finally change his mind
    i expect cody will get off belinda
    i expect to die

    By Hope Daggett on 07.09.2011

  22. I am expecting you to eventually text me. I mean, you always do, right? It always happens. You text, then stop.. then make me expect for more texting and you always do. But this time you’re not. And you’ve got me expecting even more and you’ve got me worried. Worried that you actually won’t lead me to expect that you won’t text me again.

    By Keesha on 07.09.2011

  23. gthhghg

    By Xxpretty URL on 07.09.2011

  24. I was expecting a new word. I already wrote a story about expecting.
    The anticipation, the fear. Expecting the worst.
    Okay that’s it. Come on. I want another word, NOW.
    I will be expecting a new word next time…. hmgfph

    By alisa URL on 07.09.2011

  25. I wasn’t expecting to stare deeply into the fire. I wasn’t expecting to examine the flames closely as my best friends talked about relationships I couldn’t relate to. But I didn’t mind it. The trees closed in over the fire, and the stray sparks danced in the air. I listened closely to what they were saying; both the truth-spilling and the advice. But I paid most of my attention to the low lying blue flames and the tall dancing red ones. I laid low like the blue flames; I stayed mellow and calm. My friends danced amongst relationships, getting hurt and confused. I had the better end of the deal. I sat, knowing I didn’t have to worry about a boyfriend infiltrating and ruining my life. I was content, and that’s all I could ask for.

    By Marissa URL on 07.09.2011

  26. melissa is expecting. she’s the – i don’t know how many, i’ve lost count – friend who is expecting. i’m happy. i’m sad. contrary to popular belief, having dual feeling competing for supremacy is tough.

    By sonobe URL on 07.09.2011

  27. Great expectations are coming our way. I am expecting a magnificient life filled with love, laughter and travel around the world.

    By Marcia on 07.09.2011

  28. I was expecting him to call, he didn’t. I expected him to apologize, he didn’t. I expected it to get better, it didn’t. I expected him to love me like I loved him, he loved her instead. I expected to stay with him, I didn’t. I expected to be upset, I was. I didn’t expect to meet you, I did. I didn’t expect to love you, I do. I didn’t expect to be happy, I am. For once.

    By Sam URL on 07.09.2011

  29. i’ve expected way too much in my life. I expected that i would have a 6.0 at my school (not kidding) and on my way to harvard to become a doctor when i was in 4th grade. i thought i would be beautiful and skinny and adored by everyone. then i had 4 years of hell. i expected nana patti to live forever. she died when i was 13. i expected that my life would be perfect. i was wrong, but it’s close.

    By Emily URL on 07.09.2011

  30. I was expecting something else from that. What I don’t know it just wasn’t what I expected, what I wanted. I figured there’d be something more, there’s always something more. But I guess there’s an exception to that. There wasn’t more this time. All there was now was disappointment, and let me tell you I was not expecting that.

    By Vi URL on 07.09.2011

  31. “We were expecting you,” the drawling voice resonating through the house. I hesitated, not wanting to step out of the shadow that was cloaking me.
    “Yes, darling,” another, higher pitched, lilting voice, chimed. “We’ve been waiting all night for you to come.”
    I remained silent, the echoes of their voices still ringing in my ears. My heart was pumping vigorously, my adrenaline-spiked blood perigrinating through my veins like a drug. This was not the way the plan was supposed to unfold.
    “Come out and join us…” the first voice urged, with an almost lethargic intonation to his voice. This apathy provoked my already-flaring temper, and I snapped. I couldn’t keep quiet.
    “Shut up, you murderer!” The words tumbled from my lips before I could calm myself down.

    By Landa on 07.09.2011

  32. I’m not sure what she was expecting when I walked to the door. I realized she was expecting something when I opened it and saw her looking wide-eyed and hopeful.

    By BattleCry URL on 07.09.2011

  33. Love, sweet looks, smiles, closeness. I am expecting the hope and promise of togetherness.

    By Molly on 07.09.2011

  34. her heart hums in anticipation, she breaths deeply to calm herself but she feels her eyes strain as she waits for him. “this is stupid.” she thinks to herself, “he’ll never come, he doesn’t love me.” yet she remained seated, looking off into the distance, believing.

    By Park URL on 07.09.2011

  35. I don’t know what i expect out of life. I expect to get married. Have kids I guess, even though i say i don’t want to. i expect to be a movie director but that’s so unrealistic… i still am expecting it though. i guess that’s kind of bad

    By Louisa URL on 07.09.2011

  36. Nothing is ever going to happen. Life is full of confusing and want. You never know what will come next except for your next breathe and even that isn’t certain. Why do we expect so much when we give so little? What gives us the right to think that our lives deserve so much? We are but little specks in the this universe that the Lord has made.

    By Sarah Nichols on 07.09.2011

  37. Expecting. It was such a stupid euphemism. The fact was, they weren’t just expecting…nothing. They were expecting trouble. Financial hardship, for a start. And not just nine months of Emma being grouchy and pregnant and sick all over the place. The looks on their mothers’ faces, and how quiet their dads would get – why were their parents so alike? And everyone cooing over them and offering advice.

    They were expecting…a whole new life.

    By Nagi URL on 07.09.2011

  38. I always have had an active imagination. Every time I let my imagination wander, I believe that what I’ve imagined will come true. Thus, my expectations have been blown out of proportion and are never going to be achieved.

    By Lauren on 07.09.2011

  39. Expecting babies. Babes expecting. Babies anticipating air. Fresh hair. Fresh cow’s milk. Mother’s milk pre-bottled because mother is a district attorney. Too late. Too great, Sherlock.

    By Chogo URL on 07.09.2011

  40. Surprises are exhilarating. They’re unexpected, new and completely unplanned. Huh. I think I just created a list of synonyms. Ha. Bet you weren’t expecting that. Bet you also weren’t expecting this lame ending. It’s 1:30 in the morning. What do you want from me? A surprise?

    By Meesh URL on 07.09.2011