July 9th, 2011 | 418 Entries

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418 Entries for “expecting”

  1. I was expecting the chores to be done when I got home from my second job. But as usual nothing had been touched. Dishes piled everywhere, vaccum broken, and he was still smoking in the house. Like I was stupid and could smell the foulness clinging to the curtains and the carpets.

    By jasmith URL on 07.09.2011

  2. I’ve been expecting him to be here for an hour now. I’m not sure what’s holding him up. I had the entire day planned, and it was going to be so romantic, but it seems he has better things to do. I wonder what’s so important that he can’t call to let me know what it is…

    By Melody URL on 07.09.2011

  3. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but when it is ever? I never knew it was what I wanted, but how could I? One day it just hits you like a ton of bricks. What can you do? It’s never what you expected. It’s never what you thought you knew.

    By Cheal on 07.09.2011

  4. whenever i hear the world expecting the word pregnant usually springs to mind as when people ask when the baby is due they usually ask “when are you expecting?” that being said the word is often associated with me as something that is about to happen.

    By Rory McHugh on 07.09.2011

  5. Pregnant ladies grip the smalls of their backs as they waddle through their lives as small blimps. The bouncing babies inside their bodies poke out at them through their bellies, and their minds turn to mush because of all the energy used on keeping the little bundle of joy alive.

    By mollyruth URL on 07.09.2011

  6. I cannot be the perfection you wish to see,
    I’m struggling on the edge.
    What do you expect of me?

    By Jess URL on 07.09.2011

  7. you know what i’ve always wanted to do? sit in a leather chair facing away from my desk, so that no one can see my face, and then when someone walks into my office, i’ll slowwwwly spin around in the chair and say creepily, “ive been expecting you…”

    By Rachel on 07.09.2011

  8. Pregnant people are usually expecting a baby and while they are expecting they usually get really big. I’m expecting my aunt Megan will be having the baby she is expecting soon. That’s also what everyone else is expecting.

    By Quafonda on 07.09.2011

  9. I’m expecting. No, I’m not pregnant. I’m expecting news. Something. Anything. I’ll probably wait for another hundred years or so; always expecting never doing.

    By Cloudy101 on 07.09.2011

  10. I was expecting a certain piece of post recently – I got what I was expecting, and I don’t like it.
    It is a prediction of what you think is the most likely outcome of a situation, making you “expect” something to happen because of something.

    By Ross URL on 07.09.2011

  11. what you want to happen, what you think it should be, too much, too little, thinking that you know what it should be, waiting, wanting for a particular something, worrying, waiting.

    By Nancy on 07.09.2011

  12. It felt like the floor gave way. The violent tremor from below rose up through the floorboards. A pained cry rose up through the floor, along with hot steam, heating the room. The blood-stained bed was now soaking with sweat, as was the same man from before, sitting in a chair opposite my bed. He still held a gun, his cruel eyes still bore into mine.
    ‘We’ve been expecting you’
    I felt less disoriented now.
    ‘Who are you?’ I tried to say it with strength, but it sputtered out weakly just as earlier.
    ‘Worked up some courage over your nap I see.’
    He smirked.
    ‘Who are you?’ This time he was asking me. The lights moved over the window again. It was darker now, and raining.
    ‘I’m expected.’

    By Nathan URL on 07.09.2011

  13. I don’t know what to do now.
    I really don’t…

    See, what comes next will remain a constant secret.
    I know I want you around
    I know I want to lie in the sun and feel your hand in mine,

    Do I expect too much?
    Am I foolish?

    By LostCause on 07.09.2011

  14. I’m expecting to do well this semester, although I’m taking over three times as many hours as the previous term. I’m taking twenty hours. I’m going to work harder than I have ever worked. I’m expecting to have absolutely no free time, and that’s ok. My education is now important to me. I expect to succeed.

    By Ross URL on 07.09.2011

  15. i have been expecting far too much from my medications
    i really thought i would begin to feel much better once i got going on a good program
    wrong… they haven’t helped all that much…except to slow down the disease…maybe…
    i hate having these expectations…just end up getting let down mostly…
    so i am going to stop expecting anything at all and just live day to day…see what happens… more of an adventure that way anyhow

    By sherri URL on 07.09.2011

  16. He was expecting some huge fiasco. People rushing everywhere, worrying about where his Allison was. But things seemed strangely calm. Wasn’t anyone freaking out like he was? When he confronted an officer he told him that there was no trouble and Allison would show up soon. Was everyone in town going crazy!? Fine. He would find his girlfriend on his own. Even if it meant risking his own life.

    By Bri URL on 07.09.2011

  17. I’m expecting. Not expecting a child, definitely not, but expecting. I’m expecting something. I don’t know what yet, but I know it’s coming. It doesn’t have to be anything specific. Something that will change me, my life, my world forever.
    A greatly needed expected change.
    And I need it now.

    By ava URL on 07.09.2011

  18. I’m expecting a good time at Disneyland. Disneyland is fun. I love Disneyland. I love Mickey mouse. He’s cool. I wonder if I should have capitalized ‘mouse’. Is that his last name?

    By Basil on 07.09.2011

  19. There are certain things we can expect in life. We can expect to have a birthday ever year, once a year. We can expect to die at one point. But wouldn’t life be so much more exciting if we stopped expecting and just went with the flow of things? Forget expectations and just take a chance.

    By Bri URL on 07.09.2011

  20. Well today I was expecting dad to come home. He….he didn’t. But that’s okay. He never does. I always get my hopes up a little too high. Maybe next time he will make the time to see me. I hope. It’s been too long. He…knows I’m waiting.

    By Jen on 07.09.2011

  21. When I was just a little girl, my mother told me she was expecting. This was confusing to me as I didn’t know just what it was that she was expecting. As time went on and my little brother arrived, I thought that maybe I should have said I was expecting, too. I was expecting a new little one to love.

    By sp on 07.09.2011

  22. Im expecting greatness from you m lord. When my men ask what we fought for and and I have to look them in their eye, I want to feel prod when i tell them

    By Elyse Rodney on 07.09.2011

  23. A camera records these moments, its lens expecting one thing, my eye delivering another: for across the glass and digital underground, I see devils in the speedy movements of children, fairies in black across a red fountain. Nothing shows up on print.

    By RS Bohn URL on 07.09.2011

  24. No one was expecting Shiloh to walk into the river and never come out. Me, maybe, but never her. They never found a body, so for a long time everyone thought she ran away. And even after she started coming around my room in the middle of the night I thought she was still alive. I never believed in ghosts.

    By trish URL on 07.09.2011

  25. i was expecting you to come around and sweep me off my feet. That never happened to me. Seems like i will never get to experience that.

    By Lauren URL on 07.09.2011

  26. What came next, I was not expecting. My heart was calm and so was I. Two seconds later, my heart plummeted to the bottom of my chest; aching, pounding, gasping for breathe, but I couldn’t breathe; it’s not something I was expecting…

    By victoria URL on 07.09.2011

  27. Im expecting lost of things right now
    expecting sounds negative dont u think
    “Im expecting birthday presents
    and a hug tomorrow
    and breakfast”
    There is great possiblity for dissapointment.

    By Emer Wick URL on 07.09.2011

  28. Expectations are pretty dangerous.
    They get your hopes up.
    Then….you begin to wait. And it’s really the waiting that kills you.
    You wait and wait and wait in anticipation.
    And then you realize, you never get what you expect.
    And then disappointment kicks in.
    So maybe the best thing you can do is just…walk into something expecting nothing.

    By Jen URL on 07.09.2011

  29. Babies. Expecting makes me think of mothers. Or maybe children waiting for Christmas morning. I expect to be better some times. It’s also a word that is pretty hard for me to spell for some reason. The word is in purple. I love that color.

    By Jamie on 07.09.2011

  30. I keep too many THINGS. Some are things that I’m attached to from the past. Some are things that I think I will eventually develop into REAL art in the future. In the mean time, I end up held hostage by the junk I can’t let go of. What am I expecting from this pile of raw material? What am I expecting from this pile of shit?

    By sometimesboy on 07.09.2011

  31. And now, she was expecting, preggers, schwanger – “In the family way”. And so was he – and yet they weren’t clear if they wanted to be in the same family.

    By Valerahaha URL on 07.09.2011

  32. Expectation is the worst state of being. It’s when you know what you want, and you’re so close to getting it too, but then there’s so much uncertainty about whether it’s actually going to happen. Never. Expect. Anything.

    By Nishat on 07.09.2011

  33. I don’t know what I am expecting from you. Maybe validation? I do my best to impress you with my cleverness…my pretty words. I understand that I am not much to look at…in my middle age. My pretty skin is behind me. I refuse to try to desperately cling to my youth. I’m not that kind of fag. I guess I’ll just try to make myself content, screaming into the darkness…hoping to reach someone with a similar need. Waiting to be heard…by someone. Anyone.

    By sometimesboy on 07.09.2011

  34. constantly people expect things which don’t happen and it is a real shame.
    The other day I wasn’t expecting that my mother would take me and my friends out for ice cream after my soccer game, but she still did. This was a good thing, rather than a bad thing, contradicting myself. :)

    By ADAM on 07.09.2011

  35. “I’ve been expecting you,” she says, one hand resting on the side of the doorframe.

    “I know,” he replies.

    “You’re late,” she tells him, moving from the door to allow him in.

    He moves past her into the apartment. “I’m sorry,” he tells her, unapologetically.

    By Susan on 07.09.2011

  36. what are you expecting? whatever it is, its wrong. You have no idea what is about to happen tomorrow, next week, or even the next minute. You make judgements based on past experiences, but the world is ever changing, as is the world immediatly around you. Your “baseline” is not infallible.

    By Mike G on 07.09.2011

  37. My Auntie Jenn is expecting a baby. I think it’s in October. I wanted to name it Kendaleigha but that’s just me. I don’t think I want to have a baby. At least, not one of my own. I couldn’t stand the pain of childbirth. I can barely stand the pain of Purell in a paper cut! Auntie Jenn and Uncle Chris want to name it Kaitlyn, I think. Kaitlyn with a K. I like Caitlin with a C, but I might be biased. ;)

    By Riss on 07.09.2011

  38. Expectation. That’s the word of life. We always make so many goals we want to achieve, but the reality is often very different. Expectation is Hope. Without it, what’s the meaning of life?

    By Lily URL on 07.09.2011

  39. What are you expecting me to do?
    My dear, I’m so confused…

    By Faro URL on 07.09.2011

  40. Expecting?

    I’ll tell you what’s expecting.

    I’M expecting. Specifically, I’m expecting to get another word, because I imagine that you have more imagination than this, “oneword.com”, but you keep giving me “expecting”.

    I am very disappointed in you.

    By Riss on 07.09.2011