July 9th, 2011 | 418 Entries

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418 Entries for “expecting”

  1. expecting what a word we are in expectance about eli giving birth love wanting giving it is incredible that we have such love in our family love Eli expecting the best from him, knowing he gave his best!

    By tam18 URL on 07.09.2011

  2. I want a life of happiness and fortune. It is something that I have a dream for long time.

    By Chineme on 07.09.2011

  3. I always wondered what it would be like to be pregnant. I am not sure I am a kid person or that I would be good at it. I expect a lot from people. They need to pull their own weight and show that they are using the potential we all have, rather than wasting it.

    By Marci URL on 07.09.2011

  4. He sat there impatiently, looking at his watch every ten seconds. Waiting, watching, expecting. Other prospects came and went from the office with different looks on their faces, some happy, some sad. This did not help, he just wanted to go in, get his result, and get out as soon as possible.

    By Matthew URL on 07.09.2011

  5. I expect something to happen to me because I feel like my life is way too plain and predictable. I read book after book about girls doing extraordinary things but all I do is lay on my bed dreaming abut what it would be like.

    By chineme URL on 07.09.2011

  6. ….pregnant with expectation, with an unknown person, a child full of the most unusual surprises, not what – never what – one expects. Hoping, longing, anticipating….take care what you wish for.

    By georgie on 07.09.2011

  7. She stares at the small stick
    and yet fearing.

    She knows what would happen if she placed it beneath her
    here, while he sleeps in the next bed
    after a night like many nights

    which is why she is here in the first place.

    She fears
    and yet she hopes
    and, thinking of painted walls and mobiles,

    she begins.

    By Beebee URL on 07.09.2011

  8. babies results waiting but what for? Why do we wait? what are we expecting? boy, girl, things? who knows? maybe we shouldn’t expect things? could be a let down set our expectations too high! Land among the starts or whatever that quotation is, its about expecting too much!

    By Niamh URL on 07.09.2011

  9. She thought it was going to be a normal interview. She knew the things she had planned to say like it was nobody’s business. But then he threw her off with a smile and said, “What do you think about the inner workings of a water dispenser?” At that moment she was forced to become genuine.

    By Spencer on 07.09.2011

  10. Babies, a promotion. Things that are to be. Expecting change, expectations, hope. Wanting more. readying for things to come. waiting.

    By Craig on 07.09.2011

  11. Expecting is one of the greatest, most frequent, and least easy to of human faults. Don’t expect, just receive.

    By Julia D URL on 07.09.2011

  12. I was expecting something different.
    And although I feel disappointed right now, I know it’ll get better.
    At least thats what I’m expecting.

    By Rose URL on 07.09.2011

  13. we have all experienced what expecting is
    a baby
    a new tooth
    a new car
    a new friend
    a new house
    …………………….on and on and on and on

    By she53lly URL on 07.09.2011

  14. changes in my life and job. want to get married to the guy i like.

    By Saniya on 07.09.2011

  15. Expecting someone to love me unconditionally is a bad expectation. Life shouldn’t be wasted on waiting; especially on a person who doesn’t exist. I’ve realized this over the years. Waiting is a waste of my time. I shouldn’t waste my life on suffering and pain and instead enjoy it with love and compassion.

    By Cassandra on 07.09.2011

  16. i really hate this word. it denotes neither good or bad. it is completely neutral with no indication or leaning towards something happy or sad or angry. it has no flavor whatsoever.

    By Arielle URL on 07.09.2011

  17. my boyfriend expects me to have sex with him even though i don’t want to, men are always so expecting of women. then when we feel the need to not give them attention because of being suffocated by their clingyness, they get mad.

    By cassandra-marie on 07.09.2011

  18. due date, baby boy in august. nursery is ready, back pain, cramping, labor pains, fear and anxiety, excitement and joy, time off work, nesting, love, stinky baby, toys, play time, bath time, diapers

    By Ursula on 07.09.2011

  19. “I wasn’t expecting it,” she told Tom as he sat beside her in the hospital room. “He just came out of no where,” there was a distant look in her eyes as she attempted again to recount the accident. The last time it had been for the claims adjuster who showed up the day before to question her. He didn’t believe it, and even now her brother watched her with a trace of doubt hidden behind the sympathy.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.09.2011

  20. Expecting you to knock on my door, playing our song with your guitar. Expecting the radio over your head and Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” to come shooting out from the stereo.

    By Hannah URL on 07.09.2011

  21. Is she really? I noticed she was gaining wait, but I didn’t expect her to be pregnant. With whose baby? She sleeps around. A lot! I hope that she tunes it down a bit, especially before the baby comes into this world. The last thing we need is another Casey Anthony case to flood the media.

    By AndrewBryan URL on 07.09.2011

  22. I’m expecting things to go well. I’m expecting it to be a disaster. I’m expecting this to take too long. I’m expecting too much from him. I’m expecting less from her. I’m expecting the unexpected. I’m expecting my life to veer off course. I’m expecting an epic win.

    By Brittany on 07.09.2011

  23. expecting

    She hadn’t been expecting this. She’d thought it would be more like a working vacation. Getting to know new people… learning new skills… Visiting places she’d never seen before. That *no* one had ever seen before. Being a kind of pioneer in an era when there wasn’t much left to explore. Well, not in her immediate vicinity anyway. But this…? This was not what she’d signed up for.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.09.2011

  24. mothers expect babys and when i ex[ect i expect food and im expecting ma madre to comehome with my food expecting it shall be good food howver its mcdonalds so its always good but if i die before she gets back i shall expect nothin

    By Lillayyyy on 07.09.2011

  25. Chipper is the last feeling I was ever expecting to enter my mood repertoire after 6 years of disappointment, abuse, and general malaise.

    By theopellate URL on 07.09.2011

  26. I’ve been expecting you. I’ve been expecting everything from you, everything we could be. I’ve been expecting these things here lately. I’ve been expecting these feelings. But, what I wasn’t expecting was you to do this now. I wasn’t expecting you to go or me to fall apart. I wasn’t.

    By Nina Davis URL on 07.09.2011

  27. It hung like a stone around her waist, a heavy reminder of what was to come. People would see the bulge in her middle and squeal at her with delight and she would smile and nod and pretend it was alright. But alone at night, she would sit up and run her palms over the growing bulge and wonder what was in store.

    By Lunarflight URL on 07.09.2011

  28. Why aren’t you here?

    In these moments when I need you most, you aren’t stroking the back of my hand with your rough fingertips.

    My imagination runs through all the horrid images of your secrets.

    By virginfell URL on 07.09.2011

  29. Any second now. Any moment. Those i was expecting will walk through that door. I must treat them as though they are not about to kill me. they expect me to not know anything. But I know so much. Like the plans for my death. I grip my dagger behind my back.

    I expect a good fight.

    By Serafina URL on 07.09.2011

  30. I’m expecting to be a PGCE student in September. Everything going well so far. Expect everyone is bored of hearing about it now as well :) Just passionate :)

    By Sarah Jackson on 07.09.2011

  31. I was expecting something better. This really isn’t that great. How long do I need to think about the word “expecting” anyway? Not very good. Wow.

    By John Cocchiola on 07.09.2011

  32. I had been expecting the package for days and days. Though it felt like years and years—I had orderd the most beautiful dress for prom and here it was and i was ready to open it. Thinking the box looked a bit small for a prom dress, I opened the box and there my dress was, just the right size for an american girl doll. Prom was in three days

    By Alyss URL on 07.09.2011

  33. Walking round the corner
    What did you expect?
    Without a need in your youth
    What did you expect?
    When thesound surrounds
    what did you expect?

    By gsk URL on 07.09.2011

  34. “Wishing and hoping, but not expecting”. That was his eternal mantra when in my presence, he thought he was being noble and gentlemanly, I thought he was displaying his chauvinistic attitude as a married man thinking he could have it all.

    By Jeanie URL on 07.09.2011

  35. I WAS expecting to find myself thrilled at the prospect; an all expenses paid trip to wherever i wanted to go, for as long as i wanted. What could be better? but as the date of departure drew closer, i found myself filled with a vague sense of dis-ease.

    By Dublem on 07.09.2011

  36. i’m not expecting a baby. i’m expecting to stay with my boyfriend the rest of my life. i’m expectnig to go to the beach a lot next week! i hope, anyways. my parents expect a lot from me. but so do i. i expect to get into a good school. i expect so much out of myself. it hurts.

    By michelle URL on 07.09.2011

  37. This can lead to some complications. Sometimes we don’t get what we expect. Sometimes expecting is a happy thing, as in the case of a pregnant woman. Expectations can rule your life, they can bring you down. I think living without them would make life a heck of a lot easier, but who knows? Maybe expectations actually keep us.. sane.

    By Katie URL on 07.09.2011

  38. Ich erwarte. Ich erwarte und ich sollte doch tun, damit sich erfüllt, was ich erwarte. Aber ich warte bloß. Meine Wörter werden immer ärmer. Lieber Arm dran als Arm ab. Das finde ich auch. Genug der Schauergeschichten. Genug von Blut und Adern und Sehnen, von offenen Brüchen und Eiter. Keine Brücken mehr zum Springen, keine Züge zum Davorlegen, keine Balken zum Dranhängen, lieber direkt in den Himmel springen. Nach oben.

    By Eli URL on 07.09.2011

  39. She wasn’t expecting this.
    When the package arrived at her door, she hadn’t given it much thought. She ordered a lot of books from Amazon; she thought that maybe it was one she had forgotten about. Instead, inside was a key.
    She turned it over in her hands. It was brass, heavy in her palm, old-fashioned.

    By Sarah on 07.09.2011

  40. I don’t know what I was expecting. I hadn’t seen her in three years. I suppose I figured I’d gotten over it. But no, the second she emerged from the tunnel that led from the train to the terminal, I fell back in love in just the same way as I had four years prior. She had me hooked, just like that. It wasn’t fair.

    By Jakob MacIntyre URL on 07.09.2011