March 29th, 2011 | 498 Entries

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498 Entries for “executive”

  1. first man in building at 9am. he sits at his desk, pours his coffee into cup from his travel mug. thinks about his wife at home, & his child on the way.
    a woman brushes by him with blonde curls, like his mother hand when he was growing up. lunch is only 3 hours away.

    By d on 03.30.2011

  2. Executive. Tall woman, nice calves, hair pulled up at the nape of her neck, wearing a black suit. She stalks down a hallway. Confident, stern, intense. In control. She’s made her decision.

    By bethany URL on 03.30.2011

  3. is anarchy the solution? has it ever been? or is it just the solution invented by bored people with too many weapons… executives aren’t perfect. everyone is bound to abuse power. but chaos is godless… and no matter what religion you believe in, or if you’re atheist, chaos, anarchy, it’s all the same. flames burn. trust the executive.

    By gtog on 03.30.2011

  4. a person how does things in an efficient way, a way of doing things that is eficient and can save energy

    By marcela on 03.30.2011

  5. some times some male doesn’t look handsome in executive suites.

    By apurva on 03.30.2011

  6. executing jobs, this is what machines do, in executive manner they do their work but execution is also an end, not a means, a full stop at the end of an evil life

    By amygdala on 03.30.2011

  7. She felt completely out of place. She wished now she’d taken more care of her hair and worn her dress shoes, instead of the loose pony tail and sneakers that she was firmly tucking under her chair.
    When her friend asked her for lunch and to meet her at work, she didn’t know that she’d be waiting for a high powered executive.

    By M Daly URL on 03.30.2011

  8. We made the decision at the last second–we went left, breaking off from the rest of the group. The rest veered right into the woods as we faced the latest challenge–a sheer cliff face.

    By Helen on 03.30.2011

  9. He’s too tall for her, for one thing, and too old. He’s got gray hair and he wears pin-stripe suits and he calls everyone “ma’am” and “sir” even though he’s the boss of them all. She loves him, and it’s ridiculous, and sometimes when she wakes up in the morning, she doesn’t even want to get out of bed because being around him is so awful.

    By s on 03.30.2011

  10. You are the chief operating executive of my own life.
    though i might make executive decisions, You ultimately make them happen.
    You also sign my paychecks. so thanks.

    By helen lindsay URL on 03.30.2011

  11. business official. The top of the food chain. The most important. Respected. Honorable. Luxury. The best of the best and the boss. The “man” in a sense. The one who run’s the company. The one who wears Armani suits and Dolce and Gabbana dresses. A person everyone wants to be.

    By Caitlyn on 03.30.2011

  12. smart, top boss, learning, money, corporate, teacher, manager, intelligent, suit, tye, brains, salary, bank, business man, power, tycoon, king, leader, wealthy,

    By Amanda on 03.30.2011

  13. an executive officer makes the big decisions in a company. when you tell people you are an executive, they are impressed. executives wear suits and go to cocktail parties, but usually leave early because they are so busy. they wake up at five to go to the gym before work. executives have corner offices and secretaries.

    By nastacia URL on 03.30.2011

  14. go forth. move forward with what it is that you want. do it precisely and with passion.

    By Lisa Welch on 03.30.2011

  15. The beat presses my ears to the ground.
    I can hear it in my feet,
    the boom of the bass drum,
    the steady pulse,
    hearts beating to the rhythm,
    brains bobbing into
    its hypnotic qualities.
    It keeps me going
    through day,
    to hear that beat,
    keeps me reaching
    for the next one.

    By Scythe42 URL on 03.30.2011

  16. ideas. otherwise they just fester in your mind and become like little explosions wanting to be released. that’s how most of my nights before sleeping are spent. managing explosions of ideas in my mind. then morning comes and nothing seems so urgent anymore.

    By angela URL on 03.30.2011

  17. Who would have though? Me in the executive suite of the Waldorf Historia? I can’t believe it! A once lowly orphan; now a high-class lawyer.

    By Lisa Gerwulf on 03.30.2011

  18. There was light. Everywhere light. The executives discussed the new financial project for the company and they were all tired. Eight straight hours thinking and nothing coming out right. Then it happened. They jumped out the window and started to live instead.

    By Alejandro M URL on 03.30.2011

  19. someone who wears a suit ad tie and probably cheats on his wife because he has nothing better to do an thinks that his life sucks when really he is blessed more than he knows. proabbly successful, with a few kids who he might neglect because of work. maybe hes a good guy, i really dont know. but to me i think he has a moustache.

    By Sarah on 03.30.2011

  20. If you were to say “make an executive desicion” Im pretty sure it means to make a smart decision, but im not a %100 sure.

    By Jewelz on 03.30.2011

  21. executive is a word that i have no idea of the meaning. What does it mean like high power or something. i just don’t know when i get off one word i’m going to google it.

    By mileham12mileham34 URL on 03.30.2011

  22. I think i am Executive. I really dont know but its all good >:>”>”>”^#”%”>?^^#&*^*&^%#&(*%#&(%&(&$*@&*%^&^%&^&*%*(%^#&*&$@&%*#&@%^@*%&(O%@

    By Babe on 03.30.2011

  23. some ppl are executive in this world.

    By stavroscastilllo on 03.30.2011

  24. I forgot what executive means.

    By america on 03.30.2011

  25. ooo exécutif, je ne sais pas tres bien la traduction francaise mais je pense que sa voudrait dire exécutif.. dont je ne connais pas la signification enfin sa a surement rapport avec exécuter c’est important d’agir dans la vie de ne pas passé trop de temps a réfléchir de prendre des décisions. éxecutif: quelqu’un qui agit, qui exécute. Ca me fait aussi penser au pouvoir exécutif que possède le président, c’est une bonne chose que les trois pouvoir soit séparé et n’appartiennent pas une meme personne et je remercie les actifs de la révolution francaise, quel beau mot révolution mais celui qui nous interresse c’est exécutif alors bon exécutif, pour revenir au pouvoir exécutif je ne pense pas que se soit celui qui soit le plus important dans une société pourtant a mon sens le président possède quand meme trop de pouvoir. c’est une sorte de faux roi la société devrait etre gouverné par une assemblé enfin c’est pour l’instant mon point de vue mais il peut encore changer seul les idiots ne changent pas d’avis
    exécutif quand j’étais petite je croyais que ca voulais dire que le roi avait le pouvoir de tuer ses sujets :) a l’histoire quand c’est mal expliqué :)
    bon mon temps est fini
    belle experience

    By juju on 03.30.2011

  26. I am not sure what executive means but I think it is when you are an assistant manager so you are an executive boss.

    By emmaliegh URL on 03.30.2011

  27. a person in charge of a specific thing!!:D

    By stillmoon URL on 03.30.2011

  28. I’m very glad that I’m not a corporate executive. I couldn’t live a life of long hours, and stressful workplace. I’m glad that I am living this life!

    By Jay Newland on 03.30.2011

  29. It’s about being an executive of your own life. You need to take charge. You need to make a difference in how you run your life’s work. You can’t fire yourself. This is your only job.

    By ray on 03.30.2011

  30. I don’t think executives know us. They are all the way up there, in the top floors, and don’t have a remote idea of how us the consumers are. I guess that’s the way life is, No one knows you. You have to make up a name for yourself.

    By Alejandro URL on 03.30.2011

  31. Suit. And Tie. Striped. Pinstripe suit; thin lapels. He walked into the office, knowing that his impeccable dress sense would wow everyone. And, oh, did it work. The ladies secretly swooned at his appearance. Hair included.

    By Phil URL on 03.30.2011

  32. She walked through the door, the clackity clack of her heels on the wooden floor indicating her ever horrifying presence. The shrill of her yelling to the poor, unfortunate brown nosing soul on the other who, almost certainly, got her coffee order incorrect and will now rue the day he ever went to college to become some lady’s personal pinata.

    By Jessie on 03.30.2011

  33. this is a man on top of his world; the world of which he did not create and yet was coaxed into believing was his own. He’s stressed and unhappy but he doesn’t know why. He never realized that book smarts and experience are different but too that they are not important.

    By Joseph Kempf on 03.30.2011

  34. I was the one,
    we were all there too.
    The executive shot it down.
    I fell with it.

    By Tyler Bohinc on 03.30.2011

  35. An executive is someone who works for someone in an office.
    They do their paper work. And file papers.

    By Caitlin Cordova on 03.30.2011

  36. None of the coworkers could have predicted what the executive said next.

    “File it.”

    By Cinnia on 03.30.2011

  37. the executive of the company gets a lot of money for being who he is and doing what he does, whether that me corrupt or truly what he feels is a benefit to himself and others around him but does it really matter?

    By Connor Moore on 03.30.2011

  38. in stephen king’s novel “The Shining” his character, Jack Torrance has reservations for the executive that manages the hotel where he is to stay for the winter. Jack appears to be anti-authoritarian.

    By Andrew on 03.30.2011

  39. He made a command. From his head to the odd growth that emerged from his toes. He was to be what he was born to be until termination. – Executive Order 1

    By Tiz's Dream URL on 03.30.2011

  40. death penalty i don’t know abrupt another world very precise authorities certain decissions to be made – who rules the country? Madmen? Presidents and politics. But I don’t know, I’m just a girl, a young girl, with no political stands of my own. Where is my country? I don’t know. Do you?

    By Anna Johnsen on 03.30.2011