January 1st, 2014 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “exactly”

  1. Maybe this will be the day you’ll learn.
    And maybe.
    Maybe this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.
    You are mistaken.
    Mistaken’s all you’ve ever been.

    By chelle on 01.01.2014

  2. “That’s exactly what I mean, Prosper. Why is it that whenever I try to tell you something simple, you manage to complicate it in exactly the two seconds it allows me to take a breath, before I warn you not to make a mess of things?”

    The little urchin on the floor offered an impish, if not somewhat shaky smile. “I wasn’t expecting it to turn out that way, Master.” She nibbled on her lower lip. There was a spark of blue fire dancing at her fingertips, proof of the inner gifts lurking within her. “It’s just that well,”

    “Exactly. That.” He glowered at her. “I can give you something so complicated it makes my head spin and you’ve got it down and finished before I can even explain how to do it, yet something simple–so simple, like do not add anything but soap to the clothes wash results in this?” He held up a shirt full of blinking, squinting eyes–images that had magically come to life on the surface that very morning. “Did you think I wouldn’t find out?”

    She winced. “I rather hoped that you wouldn’t…”

    By Sara H. URL on 01.01.2014

  3. His squinty little eyes popped as wide as they would go as he came to ‘his’ own self realization, “exactly!”. Slowly, he turned to me and pointed. “Precisely, m’dear. Oh, just wonderful! They shall be vanilla cakes with lime frosting and lily decorations to match!”

    I forced a smile, reassuring him of his brilliance.

    By Andraya URL on 01.01.2014

  4. You got exactly what you wanted. I know you know. I’ll say this as nice as I can, and you know that about it me. But you don’t know exactly what I say, as nice as I can.

    By Daniel Damian URL on 01.01.2014

  5. At the pin pricks of my mind
    I visualize him standing before me
    and the way he would stand
    with his hands
    in his pockets
    and how he would say it

    How is it that I can see some things so exactly
    when they have never happened
    is this just a reflection that my hopes will always extend past reality

    I think the things I see most clearly are those that haven’t happened yet- the key word is yet.

    By Laure on 01.01.2014

  6. New Years Eve hadn’t gone exactly to plan. After a few rounds of champagne cocktails, during which Jackie had managed to keep up respectable banter, the evening deteriorated quickly. By midnight she found herself with her face wedged up against a the passenger window of a red toyota, while a stubbly uni student called Derek grappled amateurishly with her bra. Having now somehow managed to get herself into this ungainly position she thought it impolite to leave before he was done with all of his fumbling.

    By pip333 URL on 01.01.2014

  7. Exactly
    Y….hmmmm i need to do exactly what needs to b done at home, work, and in my marriage!!!! God has always done exactly what he’s promised

    By antonia on 01.01.2014

  8. “Don’t you ever take a break?”
    He watched her raise the heat of a burner, pausing briefly to glance at her watch and note the time. After, she looked up and gave him a half-smile and half-shrug before turning back to her desk and revisiting the oversized text laying open at her station.
    From the neck down, her body possessed a control and stillness derived from years of discipline and concentration. Her hands never shook, her arms never dipped, and her hair was always twisted into a neat bun at the base of her neck to avoid falling into her face as she bent to scribble notes. She could precisely measure beakers in mere moments and stir at a quick pace without tapping out a litany of tones that come from touching glass to glass. Her work space was organized and codified with an efficiency that surpassed the neighboring lab stations, which would have engineered a resentment among her peers if not for how she looked from the neck up.
    The beauty or lack thereof in her face was perfectly obscured by the standard issue protective goggles required whenever working in the lab. It was her mannerisms that gave her away. Her lips were disciplined enough to remain shut tight whenever her hands were at work but would go to war with her teeth whenever she observed a subject from a distance. Her tongue produced a cacophony of information and speculation if anyone relevant penetrated the 4 foot perimeter that roughly outlined her lab station. Her nose could detect the faintest nuances in chemical changes, a skill garnered from endless hands-on experiments, and tended to wrinkle whenever something went awry. Most revealing were her eyes. They seemed electrified each time she worked, every time she measured and observed and drew conclusions. For this evidence of passion rather than competition, her peers could not resent her skills.
    He continued, “You can’t live in the lab. Professor sets up the textbooks so no one can ever finish the entire set. You’ll never run out of experiments, there’s so much more in that book to learn than there is time in the semester.”
    She glanced at her watch again, spun the beaker away from the flame and extinguished it with a flick of the switch. The contents had changed from clear to bright pink, which she noted near the time before quickly tipping the contents into another solution.
    Finally, after long moments scribbling in small, sharp script, she looked at him and nodded as though in agreement though he had been silent for a while, content with observing her at work. He was thoroughly aware that she had a knack for pinning information away in her head to address when she was ready. He thought back, and couldn’t help but smile as she gave him a full shrug and turned the page in her text. She said, “Exactly.”

    By neek URL on 01.01.2014

  9. In the brief hours between dawn and dark
    An odious snarky chimera lurks
    A bleating monster huffs and puffs
    Mists of black powder, wanderlust
    A sinister hound walks the turf
    These are the creatures
    Of the dark
    They lark
    They know exactly what you are
    And they’re coming for you.

    By Batul URL on 01.01.2014

  10. farmers not owning their own land and working on others land

    By horse URL on 01.01.2014

  11. What exactly does it mean? we are beings with no purpose. what is “exactly”? Are we “exact” No, we are people. I don’t even know what a “people” is either. What is anything exactly?

    By Lejendrea on 01.01.2014

  12. “So what will it be?” I asked, eyes narrowed. His response was exactly what I had been expecting:
    “Well, um, you see, it’s a bit more complicated than just that…” He shifted his weight from foot to foot nervously.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.01.2014

  13. It was exactly how I planned it. They wouldn’t know what happened until it already was to late. BRahahahah.. This time the last laugh was mine. They always thought they had the upper hand, Pushing me around all these years. But now I have the upper hand and they will have to grovel at my throne from here on.

    By Chuck K. URL on 01.02.2014

  14. one listless last lover
    exactly exacting another
    precise in execution
    but so messy in practice
    oh, lost loves of our lives
    counting down to once or twice
    the same mistakes
    that seem to never end
    exactly exacting their revenge

    By matt m on 01.02.2014

  15. There is exactly no point in me trying. I have never and will never be good enough. You proved that in the ignoring of my pleas for help last night by staying up for another two hours to play video games.

    By Anonymous URL on 01.02.2014

  16. “They’re exactly like those sighs,
    cracking against our bare skin” you said.

    “Can’t you see the untouchable ghosts
    we let go” you asked,
    “every time we fell in love,
    we lament, we laugh, we live?”

    (We are escaping from our own demons, darling.)

    By gargouillis on 01.02.2014

  17. i counted the cookies left in the jar. all there looking at me, they were practically begging me too eat them, but if i “ever wanted a boy to look at me” as my mother put it so nicely, there better be exactly 3 cookies in the jar. none were gone and none were added. just three lonely cookies and one hungry girl.

    By isabella URL on 01.02.2014

  18. She rushed through the front door as the summer storm suddenly broke. Classically dressed in blue jeans, a white blouse and cowboy boots, with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes, she was the epitome of a carefree country girl. But she had her quirks. She walked up the stairs in a curious fashion – a dance of some sorts, muttering under her breath and as she passed the family photographs on the wall, she paused to make sure that they were all lined up, exactly right.

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 01.02.2014

  19. there was exacly no time left. the world was spinning around us. i grabbed his fists and looked into his blue eyes while we fell. i hit my shoulder hard on the floor. while i looked around, i can hear a dripping sound coming from my back, and instantly, i turn around and find a full-grown, scary-looking kimera.

    By sofia URL on 01.02.2014

  20. She poured the sugar into the scales, watching the numbers tip higher and higher. This particular recipe had always given her trouble, she’d never been able to get it just right. She knew it was a difficult one, and she knew that you had to get the amounts of ingredients perfect or it wouldn’t rise properly. She poured slowly, tipping the sugar gently. The number clicked onto the exact amount she needed, and she pulled her hand back quickly. Sugar flew out of the bag and all over the kitchen side, but no more fell onto the scales. They were exactly right.

    By Hannah URL on 01.02.2014

  21. Nothing is ever too exact- because the universe cannot be measured by a meter, and neither can my sentiments.

    By Ollie on 01.02.2014

  22. It turns out
    You are exactly who I thought you were
    And I am
    Better off without your controlling

    By Trine URL on 01.02.2014

  23. that is what i was saying, i always say but am misconstrued. what matters is that exact moment that exactly takes you aback, EXACTLY and in exact numbers. to be exact is an art because everyone is somewhat accurate, not exact. exactly, that is rare. being exact is exactly the same as being rare. because, there are very less chances of saying “exactly” tough to conform and tough to agree with someone. our ego is HUGE. but yes, that’s exactly what i mean. to be rare, to be 1% out of 6 billion or more. (approx.)

    By ananya nanda on 01.02.2014

  24. Still exactly the same thing it was yesterday.

    It isn’t easy. Words don’t come easy… words don’t come easy. To me. How can I find a way to make you see I love you? Words don’t come easy.

    I love that song. it’s such a catchy little song. Trying to write as quickly as possible but it’s hard in a round chari when I feel like a Buddha and I have my elbows on my knees. It is quite sad. -_-


    So anyway. Stuff?

    By Maria URL on 01.02.2014

  25. Exactly.
    The devil of the pedant.
    Structure and routine, perhaps and order or sequence.
    Rather than vague, inaccurate, or close to.
    The random danger of freedom and fluidity v the rigid unchanging but predictable uniformity.

    By Ian URL on 01.02.2014

  26. She sipped her no foam non fat latte in brief intervals. She walked down the busy street, knowing exactly where she was headed. The people parted in front of her like the Red Sea, though she looked ordinary enough.

    By jbmccormack URL on 01.02.2014

  27. My choice to pick up and leave was exactly what i needed. Although sacrifices were made, i know moving forward they were done so for the right reasons.

    By Jeffrey korb on 01.02.2014

  28. I know exactly what I want and when – which is usually now. Not exactly a good trait though. I like to get everything exactly correct.

    By Alexandra URL on 01.02.2014

  29. that’s it. you nailed it. perfecto. according to spec. right on the money. couldn’t be better. wow, terrific. missed it by a mile – just kidding, it was exactly the way we drew it up!

    By Lee URL on 01.02.2014

  30. I know exactly how to fix this. We’ll simply just go to the principal and tell him our idea.

    By Erica on 01.02.2014

  31. Exactly Me.
    Exactly My Truth.
    Exactly made perfect by my God.

    By DEANNA HAMMETT on 01.02.2014

  32. I know exactly how to plan Margret’s wedding. We’ll have little flowers and cakes!

    By Barbie on 01.02.2014

  33. It wasn’t what she wanted, not exactly. There were garnets, all right, and set nicely into a gold bracelet, but she’d wanted cabochons and these were faceted. As she raised her head, she composed her features so her disappointment wouldn’t show.

    By mrsmig URL on 01.02.2014

  34. It was exactly like I thought- my life was controlled by someone else howmuchever I thought of it not to be. This is reality- u just got to accept it as it is. I’m just a girl-no more- that is what they all say …..but I will for sure prove them wrong one day> Dear lord help me..

    By Maria URL on 01.02.2014

  35. It was exactly like I thought- my life was controlled by someone else how much ever I thought of it not to be. This is reality- I just got to accept it as it is. I’m just a girl-no more- that is what they all say. But I will for sure prove them wrong one day. Dear lord help me..

    By Maria URL on 01.02.2014

  36. precise to the point. say what you mean. understanding,

    By Brenda on 01.02.2014

  37. That is exactly the thing, you know? I saw him dancing and turning on that music. For a second he was exactly what I wanted and I started thinking about our future even before he took a look at me. It’s exactly the thing. I need to stop that.

    By Fredda URL on 01.02.2014

  38. So this is exactly how I feel right now…Like I’m going to barf. I can’t even begin to understand why I don’t feel good. It’s for reasons exactly like this that I try to stay away from ill people. I mean at school they’re just hacking it up and it’s disgusting. But um…I graduated early. So yeah.

    By xXTheBelieverXx URL on 01.02.2014

  39. She stared at the smooth metal surface for a moment more, her green eyes flickering like distant flames as she contemplated the weight of the decision before her. White eyes watched her from his impassive face, snowy hair framing his strange angled features. His breath caught for a moment as she reached forward to brush her fingers across the orb. He knew, of course, the trinket held no power but he felt it was exactly what she needed. A physical representation of what she was capable of.

    By heather URL on 01.02.2014

  40. exactly
    precisely what I didn’t imagine
    none of this came to mind
    you are not exactly what i’ve always wanted
    i didn’t know what i wanted
    until i met you
    and you held open the door for me
    and surprised me with a strawberry milkshake
    and stole stars from the sky and placed them inside
    love notes and the entire time i acted like
    i wasn’t paying you any attention and you kept trying
    and now here we are, together, exactly where we should be
    exactly where we want to be,
    and we can’t pay attention to anything else
    and i can’t get my mind off you
    when i wake up in the morning the autumn of your eyes meets
    my smile and i wipe the dreams from your lips slowly savoring you
    in my skin
    i don’t want to move from our fortress
    your bed of hell and coffee sillage
    salvation won’t come if we’re apart

    By stargirl on 01.02.2014