January 1st, 2014 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “exactly”

  1. Exactly. That’s what I said. I said I’d do it and you said you’d do it and now all of a sudden we’re saying we won’t do it and I’m just —
    Yeah. Confused. Aren’t you confused? I don’t really know what’s going on and—
    You’re freaking out.
    You don’t expect me to freak out? We’re being chased by wolves and you don’t expect me to freak out when we’re freezing and it’s cold out and we’re being—
    Calm down.
    Don’t you tell me to calm down, you little—
    Calm down.

    By Maria URL on 01.01.2014

  2. exactly you just proved my point. thats what iw as trying to say and you just exemplfied exactly what i wanted to say. good job you understood what i was trying to explain.

    By nathan on 01.01.2014

  3. That’s it. Exactly. Right on the money. Exactly. Not wrong but right. Exactly. No room for mistakes. Exactly.

    By Udflyers87 on 01.01.2014

  4. How many things in life are exact? I don’t exactly know. One or two, or quite a few, but it’s hard to know for sure. To be exact is a taxing practice, and oftentimes I see no point to it.

    By Addie URL on 01.01.2014

  5. Exactly, precisely, down to the last detail.
    You say you want to make a resolution
    To forgive all the things your past life handed down to you
    But your capability to do so
    Is just not there yet.

    By ellie on 01.01.2014

  6. “This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for the afterparty,” grumbled Taylor as we took turns shoveling crumpled beer cans into the nearest recycling bins.

    “What did you have in mind, then?” I asked. “The magic New Year’s fairy to clean up the mess?”

    “Shut your damn face. That’s what I have in mind.”

    On the corner, Wesley was waving us down with two garbage bags slung over his shoulders. Of course, he was still massively hungover.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.01.2014

  7. Its what I thought. You get what I’m saying? Life is exactly what it is supposed to be when it is supposed to happen. Don’t judge it. Embrace it. Love it. Learn from it. My future is unfolding exactly how it should! 2014!!

    By Liv on 01.01.2014

  8. perfection. precision. the right moment, tone, word.

    By angela on 01.01.2014

  9. it is exactly this
    there is no right
    no wrong
    there is no perfect way for anything
    all things are a journey
    each moment is a choice
    trying to direct the path only leads to frustration
    instead allow yourself to enjoy the view
    to experience each moment
    if you do this
    the path will lead you
    exactly where you aught to be

    By Poet Nia URL on 01.01.2014

  10. The adaptability to find something or act exactly as needed in a given moment; it was a tall order. A measure of improvisation as applied to exactness, it was as much the scientist’s game as the musician’s as the writer’s as the politician’s as the artist’s as the teacher’s – it’s all pretty much the same balancing act carried to different ends. And there in the minutia, were the keys to unlocking this exacting goal.

    By Ash Wednesday on 01.01.2014

  11. Precise not perfect maybe must be right no perfect ok I am exactly 55 that is right not exactly for me only if just right,

    By Dandy on 01.01.2014

  12. exactly immune to the phosphorus cobbler. rudimentary dear sir. antelope crybaby specters dancing in the flames. Pollvolting cheerleaders crying their shame. style beads. glittering pearl braids. sparkling.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 01.01.2014

  13. Think about it. What is the most important thing to know about magic?

    It responds to belief…

    So why can’t everything be easy for you?

    I don’t know!

    Yes you do. Think about it. What do people believe in?

    They believe in gods, heroes, stories…

    Yes. So why…?

    Because… it makes a better story.

    Well done.

    By trill on 01.01.2014

  14. Count to three
    and then
    your eyes.
    You’ll see
    what you love
    what you need
    what you wanted
    long ago before the sun decided it wasn’t wanted.

    By Emily URL on 01.01.2014

  15. SHIFT is my one word, I want to bring clarity and possibility and inspire others to challenge the status quo, I want to be a catalyst for change. Our lives were not meant to be lived in the “left over time, but more like the rocks, pebbles, and sand analogy! Putting the most important priorities in first, then the next most important things, and then the least important things are the sand, and will fit in around all of the other things! We CAN live this way!!!!

    By Janine Finney URL on 01.01.2014

  16. She snapped her fingers, having found the solution to the problem in the Egyptian tomb that stood in front of her. The tomb door had been glued closed with some ancient, undying, unbreakable compound. Supposedly no burglars had previously gone in. Anna was excited with the new find and immediately set the solution in motion. “Exactly!” She exclaimed as she grabbed the hands of one of her partners and ran to the tent with the explosives, ignoring the portrait of terror displayed on her fellow archaeologist’s face.

    By Rosheen on 01.01.2014

  17. “That’s exactly what I mean, though. How much do you REALLY know about this girl?”
    “I know that I love her,” she said fiercely. “And that’s enough for me,”
    “But it shouldn’t be!” she said, grasping her by her shoulder.s “Kayla, be reasonable. This business of hers…it’s dangerous. And if something happens to you…”
    She smiled, resting her hand atop hers. “Nothing’s going to happen, sister,” she assured her. “You worry too much,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.01.2014

  18. “Exactly my point doctor, if the patient is getting worse why should we let him leave?” The nurse questioned him in a judgemental tone,
    “Angeline you know it isn’t my decision.”

    By Kira on 01.01.2014

  19. “Exactly. Exactly. Exactly.” She said repeatedly as she tried to argue her point to him.

    “That’s exactly what I meant. Why do you need to interpret it any other way?”

    By nyaaawn on 01.01.2014

  20. What is it about being precise that some people – who are overly particular about details – have the need to make it a point that everything they say is understood exactly as they meant it?

    By nyaaawn on 01.01.2014

  21. No one knows exactly how I feel. Everyone’s different. I wonder if anyone will ever understand the way I think. Seems unlikely. I feel as if I have a unique mind that even I can’t decode. no one knows exactly who I am.

    By Carley on 01.01.2014

  22. ‘Just like that, just like that.’ They way she said it. It turned me on. I wanted to hear her say it over and over and I could, with a couple clicks get right back to the spot where she said it. ‘Just like that, just like that.’ So innocent and free. She was just doing up her hair and I could watch her but she couldn’t see me. It was just like that.

    By DMM URL on 01.01.2014

  23. nothing comes in as hard or as fast as the asymmetrical wanderlust that accompanies short-range shotguns in the passenger side of a two-door truck whose backseat you had to climb into before 4-a-m or risk being late to a cross-country road trip spurred by an existentialist fear projected onto the limits of geography & even though it’s the closest to prayer you’ll get it’s the angriest you’ve been in a while, reasons to be against your father are substitutions for confession, he puts the guns in the front

    By robyn URL on 01.01.2014

  24. You will do exactly as I command. The moment I snap my fingers you will extend your right arm to the woman across from you, when a hand grasps yours you will shake it vertically and say the words “You are hired” to the woman. NOW.

    By Brigid on 01.01.2014

  25. she said
    is waiting for a definition.
    The in-betweens of
    one woman’s finger’s from the next,
    a man plays music
    by their candle-lit table,
    and they look into each other’s
    eyes and just as all the room starts to sway
    from the jesting of diners
    – pointing with their forks –
    but when they stand up to leave
    (the bill was split)
    it is a hug with one arm
    (the weight of purses in priority)
    and when they begin to walk
    it is in different directions
    forks breaking the skin of steaks.

    By robyn URL on 01.01.2014

  26. It’s exactly how I pictured it. My wedding dress with the puffy big ruffles at the bottom and diamonds at the top. It was beautiful. My mother found it on her way into town. She knew exactly what I wanted and I am grateful for her fashionable eye.

    By Micah on 01.01.2014

  27. That’s what he wanted. The poignant satisfaction. It feels like a prick in the back of your mind and an icy hot chill goes through your body as you hit the mark. That’s all he wanted, he wanted it all to go perfectly correct, according to plan.

    By Katie on 01.01.2014

  28. You have to measure it exactly if you don’t want to mess up the recipe Annie scolded Beth. You can’t just wing it with baking like you usually do with other dishes. It’s precise, like chemistry. One slip up and you have something that has to go in the garbage.

    By just a girl on 01.01.2014

  29. You don’t want to get bogged down in exactness. Vagueness can be good. If you’re too precise, you’ll box yourself in when the best thing you could possibly do is break out. Exact isn’t always bad, but it’s not always good either.

    By Gandalf on 01.01.2014

  30. Watching the video was painful. Not the literal “I’m rolling on the floor in agony” painful, but it was close. The number of times I said exactly would put a speech professor to tears.

    By Beth A on 01.01.2014

  31. It was exactly how she imagined it: blue-capped towers perched cliffside, stairways leading between caves, the glimmering Mediterranean seeming to be everywhere at once. And yet here she was, surrounded by dozens of chatty faces, unable to stop the tears from overflowing.

    By gingersnaps on 01.01.2014

  32. Exactly! That was the word I imagined would be here, the moment I hit the button! Was it intuition? Was it destiny? What brought me into such…

    By Aliza Wiseman on 01.01.2014

  33. this is exactly what i feel like. every night. the need to write and write and i never have anything to write about. i need motives, ideas, to express my feelings. i need to do this because its my strength. this is EXACTLY what I need.

    By Rewa on 01.01.2014

  34. This is not exactly as I say, for it will be copying. This is not original. Finding a work that is original is hard to do. Not exactly, exaggerate a little bit or cut up a little.

    Whatever way works for you. Which is best for the workplace or just your own tme. Be creative and do your best in everything that you do. Have your own set of goals that is original.

    By roze_princess on 01.01.2014

  35. the measurement. It’s definite. but is it really? It’s almost just an opinion; a lack of substance. It isn’t quite universal. One might find something to be exact but another might find it the complete opposite. It helps me respond to conversations in which I have no idea what to say. “Exactly, you understand what I mean.” The person smiles in response and I get to leave. It’s a savior.

    By Sarah on 01.01.2014

  36. It’s exactly the same as I left it. The small chip in the window from the time I tried sneaking out the window one night in high heels. I twisted my ankle and was grounded for a month. The same old pink drapes fluttered weakly in the breeze and the smell of trees and sunshine welcomed me home.

    By nekofic on 01.01.2014

  37. Exactly. The perfect, precise hope. It will go exactly as planned. I will get it exactly right. When you say something that aligns so well with everything. Exactly. It has been an inexact year. All plans carried out through strange back doors and tinged in failure and mistakes. Perhaps this year will be more exact.

    By Julia on 01.01.2014

  38. Exactly. Like I said it would be. Who knew being so right may, in turn, cause one to be so wrong in front others?
    Even so, I knew I was right and they’re wrong, so there’s nothing to feel sorry about.

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 01.01.2014

  39. exactly like my mom, you said, you were never a bad woman
    But I thought of something else inside when I looked at you
    It was blueberry pancakes on a sunny afternoon
    And the time was running blue
    But you too came up to me and smiled
    And I said, exactly like my mom
    But that’s beside the point
    I want the syrup
    All the syrup crushed up in ice like little packets of coconut
    That’s what my mom used to do
    Exactly like that

    By Anthony Ross - stopbeingsilly.blogspot.ca on 01.01.2014

  40. “Exactly,” he said. So there it was. All of my worst fears realized. I’d put them out there, he’d confirmed them.

    By Kelsey S. on 01.01.2014