January 1st, 2014 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “exactly”

  1. i don’t know exactly what Im going to rite about how do I even know when the 60ty seconds is up I don’t even type so how will I exactly do this.

    By QUEEN on 01.02.2014

  2. Exactly. Some kids liked a challenge, but some like a challenge too much. The boy of around 20 was still working. Nothing, in his opinion could be truly infinite. So you should be able to work out Pi exactly. Millions and millions of numbers of the pi were written down in front of him, and he was responsible for at least a few thousand of them. But he knew he could still calculate more. He could be the one to work out Pi exactly. He just needed more time.
    It wasn’t even like it was that hard. A simple enough formulae, discovered a few years back, all he had to do was keep increasing the degree of accuracy. Already he’d surpassed the capability of nearly all modern computers and calculators, and certainly all he had access too. So now he was stuck doing it himself. Every single degree he moved up he had to quadruple check using at least three different methods.

    By Frances on 01.02.2014

  3. I wish you could think and feel about me exactly what i’m thinking and feeling about you. Always you. your laugh, your smile, your witty jokes, the color of your eyes. Your arms, your voice, your sensitivity, your protectiveness. You’re perfect and I love you. I just wish you would say the exact same thing to me.

    By Julz URL on 01.02.2014

  4. Exactly as it should be,
    what is as it should be
    nothing is
    everything is
    perspective decides what should be

    By Aam URL on 01.02.2014

  5. Merle squinted over Trent’s shoulder. “What’s that you’re writing on that little piece of paper, Bub?” Trent kept scribbling. Merle stretched further. “Looks like…something like…”Every day is exactly the same…” Merle screwed up his face. “What? Dude! That ain’t true at all, ‘specially not for your rock star ass!” Trent looked up, asked, “Have you read it all?” “Well no,” Merle said. “It’s about a locked up nutcase,” Trent said. Red washed over Merle’s face, “Right. Like I said…”

    By Miss Alister URL on 01.02.2014