August 19th, 2012 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “event”

  1. events are moments in our lives that tend to be important and that we remember, that have some kind of impact on us. i like to look at events in a positive light, like things such as weddings or graduations. milestones in our lives. starting and ending points

    By Caroline on 08.19.2012

  2. there are many events in life that are important. many people may miss them, like prom or getting married but it doesnt effect you to much. theses types of events, you will remember forever and they cant be redone or at least not the same way.

    By Rachael on 08.19.2012

  3. Stop each event
    and consider whether there is an each
    you will find it’s a series of stops
    not an each in sight.

    There are no events, it’s all one event. It’s time to stop the breaking. The piecemealing. The division. There are no them there are only uses.

    By RJ URL on 08.19.2012

  4. Events excite us.
    Events happen.
    Events give happiness.
    Events fade.
    Events will turn into ash gray;
    Like a steel turns to rust.

    Coming, happening, fading.

    Events become a memory.

    By Camille URL on 08.19.2012

  5. Sashy.
    I decided on my style of entrance into the room about 7 hours before the event.

    By chrystacha URL on 08.19.2012

  6. an event is something that happens, especially something of importance. one of the most important events in my life was the day I met josh.

    By Jovanna on 08.19.2012

  7. Oh, it was the event of the day! An event they all would remember, the day the carnival came into town. For little Susie would see her first elephant, and little Johnny would ride his first pony; but little did anyone know on that day, is how Antonia’s heart broke into itty bitty pieces when she saw her love with another woman.

    By Emma Raether on 08.19.2012

  8. The day seemed like a mammoth trying to stomp on a bug, me. I just wanted to get married! But my wedding dress got stained by my wine addicted sister, and the flowers weren’t the right colors.

    By Kailin on 08.19.2012

  9. It was an event that shocked the small town I lived in, one that was carried by whispers in shopping centers and schools.
    Everyone was thirsty for the gossip, starving for the latest new morsel of a detail released to the public.
    Everyone wanted to know the name of the girl who had killed herself in the school bathroom.

    By MD on 08.19.2012

  10. It’s rather fitting for the event, and a potent metaphor follows the fact that money is the number one most filth potent thing we touch throughout daily life. In addition, there is a weight bearing element of truth holding the balance between cocaine being found on 90% of bills, as 90% of cocaine usage is more than likely the result of money.

    By drew URL on 08.19.2012

  11. I love events. Events events events. I don’t really know of any “events” I’ve attended lately. Well maybe I have, but how do you define something as an event? Or is it just a happening? I don’t know…do you?

    By Taylor URL on 08.19.2012

  12. AN event is a a place or thing that is. It’s a place where one must go, such as a wedding or birthday party. It can be meaningful or completely unnecessary.

    By Jessica on 08.19.2012

  13. The event of the day was rather…uneventful for young bethany. She went to church, all dressed in her sunday best but the best never quite came for her. She tried to make life interesting but the event never happened. she waited and waited until she could no longer bear but life never gave what she was asking for.

    By kate on 08.19.2012

  14. the event of the day never quite came for bethany. She went to church that sunday, dressed in her best but the best never quite came. She stayed up for hours upon hours expecting something, anything, but the event she imagined never happened. She waited and waited but life was never willing to give her what she was waiting for.

    By kate URL on 08.19.2012

  15. Do you really know what an event is? Ha, you only wish you didn’t know. Am I right? All the people, crowds, and noise. It’s really unnecessary. Are you not in agreement?

    By Jessiey URL on 08.19.2012

  16. There’s an event going on tonight. It’s going to be the biggest event of the year! I hope you all can come and enjoy this wonderful event with us! See ya there!

    By Proxima on 08.19.2012

  17. The time of your life should not be defined by events occurring, but instead by the ebb and flow of emotions that creates the wave you ride. It is not in the passing of time but the changing of heart that humans truly spend their lives.

    By Natty Hope URL on 08.19.2012

  18. It was the event that changed my life. I’d tell you what it is but then, it would just lose it’s meaning, like most things in life seem do.

    By Jessiey URL on 08.19.2012

  19. happens when another thing happens. other events will follow. kind like causeand eff

    By kk on 08.19.2012

  20. there are many events that leave an imprint in ones mind. things like graduation. marriage. funerals. births. events like these are worth every moment whether happy sad or heartfelt. no matter where or when these events take place they are forever a part of our lives.

    By alli whips on 08.19.2012

  21. Event,

    By Jessiey URL on 08.19.2012

  22. For her, she liked events big. She liked inviting tons of people, some she’d never talked to in her life, to celebrate anything from New Years to the last day of school. She tried to surround herself with people who loved her, but she always invited the wrong people.

    By emlex URL on 08.19.2012

  23. The event was miniscule to some but huge to others. It’s forgettable in many ways. If you didn’t turn your head at the right time it could easily be overlooked. I turned my head at the right time and saw it happen. It could have been the event or just my understanding that validated it. I’m not sure. The event was the simple waiting for a 4 year old girl to tie her shoe. Her dad waited patiently for her to finish tying it on her own. In the crowded sidewalk many people were walking but it was important for this little girl to tie her shoe by herself. Her dad knew that and allowed for it. He allowed her to find her ability to complete a difficult task when he could have easily hurried her along. He didn’t. A stranger and I saw it happen at the same time and acknowledged each other knowingly. It made both of our days a little better and hopeful. The best part was that the dad never knew this had been seen at all. He was just doing what he thought was best.

    By JessicaK URL on 08.19.2012

  24. I went to a party yesterday. The lights were bright and shimmering. The dark sky hurt my pupils and I could barely see. The blinding lights distracted me from any kind of conversation possible. I find myself twirling on the dance floor with a drink in my hand. I cant take my eyes off of the mesmerizing lights. My eyes ache and burn but i refuse to blink. I’m terrified that if I move my eyes a centimeter away, the beauty will leave me. I can’t stay in the dark, not tonight. The lights fill me. I never knew just how dark and empty I felt before this night, this event. I point them out to a husky voice but it sounds confused. They don’t see what I see. The lights end up moving. They twirl back and forth, the way I must have looked on this dance floor, only beautiful. They taunt me and dash out of my sight. I spot them as they steady themselves and move through the dance floor. They follow that husky voice. I follow the lights to see a man. The blues and greens and yellows on his face. I fall in love with this stranger just like that.

    By Aimie on 08.19.2012

  25. The events of one night, 3 weeks and 4 days ago, have changed my life forever. I broke promises, I lied, I yelled, I threw a fit – all over nothing. I was taken over by my one and only weakness and destroyed everything I love because of one event that set me off.
    The only fault is my own. I am weak.
    Because of my weakness, my event will follow me forever.

    By Katie URL on 08.19.2012

  26. An event can be anything from a wedding to a birthday party; a funeral to a concert in the park. Events are what we live for. Something in our future. Something to look forward to, or to dread. We live this way, event to event.

    By Cheyenne on 08.19.2012

  27. What is an event? A kind of thing that happens I guess. Something that people go to, attend… This isn’t a very good choice of word to write something about I think, but I’m just making myself do it for some reason. I think this is fun though. So yea. Event. Something that happens. A thing that people attend, for fun or business. The word ‘Event’ is so general. It could mean anything, from a rock concert to a business party…

    By Deanna A on 08.19.2012

  28. A thing that is happening. Something to be excited about. God who knows. Why am I sitting here being calm and pretending to study. I feel like a sickness. Gross. Nauseous. Something is wrong and you can tell. Sorry. I’m sorry. I’m just passing the time though. An event is something to look forward to and plan.

    By Nina URL on 08.19.2012

  29. seeds within seeds;
    a blackberry bush
    is growing from a
    deer dropping.

    By drew URL on 08.19.2012

  30. There was a time and place. Somewhere you have to be. Will you be late? Will you be early? It all depends on who and what you bring. It could be formal or casual. As long as you were there I guess it didn’t matter. Have fun, or not. It all depends on how you “waste” time. Party. Or go home.

    By Natalie on 08.19.2012

  31. They had several different events at the fair that you could sign up to attend once you actually became a part of the school, but I wasn’t really interested. I would much rather be in actual classes then have to go to an awkward introduction and meet people I really didn’t want to talk you ever. Maybe I just don’t like people..

    By Maya Celeste on 08.19.2012

  32. Tonight was to be an event. He was there in front of me, smiling that uneasy smile, looking for assurance, or a sign that I might change my mind.

    He got the latter, my hands shaking on his wrists, staring up at the ceiling, biting my lip, looking sick.

    By Joan on 08.19.2012

  33. A splendid evening I would have dared to say, a twinkle in the night sky. Lost abruptions coughing away in distant echoes of my mind. Oh how this event, this short spacial sphere, my bubble in time. Transport me, take me back and forgive me. I had been selfish and let my disposible lifestyle get in the way. I beg thee on my knees, beg with the entire pulse of my entity.

    By Maggie B on 08.19.2012

  34. In the event of what happened prior to the funeral, she was enraged of the thought of arguements sparked by the contravercy of the matter.

    By Tanya on 08.19.2012

  35. There was an event at the bar last night. There were people everywhere but nobody was too excited. Most likely because he was there. I know that is why i left almost imediately. I walked outside and i heard yelling. I couldnt go back after that, never again would i go to my favorite place, a place with wonderful memories, they were ruined, by one person.

    By Kylee on 08.19.2012

  36. its not what you think it is, or what it should be…it is what you make of it. This time is fleeting, and it needs to be captured. Its utmost important to you, but invisible.

    By Erika on 08.19.2012

  37. this will pass. how dreadful, and painful as it is, it will pass. there will be times when it seems to last forever, but it will fall apart, drift, and sink into the past

    By Erika URL on 08.19.2012

  38. there once was a large event that happened. it was in a circus. a circus event. the men would go there to cheat on their wives and the women would go there to see the men cheating on their wives and imagine their futures. the bears would dance, and the aligators would cry.

    By grey on 08.19.2012

  39. Bell frowned, looking in the mirror with a dissatisfied look on her face. Sonia smiled at her from behind.
    “Bell, you look gorgeous, stop worrying.” She insisted, placing both hands on her sister’s shoulders. The short, sparkling purple dress fit bell just right, shaping to her curves perfectly to show off her slender legs.
    “I don’t know,” She frowned.
    Sonia gave a gentle smile, “You never like your clothes, just go with it. you’ll be fine, and I’m sure Alfred would love it. At the mention of the boy’s name, Bells cheeks flushed, and she said no more.

    By Elizabeth URL on 08.19.2012

  40. In the event that she actually did do something woefully impressive i would love to be there. She wont, shes too concerned with the place not the right things. It’s sad, almost sickening.

    By ekmyblri URL on 08.19.2012