August 19th, 2012 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “event”

  1. there’s always that event in your life that you can look back on and think “i remember it but it seems so insignificant”. I remember a few events that I feel that way about, but unfortunately, I cannot recall that right now. It probably has to do with my shitty memory. Anyway, there’s that moment, that event, where you hopefully one day will look back on and go “ok, i got it.”

    By Jessica on 08.19.2012

  2. the lights swayed wildly from side to side, the noise of a train running through the house was terrifying and we had no clue what was going on. We couldn’t even walk down the stairs due to the violent shaking of the earthquake, the single largest event to destroy a city in a hundred years.

    By John on 08.19.2012

  3. party

    By Ana on 08.19.2012

  4. the event
    to vent
    a violet evening
    will end
    for ever

    By maela on 08.19.2012

  5. the event took place on a sunday. all big, important events take place on sundays. the grounds of the hotel were made beautiful, more beautiful than was thought possible.

    By Heather G URL on 08.19.2012

  6. In the event of my death I often wonder what event will take place to the event of my demise. Is it something so small in stature as a car crash or is it a grand event like a sky diving accident. Perhaps the event is that of my body simply deciding it is time for the final event. Either way, I hope I don’t miss it.

    By JPHuber URL on 08.19.2012

  7. There’s just something about writing. About words that can pour emotions from a pitcher, into some glasses big and small. Others thick and others thin. I guess we all have emotion within us, it just depends on the thickness of the glass whether we break, or spill.

    By Jacey Sirinit on 08.19.2012

  8. Today is a big day to have an event.
    What kind of event, you ask?
    Any kind?
    The fun kind, the problematic kind, the terribly sad kind, hell even the boring kind.
    As long as it is done by taking the time to be kind.
    That’s all we ask for when we plan our days.

    By Danielle on 08.19.2012

  9. An event can be characterized as a small happening or a huge occurrence such as Curiosity on Mars or just I got a new Iphone. But what an event could also be in the future is when we make Alien contact, that will be The Event.

    By Valentine URL on 08.19.2012

  10. I was shaking, and I felt like a loser. I’d never gotten to go to any sort of event like this before; my parents, y’know, they tried, but they didn’t tend to go too far out of their way for what they surely think of as my crazy obsessions. And I mean, I guess they are kind of crazy, but they’re the things I’m passionate about, the things that help me to enjoy life.

    By Julia A. URL on 08.19.2012

  11. it’s not the event itself. It’s the preparation, The months of labourous work, intense networking, hundrends of contacts, million frustrations and tedious meetings. And then it all splashes you in the face before you noticed it.

    By Nuno URL on 08.19.2012

  12. an event is when something happens. most things in life are a damp squib, or is it just the way I look at it, some people can find wonder in anything, they are good people. well done to them.

    By roy on 08.19.2012

  13. ……hmmm im not sure about this one. like…….. i dunno.

    By prince bapalapashamalamadingdong on 08.19.2012

  14. It’s when something happens. Whether significant or not. It creates a memory in life. A daily event like a birthday or going to work. A small event, like a walk in the park and saying hi to a stranger. A major event like the death of a close one or moving out of the family home. Big or small, an event doesn’t just become a part of life, but a part of the person you become.

    By Hamida on 08.19.2012

  15. It was the most magical event, when you and me met. It was the happiest I’ve ever been. That special moment between you and me, it’s like I was blind and could finally see. Without that day I don’t know where i’d be, I know for a fact I wouldn’t have you with me. So for this event, I cherish everyday, it made me realize that you were the one who’d stay.

    By I am Ash URL on 08.19.2012

  16. I sit upright; stiff. My eyes are fixed on the space behind your head. I try not to snigger at the crooked poster. Your voice grates on. Stifling a sigh, I blink hard. That was close. My eyelids were drooping again. Not that you noticed. You punctuate your sentence with yet another excited squeal. Please, please shut up. For your own good. If I have to hear how amazing it’s going to be one more time…

    By 5arahZ0ey URL on 08.19.2012

  17. Is when something happens. Whether significant or not, it’s engraved in your memory. It could be something daily like going to work, eating breakfast.Something small, like taking a walk in the park and saying hi to a stranger. Or something major, like a recent death or leaving your family. Either way, an event doesn’t just become a change in your life, but it becomes a part of the person you will become.

    By Mida URL on 08.19.2012

  18. I never really knew why I decided to come here. The stars were fighting up there and I was low on blood and he was still in jupiter fighting for his life and when he came home that night with blood on his hands and crooked cigarette. He had a big grin on his face, he looked like a bloody angel.
    “Why did you come back?” he said.
    I told him I was waiting for an event to happen, something to strangle me out of my death wish. He laughed at that and said, “But you, your self are an event, a moment that the worlds have been fighting for to save.”

    By arie URL on 08.19.2012

  19. The boys stood silently in line, watching the coach paced unhappily. It was an event that they hated to be included in, but they did have a hand in tying all the towels together and embarrassing the class nerd.

    By Cim URL on 08.19.2012

  20. An event, a party was the bright idea to bring everyone out of their sorrows and into the sun stricken world.

    By Kathleen URL on 08.19.2012

  21. Most think of holidays, dinner parties, office outings, any swerve in the monotony of social routine, any excuse to wear your special new shirt. Not me. My events are the few and far off moments of silence, reflection.

    By sbove on 08.19.2012

  22. Our wedding day was the most important event of my life. It symbolized the end of life as I knew it, and the beginning of the rest of my life. It was a day I had dreamed about for years, and when I realized it was finally THE day, I also realized I had imagined it with someone else waiting for me at the end of the aisle.

    By Brooke on 08.19.2012

  23. In the event of a psychiatric emergency, please ensure that your seatbelt is unfastened so that you can flail your arms and run out screaming into the street, leaving your non-braked car to hurtle its way to a grocery store where a poor old man and his son are trying to clean up a little kid’s vomit after he ate a bad tomato on the food stand. I’m sure that the 911 keys will just be sobbing wishing you had pressed them instead of losing your damn mind.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.19.2012

  24. The colours, the sounds, the sweet spiced smells. The atmosphere. I remember little of what happened that christmas, but i can recall these few things with perfect clarity. All red and rich and warm.

    By Elanor URL on 08.19.2012

  25. Inthie hated big crowds. She may have been a house-cat brand of werecat, but the bodies pressing against her on all sides still smelled like meat and blood, warm and waiting just beneath the surface of skin. She knew without trying that as soft and thin as that skin seemed, it took a lot more than sharp claws to pierce it. It took guts and hatred and desperation. She knew because she’d done it.

    By Becca Thompson on 08.19.2012

  26. I don’t know what it is but every single day seems like an event with you. I feel like I have to look my best. I feel my best. I am the best when you’re here except you’re not really here with me. You’re here in presence but not next to me and that makes each day a terrible event at the same time. I feel like something has died inside of me each day that you’re not mine, I feel as though I should be wearing a black dress because the color is sucked out of me when you’re gone. But it’s complicated. Somehow I find a way to disguise the pain and still push myself to try for you, to show that I still love you and to show hat I still have hope for us

    By Stanzi on 08.19.2012

  27. the event is happening today i can’t believe it my life is finally turning around for the better no longer will i be haunted by past mistakes but i will live with a new future in my mind. Conformity is now gone I am breaking free, haha, who would have ever thought it possible.

    By Maia on 08.19.2012

  28. The event was scheduled for the evening, but by 3 AM everyone had already gathered outside the doors. No one knew why, it was hardly necessary, but they wanted to. Every young man and woman failed to meet each other’s eyes as they milled. It was an odd, scared moment. Writing this while watching a movie is NOT productive…

    By Mairead URL on 08.19.2012

  29. Events are meant to be fun things. You plan them. You invite people. Perhaps you expect presents. Why, then, are they hardly ever any fun? Expectations and absolutely no follow through. Sitting around, eating crummy food, talking to people you don’t know. Who needs events? Let’s just all stay home and get pissed by ourselves, much better idea.

    By Jenni on 08.19.2012

  30. An event takes place at the same time as you open your eyes. Nothing at all can stop this from happening, because it is forever. It is something waited for, dreamed about, and lived every day. I would love to have many.

    By Billy Casey on 08.19.2012

  31. An event is something like a marriage, or an assassination. It is the full range of human emotion. Anything can happen. You have to believe it will be the thing you want most, and that’s the trick to it.

    By Billy Casey URL on 08.19.2012

  32. Never understood what I saw that day. I try not to think about it, never thinking too hard nor trying to explain. Anymore. Misunderstood, I saw the world watching me and my expanding thoughts. A “C personality”, according to studies. Not alone, but alienated nonetheless. They just bore, my insights. So where is my mind to escape? I hide.

    By Ivy URL on 08.19.2012

  33. overwhelming as it closes in. scallops and lace and heavy gold, the only metal that radiates warmth. the event radiates warmth.

    By Iris URL on 08.19.2012

  34. overwhelming as it closes in. scallops and lace and heavy, bruting gold, the only metal that radiates warmth. the event radiates warmth.

    By Iris URL on 08.19.2012

  35. She was the perfect friend. Effervescent and kind, the type of person you would want to put your arm around in the event of a crisis. I miss her. South Africa is so far away.

    By sharon london on 08.19.2012

  36. ami was a girl who went
    to an interesting event
    she grew some wings and learned to fly
    she realized she could touch the sky
    that’s the story of ami jay
    the girl who learned that different was okay

    By Sammi on 08.19.2012

  37. There is no event like timelessness. For every limit mankind has reached, another has been created restricting infinity from its natural course of definition. Over and over the event of limit is recreated in it’s own.

    By Veronica on 08.19.2012

  38. things are happening and they’re happening without me, but that’s okay

    i’m my own-

    By sectumsempra URL on 08.19.2012

  39. “The event starts know” the loudspeaker proclaimed in a monotonous voice; half male, half female.

    I shivered. No one knows what the event really is. The only thing everyone knows is that when people come home, they are never the same.

    By usernameofawesome URL on 08.19.2012

  40. “The event starts know” the loudspeaker proclaimed in a monotonous voice; half male, half female.

    I shivered. No one knows what the event really is. The only thing everyone knows is that when people come home, they are never the same.

    I, like the other 1000 or so people, young and old, sitting the massive waiting room gathered my breath and let the crowd take me to the Event. Knowing I will never be the same, and wondering what I will do, what I will see, that will make today the last day of me being me.

    By usernameofawesome URL on 08.19.2012