August 19th, 2012 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “event”

  1. event in life is adventure happiness I am so in love i want it all , please come near me. I am thinking of you , I want to live before I die , I am afraid but I will go through all the way

    By Dina URL on 08.19.2012

  2. Event, am I planning one, going to one. Did I just experience one? Am I look forward to one. I don’t know. Events have become tied to fundraising not to fun, that’s a problem.

    By lelia duncan on 08.19.2012

  3. I was invited here on the night of June 15 1965. It was cold and rainy and yet I couldn’t tell at all. I saw a handsome young man at the table ahead of me, and the second I saw him I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

    By Olivia on 08.19.2012

  4. The sheer madness of a tumultuous, crowded, smelly, hot, sweaty place. Something’s happening. Anything’s happening. It’s all happening.

    The rapid, mad movements of life, of love, of sheer, bloody madness and bliss occur.

    By Danny on 08.19.2012

  5. I didn’t mean to do the things I did. I just knew I needed money. I went the the town even and I went crazy. I acted fast and then I ran. And that is why I am here right now. The event at the event changed my life forever.

    By idance5678 URL on 08.19.2012

  6. Life is just a series of events.

    By Emily on 08.19.2012

  7. This is the event of a lifetime. I just couldn’t walk away from it just because I, personally, had a few problems. I had to do this for everybody, because if I don’t then I have let everybody down. It’s time to face the Beast. Those who have tired before me have never come back. They have disappeared from our lives. I took my first step into the arena.

    By umbazachika URL on 08.19.2012

  8. I can’t wait for my wedding. It will be the most magical life changing event of my life with my soul mate. The music will be beautiful. Our moment will be beautiful.

    By Azha on 08.19.2012

  9. The events in which we live and experience, determine who we are. It is as if we are building ourselves by thousands of tiny events. Some may be corerstones, some may be made of sand stone, some may be small and hidden from view.

    By Bryan McLaughlin on 08.19.2012

  10. This is the event of a lifetime. I just couldn’t walk away from it just because I, personally, had a few problems. I had to do this for everybody, because if I don’t then I have let everybody down. It’s time to face the Beast. Those who have tried before me have never come back. They have disappeared from our lives. I took my first step into the arena. I could hear the Beast, its breath coming heavily from its nostrils, flowing into the air. The way that they had the Beast caged and trapped, it made me wonder why we still listen to these people.

    By umbazachika URL on 08.19.2012

  11. Events bring people together and tear some apart. Events are the crazy, boring, sad, happy bits and pieces of life.

    By Whocares URL on 08.19.2012

  12. So many events I will experience in my life. Which will matter? Really, really, matter…

    By Azha Naomi URL on 08.19.2012

  13. The event started at half past noon. A mystery to get there and a mystery to leave. Who was invited and who would remain. A murder mystery it was, and a mystery all the same. It was not up to me, in the slightest, but would be in the end.

    By Emily on 08.19.2012

  14. i want a big event to happen. something big that changes my life, but in a good way and i want it to make me very happy. something fun.

    By Dakot a on 08.19.2012

  15. it’s still two months away, but they’ll be some of the most intense months of the year. everyone will be scrambling for the perfect date, for the perfect dress, for the perfect body. all for three hours in a dimly lit gymnasium. is it really worth it?

    By emily on 08.19.2012

  16. I already had this word. I suppose the event of the day is I cannot escape it. and the fact of the matter is, the only reason I want to escape it is that when I think of the word event, I think of the events of last evening. Which was just one clusterfuck after another. He apologized for what he said. And I couldn’t just say, “I forgive you” and move on. and now, here we are. Brilliant.

    By Victoria on 08.19.2012

  17. The best event one could live with may only last for a split second. Many events can be the cause of a person to change their mind set on life, either in a positive or negative way. It maybe great, or wonderful or even full of pain and sorrow.

    By Camra Hopper on 08.19.2012

  18. It was no ordinary festival. It was building up in her brain as an event to be remembered and yet, she had no barometer as to whether or not it would succeed or fail…I guess either would be worthy of memories in years to come. She dreamed of all that could occur after it…

    By Jewels URL on 08.19.2012

  19. Der Eventmanager drückte seine angerauchte Zigarette auf dem Terrassengeländer aus und schaute nach unten. Der Verkehrsstrom stadtauswärts hatte trotz der späten Stunde nicht abgenommen, die Lichterkette flossen zäh und kam immer wieder zum Stehen.

    By Eli URL on 08.19.2012

  20. That event had changed everything. Life on this planet would never be the same, at the time it had seemed so small. So insignificant. There were millions nowadays who actually knew just how big, how monumental and history changing that event had been. It was just a normal day back them but the truth was much much deeper than anyone guessed, that day that Jesus died.

    By Tim URL on 08.19.2012

  21. Even Steven. Pincer Blevins. Tender Heaving. Scented Heaven.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 08.19.2012

  22. From the moment I woke up this morning, I knew the day was going to be one long struggle. Probably something to do with that feeling of dread that descended as soon as I opened my eyes. I don’t know why today in particular. Maybe someone sitting on a cloud had pointed at me casually, knowing I’d just have to cope. Perhaps this was karma for making Lucy Cameron cry in year four, or for telling on David Knowles when he gave the finger to Mrs Southway, the dinner lady. In any event, there wasn’t anything I could do except just get through it. But right now I feel like this day will have no end. That’s right, knowing my luck I’ll be stuck in some kind of eternal nightmare of red lights, roadworks, office arguments and screaming kids, and that’s just the good parts. Yeesh, here I go. Smile, smile, SMILE.

    By rhyme79 URL on 08.19.2012

  23. the wedding was going as planned as far as Rachel was concerned, but than again, her ideas about the wedding were much different than anyone else’s in attendance. she’d planned to get with the groom, her sister’s fiance since middle school and she wasn’t going to let a silly wedding stop her.

    By Anna Sebesta on 08.19.2012

  24. When I think of events, I think about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    By collier URL on 08.19.2012

  25. The rest home where I work involves me coordinating many events for the residents to partake in. We do activities involving church music, exercising, and even gardening. How catered to are a group of people who are deteriorating to ashes.

    By Annie on 08.19.2012

  26. I’m endeared to You, and I desire to see Your face. How spectacular an event that would be, to meet You face to face. To behold that which encompasses love.

    By Annie URL on 08.19.2012

  27. There once was an event I was excited about. Back when I was little. It was growing up. Growing up would have been my event. Now that I’m here, I see that it’s really all a joke. Growing up isn’t an event, it’s a tragedy. Our whole lives to get to a point, just to realize we want to go back to the beginning and enjoy what we had. It can never be the same.

    By Judy Simons on 08.19.2012

  28. There was only one event on my mind when it came to planning the year ahead of me. That was the International Blue Man Bodybuilding Championships. I had been a blue man ever since childbirth, having been too lazy as an embryo to develop proper pigmentation. I was also pretty damn sexy.

    By sipke on 08.19.2012

  29. there’s a wedding i went to in cornwall. it was bride and bride. missed the bus, got a hotel for four hours, changed on a greyhound bus washroom. err, went to play pool at the bar, came back upstairs to find everyone missing. crashed the bride’s wedding night, winning cock block of the year.

    By Alia on 08.19.2012

  30. and it was that day that i realized how much i had sacrificed. that eventful day when i let him tell me the truth. and it hurt to accept that we’d never be the same.

    By goli ix URL on 08.19.2012

  31. something where many good people go and you want to invited as well. not just anybody organizes an event, although it may also have a spontaneous origin.

    By Simina on 08.19.2012

  32. well an event is a thing like a birthday or wedding or anything really. it’s something that you want to celebrate. like some people celebrate birth, death, just anniversaries and other stuff.
    I like weddings because i met a cute guy there and it was awesome and we danced

    By eliza on 08.19.2012

  33. An event is something that happens. But not just anything, it has to be something.. out of the ordinary? Something special. Something one looks forward to. An event could be something that means everything to you. Or it could be something you are extraordinarily nervous for, or it could be something that you’d rather gauge your eye out with a spoon than attend.

    By Kara Maroney on 08.19.2012

  34. In the event you’ve forgotten, I understand. It’s been a long time since you held my hand back in the darkness of the parking lot. Longer still since you held me close against you under the watchful eyes of sentinel pines. It’s been a lifetime since your eyes sparked and mine glowed. It’s been forever since I tasted happiness.

    By cmsiena URL on 08.19.2012

  35. Today’s events are not very special to some. But, they are to me. Today I worked a long shift, opening a pharmacy. I was alone for about 4 hours but it was a relief seeing as how busy the week days normally are. I will be attending church in an hour or so. I haven’t showered yet but must shower very soon!!!

    By Amanda Heck on 08.19.2012

  36. When B realized she was pregnant, she imagined what it might be like to have friends, acquaintances and even total strangers admiring her glow. Gushing and smiling. Asking about her bundle of joy and the blessed event.

    She scheduled the abortion for next Tuesday.

    By penny dreadful URL on 08.19.2012

  37. It was Billy’s birthday that day. That one day when he died. No one knew it was coming when it hit him. No one wanted him to leave. But it was his time, they assumed. But Billy thought otherwise. He wasn’t ready to be one with the dead. He preferred to be living just like his friends and family. He wanted to be 6 feet above, not under.

    By PieRat on 08.19.2012

  38. I love events. I love going to events. Especially Weddings. They are so beautiful. I love the looks on the bride and groom throughout the night. Priceless. They are so happy to be combined. Newly weds. I also love birthday parties for little kids. They get so excited. Their faces just light up.

    By Stefani URL on 08.19.2012

  39. There were several events in my life that were tragic. However, the most important events have been triumphs in life, in honesty, in goodness and in God.

    By Rachelle on 08.19.2012

  40. I like events. Usually parties where you can meet people. People are fun at events, especially when they are drunk. Oh events. I like them, a lot. I can’t even think about anything else to say.

    By Alana URL on 08.19.2012