July 13th, 2011 | 395 Entries

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395 Entries for “etiquette”

  1. I dont like learning about etiquette thru someone elses words i rather like learning about it from experience. it pays off to learn through trial and error because the lessons stick better. they make you remember that you went wrong and you need to improve. i believe so anyways

    By Taylor on 07.13.2011

  2. manners class. traditional but still in style. a classy woman has this. dressing up for arather uncomfortable dinner but still having fun. nervous, excited, wanting to get it all right.

    By Madi on 07.13.2011

  3. Oh the same word came up again. Now I feel like I cheated because I glimpsed it. Etiquette… absolutely necessary, sadly disregarded. Ladies are ladies because of it, while men are considered slobs without it.

    By Helena on 07.13.2011

  4. The princess sat gracefully, with perfect etiquette and polite manners, at the table on the far side of the room. I only stared at her with admiration. She wore a beautiful gown that swept the already polished floor when she walked in the castle. Everything about her was beautiful, and I envied her so passionately.

    By Maddie URL on 07.13.2011

  5. We must preen and prance. Our hems are perfectly sewn, they twirl against are hips, our corsets make our breasts stand out. We must attract the highest bidder, we must live to our fullest expectations. Bow, prance, courtesy, live the life that was planned for them.

    By Abbey URL on 07.13.2011

  6. Etiquette is something that they try and teach you but ends up just being a way of memorizing rules that don’t really mean anything outside of that room with white table cloths and too many forks. I like “qu” words though.

    By Emily on 07.13.2011

  7. Why does no one observe “elevator etiquette” anymore? Too often people try to board the elevator before the riders are able to disembark, creating a logjam of irritated people stuck between floors.

    By Resa on 07.13.2011

  8. Manners delivered in an appropriate setting. Having a certain morality in a social setting. Abiding by the rules for respect to others.

    By RMF on 07.13.2011

  9. Etiquette is kind of vital. I don’t know what I’m writing about. My cat is licking a plastic bag which is annoying me. I kind of have to pee. I realize this has nothing to do with etiquette (lol I guess it KINDA does) but I don’t really care, since apparently I’m supposed to “just write”. Wow, when I first typed that I used the wrong form of “write”. I’m ashamed.

    By Josephine on 07.13.2011

  10. Walking into a room that’s lit with a large chandaleir I would thank the butler for holding the door and taking my jacket and proceed to sit at the table and place my napkin in my lap. Then I would eat my meal very gracefully and neatly and give my compliments to the chef.

    By Robert Granecki on 07.13.2011

  11. etiqutte means to have maners in all area of life. You can be teach how to have etiquette or you can be born naturally with it. To have the propper etiqutte you can be around any crowd and feel you have behave in the proper maner.

    By julia on 07.13.2011

  12. i was very prim and proper then, and i knew which side of the plate to put the forks and knives, and i knew what to say at dinner parties, and i knew how to act during business meetings.

    now i’m wilder – i suppose i’ve de-volved.

    By mary kate URL on 07.13.2011

  13. Etiquette. I should be writing about etiquette.
    All I can think of though is that it almost looks like “et I quit” and I quit. I quit.
    I want to…be better. Im so tired of feeling like this. I can’t control anything. I cant stop apologizing and I’m not even sure I’ve done anything wrong…Im just trying not to. I’m scared. God I’m so scared. I’m tired of being depressed.
    Im tired of breathing and thinking and eating.
    Im tired that my best friend doesn’t care.
    Im tired that none of my friends do.
    I want to not be there one day and have them finally hear my voice. I know how that would kill them too. Its just…I just couldn’t do that.
    Im trapped and Im useless. Im an empty shell of the person I used to be.
    What happened to being the loud annoying happy girl who hugged everyone. Fangirled over everything. Squeed and glomped someone or something new every five minutes. Where did I go? Where am I?/ Where is the me I used to be… why did you take her? Where did you put her?
    I was broken when you found me.
    Now I don’t have words for what I am.
    I was skinny when you found me.
    Now I’m just a shadow’s whisper in the night.
    Why didn’t you just help me to my feet and walk away ?
    Why did you crush me this way.
    I look sick.
    Every day I look sicker.
    I don’t know whats wrong.
    I just want a hospital bed and a sad song.
    I want to close my eyes and wake up to a yesterday. A day before you.
    I don’t even love you anymore. I haven’t for so so long. Its not about love.
    Its about emotion, and the fact that you’ve kinda broken some of mine.
    Thats what this is about. You had no etiquette when it came to asking my heart to dance. Now I can hardly do it at all.

    By Lili on 07.13.2011

  14. The proper etiquette for each situation varies from social setting to the company you’re among. I’ve been reading books about the 1800’s etiquette where girls could hardly laugh without being judged. It’s seemed that etiquette had changed from being forced to process each movement to this century where it is imperative you do not judge the etiquette of others.

    By Ashley Cox on 07.13.2011

  15. we should know human have a wide knowledge of etiquette. In fact, every culture is aware of it and it derives from place to place. Some people rather choose to not have etiquette for comfort.

    By Peter on 07.13.2011

  16. Etiquette is something that posh people have, they feel that this makes them superior to the rest of the world. The most popular form is meal etiquette, where cutlery is placed in certain sections of the table.

    By Sam on 07.13.2011

  17. I dont really even know what etiquette means. I guess it means to have manners and be polite I think. It reminds me of something from a twilight book, my first thought was Jasper, I don’t really know why… whatever. So I don’t really even know what etiquette means. So I don’t even really know what ediquette means.

    By Izaya on 07.13.2011

  18. When it comes to a woman, it’s proper to be presentable and all that bullshit. No belching, no swearing, no picking your teeth. Whatever. I say fuck that.
    If we can work like a man, we can act like one. I curse like a fucking sailor. But do I have no etiquette? Hell no. I’m the most polite person you’ll ever meet. With a bad mouth.

    By Kathryn on 07.13.2011

  19. etiquette funny word to get just now.
    got yelled at for being “inappropriate” earlier.
    not sure how i was being so.
    but i was on the verge of a break down
    so i wasn’t very functional
    apparently that is not allowed
    i need a better grip on myself
    i let people see me cry earlier
    that never happens
    what has happened to me?
    when did i become this unstable?
    i need help i don’t know where to find it
    i feel like my life is crumbling
    i want to cry.
    i cant cope
    i need to feel something
    yet i feel too much
    gods help me
    i am just searching

    By korrina URL on 07.13.2011

  20. i have taken classes and courses and seen the ways of the world. i’ve been places and been with people who have helped me perfect this word. etiquette comes from the quality of presentation. from the way a girl walks, down to how she wears her hair pins. the pace of her hips and how she sits and just about everything that touches her lips. etiquette is for the few who know how to have it. this world is quite filthy, when you have etiquette you’re astounding.

    By lauren URL on 07.13.2011

  21. this is the word that suggests rules for how people should behave. how about
    treating others the way you wish to be treated. keep kindness in your heart
    and do the right thing.

    By givemeglitterorgivemebreath URL on 07.13.2011

  22. She sat at the grand old table across from her grandmother. Today, she was going to be a lady. Today she was going to learn proper etiquette.

    By Kirsten on 07.13.2011

  23. something i do everyday as a routine.. like … eat……. and sleep ….

    By Ashley URL on 07.13.2011

  24. pink dresses surround the room. i can think of nothing but their pearls. what ought to be innate they aggrandize, hyberbolize. the music begins with a one two three as crumbs fall from embroidered napkins

    By jennidowns on 07.13.2011

  25. Naiomi crossed her hands in her lap, laying them on top of several layers of thick silk, and other scratchy materials. The party was bordering on dull for her, but not for many. They must be having a blast, the normal ones at the party. But still, she had to act proud, to be the right noble daughter of Sir Montine.

    By Muffins on 07.13.2011

  26. It is a beautiful thing done correctly.

    By E on 07.13.2011

  27. She had never learned proper etiquette, making her stand out amoungst the crowd. However, he didn’t think it a bad thing, instead it made her unique. She wasn’t acting inappropriately, nor was she drawing too much attention to herself, instead he felt it made her more mysterious. She wasn’t a clone, and he thought, just perhaps, she might offer something the others were lacking.

    By Haley URL on 07.13.2011

  28. Procedural programming. Do this, then do that. If this, then that. For this from here to there, do that. Directions like a cookbook for people and machines who can’t do better than follow them.

    By Anthony on 07.13.2011

  29. Etiquette. It’s something we learn as children, or supposedly learn as children. My grandmother, the avid Emily Post reader that she was decided when I was 16 I would show society my proper manners and wear the same white dress she did, however I felt very different about the situation and had a better plan in mind.

    By Isabelle URL on 07.13.2011

  30. Where did it come from? Surely the caveman from barberic times did not come up with this phenoenon. Napkin in lap, how? Who invited it? Children despise it and adults find it the most amazing, life-saving invention ever, if i may even call it that.

    By Hayley on 07.13.2011

  31. Tennis lessons suck. I don’t know why I have to take them, but every Saturday morning I bike down to the courts. My stupid French instructor is there and I get to listen to his stupid accent all day.

    By Ellie on 07.13.2011

  32. A gentle clap of the cup on the table, be careful not to leave a little dark ring on the wood behind. A reserved manner, a way of selfless politeness rooted in the very idea of not making others uncomfortable in any way.

    By gabí URL on 07.13.2011

  33. Be classy and mannerly. Etiquette is hard to come by these days. Many people have seem to have lost it. I really wish that we could be a more civil society towards each other. It would do a word of good.

    By Natalie on 07.13.2011

  34. Common civility is decreasing in this world. Why must we all be so impolite and cruel to each other.
    “Treat others the way you would like to be treated” Isn’t that something we should all follow?

    By ciaobella URL on 07.13.2011

  35. I wasn’t sure what to do, how to behave here: their social etiquette was so foreign to me I was scared every move would be the wrong one and every word inappropriate. So, I sat still and silent, observing the interactions. I noticed the men spoke to each other and the women listened nodding and smiling politely. I noticed their body language was inanimate and eye contact strong. I noticed that noone seemed to see me and noone asked me one thing. I noticed that this subculture is one I don’t feel attuned to, one that I’ll forever sit still and silently whilst screaming inside.

    By Pad on 07.13.2011

  36. Her etiquette wasn’t up to this. She knew what forks to use, she knew enough not to blow her nose at the table — but no one had advised her on what to do about the hand that seemed to brush very regularly against her thigh under the table. Surely there was a polite way to deal with this, but she didn’t know what it was.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 07.13.2011

  37. Etiquette is overrated. It is made up by society like religion and values. I am polite, in my own right.

    By Emily on 07.13.2011

  38. etiquette is a thing that a lot of people these days don’t have. people that think they are popular, like gage owsley. but people in honors classes know. they know about etiquette. unfortunately a lot of people don’t. it is a real shame more people don’t know about ettiquite.

    By lexi on 07.13.2011

  39. They say an etiquette girl wears bags, she wears skirts, cute little blouses, heels, and makeup. This is the 21st century for God’s sake!!I’m allowed to wear whatever I want without the input of your immature opinion. I like wearing t-shirts at home, wear skirts only in very special occasions, do not like bags at all, wear converse or vans everywhere, and the only makeup I wear is eyeliner. Does that mean I’m not etiquette?

    By Rukia on 07.13.2011

  40. i have it. seems like most don’t. some think it’s prissy. i think it’s about living harmoniously with my fellow man. i mean, the guy blowing their nose at the table, not.

    By URL on 07.13.2011