March 13th, 2013 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “eternal”

  1. She told him she had to go away for a while
    He wondered, “Where are you going to go laying in that bed?”
    He lifted up his hands, they said 80
    He looked into his heart and heard, “It’s okay.”
    She looked back at him with the same eyes he fell in love with 60 years ago
    They whispered, “I’m sorry.”

    He cradled her hands in his and kissed her forehead.
    “Before you go, you remember what my love for you is like right?”
    She smiled, “Yeah. Eternal.”

    By R on 03.13.2013

  2. Why cant we be eternal? life would be so much easier without worries and if only we could live as if there was no end. Could happiness exist even then? or would people continuously be unsatisfied with perfection? I wish to be eternal, if only for a lifetime.

    By Olivia URL on 03.13.2013

  3. contrary to efimeral, a word that goes beyond our greatest hopes and dreams, only God is really eternal, buy we hope that life keeps us going on and on so we get the chance to be eternal and forever.

    By Mayerlin on 03.13.2013

  4. Oh, what a blush-inducing concept
    a fever of the mind
    reels to think what life could mean
    if it didn’t end
    For though all the possibilities
    all the walks alone
    none could compare to
    the frightening realization that
    each time you wake up you can relax and take a breath
    for no matter how many times you do
    it won’t be your last.

    By Octowhat URL on 03.13.2013

  5. They say that love is eternal
    undying and brilliant
    something to bow to,
    to aspire to,
    something akin to God.
    But they also say love is a flame
    and flames waver with a breath
    and falter under the sun
    They die, leaving us cold. Crumbled and black.

    By Roonie on 03.13.2013

  6. I wish my brother and sisters and parents could live for eternal. That’d be awesome

    By Janaye on 03.13.2013

  7. love family suffering word sunshine dark rain smile drops fascination

    By Jelena on 03.13.2013

  8. May gritted her teeth and clenched her daughters hand as if her life depended on it. She had only had her for eight months, but still she was already going away. Heart surgery was dangerous. She had lost so much, and her beautiful daughter had somehow made it alright, but now, someone may just reach out a long ugly hand and take her all away, clasped in her gnarled fingers. A Doctor walked in, his hair was as white as his coat. He gently took my baby from me. I felt like screaming, crying out, she was mine, anyway. But i didn’t, i just sat there, like a scared child. And with the swing of white doors, my baby was gone.Gone from me

    By Natasha Wilson on 03.13.2013

  9. Eternal life is something that I have always believed in. Lately I have been questioning too much. I don’t like questioning. I wish that I could be 100% sure of life after death like I used to be. I question the existence of God and I hate that.

    By Laurie on 03.13.2013

  10. Love is eternal, you can never really destroy it. Some remnant of love will remain. It might be the love of a husband or wife. The unending love for a child.

    By Heather on 03.13.2013

  11. There is an area of eternal pines and the people who inhabit them. They look for sources of wind to carry them through various parts of the woods, by means of those forces that they don’t quite understand, but to whom they give in to, each and every year around this same time.

    By Rmund URL on 03.13.2013

  12. buddhism talks a lot of what is eternal. in my philosophy class we tried to break it down. but i feel that what it ends up being and is everything and nothing all at once. It is forever and never at the same time. It is a concept that humans struggle with today. The eternal moment is now. the eternal moment was then. the eternal moment is forever. It is the place we go when we have reached nirvana.

    By daisy leon on 03.13.2013

  13. I am eternal, everlasting, infinite, pleasure beyond measure, I am that I am. Forever in existence for I am time.

    By Kendra URL on 03.13.2013

  14. I wish I lived among the greeks. Among the gods and goddess. among heroes surrounded by everyday men. If only I could. Then perhaps I could have one taste, just a glimpse of that eternal glory and life, that I will never have for myself. For to live in legends and to dance with death would be a many splendorous thing.

    By Savannah URL on 03.13.2013

  15. the foreverness of forever
    makes me think of
    what may be
    time will stay eternal
    we will die
    tomorrow will always come

    By Aley URL on 03.13.2013

  16. It was from that eternal fountain he found his youth. The youth he always wanted and longed for. But somewhere down the road, his obsessions with this eternal fountain had forsaken him. His friends were long ago dead, due to his own desires. How could it have happened? and in all honesty, did he want this eternal youth anymore? He was unsure. But here it was.

    By Aspen Pash on 03.13.2013

  17. eternal

    By a on 03.13.2013

  18. eternal flame of youth
    sizzle inside me,
    i beg
    eternal flame of the tomorrows
    of yesterday
    dance in the hearth of my mind
    inspire energies of activity,
    and spite.
    eternal flame of the unknown intellect,
    i praise you,
    and i ask
    for your presence, always
    in this hearth of my mind
    and this chimney that is my mouth –
    this smoke that disintegrates
    into the tips of my fingers
    eternal flame of adventure
    and breeze
    i ask you to stay,
    i will provide as much firewood as you need,
    dear flames
    dear eternal flames of youth
    i will build shelter with tear-drenched pages
    of used novellas
    and i will kindle jazz and hip hop
    into the caverns of your blue lights
    i will run upon the dirt
    and i will kick up sand in the ocean
    if that should appease you,
    eternal flames of youth

    By Alison on 03.13.2013

  19. grace, serendipity, a ball rolling, floating; we’ve been taught to live eternally, our eyes to the stars, our bones like oars. we believe in luck, in the universe’s promises, engraved upon our very DNA.

    By Sarah Johnson on 03.13.2013

  20. the fissures upon our lips, the oars of a titanic. her smile was a black hole, her eyes cigarette burns. the world settled in her ruins. we are fleeting, a finger’s touch upon a barren land. there is nothing left.

    By Sarah Johnson on 03.13.2013

  21. She curls up on my bed waiting for me to finish reading or writing this, eyes glazed, almost asleep but ready to jump down and go outside at any moment. Whiskers twitching at some stray scent, ears fluttering at the sound of a car on the street, at rest but ready. She always wants to be next to me, this little rescued beauty from the mountains. Her biggest goal in life seems to be keeping close, always in the same room, on the scooter, leaping with joy when i take her anywhere, crumpled with defeat when she has to stay home. I say her name and she is all love and wags. Look in her eyes, that shit is eternal. I’ll never know another.

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 03.13.2013

  22. My heart is in the way the sun is setting as we walk down the street. The gold of the sun catches me between the ephemeral moments between cars and lights and green and pavement. I cannot brook this argument of my soul, pleading its case before the jury of emotions. My mind says you could not feel the rays of light the way I do, and I will never believe beyond all doubt. But I will reread these tea leaves on days standing in the rain, the moment I lowered my eyes and nodded my head, and you agreed. That eternal memory of yes.

    By cmsiena URL on 03.13.2013

  23. They twisted in the darkness
    like a heavy cream mixing with coffee black
    without the sugar of course.
    There was nothing sweet about this struggle.
    Long after, the light was still afraid to enter.

    By Kairn URL on 03.13.2013

  24. You live forever
    A spiral that never ends
    its infinity curves keep delving deeper
    into the center
    completely entwined
    and then not connected at all

    By Sadie on 03.13.2013

  25. The light will never fade from your heart. That bright spot left for the memory of someone that you no longer get to see? You know what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s for a friend that moved away or a grandparent that’s no longer with us. My light, you ask? Mine is for my beautiful sister that I will never see again. Her light is bright enough that it shines in and through me to touch everything I experience. Her light will never fade. It is permanent. It is forever. It is eternal.

    By Sarah URL on 03.13.2013

  26. immortality, like god..

    By j on 03.13.2013

  27. To be eternal is to be ever-lasting. Always. Forever. Infinity. Words middle-schoolers use to describe plans, only ever being hopeful wishes. Things that will never seem to happen.

    By kakewin URL on 03.13.2013

  28. Not all love is eternal. Although we want to believe it is, its not. And this is exactly what i had to learn the hard way. This story begins in a small town in Illinois where I had just moved to be with my aunt. My parents had just recently died in an airplane crash.

    By Callie URL on 03.13.2013

  29. It’s everything… and nothing. To be what can never exist in a time that is only yours. What is it to you that you need to take away, as time flies by with the only remorse that comes from only you… and a soul that may not even exist at all.

    By Alex on 03.13.2013

  30. My love for him didn’t feel eternal, at least not yet. I knew that the sun would set on us in his red pickup truck, and we would wake up in the morning and move on with our separate lives. I wasn’t sad really, just resigned. Because at the end of the day, nothing really lasts forever, right?

    By Molly Gerrity on 03.13.2013

  31. There is a place where things are eternal. They never begin and never end. The skies seem to go on eternally and God is reflected in it all. How wonderful it must be to be eternal.

    By Laura URL on 03.13.2013

  32. We were together finally, our hands joined. It was farther than that though, this type of bond. We were fated to meet, you and I, and I believe that wholeheartedly. You look over to me with this look in your eyes and I can see that even the stars shining above our heads could not outdo the beautiful gaze you are casting upon me.

    By Jordan on 03.13.2013

  33. To fathom what sort of power could be held in her hands at the moment was impossible. Yet, she was forced to fathom it as she saw the years pass on and on without fail, each person she met growing and dying before her eyes, such as a flower. She watched them sprout up, bloom, and finally wilt at the end of their season. She helped them pass on to the next life, while she was left behind in her own personal Hell.

    By Jordan on 03.13.2013

  34. she remembered the day she became eternal. given a power not fathomable to anyone but herself, she watched the others pass on without her, guided even more through their lives and helped them on to the next life. she was left behind, but it was okay because she was eternally with God.

    By Jordan on 03.13.2013

  35. eternal bliss is working its magic. I’m bathing in the waters of smiles. swimming through glee, and diving in freedom, meditate all down the Nile.

    By Dio Foxx URL on 03.13.2013

  36. “The eternal question cannot have an answer, otherwise it would not be eternal!”, the young girl said, almost unsure of her own logic. At that point, God went “huh!?” and disappeared.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.13.2013

  37. Wow. Eternal is frightening. It means forever, right? And forever is daunting. Nothing can be forever. Nothing is certain. I don’t know about anything but I’m not down with forever. Also, I will never understand the people who write fat paragraphs and expect us to believe they did it in a minute.

    By Orion URL on 03.13.2013

  38. This pit of hell is eternal now. Oh don’t you say, don’t you dare tell. I watched you rise and you laughed while I fell. Heaven is a dream away and reality is hell. I didn’t think they would buy your lies, but I’ve seen how fast they sell. The rage boils up inside I’m ready to scream and yell. If only eternity wasn’t my sentence to be confined in this prison cell. This is a pit of eternal hell now.

    By untamedimagination URL on 03.13.2013

  39. eternal life which makes me think of the holy grail and that then leads me to think of Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford….ah, he was super hot back then…speaking of hot, sometimes I’m so embarrassed about who I think is hot!!! Damn, anyway, lets get back to eternal….hm, I think of life a lot

    By Joelene on 03.13.2013

  40. life is just a temporary place util we reach eternal life. Life is a mystery and if we want to enjoy it we have to take risk. Things we do on earth are only temporary but

    By Cheri Berry on 03.13.2013