October 17th, 2012 | 403 Entries

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403 Entries for “entrance”

  1. I don’t remember when I fell.
    The date and time, I cannot tell.
    It happened slowly, but in the end, I knew.
    Somehow, my heart belonged to you.

    By Carly URL on 10.17.2012

  2. Come in! You are welcome! Once you come through the door and enter the ready is up too you. What you will find once you pass the entrance is unknown, what you do with it is up too you. There is abundance to be found in emptiness and emptiness too be found in abundance. Do with it what you will.

    By Lori Bach on 10.17.2012

  3. Where I begin. Where I enter. hoping that i have the requirements to enter and that it will be open for me :D

    By :3 on 10.17.2012

  4. It is before it begins, that you look at the yawning chasm and wonder if the jump is worth it. It seems to stretch endlessly before you, and for a moment you feel vertigo. Should you do it? Should you begin to explore the depths of his soul? Perhaps you will be lost in it. Perhaps, he wants you to be.

    By Sunny Patel URL on 10.17.2012

  5. There was a sign above the entrance to the cafe that read, “Time is never wasted.” This generally kept many people in the cafe for approximately ten more minutes than usual on most days. Except, this day was different. Everyone wanted to stay because she had returned.

    By Emmie on 10.17.2012

  6. noun, entry, enter, come in.

    His entrance is just a damage in my life. I wished I never met him.

    By JIA on 10.17.2012

  7. Free entrance, no exit. That’s being human. That’s life.

    By Andrea Bru on 10.17.2012

  8. The entrance looked cold and lonely, the bare white walls surrounding the metal door frame. I sighed and stepped forward, knowing that I had to eventually make it through that door, the one that could lead to the end of me.

    By Jessica URL on 10.17.2012

  9. welcome to my humble abode, look out into the waters of the pacific. sink your feet onto the sand. the swaying waves allure you into the waters of the unknown. where will you float?

    By deejoy on 10.17.2012

  10. The entrance was small, hidden, almost unnoticeable. She put her hand on the knob but could not turn it. Nervously she rang the bell…

    By tonykeyesjapan on 10.17.2012

  11. There was the entrance to the Universe. It wasn’t what you’d think; no grand doorknob or intricate carvings. Just a door, leading here. You approach it, and as you read the sign–The Edge of the Universe–you do not hesitate.

    By Chris on 10.17.2012

  12. I first think of opening, way into a maze, point of entry. And this mental invitation brought me to the latter half and meaning of the word, ‘trance.’ This catapulted me into the idea of a mesmerizing opening, a portal, maybe into another dimension. I want to go through a portal, on a horse. Who knows what I will ‘encanter’ while ‘canteren’ through the ‘entrance.’

    By bigwhisper URL on 10.17.2012

  13. an entrance can be many things…most often thought of as an entryway to a building, an entrance can also be a new start, a change in life. Perhaps an entrance into someone else’s life. Not all entrances are meant to be used.

    By Candy on 10.17.2012

  14. I seek you but you deceive me.

    By anne13may26 URL on 10.17.2012

  15. It’s not always about a door. It’s more of a beginning of any journey, of every memory.

    By anne13may26 URL on 10.17.2012

  16. I shove a toe of one of my ugly formal shoes into the soil. The sun is ghostly white and unpitying, looking as if it is going to drop right out of the sky. My head is tilted to the side because the wind keeps stirring stinging dirt into my eyes. I watch with detached interest as they lower the coffin into the frozen hole. There are people around me, most of whom I’ve barely met. They’re all grim-faced; a few are crying. Those who aren’t look shifty and a few even have the decency to look ashamed.
    The coffin bumps the ground, audibly sliding its contents. I watch those who are crying and think about how I had seen them harassing him in the halls just a week earlier. About how cruel and hypocritical it is for them to be standing here as he is buried in the cold ground.
    But he finally won in the end.
    Because it isn’t about how one makes an entrance in life. It all lies in how one exits.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.17.2012

  17. This is the entrance into my mind. Hand me some cotton candy and I will recall times of immaturity and obscenity. Set your head on your hands as I smack my bubble gum and tell you of a tale of a girl who….wait let me pause spongebob first.

    By sturmzie URL on 10.17.2012

  18. i dont make entrances. i am just simply quiet and do not call attention to myself. at all, im that shy. i think i might be introverted, im that fearful of peo

    By katherine regan on 10.17.2012

  19. The way he watches me is like i am in a trance. Oh how I want him to actually want me. Oh how I want him to be real. Entranced the feelings rush into me spellbinding. I am solid where I sit. Not moving. Never moving. I will forever hold this gaze. His eyes shift as one, is it him or is it a her? Who can this person be to me?

    By Addie on 10.17.2012

  20. she stared at the entrance to the cave for about a minute before finally walking in. The first thing that hit her was the smell. The stench of bats and fungus smashed into her like a sledgehammer. the next thing she noticed was the sound of rushing water, the spray of water on her face. she must be close to a stream, she thought, as she took out her flashlight.

    By Arielle on 10.17.2012

  21. she stared at the entrance to the cave for about a minute before finally walking in. The first thing that hit her was the smell. The stench of bats and fungus smashed into her like a sledgehammer. the next thing she noticed was the sound of rushing water, the spray of water on her face. she must be close to a stream, she thought, as she took out her flashlight. she turned it on and looked around, the wet walls of the cave glistening in the light. the cave was a glistening ebony.

    By Arielle on 10.17.2012

  22. As a stared her down, I couldn’t help but think what she would be like. Would she own me?
    The entrance of her mouth was my muse.

    By Lee URL on 10.17.2012

  23. your eyes. they always entranced me. green, like the sea at dawn. holding my gaze for hours. entrancing, entrancing. an entrancing green love like I’ve never known. now you’re gone, those green eyes but a memory. still entrancing me.

    By Raquel Sain on 10.17.2012

  24. The entrancing notion of eternity is one that leaves many people stoked for words. If life was one long rollercoaster with neverending stops then the world would become very overpopulated in deed. But what we must ask ourselves is that really such a bad thing?


    Populations bring life, life expands technology and technology improves changes that will be made in the future.

    Entrancing :)

    By Anon on 10.17.2012

  25. An opening for someone to walk into, the opposite of exit. Entrance to a life that is a beginning. Hmm well an entrance is nice and so is an exit.

    By Karen on 10.17.2012

  26. I already wrote about an entrance but if you must insist that I keep writing about this word than I shall search the crevices of my memory and think of something. Well here it goes… An entrance to Omar’s life is what I did. to be continued…

    By Karen on 10.17.2012

  27. What’s behind it? Uncertainty awaits you. The rewarding chance of finding something great is alluring, yet the overwhelming fear of opening Pandora’s box chain you back. You disregard and minimize these factors and take the risk anyway. Go ahead. Enter.

    By Vy Tran URL on 10.17.2012

  28. my entrance to your heart is slow, But good. I feel good, I think I do. Please like me.

    my heart is open for you to enter.

    super cheesy

    By cecilia devil on 10.17.2012

  29. The end of something. The start of another thing.

    By andyeli on 10.17.2012

  30. The entrance of the house was rather small. Only a small person could fit there, a dwarf perhaps, not even snow white herself could. She probably had her own special door to get in.

    By janelly on 10.17.2012

  31. The entrance was rather small, perhaps fitting for a small person, but not for an average person. Maybe it was where the seven dwarfs lived because the size of the door seemed big enough for them.

    By janellyc URL on 10.17.2012

  32. I know how to make an entrance if I want to. I’ve never been the prettiest, but I know how to put on a show. I walk with confidence and that is why I am so beautiful. I’m not the type of girl whose face attracts everyone, but rather my way of walking and talking. One day, girls like me will be the idolized ones.

    By xxnann3rzxx URL on 10.17.2012

  33. Entrance – In trance; with someone or something. Near momentary obsession but not quite; just pure fascination at its highest running motor, fastest moving wheel. This is something I’d like to experience one day.

    By Vy Tran URL on 10.17.2012

  34. to take over my body and invigorate all of my senses. to be caught up. to enlighten. if i were to have it my way, i would be in this state constantly, all too often we forget to let ourselves go and be involved in all that is bigger than ourselves.

    By James on 10.17.2012

  35. he climbed in through the balcony, complaining loudly, “why didn’t you answer the doorbell?”

    she growled, clutching the towel around her dripping form. “Because I was in the shower you idiot! Next time, wait for me to come down and let you in! There’s a reason we have a formal entrance.”

    By Joy URL on 10.17.2012

  36. He walked in the entrance in his charcoal grey suit and I spotted him at once. The way he carried himself demanded a presence noticed by everyone in the room. It was me he was searching for and I enjoying the looks of desire fleet across the faces of the other women as he passed to take my hand and bring it to his lips.

    By sheila Good URL on 10.17.2012

  37. I found the entrance to everything that I had once wanted. Yet when I stepped inside, I felt just as bad as when I had began this journey. Maybe it was the way I was pressuring myself into all of this. Maybe it’s just not my time to go.

    By Claudia on 10.17.2012

  38. an entrance and an exit are one in the same. even if the door, window or opening only flows one way. it’s merely the way you look at it. like a half full half empty type deal. either you’re coming or you’re going and only you can decide. make it an entrance, or make it an exit.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 10.17.2012

  39. My entrance into society began at the university of Mississippi. I loved my years in the bubble of Ole Miss. They say you may leave the universi

    By Laura on 10.17.2012

  40. the entrance to a new start
    the door is open and i have walked through
    they say don’t look back
    you weren’t going that way
    i’ve entered a new beginning
    and turned the page on you

    By Dana URL on 10.17.2012